Wednesday 12 March 2014

Sony Working On Blu-ray Successor “Archival Disc” With Terabyte Storage

Archival Disc
Sony and Panasonic to present the "Archival Disc" the potential successor to the Blu -ray Disc with a capacity of up to one terabyte. Sony and Panasonic are working on this one- terabyte data store.

In the summer of 2015 they will start the new generation of data storage; Sony and Panasonic potter along on the successor model Blu- ray disc, introduced in 2006. This successor disc will initially appear with 300 gigabytes of capacity, followed by other models.

According to Sony, soon the new technology will continue to evolve, in a next step, a 500 -gigabyte disc model will arise. And their goal is the introduction of a one- terabyte disc in a few years. The Archival Disc is writable on both sides, on each side there are three layers, each with an initial 50 gigabytes.

To write to the disc, there will be special burner. According to Sony; the discs will be particularly resistant for dust and water. And Sony mentioned at this moment the cost of this archival disc is quite high. Hence the target group for the archival disc is thus initially probably only the professional environment and not the public masses. A specific release date or price is not yet known. And the announcement will be by summer 2015.

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