Sunday 31 May 2015

Huawei Unveils APT Big Data Security Solution

Huawei has developed a new solution, which can effectively deals with certain network solutions and attacks in an impressive manner. It has unveiled at the Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2015 its new solution, which is aimed at protecting the users against the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) as well as the denial-of service (DdoS), attacks. Huawei has maintained that this new solution is a ground breaking in itself wherein it will help in protecting the core information assets of the enterprises through fully connected network protection cloud, pipe and services.

The New Solution Features

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) is becoming much more common these days, which are used to snoop of the information from the servers. This has resulted in major inconsistencies and leakage of important data for the enterprises apart from just the loss of data. This solution will possess the Huawei’s FireHunter series of security sandbox products along with Cybersecurity Intelligent System (CIS) and USG6000V series of software firewall products.

More Plans To Strengthen Security For Big Data

Huawei is very much concerned about the APT and it has announced some plans to form a Cloud Clean Alliance (CCA). This will be helpful in providing real-time cleaning services for any DDoS attacks on a worldwide scale. Furthermore it will also protect the bandwidth availability of links and continuity of data centre services at the same time.

Huawei has stressed upon the need of a robust and functional Cloud Clean Alliance, which is designed to provide quick and effective DDoS traffic cleaning service on a global. This will be beneficial both for the users and partners as well as for the Huawei as a vendor of the service.

Business should forward towards building an ecosystem, which is agile, secure and robust in nature. This can be achieved only by the cooperation between the enterprise, organizations and individuals in creating a better-connected world with a secure network environment.

New Threats To Arise In Future

The introduction of modern wearable technologies and rise in the internet-connected devices which are termed as Internet of Things (IoT) will not just make the life comfortable but it will also increase the network security threats. Around 70% of such IoT devices will suffer from security vulnerability specifically due to the lack of proper authentication and transmission encryption. This will result in the increase of security attacks or it can even lead to become a springboard of APT attacks and targets for botnet attacks.

Huawei’s FireHunter series comes to the rescue with its series of sandbox security, which are equipped with reputation system and multilayer inspection technology. This technology allows it to inspect over 180,000 files per day in order to seek and eliminate such attacks on the big data.

Future Prospects Of Huawei’s New Solution

Security products should be designed in such a way that it meets modern requirements such as flexible deployment capabilities to bolster their performance. Huawei’s APT Big Data Security Solution and the esteemed Cloud Clean Alliance are developed on the same grounds and they are capable in helping the customers in building a much cleaner and more secure network environment for strengthening the business.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Use Technology as a Tool to Make your Property Investment Worthy

IF you have disposable income that you want to invest in the long term, then the best option today is to invest in property. Over the years, the Indian property business has grown at a steady pace and despite the slowdown in the past few years, it has exhibited immense potential for growth. Today if you are looking forward to invest anywhere long term, the property business is the arena to go far. Even though the business is no longer as lucrative as it had been earlier, it certainly has a charm that can no longer be denied. However the main question of finding the right property and actually purchasing it remains. Purchasing a house may seem like a cake walk but involves a lot of work in the long run. Over the years the real estate business has streamline d a little but enough is left to be ascertained. Therefore it becomes essential that one engages the services of property agents as while when deciding to embark on a home purchase.

How to search for houses and real estate agents? 

Assume you are looking for real estate agents in Mumbai. One way to go about finding houses is via the services of the real estate agents. To find the agents however you may need to visit the locality where your interest in house investment lies. But there is an easier way as well. One can log into the property portal and scroll down to the option where one can find real estate agents. You have the option to either select Mumbai or even a locality in Mumbai. In case you select Mumbai, you would see the map of Mumbai with a large number of markers on it. When the locality is searched, the map of the locality will be revealed with the markers on it. Each of these markers represents a property agent. However what would a user do if the user wanted to learn about the houses that these agents are offering as well. Would he/she have to personally visit the agent and then go and check the houses out or is there another way. has always been working towards the benefits of the consumers and therefore the portal has created a system where one can also find out the properties that these real estate agents are offering. When one clicks on the marker, some of the basic details of the property agents are revealed. Alongside, all the houses that they are in charge of are also listed here.’s reliable property exploration features are available here as well and one can view all the houses, choose the one to shortlist and eventually meet the agent to decide on finalizing it.

How does offer reliable agents? has been working towards creating a sense of transparency in the search of houses online. It has invested considerably in operations and all the sites listed on the portal are verified. The agents of the portal visit each of them to verify their details. Similarly, these agents also visit the offices of real estate brokers in Mumbai to verify their credentials and learn about all the details possible about them.

In Conclusion has always worked towards the benefit of consumers and hence has offered this feature.

Google I/O Rumours: Android M will Aim to Improve Battery, RAM Usage

Google I/O began on 28th May and a lot of rumors have started making its way out in the open. Most of it center round the new development and features integration in the Google’s latest and upcoming Android iteration which is termed as Android M. Rumors have indicated the effort is given towards boosting battery usage and RAM performance in the upcoming Android M.

Better Battery Life and Flawless Multi Tasking For Android Users In Store

These reports had been first publishing on the Android Police which has maintained that Google has some extraordinary plans to impeccably improve the battery in Android OS along with improving the RAM performance. The battery performance will be improved through cutting the number of “location checking.”

Google is focusing its energies towards reducing the RAM usage, which will bolster the multi taking on the Android devices. Improved RAM usage will make the device to run a wide number of apps with ease at the same time without any glitches and freezing. Google is also seeking to keep the activities to minimum when the device’s screen is off in order to save the battery for a longer period.

Set Privacy Controls In New Android M

An earlier report has affirmed that Google also has plans to bring new advanced feature in its Android OS to make it more secure and user friendly. Google will be reintroducing the feature to tweak the privacy controls in Android M. This feature will give the users the much-needed option of deciding what information they are willing to share with apps.

Apple’s prominent and much popular iOS already possesses this feature which allows its users to control which app will get access to which permission. Google’s plans of bringing a similar kind of feature will make Android OS at par with Apple’s iOS. But currently Android OS doesn’t have any such feature to restrict permissions like locations, contacts, messaging etc. during the installation of the app.

Android M To Make Debut In August 2015

The latest Android OS will make a debut in August, which is quite early by the Google’s standards. Moreover, it should be noted that new OS rollouts for the Android devices that do not come underway much earlier than the December. So most probably Android users will get the taste of the advanced OS no sooner than next year and it even depends on the manufactures to bring in updates after its release. This inconsistency in getting updates over a longer period of time rather than quick deployment can be blamed upon the fragmented ecosystem of Android.

However, one should not get too excited about these reports and rumors at the moment as it might even end up being a hoax. If these rumors happens to be true then Android users will be sure-shot winners wherein there device will become much more powerful and robust with its given specification. Users should wait for the time when Google Android M is revealed and launched. And it might happen the name of the Android may change at the last moment just like in case of Lollipop.

Friday 29 May 2015

Microsoft – Free Upgrades to Updated Operating System

Windows 10
Microsoft will be offering free upgrades to its updated operating system, Window 10, though only for selected individuals. However, it is uncertain at the moment as to what will happen to those who are not provided with this offer. Recent versions users of Windows 7 and 8 will be provided with the choice of upgrading for free in the first year when Windows 10 will be out and users will have to purchase the software thereafter though those with the older versions of Windows and those made for tablets would be missing out of it.

Users of the home version of Windows 7 and 8 have already been informed by Microsoft that they will get Window 10 Home for free while users of the pro versions of that operating system will be given the corresponding edition of Window 10.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the situation on Windows XP and Windows Vista and it seems that users working on those systems would have to purchase the new version of Windows 10. Those intending to build new computers from the start are likely to have to do the same, buying a new version of Windows 10 for their new computer.

Windows As a Service

Users on Windows RT which is the special version of Windows 8, made for mobile devices would also be left out while selected devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 are promised with some type of upgrade though it is not known if it would be a full version of Window 10.

Microsoft is attempting to get as part of their plan in ensuring that developers could make their programs, being aware of what operating systems they would be used on. The company is also publicizing the new operating system as `Windows as a service’ –not as one single piece of software but a continually updated platform.

Microsoft is striving to do everything it is capable of in ensuring that Windows 10 retains its core market of enterprise users. The company, as part of this, declared Microsoft Update for Business at its Ignite conference in early May and one of the main shake-ups which Windows 10 is planning to introduce to the standard Windows formula is the gradual system, incremental updates brought on by the shift to Platform-as-a-Service.

Microsoft Update for Business

Continuous series of rolling upgrades however could be stressful for IT departments and in order to overcome this issue, Microsoft Update for Business seems to be an appropriate solution enabling IT managers to perfect which devices as well as the systems in a company receive Windows updates at which time.

It permits the specification of maintenance windows that could be used to designate when/when not to apply updates ensuring that the systems will not be unavailable at critical times. Besides this, the machines can be anonymously kept up to date. The forthcoming OS of Microsoft will enable users to apply for software updates and app downloads by using a network of other Windows 10 users basically peer-to-peer updates.

Microsoft has stated that `once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it up to date for the supported lifetime of the device, keeping it more secure and introducing new features and functionality over time – for no additional charge’.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Paranoid Defence Controls Could Criminalise Teaching Encryption

In present world, where democracy and freedom are the buzzword, people are not ready to get under any kind of control in their individual and collective life. But we can see various kinds and degrees of controls or maneuverings are there, imposed by the state or statutory bodies to cut the free and uninterrupted access to many facilities in our life.

Education, teaching and research are not exception and get controlled in many ways that potentially curb the freedom of having knowledge on a variety of fields. It is always advocated by many scholars and academicians to keep the education and knowledge based research works out of any kind of direct or virtual control.

Defense Controls – A Synopsis

Defense Trade Controls Act has been passed in Australia and will be enforced very soon; according to that act, even innocent teaching and research activities, will be considered as an offence under Australian defense export control laws. People are at a bind about the technology supplies, as the government has a list, named Australian government's Defense and Strategic Goods List (DSGL), which contains some specific products those are considered very important for national security. In this perspective, the control has been imposed and the peculiarity of this list is; there are some listed products, which have both military and civil uses. This makes the control a real headache for everyone, involved in knowledge based profession and studies.

Even unknowingly one can be a potential lawbreaker by just sending a mail or message to someone outside the country, which can be adjudged as a criminal offence and could attract a penalty or even imprisonment. Encryption is one such issue that has a “dual-use” character; while one can use this as a mathematical subject but at the same time it has potentially being used in various military services. Therefore, there is always a danger in practicing this particular methodology because anytime the user may be caught on the wrong foot and succumbed to be booked under the law.

Encryption – A Brief Sketch

This is nothing but a process, where by encoding and decoding, the two important part of cryptography, of a message, the privacy of the message are being maintained. Encryption is used in our daily life in many ways to protect the consumer right, identity theft etc. and is not confined in the very bastion of defense spying and espionage activities. Nowadays, both encryption and decryption are important parts of the secured communication study. Like vehicles, telephones; encryption also falls in the category of “dual-use” product and exposed to the vulnerability.

Law, Encryption and more…

Now, if the state misuses its power to curb the study of encryption, it would have long and deep consequences in the teaching process. The people, involved in this particular segment of study, will try their best to acquire the knowledge and always with a fear of breaking the bindings of the law. Teaching of Encryption would essentially ruin the joy of getting knowledge, due to this control, and make the study more and more of criminal nature.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Protests Grow Against Facebook's

Debates on Facebook’s `free mobile date’ –

The reaction against Facebook’s `free mobile data’, scheme has become known all over the world and recently around 65 advocacy organisations from 31 countries have signed an open letter to Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg objecting on in an effort to bring about free internet service to the developing world, stating that the project `could disrupt the principles of net neutrality, threatening the freedom of expression, equality of opportunity, innovation, security and privacy’.

With, Facebook has been partnering with several wireless carriers as well as other organisations in providing an app which tends to offer free access to some internet services, which include Facebook, in developing countries on mobile phones.

However, in spring, some publishers in India have withdrawn out of the program stating that it violated the principles of net neutrality, the concept that all internet providers should be treating all online services in an equal manner.Zucherberg who has defended the project states that it could co-exist with net neutrality and to give more people access to the internet, it could be useful to provide some free services which he had mentioned in his April 16 post to Facebook.

Leading to New Kind of Digital Divide

He further adds that `if someone is unable to afford paying for connectivity, it could be better to have some access than none at all’.

A spokesman informed BBC that, he is convinced that as more and more individuals tend to gain access to the internet; they will see the benefits and would want to use even more services.’ They are of strong belief that that they have worked with operators offering basic services to people at no cost and convinced that new users would want to move beyond the basic service and pay for more diverse and valuable services. Presently, open letter debates that the limited access provided by could be leading to a new kind of digital divide. enables subscribes of partner mobile networks to utilise limited number of online services without the need to pay in making use of the data involved which could include Wikipedia, The Facts for Life health site which is run by the United Nations children’s Fund, BBC New, Facebook, Accuweather together with a variety of local news as well as sports results provider.

Nine Millions – Utilised the Scheme

In order to access the facility, users should use special Android apps,’s website, Android app of Facebook or the Opera Mini browser and the web pages that are provided should be basic to minimise the data use and high resolution photos, videos and voice chat facilities are not allowed.

The project has been launched in Colombia, Guatemala, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malawi, the Philippines, Tanzania and Zambia. Network operators have made their contribution since they are of the belief that users will pay for broader internet access when they get a chance to attempt the free content that is offered.

According to Facebook, over nine million users have utilised the scheme as of date. However, the open letter from the digital rights groups that have been published on Facebook, conveys that the activist all over the world have intention of challenging its expansion.

LG Snaps At Apple and Samsung with Photo-Focussed G4

LG Unveiled Its New Flagship – LG G4

LG recently unveiled the leather clad G4 smartphone, the brand’s new flagship which looks nothing like its competitors. Surrounding the screen, the front features a fake carbon-fibre finish if one opts for one of the textured composite version, while the back of the G4 handsets are of real leather.

Options of few colour choices are available which range from conservative black and tan to more outlandish yellow and teal. They tend to have a double stitched seam down the back which is expected to look handmade, though it is not.

The most impressive part of the LG G4 is the screen which has a refined curve that supplements the arched back of the case and the screen is more approachable than the G Flex 2 without noticing the concavity while viewing a picture or watching video.

The size is five and a half inches with resolution, brightness as well as saturation and one of the best smartphone displays at the moment. LG is still unclear on the details but has assured that the G4 would be getting more than a full day’s recharge even if the usage is quite heavy

Camera Great Improvement 

The camera is a great improvement from what was earlier offered by LG in the G3. The back facing camera is 15 megapixels having an f/1.8 lens which tends to focus in 0.276 seconds and the tool can launch and snap an image in just 0.6 seconds from sleep.

It is difficult to state if the 0.1 stop bump over the camera of Galaxy S6 would be an obvious improvement for the users though LG would be marketing the G4 as the phone for the purpose of photography conscious users. On viewing the LG G4, it is notable that LG’s approach to this new entry is distinct from the Apple or Samsung which looks different.

The LG G4 seems like it would be a strong flagship smartphone, though not a bona-fide luxury product. Its big screen which would make Instagrams looks more enticing. With the camera being a major step up in its feature and the phone claiming to have long battery life, it could offer the greatest luxury of all, which is more time.

To Debut in Early June 

The G4 will debut in the U.S. in early June and would be at a cost comparably to the G3. No firm details are available at the moment. Till then LG is planning phones with actual user in beta test and probably more information would be revealed shortly.

Some of the key features comprise of a sophisticated as well as a powerful camera, enabling users in obtaining professional grade adjustments in capturing image. The launch comes at a key time for the South Korean firm and the company is said to have reported its latest quarterly figure on smartphone of around 26% on the same period last year, forming the main part of its profitability.

It has a distinctive design feature in the form of leather back. BBC had been at the London launch of the phone to enquire with the technology media, for its opinion on the device.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

NSA Planned To Hack Google Play

There is recently a news about the US National Security Agency trying to hack the Samsung App store named Google Play and this is possible being done so that spywares can be installed in the smart phones. Released on Thursday, this media record has brought out a tremendous upraise in the US. According to the many online news sites it is being revealed that the US security has been allied with the Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia which is namely known as the ‘five eyes’ alliance. This is being done as per a plan in which the surveillance on Smartphones is to be kept so that the percentage of crime due to the misuse of Smartphones can be controlled to a great extent.

Further details: 

Actually this program of ‘five eyes’ is the upgraded form of the plan made by the intelligence bureau in the year 2011 and 2012 popularly known as the ‘irritant horn’. These plans have been collaborated and modified to this stage so that the NSA can actually hijack the data connections of each and every Smartphone and stealthily install the spyware in their phones so that the data exchange occurring in and out of the Smartphones can be operated properly.

The main advantage of this program is that this will help reducing the crime to a great extent. In the crime world, the main exchange f information is through the gadgets and these are mostly the Smartphones. Now while the spyware is running and any sort of misuse is detected then the two parties can be misinformed by the manipulation of the data so that the country can get saved from any sort of adversities that were being planned. These agencies actually were interested just in the Africa region namely Senegal, Sudan and Congo but later on also paid heed to the application servers of the France, Cuba, Morocco, Switzerland, Bahamas, Netherlands and Russia.

It was seen that during the planning of the program, the NSA was looking for a loophole through which they could actually hack. The chance came from a browser named UC browser that is actually a part of the Alibaba group, and from there on the intelligence bureau used the spyware on the 50 million people who used this browser to surf the net. Not only have that, through this hacking many terrorist locations can be detected with the help of SIM carded tracing.

Then again with the help of this program, it has been seen that the suspected terrorists have been caught up and invested and in this way the country will be saved from many terrorist attacks. Not only that these investigators are being totally fast paced to install spyware for the fact that more number of Smartphones can be brought under the surveillance.

Due to this hacking program, enough safety has been ensured and the commoners can do their data operations unhindered as because all the files and the data exchanges that are recorded are secured in an extremely confidential manner.

Monday 25 May 2015

Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs Allow Precise, Smooth Movement

It is a very unfortunate thing when we see a lot of people are there in this world with lost limbs. The main cause may be an accident or any sort of infection due to which the leg or hand had to be amputated from the body. But we have also seen that now with the help of the prosthetic limbs many people can walk even without their legs too. But then you must be wondering as to why then the mind controlled prosthetic limb had to be invented. Well to know that you have to know the disadvantages of the normal prosthetic limb.

The normal prosthetic limb is actually a robotic limb with a fixed movement so that the limbs can be moved to a limited extent. But this is not at all enough for the person to do his or her daily needs. Not only that these robotic limbs are actually very involuntary and will not work just according to the way you want it to. That is why a group of scientists has brought forward this new notion of the mind controlled prosthetic limb with the help of which the patient will at least be able to control the limb movements.

How will it be possible? 

At first the idea seems incredible as well as next to impossible but it has been possible only with the presence of micro electrodes. According to them if the prosthetic limb could be connected to the microelectrodes and then the microelectrodes could be implanted in that part of the individual’s brain that consisted of the intension to perform the movement, then the limbs even they are robotic cn be guided accordingly.

Formerly the problem was that even when the prosthetic limbs were forced to work in the right manner manually, the results were not very positive but now the scientists are themselves astounded by the results.

Case study: 

There was a person in Los Angeles named Sorto who was in the army but unfortunately in the year 2002 he became crippled for life as a result of a single gunshot. Since then, it had literally become impossible for him to perform even his daily needs and he hated to be dependent on anybody.

So the scientists did the first mind controlled prosthetic limb experiment on him. In the University of the Sothern California, a pair of small electrodes was placed on the posterior parietal cortex of Sorto. Then the pair of prosthetic limbs was connected to the computers that were carrying the brain signals of Sorto’s intentional movement.
It was seen that the limbs moved in the manners he wanted to and thus the scientists could successfully find out a way so that even the crippled did not have to be dependant in any way. While these robotic limbs encourage the fact that the work can be done faster formerly the prosthetic limbs used to do the work in a delayed and imperfect manner.

Iris Scanners Can Now Identify Us from 40 Feet Away

Nowadays, the government of every country believes that all the traffic cops should be provided with some high tech systems such as cameras or any other technology because these can help them to make out the potential risks from a secure distance. Thus, the latest designs of iris scanners may give a great help to the cops.

Iris scanner has been a portion of bio metrics. It is because just as finger prints, all people have unique iris. But, the iris scanners, which are utilized in the present days, would need the individual to give their permission for the analysis. Besides, the individual would need to come near the system to scan their iris. It is quite dangerous if the official needs to scrutinize the iris of any possible risky item. This is the main problem of the common iris scanners.

However, the researchers of Carnegie Mellon University have tried to develop an Iris scanner system with long range. This will be able to make out people who are present at a distance of nearly forty feet.
An engineering professor of Carnegie Mellon, Marois Savvides has found out a solution, which can assist the traffic officers to recognize the criminals or dangerous things within a very safe limit. This Iris scanner technology of Savvides is able to discover a person while they glance at the back view mirror. It is for the first time this kind of a device has been invented.

New system of Savvides is very easy to use 

In a discussion, Savvides stated that the researchers have made the overall user experience quite less disturbing and more comfortable. Moreover, he also said that there are not any X-marks-the-spot. Even there is no site you need to stand.

Savvides’ new Iris scanner system with long range can subtly scrutinize the iris as well as face of any individual. An associate of the Carnegie Mellon stated that in addition to the traffic stops, such technology may also get place at ID confirmation ports at all sites. This can also substitute the login system of laptop which is generally noticed in some other bio-metric structures.

However, the latest technology has some drawbacks that are clarified by the associate of the Carnegie Mellon with the help of some pictures. One of the demerits is that the government will be able to check face and even iris of every individual who is walking on a particular city without any approval or knowledge of the individual. It indicates that the scanner can make use of algorithmic techniques and spot any person who may be a disguised political advocate.

Prevention of many crimes with Iris scanner 

Savvides said that one of the major problems in this world is human trafficking and also sex trafficking. The children are often being kidnapped and trafficked across some borders. If the latest system can be placed at the borders, then it could make out them. A non-profit unit of Virginia, Seraphim Global that opposes all types of human trafficking, decided to deal with Savvides in order to attain their objective.

Saturday 23 May 2015

Injured Sea Turtle Gets 3D Printed Jaw


Sea Turtle Given 3-D Printed Prosthetic Jaw

A 45 kg loggerhead sea turtle has been given a 3-D printed prosthetic jaw, from the Dekamer Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on the coast of Turkey. Akut-3, which has been named after the search and rescue team that found it, had been struck by the propeller of a boat and its jaws were nearly destroyed.

 This injury could prove to be fatal but Akut-3 was brought back to health by the Dekamer sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation centre. The sea turtle is one of the first of its kind to receive a 3-D printed prosthetic, after its success proclaimed on 14 May.

The turtle had been floating in the water back in July 2014 after being struck by the propeller of the passing boat where its injuries comprised of a fractured jaw where almost 60% of the lower and upper jaw towards the right side of his face was missing.

Where some humans tend to have a careless attitude to wildlife, there are others like those at Dekamer Centre who reach out in support and help them. The rehabilitation centre then contacted the Turkish company, BTech Innovation who is known for custom-making medical prosthetics and implants for humans, to seek its help.

Use of Mimics Innovation Suite

According to 3D Printing Industry, to improve the turtle’s prosthetic, the researchers took the CT scans of the skull of Akut-3 converting it into 3D models with the use of Mimics Innovation Suite. They printed a custom-fitted jaw and beak out of the titanium.

This was attached in surgery along with the help of surgeon and veterinarian with the use of Materialise’s 3-matic software developing a prosthetic which would be able to replace the part of the turtle’s face due to the injury.

This process appeared to work well and there seems to be no doubt with the improvement in the recovery of Akut-3.The turtle is presently convalescing at the recovery centre to make sure it has adjusted to the metal jaw which has been implanted. The beak which was made of medical grade titanium substituted the loggerhead turtles’ jaws which had been sheared off when it was struck by the passing boat.

Detailed Scan Aided in Generating Design 

With the help of detailed scans of the injured turtle’s head, it aided in generating the design of the prosthetic beak. The prosthetic was printed in medical grade titanium and sent to the surgical team where the same had been attached to the face of Akut-3.

After recovery from the anaesthetic, the turtle was in a position to move his jaw and is now recuperating on antibiotics to avoid any infection as the soft tissues of his face get attached to the prosthesis. Once it is fully recovered, Akut-3 would be returned to the sea to join the 47 other successful turtles that had been treated by the Dekamer Centre since its opening in 2009.

Besides the turtle that have been others too who have been benefitted from 3D printing, currently. There has been a tortoise in Denver who adapted to a prosthetic plastic shell made by a student at Colorado Technical University, when her original one had deteriorated because of poor diet.

Friday 22 May 2015

How DNA Sequencing Is Transforming the Hunt for New Drugs

DNA Sequenced – For Development of Medicines

Manufacturers of drug have commenced amassing hugetroves of human DNA, hoping to shorten the time it would take in identifying new drug candidates which according to some could be a way of transforming the development of medicines. These attempts would help researchers in recognizing rare genetic mutation through scanning of large databases of volunteers who tend to agree in having their DNA sequenced, providing access to thorough medical records.

This is made possible by the lower cost of genetic sequencing which took the government funded scientist around $3 billion and 13 years in sequencing the first human genome by 2003. The cost was nearly $1,500 per genome as of last year which is down from $20,000 five years back.A deal signed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. with Pennyslvania’s Geisinger Health System in January 2014 to sequence partial genomes of around 250,000 volunteers, is laying claims to the discoveries based on the new approach.

Company executives have informed Reuters that they utilised data from the first 35,000 volunteers to confirm the promise of 250 genes on the target list for drugs focused at common medication conditions which comprise of high level of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Regeneron Recognized New Gene Targets – Obesity

Regeneron informs that it has also recognized several dozen new gene targets which include a novel gene that plays a role in obesity. Biogen Inc., Pfizer Inc. and Roche Holding AG are working on identical projects which use DNA as well as patient health data to discover new drug targets or predict the effects of drugs.

These have been inspired by earlier successes in cancer with drugs like Pfizer’s lung cancer treatment Xalkori that gained approval in 2011 and targets mutation in tumours eliminating the disease. Recently, Vertex Pharmaceutical changed the treatment of cystic fibrosis with Kalydeco that targeted the diseases’ primary genetic cause.

 Earlier, the discovery of such genes was a difficult procedure which involved several years of research into isolated population. For instance, in 1991, researchers discovered a rare mutation in a gene known as Angpt13 which instigated low levels of artery-clogging cholesterol and triglycerides amid families in the remote Italian village of Campodimele. This took additional two decades together with several groups of scientist to thoroughly comprehend the potential cardiovascular benefits connected to mutations in that gene.

First Step – Recognizing Target Genes

The Regeneron Genetics Centre, since last autumn has sequenced the DNA of over 35,000 Geisinger patients and is now on the track in sequencing 100.000 by the end of this year. The company has already identified 100 people with similar cholesterol affecting mutations to the ones first observed in Compodimele and other areas.

Dr George Yancopoulos, chief scientific officer of Regeneron comments that `one would no longer have to find that one rare family in Italy because it is in the database’.Recognizing target genes is a first step but does not guarantee that a drug could be developed on a genetic lead or if it could be effective and safe enough to be used. Regeneron is sequencing exomes which is a protein making genes comprising of 1 to 2 percent of the genome, a search which costs around $700 for each person.

Others prefer looking at the whole genome costing around $1,500 per person. One of the first scientists, Craig Venter, to sequence the human genome is of the belief that the whole genome approach would be meaningful over a period of time.

He has stated that he would rather have a gold mine with a deep vein of gold and modern industrial equipment to mind it rather than sit there with a pan in a stream looking for gold. Both would find gold and it’s a question of how much you find.

Anticipating Winning Regulatory Approval for Cholesterol Lowering Drug

Regeneron is pushing for the Geisinger database in becoming a cornerstone of that attempt and intends creating a consortium of drug-makers to finance it. In response, Yancopoulos stated that the company hopes to regainsome of its investment. Regeneron has been identified by Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, in charge of the precision medicine project, among a short list of potential contributors to the one million strong DNA study.

Others include Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic and the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin and a decision is anticipated by early fall. Attraction of big payoff is strong for drug companies. Regeneron together with its partner Sanofi are looking forward in winning regulatory approval for a cholesterol lowering drug which works in blocking the PCSK9 gene. Pfizer and Amgen have also developed identical treatments.

Those born with non-functioning forms of PCSK9 tend to have very low cholesterol and the new drugs have the same effect and are considered poster child for treatment. This tends to take advantage of faults in the genome that could prove beneficial to the rare individuals carrying them. Wall Street analysts project that by 2019, Regeneron/Sanofi’s PCSK9 drug would be generating revenues of around $4.4 billion.

Regeneron has also partnered with academic centres in studying families having extreme genetic disorders that have led to the discovery of various new candidate genes according to Dr Aris Baras running the Regeneron’s genetic centre.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Eye-Tracking Tech Makes Virtual Reality Hands-Free

Eye Tracking Tech – FOVE Headset

People with certain disabilities can now look forward to new means of communication and interaction with the advanced virtual reality headset, which could be game changer for the entertainment industry according to developers.

FOVE headset utilises eye tracking technology to enable the wearer, a completely hands free virtual reality wherein the action could be controlled with the help of eye movements. The virtual reality technology has been advertised as the next social and communications platform with firms like Oculus VR being one the market leaders with their Oculus Rift, virtual reality glasses.

However, LochlainnWilson, FOVE’s co-developer as well as chief technology officer, states that their unique technology provides an immersive experience which has not been provided by anyone. He further adds that `eye tracking is game changing in VR.

 It allows for much more complex and subtle interaction than has been possible previously. By knowing exactly where the user is looking, characters in virtual reality can react to your gaze and return it naturally or avoid it or respond or question. But what really sets us apart is eye-tracking, of course. So with eye-tracking we enable a whole new world of interaction in VR. We enable really sensitive emotional experiences that could only otherwise be experienced in real life’.

Two In-Built Cameras – In Head Mount

This eye tracking technology utilises two in-built cameras which is in the head mount for recognizing the user’s eye movement. Presently users perform a short calibration system wherein the device tends to scan the user’s eye and track the movement of their iris.

According to the team, the next version of the device would use iris recognition for loading user profiles. Wilson informs that the device delivers an experience which was previously only possible in science fiction. He comments that `in the control sense, we enable science fiction like user interfaces like Tony Stark’s Ironman and Jarvis, just at a glance user interface respond and updates information, targets an enemy, hits another button and they’re blown up. It is pretty cool in that sense. In a more technical side of things, we enable what is known as foviated rendering, where you focus the processing power exactly on what the user is looking at. By doing this, we drastically reduce the computing power required to deliver a believable scene’.

Various Fields to Benefit with Technology 

Wilson also stated that the technology presents an occasion to re-imagine various tasks and social interactions in the field of education and medicine. This start-up was originated by Wilson together with CEO Yuka Kojima and with the games industry being their focus, the creators of FOVE convey that their device could bring about virtual reality to cinema, enabling viewers to interact within the headset with objects and characters.

He has also informed that they always thought that their technology would have applications which would be outside gaming. It would be suitable for education, training, psychology, research, neuroscience, with various fields which could benefit on having this form of technology.

He also informs that the technology provides a freedom of expression as well as creativity for individuals with certain disabilities, providing a level of communication which was otherwise impossible. The expected price point conveyed by him would be around $400.

The company would now launch a crowd funding campaign to raise $250,000 USD, on the Kick-starter platform, for a flawless product and begin developing its headsets.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Science Labs in the Cloud: Champagne Discoveries, Beer Budget

Emerald Cloud Lab – ECL-1 – Remotely Conduct Experiment

Science is difficult and replicating other labs’ results is even more difficult which tends to be particular right with regards to life sciences. This has lead biologist as well as researchers to manually track sophisticated experiments fraught together with variable like water purity, humidity or elusive differences in equipment.

According to Ethan Perlstein, the founder and CEO of Perlstein Lab, a San Francisco based bio-tech start-up, operating in discovering drugs to combat rare genetic diseases states that `biologist do almost everything by hand and there is lot of variation in experiments lab to lab’. He further adds that he `wants to be able to do science in a way that is auditable and scalable and the data is repeatable, pristine and good’.

Emerald Therapeutics is of the opinion that its Emerald Cloud Lab which has been dubbed ECL-1, could deliver just what Perlstein ordered which is because ECL-1 enables scientist to remotely conduct over 40 various standard experiments worth $3 million of lab equipment inclusive of DNA synthesizers, advanced microscopes as well as mass spectrometers for the separation and measurement of weight of charged particles.

All identical equipment present in the 15,000 square foot facility tends to be same, down to the type and length of pipes and tubing where automated robots tend to perform the test, eliminating the human part in the process.

Aim – Amazon Prime of Experiments 

Other start-ups also tend to provide identical science labs in the cloud. DNAnexus offers tools to store manage as well as analyse the huge data content generated by genome sequencing. Transcriptic tends to advertise its automated robotics and controlled lab environment though it manages less than 20 experiments as compared with ECL’s 40.

Emerald and other companies prefer to become the biosciences version of Amazon Web Services. As it has been trimmed on the cost of developing commercial software, labs in the cloud could make a difference in the economics of life sciences exploration. For instance, the average cost per experiment run by ECL-1 is $25.

As per Brian Frezza, co-founder and co-CEO of Emerald Therapeutics stated from the company’s offices in South San Francisco, California that `they want to be the Amazon Prime of experiments starting within 48 hours of the order’.

Rent out Robots with Precisely Calibrated Instrumentation/Auditable Data Trail

Rather than leasing computer servers by the hour like Amazon Web Services, Emerald together with their rival start-ups tend to rent out robots with precisely calibrated instrumentation together with added benefits of offering auditable data trail.

Perlstein comments that `having robots handle experiments on exactly the same equipment, in exactly the same environment will always be superior to two pairs of hands. It is just objectively better to have fully auditable and automated experiments’. Provision of reproducible results is not the only probable benefit from labs in the cloud but also financial advantage.

This is due to the modern labs buying equipment which could be costing from $100,000 to $240,000 each, which is probably used only for 10% of their research. Frank Gillett, an analyst with Forrester Research states `that this sort of experiment as a service is interesting because it helps avoid the huge setup costs of buying the equipment and finding someone skilled enough to understand and configure everything – all before you can even run your first experiment. Now you can reduce the time it takes to complete the experiment and reduce the cost of the experiment’.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Windows 10 For Phones May Launch On A High-End Smartphone

In case you are amid follower of the news that is being published about Microsoft in the last couple of months, you have started wondering about their plans for the high end segment. Rumours suggest that the company is planning to debut a high end phone with Windows 10.

The company at present is awaiting the official announcement of the Windows 10 before they can unveil its high end windows based phones. This information has been revealed by Ravi Kunwar, who is the Director - North, Nokia India Sales.

He had participated in a chat along with the company during the launch of Lumia 430. He added that their Company has been focusing on their budget segment, as they still have to work on the premium budget as well. Once the budget has been done, they will start working on the unveiling of the devices later in this year alongside Windows 10 launch.

From the perspective of the company, this move is appropriate, as it will allow them to continue and improvise on the computing power of all the features of the Windows 10 specially the Continuum aspect. This is the main reason why the highly rumored the high end Lumia 940 might debut later this year and somewhat the same time as that of Windows 10. What is the most important thing to remember is that the Windows 10 Continuum feature is similar to that of 'Continuity' feature of Apple and other similar features by Google as well.

What remains a surprise is that a company like Microsoft has been shying away from the 4G connectivity from a long time. The company has never tried to impose the 4G element in any of their devices apart from the Lumia 638. Compared to this the competitors of the company like Xiaomi, Samsung, and Motorola apart from others have already started incorporating 4G connectivity as critical part of many of their devices.

Kunwar has also confirmed that Microsoft is already 4G ready at the back end. This indicates that whether they are using the 4G or not, the current phones from the company are already capable of 4G connectivity since Microsoft has the capability of adding the 4G functionality by means of a software update. He further added that 3G is currently the most widespread method of internet connectivity in India. This is the main reason why even Microsoft is focusing on this area.

In the past, Microsoft has already unveiled many more devices like Lumia 540, Lumia 530, Lumia 430, 435, 532, 640XL and 640 among others. All these devices have been marketed in India despite the fact that they are operating only using the 3G connectivity.

They have never tried to market or sell any of their devices based on 4G element. From what it looks like all or atleast most of their devices are easily capable of working on 4G connectivity and the company is already working on enabling these features in India owing to increasing 4G connectivity.

Facebook Introduces Anonymous Login For Apps to Let You Hide Personal Info

Towards an attempt to help safeguard the privacy of the user when they are sharing data with any third-party apps, Facebook has launched an Anonymous Login feature which will allow the users to login to apps without the need of sharing any of their personal information. Through this new way of login into any apps will increase the amount of control a user has over their personal info and they will be able to choose which of their personal information these third party apps should be receiving.

Apart from this the company also announced a newer version of the Facebook Login which will allow the users to choose the type of information they want as specific app to receive or check. For this they just need to check or uncheck specific categories one by one.

Through this new version, the user will have more control over what they want to be published on the Facebook post. The F8 developer conference saw a lot of different types of improvements which included redefining of the App Control Panel. According to the official blog of the company this App control panel is the center of focus for the users as it will help them to learn to manage all the apps they use.

Anonymous feature: 

Through the anonymous login feature the company is attempting to work towards the concerns raised by their users pertaining to sharing of personal information. There are users who are looking forward to try apps that are available but hesitant due to security reasons.

Even though the users have been able to enjoy free apps on the Facebook, there are growing instances from the perspective of the users highlighting the problem of granting permission to third part app to all the personal data. These third parts apps require the user information to allow them to create an account.

Anonymously logging into the app will give the users to control the apps in terms accessing it and at the same time not to worry about sharing any of their personal information with the app. Users will have the option of sharing specific or any additional information based on their preference during any stage of the app usage.

This feature is currently under test with some developers and the Company is planning to extend the testing for some more months by involving more number of developers. On the other hand the company is expected to roll out the new version of the login in the next couple of months but the updated control panel for the apps will be available for the users in the following weeks.

Facebook has over 1.55 billion of users around the world and it is apparent that the company has to take actions to control the growing concern of the people towards sharing of personal information. Considering the step taken by the company it will receive a warm welcome from growing number of users of Facebook. Safety has always taken utmost importance for the users.

Monday 18 May 2015

Atmosphere With Google: Think Creatively and Innovate Boldly

Atmosphere With Google – An Event Platform

Google has recently planned an event platform called `Google Atmosphere’, at the Googleplex for around 300 technology professionals largely for CIOs and CTOs of leading organizations to discuss how the technology will evolve in the near future and how to mainstream it. It is considered to be an economic forum for the leading decision makers of the world. Atmosphere is about how Google Enterprise could be a game changer for enterprises.

 It is said to be a conference wherein Google would be displaying its top innovations and provide glimpses of what would be in store for the future. Some of the highlights in the past few years were Driverless cars, Cloud, Google Glass, Maps. Google Atmosphere was first held in 2008 in London and what began as a conference with 250 CIOs has now turned into a global event which is held annually at numerous cities. This grand event, this year will be organized in London, Paris, Munich, Sydney and several other places are tend to be the hub of technology. Google would be having bright minds to speak at this event and has also invited some of the most innovative brains to express their thoughts.

First Time in India – 19th September

Some of the geniuses like Nicholas Carr, Marc Benioff (SalesForce), Werner Vogels (Amazon), Amit Singh; Nikesh Arora had conferred the event in the past. Google Atmosphere, for the very first time is coming to India and the grant event would be held in Delhi on 19th September at ITC Maurya. Those intending to have glimpses of the future and be part of the event could register at – Seats would be limited and hence registering early with MediaAgility - Premier Google Enterprise partner could be done, to avoid disappointment.

 It would be a great privilege in getting to hear from Google executives, experts as well as customers and get to envisage the latest innovations transforming business.For business operations, HR executives, marketing and sales, one could learn about Google’s vision in enabling employees to work out the way they live and get things done in a quicker and innovative way. In case of finance and IT, they could get deep into the financial as well as operational benefits of Google Apps, the leading communication and collaboration solution in the cloud.

Foundation of Cloud Computing Boils down Application/Platform/Devices

On stage, Google Enterprise President, Dave Girouard, had called cloud computing a `fundamentally disruptive’ technology, stating that it brought about a bit of emotion from anyone talking about it. At one end of the range there are some who tend to consider cloud as a computing nirvana while on the other end there are those who do not trust it.

It would be a day which would be filled with plenty of discussions together with debate on the cloud and some even making light issues at the close mindedness of some technology leaders who try to down play the cloud, which could be some of the executives from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Girouard has offered smart presentation which would break down old school business IT where everything is behind the firewall. He has commented that the foundation of cloud computing boils down to application, platforms and devices. He has pointed that a couple of key app have long broken out of the wall like mail (Gmail etc.) and CRM (sales force).

Sunday 17 May 2015

Technology Turns Touchscreen Displays Into Biometric Scanners

Some of the researcher representing and working at the Yahoo Labs have developed a very affordable alternative to the current fingerprint sensors available on the phone. They have developed a biometric system which is being called as the Body print. This biometric system will only require the capacitive touch screen displays of the devices to authenticate the body parts of the user.

However, on the down side, since the touch screen displays have lower resolution of the input when compared to other specialized sensors, the new biometric system will require the user to make use of the larger parts of their body. The user will simply have to press any of these parts on the screen to get access to the device. This biometric system not only works as a security gatekeeper for the phone, but is also has many other benefits and applications. This system has perfect ability to recognize the fist, ear, set of five fingers, phalanges, and the palm of the user.

Applications of the new biometric system: 

A simple example of this biometric system application is the fact that the user can configure the device system to only answers calls when the device has been able to detect the ear of the users pressed to the phone. Body print that was recently launched at the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul, South Korea was able to accurately identify different parts of the human body as well as the owners of the system for nearly about 99.98 percent of all the times during all the tests that was conducted using 12 participants. But if it is important that the creator is this biometric system and his team, try and test this system on a wider scale before it can be released for commercial use. This application is perfect to keep the files and documents saved from inquisitive people.

This creation has come as a new breather for many companies who are still afraid to try on the biometric systems. Not many companies have tried to take complete advantage of the full potential of this system. Most of the latest smartphones are built with the fingerprint biometric system and how might be the perfect time for all these companies to raise the bar a bit higher.

In present all the finger print scanners are available on some of most high end phones but the Body print will allow all the smartphones have all the features of a biometric system.

This firm is not only innovating latest technology but also planning to extend its research in the field of technology, as Marissa Mayer, who is the CEO of Yahoo stated that firm might compete with the other leading technology of same field such as; voice-based virtual assistants or Cortana of Microsoft, Siri from Apple or Google Now from Google. It is expected that Bodyprint will arrive in the market in the form of app to support touch screen of almost all smartphones.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review

Technological developments do not stop with a particular device, but there are chain reactions that bring in lots of other apps and software that can be used for specific OS or devices. One such magnificent software is Movavi, a screen capture for Mac 9 software. So, what’s all about this software, for sure is the next question you are eager to ask! After all, with too many software and apps, getting to know about a much-appreciated product is certainly on the cards of many.

Why Movavi Screen Capture is the Best? 

Movavi works for both Mac OS and Windows. The Mac users can find this software easy to use when it comes to editing the videos, and add transitions to the video footage. There are large numbers of products that can help to do the same, but what makes Movavi best is the efficacy. The users can trim, cut, and split the video footage with this software.

Another great feature about Movavi screen capture for Mac 9 is that the users can find other numerous products that help in saving the Skype calls and messages. The video that runs on the computer screen can be saved and you can set a timer so that your physical presence is not required.

The best thing about Movavi is that it lets the users do all these in the most cost efficient manner. Users can view, create and convert videos using this software. Sharing the video footages is the primary reason why they are modified. For instance, all the movie clips come around in the social media for any relevant scenario. The youngsters find it a vogue of the day, and if you love to share what you think about the funny video clips, make use of Movavi. Sharing what you have cut and trimmed is easy with this software. Recorded screencast videos too can be created with this software.

How it Works?
  • You need to start with setting the parameters on the screen, and for this set the required frame. Then adjust the recording area. Then capture the audio from the source, and then the software capture the mouse and keyboard actions.
  • Record the screenset, and grab them while recording. Then set the timer to avoid your physical presence.
  • The video quality can be enhanced by editing, and you can also add music and stylish changeovers.
  • You can also save the video in supported format of your PC. You can view the same in the smartphone by using the mobile presets.
To download this software on the Mac system, you need 1 GB free space for the proper operation of the software. You need to have admin permissions to install the software in the system.


Compared with most of the programs available, the movie screen capture studio offers lots of editing features. Many users would love to stamp the videos created with their sign. Adding watermark is one of the ways to ensure that piracy is stopped. You can make use of the Movavi software to include watermarks and title in the videos. Your presentation looks unique with these enhancements. Adding another feather to the cap is the time to time discount campaigns running with this unique product to make it more desirable and cost-effective.

Friday 15 May 2015

Smartphones Could Be Used to Detect Earthquakes

Smartphones – Used as Initial Warning Signals for Earthquakes

According to a latest research, smartphones could now be used as initial warning signals for huge earthquakes. The built-in GPS sensors in the smartphones could help in detecting the quakes, giving several seconds of warning to people living in the vicinity which would be yet to be hit by earthquakes. The smartphone can detect big earthquakes with magnitude of 7.0 or larger as per the study published in the journal Science Advances.

The study indicate that the technique `crowdsourcing’, could be useful in sections of the world, which are vulnerable to quakes, in the absence of costly warning systems. With crowdsourcing observations from user’s smartphones, one can detect earthquakes, analyse and customize quake warnings which can be transmitted back to users. According to LiveScience, the system is still to be tested though a pilot project is scheduled later this year in Chile.

Geophysicist, Kristine Larson, of the University of Colorado, Boulder, states `what is really nice about this work is they are using sensors that people carry around anyway and it could be very useful’. Prior to an earthquake,a little bit of warning could help the people in seeking some help by taking shelter, nuclear power plants could take last minute precautions and natural gas utilities could shut down pipelines.

Crowd sourcing Earthquake Initial Warning System 

Japan has an early warning system which relies on over 1000 seismometers all over the country thus saving lives during the magnitutde-9 Tohoku earthquake which hit in 2011. Mexico too has a similar system while another is under research in California. Though these systems could be time-consuming and expensive to install together with maintenance, cell phones could be an attractive choice in case of earthquake prone countries in developing world.

Earlier research of crowdsourcing earthquake initial warning systems have trusted on phones’ accelerometers that estimate the phone’s movement instead of GPS tracking locating the position of the phone with satellites. Though scientific GPS stations have been utilised in detecting earthquakes, the new study indicate that consumer devices with GPS could also be useful for crowd sourcing signals. Since most of the prevailing devices integrate GPS navigation which also includes vehicles, increasing amount of data could enhance the sensitivity of these efforts.

To comprehend if smart phones and other consumer devices could identify quakes with GPS, researchers tested the sensitivity of these devices. The cell phones tend to use a typically coarser method of positioning than the most sensitive scientific instruments that take advantage of more information that is encoded in the GPS signal.

Consumer GPS Devices – Identify Earthquakes of Magnitude 7 & Above

They studied the accuracy of cell phone GPS on shaking the phone, matching its recorded displacements with more accurate scientific device and monitored the phone for movement while holding it stationary and measured the chance for false alarms. The scientist believed that consumer GPS devices could identify earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above enabling probable warnings to people located away from the epicenter of the most critical earthquake, as reported in Science Advances.

Thereafter they tested the concept by using a computer stimulation of a magnitude-7 earthquake near Oakland, California on the Hayward fault, a probable area for future tremors which runs through the San Francisco Bay Area. On stimulating the typical response of cell phones shaking, they appraised the signals in cell phones near epicentre.

As per the researcher’s system, a quake activates a phone if the same and four adjoining devices tend to record instantaneous movements which could be greater than 5 centimetres. To clear out coincidences, the system tends to issue only an alert if more than 100 devices tend to see such causes.

Adequate Data –Improvement in Warning Potentials

Presuming data from 0.2% of population, less than 5000 people, the system was capable to identify the stimulated earthquake within five seconds a speed enabling a few seconds of warning prior to the strongest shaking started in San Francisco and 10 seconds before it started in San Jose, thus giving time for children to get beneath their desks and for trains to come to a halt.

They then tested their system with real data from Tohoku quake and used an array of 462 GPS stations all across Japan to estimate the data coming from cell phones. Though scientific instruments tend to be more precise than cell phones, they record lower quality data too which is same to data from consumer devices. With enhancement in technology and more devices integrate GPS tracking; this system could turn out to be more useful according to study author, Benjamin Brooks, an earthquake scientist in the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California.

He states that `it is not really just about smart phones, it’s about all sorts of internet connected devices that have positioning associated with them – and think the numbers are going to be so large that one could be very liberal with criteria for using a specific device’. Detecting with cell phones could be difficult since users are always on the move though with adequate data, the system could depend on devices which are not in motion prior to the quaking thus improving the warning potentials.

Navy Will Test Its Electromagnetic Railgun aboard DDG 1000



The New Electromagnetic Rail Gun Weapon

According to officials, `the navy is speculating whether to mount the new Electromagnetic Rail Gun weapon aboard the high tech DDG 1000 destroyed by mid 2020a. As reported by Program Manager for Directed Energy and Electric Weapon Systems, Capt. Mike Ziv, at the Navy League’s 2015 Sea Air Space symposium at National Harbour, Md., the DDG 1000’s Integrated Power System has been providing a huge amount of on board electricity adequate to accommodate the weapon.

The first of the three planned DDG 1000 destroyers was named in April last year. Ziv had reported that Navy leaders were of the belief that the DDG 1000 is the right ship to house the rail gun though the additional study was essential to examine the dangers. A difficult study on the same should be completed by the end of this year according to Ziv. He further adds that he thinks that it is an ideal platform and there is little bit more work to be done to understand the details.

 The DDG 1000 is said to be 65% larger than the prevailing 9,500 ton Aegis cruisers and destroyers with a displacement of 15,482 tons.

Plans to Test Fire Electromagnetic Rail Gun At Sea – Summer 2016

The integrated power system of the DDG 1000 that includes its electric propulsion enables to generate about 58 megawatts of on-board electric power probably seen as key to the future with regards to the possibility of firing a rail gun.

There is a possibility that someday, the weapon could be configured to fire from DDG 51 Arleigh Burke class destroyers. The Navy has plans to test fire its new Electromagnetic Rail Gun for the first time at sea, in summer of 2016 from on board the USNS Trenton, which is a Joint High Speed Vessel, according to service officials.

Test shots would take place at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla; and at the time of the test, the rail fun would fire a series of GPS guided hypervelocity projectiles at a barge floating on the ocean around 25 to 50 nautical miles away.Ziv informs that `they would be firing it against a floating target and they are trying to gauge the ability of engaging a target over the horizon. Moreover they are also going to have a gradual ramp up and gather data. This would be a significant event though it is also a key learning point’.

Wide Range of At-Sea/Land Based Application

The Navy is said to be developing the rail gun weapon for a wide range of at-sea as well as possible land-based application, according to Ziv and the weapon can fire guided, high speed projectiles more than 100 miles, making it suitable for cruise missile defense, ballistic missile defense and various kinds of surface warfare applications.

 Besides this, the rail gun utilises electrical energy to develop a magnetic field and propel a kinetic energy projectile at Mach 8.5 towards a wide range to target something similar to an enemy vehicles or ballistic missiles and cruise. The weapon is said to operate when electrical power charges up a pulse forming network.

The pulse forming network comprises of capacitors that are able to release large quantity of energy in a short span of time and releases a current on the order of 3 to 5 million amps which is 1,200 volts released in a ten millisecond time frame.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Elon Musk Unveils Tesla's World-Changing Powerwall

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors on announced on Thursday the plans of the company to develop both the residential as well as business battery systems which include the business-oriented Powerpack and the Powerwall Home Battery. Musk added that these power systems are being developed in coordination with the solar panels with the goal of storing energy to be used some other time. These systems are capable of drawing power from the grid whenever there is a decrease in the demand of electricity and they will discharge the same during higher demands and at much expensive rate per units. He also added that these systems will help in reducing the amount of dependence we show on the fossil fuels and also benefit the people who are out of the power grid.

The Power-wall: 

The Powerwall is expected to available in the form of 10kWh system that has been optimized to provide backup applications and also as 7kWh solution for daily use. Once both these are connected to the grid or the solar panel, they are ready to give backup power. When these are paired with the solar power options even the 7kWh Powerwall can be easily used for extending the cost and environmental benefits of solar into multiple hours of usage. These can be mounted home garage wall and being lithium-ion battery packs they can provide backup even during fluctuation in the grid. The Powerwall is expected to available sometime later this year and has been priced at US$3,500.

Brilliant idea: 

The benefits of batteries are unlimited as they help in load shifting during low rate periods, they can even store abundance of solar power and even provide sufficient backup during outages. Powerwall is the combination of all these benefits making them the USPs for the battery system. With the increase in the prices of utility these batteries will provide lots of relief. Customer can go back to using the grid during the off peak periods.

Benefits Vs Costs: 

Pricing plays a very significant role here and both the residential as well as business industry might get a light jolt with the current pricing of the battery. Even though the current pricing of these power systems is comparatively very low to what anyone would have expected. Powerwall has the potential to change the entire energy policy around the globe.

Challenges that can be expected in the future:

Despite the number of benefits that can be availed through the system, it might have to cross some hurdle in the future. The biggest one is expecting discernible impact by up scaling of the manufacturing industry. So numerous building and companies in America it might take years for the systems to be installed everywhere. It might be quite difficult for consumers to learn everything about using the system. The company need to work on reducing the cost per unit and make it more reasonable. Company might face further difficulty in collection and analysis of the consumer usage data.

Aircraft Ground Handling

Ground unit
If you own your own aircraft or an air travel company, it is imperative that you always have dependable power sources for your planes. There are different power supplies available, depending on what type of plane you are using. In order to ensure the safety of every person on board the plane, the power supply you are using must be durable and be able to provide enough power to satisfy the demands of the specific plane it is powering. However, all aircraft power supplies are not created equal. You will need to make the effort to search for the best one. Here are some ideas about where to find an aircraft power supply.

Take a look at some online reviews

If you are in search of a ground power unit, there should be plenty of online reviews of companies like Start Pac that specialize in power supplies for aircrafts. You can find these reviews on a wide variety of websites that are devoted to posting the unedited opinions of actual consumers who have purchased certain items. These people want the rest of the public know about their experience using a certain product. The good thing about this type of review is that it is usually very informative and comprehensive, making it very useful when you are deciding which aircraft power supply to buy.

Ask people in the aircraft industry

If you do not feel like you have been able to gather enough information by looking online, another great idea would be to ask people who work in the aircraft industry for a living. Ideally, you should try to talk to pilots, technicians or mechanics. These people have devoted their lives to flying or servicing planes. Therefore, they will know which brands of power supplies are the best to use, as well as which brands you should avoid.

Manufacturer websites

Another way to gather information about aircraft power supplies is to visit the various websites of the companies that produce the power supplies. You will be able to find out their power output capabilities, as well as which aircraft the different power supplies are designed to be used in. While the information on these manufacturer sites will only focus on the positive, the actual specs of the power supplies will be useful in pointing you in the right direction. While you are visiting these sites, find out the warranty details of each power supply you look at.

Friday 8 May 2015

Setting a Proper Budget for a Vehicle Restoration

Not having enough in the budget to restore your classic muscle car can be quite disappointing. Muscle cars often bring back childhood or early adulthood memories. A proper budget to make sure that the muscle car restoration project goes as planned is vital. It takes more than just having a vision and a person that can complete the restoration. Always do your research so that you can construct the proper budget.

Create a Restoration Project List

A list is important. This is where you will write down every item that needs to be handled in the restoration. The list should include the body work that needs to be done, as well as the exterior design you want to achieve.

It will help you be more organized with the list if you break it down into sections. The more detailed your list is, the easier it will be to construct the proper budget.

Price Individual Pieces

There are several avenues available for finding parts for your muscle car. Some salvage yards may have usable parts, and of course, there are fabrication shops that can make parts to factory specifications. It is important that you price pieces yourself to ensure that you are getting the best price.

Now, when pricing parts and body pieces, search with a few different options. If the items are not local, include the shipping in your total price. Not including the shipping costs can severely impact your budget. 
Obtain Multiple Quotes

After you have the parts priced and your list ready to go, it's time to start sourcing restoration shops if you aren't completing the project yourself. Some shops will use the sources you've found to obtain parts, as this takes some time off of the project itself. The more you can provide, the easier it is for the shop to complete the project. Obtain a few quotes and select the one that suits your budget the best. This isn't always going to be the cheapest quote. Customer satisfaction, experience and understanding your vision are also important.

Base your budget upon your research and the quotes you receive. Always have a bit of a contingency budget available too. Just as with home improvement projects, automotive restoration projects are prone to the unforeseen. Once a vehicle is completely stripped, the restoration team can really see what you have to start with. More parts or fabrication may be required.