Thursday 28 February 2013


The Mobile World Congress is the occasion of the announcement of new features dedicated to this purpose. The SpareOne phone is probably the least sophisticated of the Mobile World Congress, but also one of the most ingenious. Presented there is a little more than a year as an emergency phone, it can now be of interest to parents and children. The SpareOne is a simple phone that has no screen or battery. It was designed for emergency situations: it comes in a sealed bag that can float and is powered by one AA battery, operates from -30 to 60 ° and includes a flashlight.

In most countries of the world, pressing the center button will reach emergency services, even without a SIM card. The supplied battery, Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 one is stable for fifteen years: a SpareOne left in the garage or in the glove box will not be discharged. She has fifteen hours of appeal, once empty, it can be replaced by any AA battery NiMH, alkaline or rechargeable and SpareOne is again functional. The SpareOne can also be used while traveling; either with a local SIM or SIM with a Smartphone (a paper clip ejection and a microSIM adapter are included at the back of the unit).

The technical details: Version 900/1 800 MHz operating in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and parts of South America. Version 850/1 900 MHz can operate in the United States, Canada and the rest of South America except Japan and South Korea which are not supported. It can also be assigned to seniors or children, nine keys corresponding to nine preprogrammed numbers. The SpareOne cannot display SMS but can receive and send automatically: they are cleverly used to administer the remote phone. We can reprogram numbers associated with the keys without user intervention the SpareOne. If the user uses the emergency button, the SpareOne will automatically send an SMS to the administrator information and its location (cellular triangulation). The SpareOne is available for $ 99.99 (or $ 189.99 in a pack of two). The new features will soon be integrated.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab 8.0

        Samsung has just officially announced the Galaxy Tab 8.0, a tablet 8'' with a phone function. As expected, Samsung has benefited from the launch of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil its new tablet, which falls into the category of note, particularly because of the presence of the famous pen. Taking note of the design II, Note 8.0 is seen widely stretched and has a TFT screen of 8 inches, with the screen of 1280 x 800 pixels. Format of Galaxy is substantially identical to the iPad mini so with finesse display slightly higher (the screen that displays the latest 1024 x 768).

        Inside, there is a quad-core Cortex A9 processor 1.6 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 16 or 32GB of storage expandable up to 64GB, a 4600mAh battery, a 5-megapixel camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. All are under the invincible Jelly Bean 4.1.2. About the side dimensions, the II dimension is 210.8 mm high, 135.9 mm wide and weighs 338 g, which is slightly more than the iPad. Strangely, Samsung has not communicated its thickness, but it did seem slightly higher than the Apple product in our fast handling. Because, a pre-MWC event allowed us to briefly handle this new tablet, which also phone. In fact, the 3G version includes a SIM card reader and proposes a function call.

     Critics are watching, whether this possibility will seduce the public, which seems far from being won. Except in hands free and in specific situations, it is unclear how a phone of this size can really convincing, although there will inevitably be interested consumers by side full hybrid thing. Anyway, the 8.0 rating seemed like a nice unit, opting for a white plastic coating pleasant in hand, but that does not inspire total confidence in terms of strength. However, the OS looks extremely responsive and fluid, which seems logical given the processor that runs everything. Note that the Galaxy Tab 8.0 will be available the second quarter of 2013 for a price still unknown. But the latest rumors indicates that the price may be around 390 €.

Online Marketing

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Sunday 24 February 2013

The first Android tablet HP Slate 7 from Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard announced the abandonment of Web OS in August 2011, and therefore the future development of mobile and tablets running the operating system. Less than two years later, HP comes with the creation of its first Android tablet, the HP Slate 7. This new Hp Slate 7 will be creating a stiff competition with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, and this may extend its competition with the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 too.

 HP Slate will be available from April at an attractive price of $ 169 in the market. Here it is few of its specifications, this new gadget will run on Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean and will have a touch screen 7-inch 1024 x 600 resolution, a dual core processor 1.6GHz ARM Cortex-A9, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage expandable via micro SD, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, Beats Audio sound optimization, two cameras / camera (3 megapixel rear and VGA front). The 7 Slate has a thickness of 1.06 cm and weighs 370g.

Saturday 23 February 2013

New Googleplex in the San Francisco Bay

Recently Google has unveiled a preview of Vanity Fair's new headquarters, which will have an area of 1.1 million square feet or 102,000 square meters. It will be slightly larger than London. It valued about $ 1.6 billion when the construction is completed. This is the first complex built entirely by Google from scratch. So far elsewhere in the world, the search engine has always occupied buildings that already existed.

The local Silicon Graphics in Mountain View or those port authorities in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Of course, the company has all the improved and expanded but none had so far signed by the firm of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This will now be done through the collaboration of the architectural firm NBBJ. Construction has already begun and the complex will be completed in 2015, one year ahead of Google UK. The premises will be divided into 9 sections and have up to 4 floors. Each employee will be maximum distance of 2 and a half minutes walk from the employee later.

Service Providers For Industrial Computers

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Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console

Now a days the demand for the gaming consoles are declining the manufactures trying to keep their place in the market in a novel innovative way and Sony is not an exception to it. In their part Sony has unveiled its PlayStation 4. During the forum meet, the Japanese manufacturer Sony has introduced a new joystick that has the distinction of having a touchpad. The controller operates in the form of curves showing the PlayStation Move accessory for motion detection.

 The DualShock 4 includes an audio mini-jack, mini speaker and an area light with three different colors helps the console to identify the player via a 3D camera. By this means the PS4 will assess the position of people in the room. This indicator light may also give information to other players with different colors. PlayStation 4 Eye is the answer from Sony Microsoft Kinect, after three years with better specifications. While the Kinect camera has a 640 x 480 px with a field of view of 60 °, the PS4 Eye carries two cameras 1280 x 800 px with a field of view of 80 °, so it can theoretically follow more people with better accuracy.

It also embeds a set of microphones that enable Sony to catch Microsoft in the field of speech recognition, but the next Xbox could go much further and allow Sony to place in this area. Another innovation is the sharing of catch and videos of the game in progress, using a button "Share" on the controller. Other people remotely connected to the PlayStation Network (PSN) will follow your movements, with a comment about their display on your screen. Wifi U also offers the ability to chat with friends during a game session to return to the PlayStation 4, if you allow it, your contacts can also take control of your character. This type of sharing when we are playing will be provided by a dedicated processor. Sharing it is also possible to Facebook and Ustream. To facilitate transfers to other online players, go watch streaming these videos will be compressed in real time. Mode "Director" will provide an opportunity to do some manipulations on these videos. The joystick always key start will pause the game which is currently playing to resume later, just as quickly. This pause is completed by an automatic backup.

 Managing downloads will be provided by the chip side, even with the console powered off and we can start a game as long as enough of the content has been downloaded. Among the associated services, there will be a demonstration mode for games and an optional notification to alert you when one of your contacts has purchased a title. An important announcement on the strategy of the second screen to play is offered, While Nintendo provides a standard tablet to its customers, Sony put on the PS Vita to stream games. The portable console whose sales do not take off could benefit from a renewed interest in this feature called remote play. Philippe Cardon, president of Sony Computer France, said that the remote will be available to play for all games end. Sony did not forget the owners of Smartphone and tablets Android and iOS. An application called simply PlayStation App will see elements of a game, for example a map on the second screen. It has an approach similar to Microsoft Xbox, SmartGlass etc.

One can also buy games from your iPhone. These will be automatically downloaded to the console. The PlayStation 4 will carry a SoC with 8 cores 64 AMD x86-Jaguar, a Radeon (1.84 TFLOPS) and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM. Also included is a hard disk with a storage capacity has not been announced, Blu-Ray, Ethernet and USB 3.0, A / V outputs (HDMI, optical S / PDIF ...), Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1. Surprise concerning the technical specifications is that Sony abandons the Cell processor, derived from PowerPC to adopt a more traditional x86-64, a choice that could facilitate the development of the console. On graphics solution, if one refers to the number of TFLOPS, it would be a bit more powerful than AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics card midrange.

It would not, a priori a powerhouse. Sony had excluded costly components in this. One reason for this may be the manufacturer has probably learned the lesson from the launch of the PlayStation 3 to $ 499 or $ 599 in its 60GB, which was a too high a price that was disabled for a while. On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 will ship technology Gaikai, a company purchased by Sony last year specializing in games streaming - like OnLive. Gaikai boss said it will be possible to try any game before you buy thanks to its technology. The service could also be used to run old games Sony the PS4 is not backwards compatible. The interface of the PlayStation has been thoroughly reviewed. The Japanese also gave some information about the titles which are going to be available. They included Killzone, Shadow Fall, inFamous Second Son, Driveclub, Knack, Destiny, Diablo III, Deep Down and Watch_Dogs.

 The PlayStation 4 will be released in late 2013. No detail was given on pricing. But the performance of Sony has been to a press conference without presenting the object in question. "Do not show any of a sudden," says the boss of Sony Computer France to justify their absence. If the non-disclosure of the price may be understandable due to competition with Microsoft - it is likely that Sony expects the price of the next Xbox to adjust - the absence of the console, true identity marker, is more than strange. Unless the manufacturer of surprises.

Voice recognition finalized in Google Chrome

We mentioned earlier that the Google Chrome browser now includes a native voice recognition module. The latest edition of the browser, the more precisely 25.0.1364.97, indeed offers a tool that allows any user to "talk". The software uses this technology for Web Speech API. For now, there is only one site operator function, and this is the work of Google. This is just a demonstration of the possibilities offered by the speech recognition engine, nothing more.

But we expect that developers will follow and quickly browse the site to voice only, place an order on a merchant site, etc. The page in question is available here: the tech demo is available in 32 languages (not counting variants), including major European languages. The engine seems to have made some progress and getting better recognize the words of our language. As announced earlier, this new version sees off default not all extensions from the Chrome Web Store. It is possible to manually reactivate, but a message warning the user of the dangerous action, loaded extensions here and there is often prone to security problems.

Amazon Affiliate Store

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Samsung Flexible Screen

Here is a little news of CES 2013 show in Las Vegas. Every one aware that CES is the show that is meant for new technology and high tech gadgets and here is the introduction of flexible screens. Samsung presents a prototype display flexible and which is unbreakable. Here a beta version which is not a mobile phone but the dimensions suggest there. It is a flexible OLED display with a resolution greater than 300dpi.

 This technology already exists for tablets finally rather simple reading lights. The innovation is to bring this technology on mobile screens ... for what? Else is it a useless gimmick? The answer is Yes and No, the fact that a flexible screen is expected to make it more resistant in the sense that shocks and strains are highly attenuated or even without consequences. So any one can simply guess, that in 2013, Samsung is going to positioning itself strong in the mobile market.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Apple does not want to hear about Phablet!

Halfway between the Smartphone and the tablet is the Phablet. These devices whose size is generally between "a little more" 5 inch and "a little less" 7-inch - because there is no precise definition of this category - have long been the preserved Samsung. The Galaxy Note, then the Note II, met some competitors, notably towards China with Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1 inches.

 An analyst with investment bank Goldman Sachs has asked Tim Cook if his company had a product in cartons of this type. His answer was quite clear: "The iPhone 5 features, as you know, a new 4-inch screen retina, the screens most advanced in the industry. It also provides a larger size without sacrificing ease of use with one hand that our consumers love. " Simply put, if you want a device to hold with both hands, you iPad or iPad Mini. Phone, Apple must yet be manageable with one hand.

Issue of Privacy with Google Play Store!

The issue of privacy is a sensitive topic on the internet. The Google application store, the Play Store, finds itself the center of attention after a ticket from a developer who explains to access personal information of users of its program. The download platform is indeed a bit too talkative on those who use it. Once a person download a paid application, some data would then be transmitted to the author. The Australian developer Dan Nolan noticed this detail through the administration console of the shop. With a simple click, you have access to the personal information of users of its application such as name, email address, or the location.

 Data by which, with your own admission, could enable him to "stalk and harass users who leave negative reviews are reimbursed or application." In fact, this information is needed particularly in the context of a refund application fee, which is why this data exchange is not about those that are free. The conditions of use of Google Play Store also indicate: "Google may need to provide your personal data, such as your name and e-mail to suppliers in order to process your transactions and / or Content you provide. Google has agreed with the suppliers they use the information in accordance with the rules of confidentiality. '

Data Storage Systems

Online providers of some of the most excellent storage systems are available at nexsan, that have been in business since the year 1999 with headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, and have installed around 33,000 systems to over 11,000 customers in 60 countries of the world. They are the leaders in san storage system and their E series disk solutions delivers storage density, power management, reliability, with high value block based storage. The san storage system delivers the smallest footprint of around 60 disks in 4U rack space consuming around 85 percent less power when not in use. It is a perfect choice for enterprise class reliability, cost per terabyte optimizing the storage infrastructure for backup and recovery, traditional, virtual and cloud management together with bulk storage. The new version NST5000 provides hybrid of solid state technology with spinning disk for iSCSl and NAS, meeting intensive requirements such as server and desktop database, virtualization etc; providing high performance with a capacity which is affordable. The secure archive systems are the gold standard for data offload, secure cloud deployments and compliance.

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Saturday 16 February 2013

The Origin of Web Browsers!

Jeff Nelson is often considered the "inventor" of Chrome OS, but it is in fact the inventor of Google OS: it began to develop its system several months before the start of work on Chrome. His idea was to develop a system that rotates and Web Apps that would be kind of a big browser on top of a Linux kernel has chosen to Firefox. Ironically, Firefox OS today is not very different from that principle. In 2006, Nelson was developing Web Apps for Google and was particularly frustrated by existing browsers, including their slow start.

 While SSDs are still very expensive, his whole system was placed on a RAM-disk, extremely fast launch Firefox went from 45 seconds to 1 second. The RAM-drives have the disadvantage of losing all their data if the power is off: it was not a problem for Nelson, as were all the apps and Web Apps that all data was backed up online. Even today, Google boasts that Chrome OS prevents any data loss. But at the time, Google executives were not convinced by the proposed Nelson, who resumed certainly a well-known concept, the thin client, but wanted to get him out of businesses and institutions. The main criticism was the lack of an offline mode, a default set from the local cache with HTML5.

 Why Nelson chose WebKit browser rather than Firefox? He does not say, but his choice may be related to the bad reputation of Apple's, she took three years to make open-source WebKit completely. In 2006, WebKit open source was only a few months, while Gecko was eight years. The decision to abandon Opera Presto divided in favor of WebKit web players today, with arguments reminiscent of the time. Some, including Nitot and behind the Mozilla Foundation, worry that the project led by the heavyweights Apple and Google stifles innovation that only competition and guarantee diversity.

They remind Opera is behind many innovations such as tabs, integrated search, gesture shortcuts, "top sites", etc.., A feature that could be erased with this rallying WebKit, piloted by two companies have their own objectives. Others recall with the WHATWG, Apple developers, Mozilla and Opera have greatly evolved in recent years the Web (HTML5, Microdata, etc.), and there is no reason to change that. They point out that while they share the same engine, Safari and Chrome are very different, Google and Apple working on two different JavaScript engines, two different concepts of interface and two different synchronization services. And there is no reason Opera does not continue to distinguish these three aspects.

Friday 15 February 2013

The source code is available for Photoshop

The source code for Photoshop 1.0.1 is free to download. It remains subject to some rules of use, such as not to make commercial use. If you want to try the adventure ... but it is indeed available. The Computer Museum in Mountain View, California proposed for the site with the consent of the publisher. According to one researcher from IBM; this code, which refers to the year 1990, totaling 128 000 as against 10 million reached today. He leaned on the structure of this little treasure, sometimes with accents admiring its clarity. He found also that the approaches found in the current version of Photoshop.

 The Computer Museum recalls the story of the birth of Photoshop, born "Display" and the efforts of both Knoll brothers, Thomas and John. The first student was the second employee at Industrial Light & Magic of George Lucas. Thomas wrote this program in 1987 to manipulate images without objective of making a commercial product, simply a tool for both brothers.

 This potential is revealed over the next year in the evolution of software, which then became "Photoshop". The first company to show interest was Barneyscan, manufacturer of scanners, which took 200 copies of the software - rechristened Barneyscan XP - to include with its peripherals. Adobe bought one license in April 1989 and marketed the following year under its final name. 3 million copies were sold in 10 years. The software was written in Pascal for the Mac, with some portions in assembler for the 68000 processor when good performances were necessary in the performance of tasks.

Thursday 14 February 2013

(LT) Tech DISH

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Sunday 10 February 2013

The Camera Panoramic Balls

Ricoh has benefited from the CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2013 show dedicated to the photo, which was held recently in Tokyo to show a prototype camera original, the "360 ° Camera Innovation." Designed by Ricoh Innovations, a research laboratory located in Ricoh Silicon Valley, and quickly unveiled at CES in January, the camera takes a single shot the 360 ° panoramic pictures.

For this he adopts a particular design, "Y", with two fish-eye lenses 180 ° photographing the scene on each side. The camera then combines the two images obtained just to do that. Ricoh showed the results of the pictures at the exhibition in the form of panoramic images that appear on the screen of an iPod in the form of "balls" that Ricoh called "Panorama Balls", in which visitors could move with the finger ... It was not only possible to look around as a single panoramic picture, but you could also look up and down the stage.

 If Ricoh is still stingy information on this project, we do know that the camera should have a WiFi module to transmit the photos taken with a mobile terminal, such as an iPhone or iPad. They will display images and change the view to see another part of the image. The manufacturer would also include a feature panoramic video. But it would be contrary to the absence of any standard in this area, making it more difficult assembly operations and limit opportunities for exchange. Ricoh is still in the research stage and has not yet decided whether the prototype will be realized one day a marketed product, although the presence of two shows suggests that there is a good chance to see the camera soon in stores.