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Friday, 12 January 2018

5 Outdated Myths About SEO for Small Business

SEO can be confusing – which is the correct way?

How many times have you received those emails telling you that your website is not appearing on the first page of Google so you will never be found. Panic! They promise they will get you the top position in Google for your industry, so you hand over your money willingly for them to ‘fix’ this problem (often at either far too cheap or overly extortionate rates). However nothing changes and you are still so far down the search rankings you wonder if they did anything at all. You have come to the conclusion that SEO is a big con and you won’t waste money again!

Well, if done incorrectly, spending all of your marketing budget on SEO can indeed be a waste of time. However if done correctlySearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) can give a positive boost to your business, increasing your visibility to your target market and most importantly, providing revenue from your website in terms of actual sales or leads generated.

I have put together the top 5 myths about SEO to help small business owners make sense of an ever changing landscapeand help them to display their site page, for example best armor in bloodborne, in the first position of Google.

1. We must be No. 1 on the first page of Google. 

Firstly, doubt any SEO company that guarantees to get you the number one slot. There are no guarantees of this! Google themselves won’t even guarantee it. A more realistic aim is a position on the first page of Google, as high as possible within the top three results. These positions continue to gain the higher percentage of clicks. This doesn’t mean that if you are on other pages you won’t get any traffic either, it has been shown that those on the top of subsequent pages still get clicks, or if they include rich snippets such as author profile (those ones with a photograph). Of course if the company you choose is reputable they will inevitably get you top positions for your important keywords in a focused and ethical way, as a result of hard work and determination. There are no quick fixes!

2. Build as many links as possible. 

The SEO landscape has changed, Google released it’s Panda algorithm update which reduced rankings for low quality sites and those which copy content. This means that whist the number of links are still important for your website’s authority, you should focus on quality, not quantity. You need links on relevant websites which lead back to the great content you have provided such as blog posts, lead generation offers and guest posts. If you focus on good quality content, the links will come naturally.

3. Keyword density is important. 

Not so much anymore. Another algorithm update, known as Penguin, meant that it would also reduce the rank of websites that were seen to be ‘keyword stuffing’ or providing irrelevant links to outgoing content on your page. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use keywords within your website content, but include them within the natural flow of the text. Your keywords don’t need to be exact match either, as Google will intelligently pick them up when presenting relevant search results to the user. So write a natural headline for your article, not one that’s awkwardly formed around a keyphrase. Finally, contrary to some opinion, there is no ideal keyword density for your page. Just ensure they are included in your page title, headlines and at least once throughout the content.

4. Geographic keyphrases must be used for local SEO. 

Ok, still fairly important and it won’t harm your site if you do, but remember Google and other search engines are capable of knowing where you are located (especially on a mobile device). They provide results these days specific to the users location. You should also make sure things like title tags, reviews and social media (especially Google+ Local) clearly state where you are located.
5. SEO and Social Media are separate.

Not at all! The relationship between the SEO and Social Media are becoming increasingly combined and known as ‘social search’. If you provide great content the theory as above is that it will naturally be shared, and any social content that is connected to you will be prioritised in social search. This means anyone you are linked with on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. If they are social media influencers, even better. Some social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram even aid your quality link building efforts and are shown to increase traffic considerably. Google now includes social within it’s analytics program where you can see how many visitors have come to your website as a result of social search. If you have conversion tracking enabled you can even see how many of these social visitors have contributed to a sale. So make sure you include some social media marketing in your digital strategy and you can’t go wrong!

I hope this helps you as a small business owner to banish some of the myths surrounding SEO, and to gauge whether a current or potential agency is working to best practice for you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how to improve your strategy then let me know below!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

FRED: Unconfirmed Change in How Google Ranks Web Pages Is Freaking Some People Out

Google is the most widely used search engine on global level which is utilized by the users to search for almost anything. A better rank in the Google results search page means millions on visitors on the website. In simple words higher the rank the better chances are for businesses to put forward their products and services and at the same time generate more money. Page ranks on the search engine is a thing of great concern for the business as it the only way of getting found online in the most humble fashion.

Why SEO companies matter? 

This is basic reason behind the flourishing of the search engine optimization (SEO) service provider companies. These companies helped business in gaining traffic to their website through fetching better results in the search engines and most importantly on the Google using the White Hat techniques. The experts working at such firms are entrusted with the task of enhancing the online visibility as well as search engine visibility of the businesses which helps in gaining website traffic, attracting leads and increasing the brand awareness which ultimately results in growing the business revenue. Even a slightest change in the Google website ranking algorithm could wreak havoc in the online ranking of the business on global scale.

The update is called FRED

It is being speculated that Google has quietly launched the FRED update which basically focuses on the link quality. Most of the SEO experts relying on the link building practice which help in linking websites to other channels and in return guaranteed a huge surge of traffic to the website. With the FRED update Google is not looking at the number links built by the website but it is also accessing the quality of the links in order to give rank to the website in question. FRED isn’t a major update but it can seriously undermine or enhance the rank of the website of the search in a single go.

Rapid increase and decrease in the ranking is worrisome

Google has formally announced any changes in the website ranking algorithm though SEO communities suspect it has already begun and Google will make everyone aware in upcoming days. A number of SEO experts have stated that they are getting significant volatility and fluctuation in their automated tracking tools which essentially signify that an update has been made in the Google website ranking algorithm. Secondly not just the SEO experts even the webmasters are worried with rapid decline and increase in the website which clear indication that a Google update FRED has been made to the search engine without notice.

Those businesses that rely on the website for lead generation and branding will get to see change in their results within a short while of the change in the website ranking. It is better to talk with SEO consultant and get to the root of the cause which will help in making the necessary in the website to ensure you don’t keep on losing the customers and business with the dramatic change in the website rank.

Friday, 6 November 2015

How a Professionally Designed Website Can Help Your Internet Marketing


If you are like most business owners today, you understand the importance of Internet marketing. At the very least, Internet marketing has become an essential element of your company's overall marketing strategy, but for some businesses, it may encompass most, if not all, of a business's marketing efforts. However, Internet marketing begins with your website, and to maximize your chances of success, you need to have a professional website design firm build your site for you. The following are five areas a professionally designed website will help your Internet marketing efforts.

Optimization of your site for search engines

SEO Experts talk about the importance of search engine optimization, but the truth is that to achieve the best results, it begins with the right website. Your business site must be designed in a way that it integrates with search engine crawlers that index websites. When the website is designed properly, it is only a matter of adding quality content periodically to achieve good results in search engine rankings.

Social media – a gateway to your website

It has become increasingly popular for today's Internet user to go straight to social media sites for everything. Because of this, it is important to have a presence on one or more of these sites. Which site is best for you is a part of an Internet marketing strategy. What is equally important is to have a website that is integrated with social media sites in such a way that prospective customers will be drawn from the social media site to your website.

Maximize user friendliness 

Without a user friendly website, all the effort made to attract prospective customers will be for nothing. A person that arrives at your site will leave quickly if they cannot navigate easily or discover a site that displays poorly. This latter point is very important because so many people are now surfing the Internet with smartphones. These mobile devices have screens that are typically four inches, and your website must be optimized for this display. If not, you will lose customers before you had a chance to sell them on your products.

Capturing emails with your website

It is important for a business to have the ability to build an email list of prospective customers, and a website designer can integrate a program to accomplish this. Those visiting your website, but not ready to buy, can submit their name and email to get further information from you at a later time. Often this takes the form of a newsletter, but the goal is to have a list of good leads for future sales. This feature for a website is an invaluable component of a company's marketing strategy.

Integrating your website with marketing tools

Their are many different options available for a website, and a professional website design firm can explain them to you and offer advice of which ones may be most beneficial to your company. For example, a forum may be a good addition to your site. This is a place where your customers can get together online and post questions and talk to each other. For some businesses, this can be both a great way to provide customer service while attracting new customers who find the site through search engines that pick up relevant topics.
Regardless of your line of business, you will benefit from having a website custom designed for your company. One that is built from the ground up to produce the best results for Internet marketing.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Local SEO Services

A local seo services  which makes it easy to be contacted and located is handled by thereby helping small business organizations to succeed in the internet world. The service provider in question has gained around thirty years experience catering to over three millions customers and identifying the growing needs of small enterprises to attain a successful growth in business. They provide easy solutions to help them in their steady growth in business. To begin with, they make it a point to understand the business in mind and with the help of their experience, use the information gathered, to build up an arresting web presence. This gives rise to good marketing, gaining recognition in the web world together with the help of their designers and copy writers who are experts in optimizing for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing, etc. If the user already has a website, they place them on various online platforms which enables them to market their business. On request they also undertake to keep the website and social media page fresh, make a change or post a comment etc. Users who would want to grow on their own, can access through their patented website and online builder tools which are designed to help small businesses in creating excellent websites and can be traced in the internet world. Their Gorilla Online Marketing creation was specially designed to swiftly create an online presence with an opportunity for growth. They offer a complete online marketing solution putting any business towards potential customers with their advanced tools enabling breakthrough in marketing strategies. Besides this, they also offer a complete suite of small business web hosting services which will enable them to build and bring about an awareness of their business in the web world and are the one stop solution for all online requirements. When users register a domain name with them, they are provided with 24 hours support as well as the option to add Perfect Privacy enabling the protection of personal information associated with the domain registration and also provides security with SSL certificate which helps in building customer’s confidence and trust.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


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Saturday, 17 March 2012


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