Friday 28 February 2014

Stiftung Warentest classifies WhatsApp as very critical

Stiftung Warentest has tested the data protection of WhatsApp and the other four alternatives of messenger service. The Swiss App Threema is the only one of the four messengers stood and fulfilled the requirements of the tester and stood alone. The independent consumer organization Stiftung Warentest has tested the Instant Messenger WhatsApp and four other alternative instant messengers.

The results give some unexpected results. Only the app Threema evaluate by the tester as non-critical where as WhatsApp itself is classified as very critical one in data protection, as well as the BlackBerry Messenger and Line also categorize as very critical and the same for the Telegram. According to Stiftung Warentest; they have checked the messenger in the Android and iOS versions of the Messenger, and they checked whether the apps encrypt user data and what information they transmit to whom.

“The assessment therefore refers exclusively to the Privacy Policy, writes the consumer organization. In other words, the usability of the Messenger has played no part in the tests. In addition to pure data transmission, the tester interested in the conditions of the actual app, transparency or openness source with respect to the transmission protocol and the availability and cost of apps. When the top rated app Threema welcome the tester that the Android version completely renounce the transmission of user data. In addition, the apps for iOS and Android saved the address book entries only under a pseudonym.

However one complaint is there are that Threema is not open source software. Therefore, a complete analysis according to Stiftung Warentest has not been possible. However, the same applies for all other tested apps. Even in the partly open source Telegram was not possible a full review of the transfer. The fact that data regarding the telegram sent unencrypted, but was ruled out, writes the consumer organization. The Messenger WhatsApp was described by the critics as very critical, unsurprisingly. The app was noticed in recent months repeatedly by security flaws.

According to Stiftung Warentest the Android version itself sends unencrypted data that the user enters including interview content might be. The tester feared that by many of the user data of WhatsApp transfer to the servers of Facebook. From the terms of the app, it is apparent that "the users data can be passed on to the new owner, i.e. Facebook.

 Facebook had announced the purchase of WhatsApp last Thursday. The other two Messenger, Line, and BlackBerry Messenger, were mentioned as critical by the consumer organization with respect to the data protection. The Android app of line sends the serial number IMEI of the device unencrypted to third parties further criticized by the tester. Blackberry on the other hand could create accurate personality profiles even with the data of its users.

Portal Consulting: The Next Solution in IT Management

Many businesses today rely on a diverse range of web applications and collaborative software to run their day to day operations. But with so many points of interconnection between software programs, finding ways to access all those tools can be challenging—even for the most proficient of IT departments. This is why having an effective enterprise portal is key to running a successful business in today’s growing market.
Using just a single website -- which can remain public or private -- your staff can access tools, software programs and applications, as well as other IT functions through one customizable portal that you control. Best of all, you decide who gains access to the portal and the degree to which that user – or different sets of users – can gain access to information and software tools (i.e., Will each user have complete access, partial access, or a combination of the two based on the changing needs of their position?). Members of the Human Resources department, for instance, may have limited access to certain tools and information within the portal, while members of the Legal department may have unlimited access to all of the tools and functions within the portal. Regardless of how you categorize and manage information, you can rest assured that the right information will be disseminated to the right people and in the right way.
The most common uses of an enterprise portal include, but are not limited to:
  • Share documents among disparate parts of an organization, including those groups operating from a different geography
  • Develop a controlled and customizable method for sustainable collaboration among staff, clients and customers, where applicable.
Businesses wanting to set up one or more web portals should contact a leading portal consulting firm. A good portal consulting firm will be able to explain the different technologies that can be used to create an enterprise portal and train members of your staff on how to use that portal once the chosen technology is set up and in place. Most portal consulting firms provide technology support, which can be important during the initial implementation stage of the process, particularly as you discover new and more effective ways to expand your website.
Maintaining Your Privacy
Security certificates protect the private sections of your portal, which means you can disseminate key operational data to staff without fear of a confidentiality breach.  Once the right security certificates are in place, you can add, edit, publish and transmit information and tools as needed. Or, as needs change, you can manage which sections are kept private and which ones are made public.  Either way, portal consulting offers a doorway to immediate and customizable information and tools that coule revolutionze the way you do business.
Portal consulting with TekStream provides a long term, cost effective, and innovative way to disseminate public and private information to audiences using various tools.  With just one web portal, your business can single-handedly encourage collaboration and growth, while simultaneously meeting organizational demands. With portal consulting, you never have to compromise on speed or efficiency when deploying web applications again!

Thursday 27 February 2014

Management of Social Media Accounts

A business that is extremely active must use every weapon it has to increase sales and bring in customers. However, that same company cannot possibly use all of its time and energy on the many irons that it has in the fire. There are some things that can be outsourced to great effect for the health of the business. Social media accounts can be managed for a business by an outside party to ensure that the company is putting its best face forward without hiring a full-time staffer to be on Twitter all day.

The concept of managing a social network is no different than outsourcing the handling of email and customer response. While many companies want to have a Twitter account that is active and makes them look good, having a social media professional handle the job works much better. Having an account on social media reaches a certain audience, and it is best that a professional is handling the account so that they can reach that audience on any occasion.

Also, the interactions with customers must be as immediate as possible. It is not wise to have someone in the office look after the Twitter account when they have other things to do. A professional who works in the social media marketing field can stay on top of the account easily while being able to meet the needs of the followers of the company's Twitter feed much better.

Twitter management is about much more than posting tweets every now and then. It is about making sure that a company is branding itself in a certain light through the use of their social media accounts. Don't waste this huge opportunity when it can be handled by a social media professional who understands how to write on and for Twitter to ensure the maximum impact for the company. With the right kind of help, every business with a Twitter account can make gains on the network.

People see what is happening on Twitter and immediately go to a company's website to see what they are all about, and this can be done for the business by an industry professional.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Jolla Releases Sailfish OS 1.0, Major Update Coming Soon!

Sailfish OS
Jolla announced that Sailfish OS version 1.0 is stable and deployment on Smartphones begin in early March. In addition, it will broadcast an application for Android to try the user interface, while it also announced that many other were made for Smartphones and tablets.

 Sailfish OS reminds MeeGo. This system was jointly developed by Intel and Nokia until that company decides to focus only on Windows Phone. Therefore, some executives who participated in MeeGo decided in 2011 to create their own company, known under the name of La Jolla.

Since the first Sailfish equipped Smartphone OS was released last November and is sold for 399 Euros. It was previously in beta version. Jolla has therefore announced that its system which was now finalized and that happened in version 1.0.

The brand gives few details on what has changed, but promises performance enhancements, new features, cosmetic additions at the appearance of the user interface, improved support for the landscape format, etc. It adds that the first final version will be available via an update from the beginning of March. The company takes this 1.0 version of the system to indicate two things.

The first is an application for Android will be available very quickly so that potential users can see what looks like Sailfish OS. Here it is a question of being able to try the different features offered by the user interface and functionality of advanced gestures.

Specifically, it should be better to issue a launcher. So far no date is specified on arrival but will be available through the Play Store or directly from the site Jolla. And for those wishing to take the sweep without changing Smartphone, the company indicates that Sailfish OS have already been made for multiple devices including Samsung Galaxy, Nexus Google or Sony Xperia.

In addition, drafts for popular Smartphones in Xiaomi are planned within the community. But for the moment outside the models have shown on this wiki where you can see the progress of adaptation. Sailfish OS offers its own applications and it also supports those developed for Android. Anyway Jolla used this announcement to indicate that publishers are beginning to join.

And names mentioned by the company, are Rovio, the father of Angry Birds. F -Secure, known for its antivirus solutions, meanwhile Younita propose online storage solution users of Jolla. For now, the company gives no details on the available storage capacity or level of service.

Microsoft Signs Agreement With Hop-On

Microsoft has signed its twenty-second license agreement for the use of patents related to Android and Chrome OS with “Hop-on” the original equipment and design manufacturer of American electronics. As usual, the amount of royalties paid and other terms remains confidential.

After Voxx Electronics last week, Microsoft announced a new licensing agreement relating to the exploitation of its portfolio of patents related to Android and Chrome OS two days before. The new licensee is Hop-on; they are one of the manufactures of Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, set- top boxes and televisions.

Financial terms of the agreement were, as usual, not disclosed, but Microsoft states that they will receive royalties. “The license is an effective way to share technology and rely on each other's work to provide valuable products for consumers," said Horacio Gutierrez, Assistant Vice- President and General Counsel in charge of innovation and intellectual property at Microsoft. This agreement is the twenty- second of its kind for this Redmond Company.

Microsoft Updates Windows Phone App Studio Beta With More Features

Windows Phone App Studio
Microsoft has launched a beta version of its Windows Phone App Studio few months ago which is a web environment to develop mobile applications. In an update occurred yesterday, it now adds several features, including the ability to create applications for Windows 8. Windows Phone App Studio is a project of web interface to create the simplest possible applications for Windows Phone 8.

Since the beta was rolled out, Microsoft says that 350,000 developers have addressed this "light" environment for a total of 300,000 projects and created 20,000 published applications on the Windows Phone Store alone. A new beta version appeared yesterday and the number of inputs is particularly more significant. First there is a major change in the user interface.

The company stated that it had identified the most commonly used features and have thus arranged in a more logical way to guide the user choice. Let us recall that this App Studio is not necessarily designed as a complete development solution, but rather as a tool that will be destined for beginners or in a team to quickly generate a model. The new interface is more tailored to the touch models.

Microsoft wants to effect most of the features can be used directly in a web browser on a tablet. The goal of App Studio is not directly touching the code but to implement the key elements for the code to be generated more precisely. In addition, the tactile aspect also makes it easier to test the interfaces created for applications. The emulator has also been improved and supports a larger number of live changes. For example, any change in a text will be immediately reflected in the emulator. Many other additions are there in this new beta.

The environment can for example convert JPG images in to PNG format and the emulator supports screen rotation. The Integration sections and data sources are also simpler and user friendly than before. Regarding the code, sources are now following the MVVM architecture (Model-View -View- Model) and the display is presented as more readable. The release note also mentioned that the performance has been improved in this area.

 Last but not the least, a whole series of innovations for the creation and management of projects is added in this beta. On the one hand, models have been added for a company to quickly view the information concerning it in a product. Secondly, and most importantly, Windows Phone App Studio now allows you to generate a complete project for Visual Studio. If the developer chooses the second option, so it will generate Visual Studio project file containing both the version for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 for that.

This new feature is particularly interesting because it provides additional information on the progress. Soon, there is a good chance that the beta App Studio is still evolving and this time offers more than one single code base for, probably with some modifications to the specifics of each platform. We also add the Microsoft BUILD conference, to be held from 2 to 4 April, is expected to be the scene of many ads in this direction.

One of our sources has also told us that the SDK (Software Development Kit) Xbox One would be distributed to developers at this time. It is quite possible that Microsoft may announce the first single trunk creating applications for Smartphones, tablets, PCs and its console. Meanwhile, those who want to test the beta of Windows Phone App Studio can be launched it and enjoy!

Saturday 22 February 2014

How to Send or Enable Auto Reply in Gmail

We will not be sure that all the time you will avail internet connection and still you are required to inform someone who is very important that you are not able to reply, in such situation you can set your email to be auto replied to your contacts while they are trying to contact you via email.

The time limits can be set as per your wish. Once the person wants to contact you again and again, the reminder will inform the corresponding person that still you are away. Just follow the steps which are stated in this article, surely it will help you to assign a auto replying facility of your email.

Steps for making auto reply

First, log in to the Gmail account. In the Gmail page, you will be seeing a gear like icon right top of the screen. Click that one and it will show you a drop down menu. In that menu you be seeing the setting option. Hit on settings.

It will show you the settings page. In “General” tab you will see the Vacation responder section while you are scrolling down the page. While you are checking that you will find the subject and message option in the “vacation responder”

Just fill the subject and the message based on your engagements in the vacations you will be also allowed to set the date and the time in which you will not be available. In this date setting you can set the date of you first and last day of your vacation.

Here you are choosing to whom you want to auto reply with the vacation response. If you are not required to send the auto reply mail for whomever mailing you. You should check the option which occurs below the message box. Then it will be sending the auto reply for the persons who are present in your contact list. Additionally if you are using the Google App, you may avail another option which helps to restrict the auto reply to the people who are using your domain.

1. Incase if you are using your signature in your mail, then automatically your signature will also sent along the vacation response. Once everything is completed save the changes you made.

2. If you need to make any changes in the vocation auto reply message, just get in to the Vacation settings.

 Note: whatever the messages that are in spam or sent to you using a list will not get your auto reply.

Once you are enabling the vacation responder, in the top of the Gmail you will find a banner. That banner will display you the subject of your vacation response message. Once your vacation got over and you want to quit this auto replying service, you can do it by clicking the “End now” that present in the banner.

How to pick the best binary options trading platform

When you are trying to pick the best binary options trading platform, you need to keep in mind a number of factors. Considering that binary options trading is designed to be an efficient and simple type of asset trading, you should expect that the trading platform you choose to be a reliable site that make trading a worthy experience. The best binary options platforms have distinctive features based on business reliability, depositing methods, investment diversity, profitability rate, user friendly interface and many types of options and cash outs.

Business reliability 

It is very important that your binary options trading broker maintains a very solid economic position. Binary options trading can be quite a risky business and you need a broker who understands this and knows exactly what they are doing in this industry. A well established broker like one two trade is highly reliable as they have the necessary experience in the industry to ensure that you succeed in your trading endeavor. With so many binary options platforms nowadays, it goes without saying that you might end up being confused when trying to pick the best. In short, don’t comprise the reliability of your broker by picking less significant providers without a good understanding of the in and out of the industry.

Investment diversity

The worst thing you can do in binary options is to put ‘all your eggs in one basket’. This form of trading comes with its share of risks and investment diversity is a matter of concern when picking the best binary options trading platform. Trading more shares gives you much higher chances and more options of earning more money. Don’t pick a platform that limits you on the volume of options you can trade as trading more options is the only way to maximize your earnings.

Banking methods and cash outs

The more the number of banking methods is being offered by a platform, the better it is for the investor. The best binary options trading platforms provide traders with a wide range of cash out and payment options to make the trading as convenient as possible. Such companies are much more accessible as you can make deposits into your trading account from a wide range of sources depending on where you get your money from or where they are lying. When it comes to cash outs, it is of paramount importance that the broker sends payouts fast and traders shouldn’t be made to wait unnecessarily for their money to be processed. All other factors considered, it is recommended that you pick a broker who guarantees to process payments within a period of 2 days or even 1 day if possible.

Profitability rate and types of options 

The main reason why traders engage in binary options trading is for profitability purposes. As such, it goes without saying that the profitability rate of any trading platform is worthy consideration as this is the only way you can be guaranteed of high returns on your investment. In short, make a point of choosing a platform that features high payouts as this is the only way that you can make the most out of your trades. You just need to research online and compare different platforms to determine their profitability rate and then choose the best. The type of options that a platform offers is also very important to consider. Premium binary options trading platforms provide traders with different types of options and are thus able to select their cost preferred ones. Digital traders will always appreciate a broker that offers more options.

Other important considerations 

Picking a binary options trading platform that provides traders with a wide range of assets is very important. A trader can always stay up to date with market fluctuations and trending movements in order to make the best decisions. You should also beware of platforms that have excess charges. The last think that you need as binary options trader is being made to pay additional charges for things such as depositing money. As competition continues to set in, it is quite common nowadays to find sites that do not charge any fees on such items and those are the best platforms to trade with.

Customer support of a binary options trading platform might not mean much at first until you find yourself with some questions, concerns or complaints that need to be addressed. If you read One Two Trade review, you will realize that this platform offers the best customer service in this industry. Whether you are an old hat or just a beginner at binary options trading, this platform is always eager to provide you with any kind of help you need to make your trading experience a breeze. And finally, the best binary options trading platform has very good security measures to protect you against online theft.

Friday 21 February 2014

Google’s Project Tango

Google’s Project Tango
Google recently formalized a new project, Tango, based on a Smartphone equipped with many sensors, with the goal to bring her understanding of space and movement. Google Tango is nothing but a Smartphone which can understand its environment. The Mountain View Company wants to put the prototype model in the hands of developers next month for applications or games can take advantage of.

The objective of this project is to enable applications or games to take advantage of the environment located around the person. In the examples given by Google, so it is about power to help guide a visually impaired in an unfamiliar environment. Games could also use user environment like a map. The ATAP team (Advanced Technology and Projects) Google has unveiled the Tango project, a prototype Smartphone that can "see" world around him in 3D views.

Prototypes will arrive in the hands of developers in March to “invent new experiences." On the outside, the device is a basic Smartphone of 5 inches. This prototype Android Smartphone can learn and map the environment around the user. Directed by ATAP team, this mobile includes various measurement sensors to track movements in 3D. It is advertised as capable of carrying 250,000 measurements per second, updating its position in space and orientation in real time. The amount of data is “1 Myriad “processed by specialized image processing processors.

Two processors for a vision depth sensor and two cameras assigned for motion tracking, equip this prototype Smartphone out of Google labs. Specifically, Google has taken advantage of the onboard camera, a beast 4MP sensor, and it has added a sensor motion tracking and a depth sensor. But the heart of the beast lies in its two processors dedicated to the "vision” that calculate real-time rendering of the 3D environment. This 5-inch Smartphone that comes with Android and includes APIs necessary to raise issues to written in Java or C / C + + applications.

In addition, the Unity engine is also part so that game developers have a known environment. Of course, the programming interfaces provided are still being developed and are far from being finalized. For now, the team in charge of the project indicates that 200 prototypes have already been produced. It also wants developers to take hold of it and begin to develop individual applications or games, or even algorithms that leverage. The first shipments are scheduled for 14 March.

How to Download Torrent on iOS

Bittorrent technology avails you to download torrent on Chromebook and that isn’t illegal. Like other downloading technology this to opt for both legal and illegal content. People think this as an illegal content owing to its popularity and missing out this technology. There are millions of legal content available at torrent site, they provide the illegal content on the desire of customer and make money through releasing movies. Almost only few got a note about the authority of bittorrent.

While considering this view with apple, Apple refuses to allow any torrent clients on the App Store. But it is possible for iOS user to download bittorrent using Safari browser. What is the logic behind this? iOS allows you to download illegal content from torrent. There are many methods which by using a service that essentially download the torrent and gives as a direct download link in its place.

Many services for iOS available but it chooses zbigz. This operates by copying a link from torrent then upload to the, and paste the link to that site clack on go and wait till the files are uploaded. On the go after uploading, it will start downloading using the service bittorrent on zbigz on any format as you desire. Apple iOS using Safari is possible and you can do it, but in some cases you will not be. Whenever Safari browser emerges with an download link it will simply open up something in browser that have an download size of 2MB PDF file instead of opening of up size of 700MB Ubuntu.iso which serves for no purpose.

Instead of doing up with these you can download an downloading app from store available at tons in iOS. Apps like Goodreader has build-in download function available in them. Filer is other app that servers as a browser to zbigz and using them paste the torrent link and while uploading wait for a while. Then you can start downloading using the Download Manager from Filer. Once the file can be completed you are allowed to access it from Filer’s file manager, also it avails an option of sending it to other application using Open in options available.

Zbigz avails you for free which allows you to download both large files, but few restriction do present. Hence it is also advice able to move on premium offered at $10 per month and on year whole t avails at $85, you may think that may cost a little bit when you go on to grab files for quick ones. On miss out bittorrent only in your system then its worth to go on. Also some other service are available that you can try out is PUT.iO. Hence these are the ways for your iOS to download from bittorrent.

Thursday 20 February 2014

What Is Invoice Scanning and Automated Invoice Processing?

Quite simply, invoice scanning and automation reduces the manual tasks that an organisation needs to take after receiving an invoice, to ensure that payment is made correctly. However, there is more to it than just that simple description.

How Does It Work?

Modern business practices are highly automated. Gone are the days when paper invoices would arrive in the post to be dealt with by an accounts clerk, who would need to identify what the invoice referred to before passing it on to the relevant person for authorisation, who would then pass it to the finance department for payment, who would then need to record the payment on the relevant purchase records before passing the invoice and payment details for archiving.
This was time consuming, costly and had many opportunities for human error to create problems. In the current working environment invoices can arrive by any number of means, such as email, fax or post. Simply scanning the invoice and utilising invoice capture and processing software allows:-
  • The invoice to be digitised and filed for future reference
  • Key data fields such as supplier name, invoice number, date or net amount to be extracted and uploaded to financial systems
  • The invoice information to be verified against business information e.g. supplier database, purchase order records
  • Automatic matching against the corresponding purchase order. Allowing incorrect invoices to be flagged for attention and manual intervention, for example if there is no purchase order or the invoice amount is incorrect.
  • Invoices to be automatically sent to the relevant person for authorisation, following which it is electronically submitted for payment.
  • Throughout this process the risk of human error is virtually eliminated, whilst at the same time the speed and efficiency of the operation is improved.
All of this can be achieved because of advances in invoice processing software that recognises text characters in scanned documents. Optical Character Recognition software has been around for some time, and enables digital documents to be searched easily. Invoice automation and processing software uses technology to extract, identify, verify and match specific information, such as reference numbers and the amounts of payments required. This information does not need to be submitted in a preset format, as the software will learn to recognise a variety of invoice formats and information. Once it has identified the necessary information the software is able to start the invoice on its road to payment.
Invoice scanning and processing really does save businesses valuable time and money. Whilst there are undoubtedly initial purchase and set up costs for such a system, all analysts agree that the efficiency savings produced repay the initial costs in a fairly short time, and lead to greater cost benefits in the longer run. Some outsourced scanning bureaus offer invoice processing services as an add on service, enabling businesses to benefit from automated invoice processing with no initial investment.

The Larger Picture

In the modern working environment most organisations use some form of Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP). ERP is a package of functions that brings together all of the financial, managerial and human resources information that an organisation will need in order to maintain control of its operations. In a manufacturing company, for example, the ERP will monitor and report on production costs, sales, payroll etcetera, whereas in a charity it will be more important to monitor receipts from fundraising against operating costs and charitable activities. The ERP can be set up to report whatever is important to an individual organisation. Invoice processing and scanning is an integral part of ERP because as soon as the invoice is received and scanned it is automatically included in the financial management information, and as the invoice passes through the stages of its payment process it is transferred from one record to another, allowing the overall financial picture to be accurate at all times. This may not seem greatly important for one individual invoice, but many organisations regularly receive hundreds or even thousands of invoices every week, which can take anything from a couple of hours to a few weeks to process. Having an invoice scanning and automated processing system in place, linked into the organisation’s ERP, ensures that at any given time the management information available is totally accurate, and decisions can be taken with full knowledge of the current operating conditions for that organisation. The invoice scanning and ERP software package mean that this situation will have been achieved without a large commitment of staff time and expense.

Document Storage and Retrieval

Once an invoice has been processed and paid, that is not the end of the story. Every organisation needs to maintain an archive of invoices along with all other financial and management documents. These need to be available for inspection during audits, or when submitting tax returns. Invoice scanning and processing includes the electronic archiving and storage of all the documents produced during the receiving and payment process, including the original invoice, payment authorisation, and record of payment, allowing for instant retrieval should they be required.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Google Play Service 4.2 Provides A New Client Api

Google Play
Google has just announced the release of the latest version of Google Play Service that will provide developers always more tools and possibilities. Although this version is as always intended primarily for developers, some new features could be useful to other users too.

With regard to this version, the most interesting part is the introduction of an API for ChromeCast. Developers had also been ordered to keep their mouths shut when the first publication of this API. Though it had happen a week ago but now only this information is confirmed officially, we are likely to see the emergence of many applications that support the exchange of information continuously.

Also in this version, the API Google Drive has just been launched. This API allowed developers to provide more comprehensive support in particular with regard to the Cloud Google and storing information beyond simple file sharing from last month. It is now possible for applications to temporarily save a file with your username to synchronize with Google Drive and you can later use it for example.

It has new feature that allows Google Drive to compete a bit with similar applications like Dropbox. In this version 4.2 Google Play Service, the client API has also been updated. This new version of the client API will allow developers to connect to all Google services with the same API instead of having a connection service.

User side, nothing has changed with their point of view. To allow time for all developers to update their API, the old version will continue to work and it will become obsolete in a few weeks or months. Finally, for users, nothing is easier than getting the updated Google Play Services 4.2 which will do automatically.

Intel launches 15-core Xeon E7 v2 with three ring buses

15-core Xeon E7 v2
As a series of E7 -4000 Intel offers its new server processors. However, the Xeons are based on the Ivy Bridge architecture and were upgraded primarily by new bus systems and AVX. They are previously codenamed Ivy Bridge -EX processors, Intel now on the series E7 -4000. The entire platform was previously codenamed Ivytown. Commonly is also the name E7 - v2, because these processors are the successor of the 2011 series introduced E7.

As this is also E7 - v2 designed for servers with up to eight sockets in which as many full x86 cores are working in parallel. Even if the model number 4000 suggests a proximity to the Core i 4000 Haswell, the Xeons are always based on the previous desktop architecture. In the case of E7 - v2 is the Ivy Bridge, Intel's first design with 22 nm feature size. By now probably good routine production process had started, the power consumption could remain largely the same and the fastest models are coming with up to 155 watts TDP.

The E- 8880 v2 is also of 15- Kernel, which only needs 130 watts. While Haswell processors are manufactured with various these, Intel has chosen for the Xeon E7 - v2 for only one reason. That is, It can offer three blocks for the L3 cache, each of which is connected to three units with up to five cores. Therefore, there is a flexible option for the number of nuclei is possible. In a study submitted to the Conference ISSCC Intel speaks of "chop options" presentation in their presentation. So they gave the reason for the right block with five cores and L3 cache should not actually be present in up to ten cores. So Intel just needs the manufacture for all new Xeons and can configure the functional cores so that the desired number of cores needed.

Since there is not a shared L3 cache for all cores as with previous Intel designs, the cores cannot communicate over a single ring bus. Which allow a direct connection of the three 5 -core blocks. Because of the location in the middle of this L3 cache can communicate with the left directly with adjacent data. The three ring buses are two Home Agents controlled with two memory controllers while since Sandy Bridge was always only one such controller for bus and memory interface at the desktop and mobile CPUs. Overall, the cache can be large with a fully equipped E7 v2 up to 37.5 Mbytes; an entire new Xeon consists of up to 4.3 billion transistors.

Production costs are also reflected in their price. In the cores themselves, there are the Ivy Bridge design extensions to the instruction sets. Thus, the E7 - v2 now dominated by AVX vector processing, as a new interface, there are PCI Express 3.0 with 32 lanes per socket. That does not sound much, but is also extended by the revised QPI bus, which connects the base. The new QPI 1.1 depending on the model with up to eight GT / s at work.

 In addition, there are now eight per socket instead of four memory channels. The two of them can also be connected together, which effectively corresponds to DDR3 - 2666. As individual channels memory is possible by DDR3 -1600. Both modes are supported by the storage drivers, codenamed Jordan Creek, which have not changed over the older Xeons. Using these blocks can be addressed up to 12 DIMMs per channel, giving a maximum of 48 terabytes of RAM for an eight- socket system with the still rare 64 -gigabyte Registered DIMMs.

The processor can be operated in lockstep mode with enhanced error correction but the faster performance mode with channel bundling is more than in half the RAM. It comes in the configuration of a system with the new Xeons so on the application range in some applications benefit from a lot of memory, other scale better with more cores or cache. Therefore, there is a need for the E7 - v2 in so many varieties, 20 models to choose from.

Because so different application profiles and processors, Intel also specifies different values for the benefit of computing power compared to the previous generation. At least twice as fast -with only 50 % more cores used in the server when as databases or Web applications are running. In highly optimized code with AVX for supercomputers gives a better result of three and a half times up to speed.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Google Is Working On 10-Gigabit Internet Connection

Google Fiber could be available within three years with 10 Gigabit per second, Google's chief financial officer Patrick Pichette has announced. Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette said that the Internet giant is going to achieve data transmission at the rate of 10 GB per second.

The report Wired at USA Yesterday, citing a speech by Pichette at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference this week. “After 1 GB / s we are working to get 10 Gb / s”, have the manager told, who was worked at Bell Canada from 2001 to 2008. Google is not only a search engine giant but also a Internet service providers and with Google Fiber provides a fiber optic connection to a 1 Gb / s in both the up- and downstream and no volume limit for 70 U.S. dollars per month.

For $ 120 per month for two years contract period, there is also a package with numerous TV channels in HD, including a set- top box, Google Tablet Nexus 7 and a NAS. The third form is a collective Internet access with 5 Mbit / s downstream and 1 Mbit / s upstream for a sum of 300 U.S. dollars without volume limitation and with the guarantee that the service is at least seven years disposal. To avoid expensive civil engineering works as possible, it was agreed in Kansas City to hang the cable to any existing above-ground tower of the city.

Instead of the glass fiber to move anywhere, only such Fiber Hoods were used. In telephony Google Fiber had waived because of the high burden and costs. For the television signal his own technique was developed and utilized. The set-top boxes and routers are self-made by Google himself. A company spokesman told Wired that it was part of the corporate culture of Google, to improve the products and to question the limits of innovation.

“But there are no plans to offer 10 Gbit / s in the near future.” Huawei and Vodafone want to reach a transmission rate of 2 Tbit / s over fiber in January 2014 in a field trial over a distance of 3325 km. The field trial was carried out in several cities in central and southern Germany in the backbone network of the British telecommunications group.

They used a rating based on Super Channel PDM - 16QAM signals platform that takes advantage of the spectral band better. Alcatel- Lucent and BT had done similar field tests with a data transfer rate of 1.4 terabits per second performed in the January 2014.

Robots Termites, Who Work By Coordinating

Robot Termites -1

Robot Termite -2

Robot Termite -3
Inspired by the example of termites, researchers have programmed robots to construct buildings without any central instructions. These robots are of complex shapes without central instructions. According to Eliza Grinnell of Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; these robots are of complex shapes work without central instructions.

Justin Werfel the first author of the studies says that all their research was inspired by termites, Werfel is one of a researcher at the Wyss Institute for engineering inspired by biology at Cambridge. He added that they discovered the amazing constructions that those small insects could do from that they have created programs and robots that could act very similar way that of the termites. The termites are working on local information rather than a central organization.

Termites can build structures of several meters without requiring a coordinated strategy. Instead, they use simple instructions provided by their peers and the environment to know where to put the next piece of the mound and finally build a mound adapted to their environment. This use of local information is called stigmergy. Justin Werfel and his colleagues have used it to design algorithms that reflect the behavior of termites, which they then applied to a group of robots building.

Each robot follows only a few simple rules: instructions are the same for any structure built by robots and traffic laws that apply to the specific structure. Equipped with sensors, robots are moving along a grid, lifting and depositing bricks. If they perceive a brick on their way, they carry it to the next free space. “The traffic can only go in one direction between two adjacent sites, which maintain a flow of robots and material movement in the structure," says Justin Werfel. If they did things without order, they would find themselves easily trapped in their building.

Researchers have therefore implemented security controls that allow robots to consider where there are already bricks and where there should be. To determine the rules, researchers start of the final structure. Its analysis to determine the number of rules that robots must follow. Once they are set, robots with the independent control have several advantages. “A robot may break but the rest continue “said the authors.” No critical element exists which can compromise the whole of its failure.".

According to the researchers, it is possible to consider using this type of robots to build structures for human use in a dangerous or difficult situation such as making shelter after an earthquake, underwater or even in another planet. An application in the shorter term could form sandbag dikes for controlling flood concluded by Justin Werfel.

Fake Your Friends With WhatsApp Location

Now You can tell your friends any time at where you are just with the WhatsApp. The GPS module in the mobile phone determines your location automatically for it.

Who wants to fake his WhatsApp location, but can also send a wrong location to your friends on Android. For this corresponding option, you must enable it. To do this, navigate to the settings to the Developer Options and put a check next to menu item “Allow mock locations “.

Then you need an app like Location Spoofer or Fake GPS Location with which you can select an appropriate location. In Whatsapp you will find the option to send your location data under the attachment icon in the chat window on the right top of the screen. If you don’t want to reveal your true location, you can disable the option in the Developer options at any time.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Download Java Applications for Windows

Java Apps for windows
Java games and applications are not able to run directly on the computer because of its .jar format. Actually we need this java file for various purposes. We can run the java file in 2 ways.

v Convert .jar file into .exe file format

v Install the emulator on the PC

When you download emulator from MidpX, you will have both the above mentioned options. i.e. it can able covert the jar midet file format to windows PE format. And it can able to run the java files using emulator.MidpX is a freeware. When it is installed it will automatically get linked with the .jar files. You need to double click on the required application that you want to run. Then it will run in the mode of emulation.

Steps to convert .jar to .exe file format
1. You have to directly start the application, two windows can be displayed.

v cmd window

v mobile emulation window

2. Before closing the emulation window, you have to close the cmd window.

3. Then the file will result in .exe file in the same folder itself. Inorder to run this files no need to use the emulator.

Types of emulator


Microemulator requires java development kit. It is able to run in leading operating systems. In this, you can able to adjust the screen resolutions. In order to run the microemulator, you need to install Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0 in the computer. Else it won’t work. It will run in all leading operating systems.
First download microemulator zip file. And then extract it. Once you extracted the file, run the microemulator. Then follow the procedure.
File -> open midet file (open the .jar file that you want to run)

KE Emulator

KE Emulator can be run in all leading operating system’s platforms. In order to run it, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0 in the computer. Else it won’t work.
You need to download KE Emulator.exe. Then run and install the setup and emulator. Open the java file that you want to convert.

SJ Boy Emulator

KE Emulator can be run in all leading operating system’s platforms. In order to run it, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0 in the computer. Else it won’t work.
First download the Sj Boy Emulator. Then you have to run the setup and then install the emulator. Now you can able to run Sj Boy Emulator. Instead of open the java files from the midet, here you have to drop the java files in the icon.

How To Add Pattern Lock For Windows!

Pattern Lock
After the smart phones are become popular, the pattern lock system had impressed many of the users. The main reason behind this popularity is, it becomes the trend in the today’s locking system. And also it had replaced all the traditional locking systems which used several usernames and passwords. And the next successful step of the pattern locking system is, it is now introducing for the computers on various operating systems. Several softwares are introduced for applying it in the windows systems by using different patterns.

The following are Pattern Locking Software 



Ø Eusing Maze Lock

First we will discuss about the XUS PC Lock.
One of the very good pattern locking software is XUS PC Lock. Once you have downloaded and installed the software in your computer then you will be taken to define your pattern to lock your system.

Then you can choose your pattern as per you wish in the following square formats such as 5x5, 4x4 and 3x3.
Initially your lock will be chosen as “z” pattern in all of the might think that how to make a pattern on screen to unlock in the computer, for this you can use your mouse to make the pattern to unlock your system.. After making the definite pattern locking system. You will be able to backup the pattern lock in your system. Hence you need not worry if you have forgotten your pattern for unlock your computer.

You can access many features of XUS PC locking software by accessing the settings.

Some of the features of the XUS PC lock software are shown here 
Ø Here you will be enable and disable the Auto lockingsystem at the windows starts up.

Ø In this, you can even set the timing for the automatic lock.

Ø The three modes in which you can set the locks are given below

1) Secured unlock mode

2) Normally unlock mode

3) Dynamically unlock mode.

Ø The Dynamic unlock method will protect you from the key loggers.

Ø You can also able to lock keyboard of your personal computer to avoid unwanted issues on your computer..

Ø Here you will be allowed to set a custom locking background and even you can set a transparent background to your computer.

Ø This software will work fine on windows systems preferably in the windows 7 and windows 8.

Ø The important thing you should notice, this software will not make any changes in your default locking system of the windows. 


Now we will have a look on Eusing Maze Lock 


This Eusing Maze lock also consists of all the features of XUS pattern locking software. This tool can download from the internet for free. Hence this tool is also similar to XUS lock it can be used in the windows systems. The additional feature here found over the XUS lock is it works better even in the windows XP.

How To Download WhatsApp In Windows With Blue Stacks

In this article we provide necessary information on, how to install Whatsapp on computers especially in windows 7 and windows 8. It can be done by two ways to install Whatsapp, the first method is by using Blue stacks and the second method is by without using Blue Stacks.

Ø Whatsapp is a messenger which is normally used in mobile, it’s a application which works on various operating systems like android, iOS, etc. Whatsapp works only with the presence of internet connection.

Ø By using this you can chat with anybody over the globe for free of cost.

Ø While using you are not needed to remember your username and password, this will be working like a normal message services which present default in your mobile.

Ø You can also avail group chat in your Whatsapp.

Ø Here you can also send the multimedia messages by using Whatsapp in free of cost.

Ø The Whatsapp is completely free for anyone who using it for one year after one year after one year you need to pay $0.99 for using it further.

Download and install WhatsApp in windows PC with Blue Stacks
It is so easy for you to install the Whatsapp on windows computers.

In order to download and install Whatsapp in your windows PC you should have the Blue Stacks. You can download it from the internet.

Here we have given how to install the Whatsapp on windows computer by using Blue stacks.

Ø The blue stacks isan emulator i.e. android app player. By using it you can you will be allowed to play the android apps in your PC.

Ø Once you finished installing the blue stacks in your computer. Then search for “Whatsapp” in the search box of the emulator if you are not having it you can download it from the app stores.

Ø After downloading the Whatsapp you need to install it in your computer. For using it with the blue stacks.

Install and using WhatsApp by using YouWave
When the Whatsapp is installed using blue stacks in the computer many of you are getting numerous problems in your pc, like computer is being hanged for some time and becoming very slow. In order to avoid this we are introducing another method, which uses YouWave which overcome the problems which are caused to the computer by using blue stacks.

You can download the YouWave from the internet. But the poor thing is it will not be available for free of cost. But it can be downloaded as a trail version for a week. Using the Whatsapp with this you wave is so easy. You can collect this application from any of the app stores which includes Google play store. The awesome feature of the YouWave is you are allowed to export the downloaded app to anywhere you wish.
By using any of the above given methods you can easily install the Whatsapp in your PC and you can enjoy unlimited chatting!

Saturday 15 February 2014

How to Get a No Contract Cell Phone Plan and Keep Your Phone

The popularity of no contract cell phone plans is rising as more people are discovering their numerous benefits. What started out as a decent calling plan for people with poor credit has become a cell phone service that offers many of the same advantages as contract plans without the high level of commitment. Many carriers offer these plans, from familiar nationwide companies to smaller companies that specifically target those who want simple plans. Knowing how to get a no contract cell phone plan while keeping one’s own phone can be as simple as knowing which companies offer them.

What Is a No Contract Cell Phone Plan?

As can be imagined, this type of cell phone plan does not have the typical two-year contract. Instead, users are free to switch between carriers, plans and phones whenever they like. This is perfect for people who are using their own cell phones and for people who move often. In addition, a no contract plan does not require a prior credit check because the data or minutes are paid for before they are used. Therefore, it is perfect for people with no credit history or for those who have suffered negative impacts to their credit reports.

Of course, these contract-free plans have some variations. Some plans are only for phone minutes while others combine talking with texting and data. Some carriers offer a pay by the day plan, which allows people to pay only a fixed sum, such as $2 or $3, each day the plan is used; unused days are free. Other carriers allow users to pay for a few hundred minutes or a certain amount of data usage at one time. Once the data or minutes are used, the individual can purchase more. These plans offer a great deal of flexibility.

How Does One Get a No Contract Cell Phone Plan?

These plans can be found in a variety of locations. Many plans can be found online, such as; others can be purchased at some of the nation’s largest big box stores, such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy. However, the nation’s largest cell phone providers are beginning to carry a variety of no contract plans. These can be purchased by going into a Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile retail store. Those who wish to keep their old cell phone or smartphone should simply bring the phone with them to the store. The phone will be activated on the new network.

Who Offers No Contract Cell Phone Plans?

§ The AT&T Mobile Share Plan is one of the newest plans available from this carrier. It is perfect for large families because extra lines can be added quite cheaply. This is one of the best choices for people who have multiple smartphones and who want a 4G network.
§ The AT&T GoPhone is a simple phone that can be picked up at many stores. After one quick activation, users can purchase minutes for talking and texting. It is perfect for emergencies.
§ T-Mobile is drawing many customers with its new contract-free plans. Customers can bring in their own phones and simply purchase a T-Mobile SIM card. T-Mobile offers numerous family plans as well as an unlimited plan.
§ Verizon also offers a wide array of no contract plans for basic phones and smartphones. Users can also connect tablets to some of these plans.
§ TracFone is one of the most well known prepaid carriers. TracFone is great for international travelers and is very easy to use. Customers can keep their own phones as well as their old phone numbers.
§ Net10 is owned by TracFone. It is a great choice for people who want 4G service because it uses the top carriers’ networks.
§ Virgin Mobile is an extremely popular choice for its prices and its data plans. It is owned by Sprint and uses the Sprint network.

Because no contract cell phone plans are rapidly gaining in popularity, many carriers who previously only sold plans with contracts are now offering contract-free plans. In fact, many of these plans allow customers to use their own cell phones without having to purchase new ones. These plans can be perfect for almost anyone because many plans offer unlimited talking, texting and data.

Mandy Waters is a freelance writer who contributes on behalf of Scratch Wireless where texting is FREE!; the only smartphone plan with free wireless for your smartphone and unlimited texting whether on Wi-Fi or cellular.

Download Angry birds for pc

Angry Birds
We all are well aware of the angry bird game and moreover most of the people were addicted for that game.The angry birds is a game which was developed by Ravio Mobile limited. This is initially made for the smart phones which work on android and ios operating systems in later days it was developed for other smart phone devices. This angry birds game has been recognized as the top developer application in the Google play store. The number of users who are downloading this game from various website is keeping on increasing day by day. In this article we will see how to download this game and how to install it in the computers or laptops.

Enjoy the angry birds game in your computer by following these simple steps.

First of all you should have theblue stacks application in the computer you are using. You are allowed to download it from the internet for free.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a window installer that it used to run android application in the windows operating system. In this BlueStacks, you are allowed to install various android application and also BlueStacks acts as a app runner for the android applications. By using the BlueStacks, you were allowed to install and use the application as like in your android devices and also you can create an virtual environment in your personal computer as like an android device.

Installing and using Bluestacks:
v After finishing download of Bluestacks. Just make a double click on the bluestacks
v Then it will start installing in your computer automatically.
v Here you can sync your mobile app or game in PC by using cloud connect
v You can avail this option by hitting the settings on the right end.
v Once you click the cloud connect. Now make your registration by entering your email id and mobile number. Then a pin number will be provided to you through your mail. 
v Now get the bluestacks app in your android mobile and install it.
v Then open the app, here it will ask a pin (which is sent to your mail while you are registered), just enter that pin number.
v Then you can sync your game or app from your mobile in your PC.
· Now open the bluestacks and you will be seeing the screen shown below.

· Here hit the search icon and start searching angry birds as given below.

· Then by clicking the “install button” the game will be downloaded and installed in the bluestacks.

· Now you can find the game from “My apps” and starts playing it.

· Once you need to uninstall the game just make a click and hold it for some time. Then hit the cross mark.

Thus you have successfully installed the angry birds in your personal computer with the help of BlueStacks application and also if you have any other method other than this, you can definitely ping us through the comment box.

Update Your Facebook Status In Your Language

Update Your Facebook Status In Your Language
It’s the time for you to update the status of your Facebook, twitter and even sending the mails in your own languages. This article provides you necessary information on how to updates your social networking status in your language.

By using these technique, not only you can update your Facebook status you can also avail other usage in the internet such as writing content for the websites, writing articles for the blogs, status for other social networking sites. In these days it is becoming a trend in making the social media status updatesand which also bring impression over your status because all of us having much interest in seeing our own language in the web. Yup, now we will start this tutorial on how to make Facebook status in your own language i.e. other than English.

The first thing is you should have the Google chrome web browser because the chrome is the only web browser which allows you to update status or writing content in the web in your own language. For updating the Facebook status of writing content in other language by using Google chrome browser you need to download the “Google input language tool” from the Google chrome store

Once you finished downloading the “Google input language tool” from the chrome web store you need to install it in your computer. After finishing the installation you can be able to find the “Google input language tool” icon in the right side top corner of your Google chrome web browser, i.e. it will appear besides the URL address bar of your web browser. Now just make a click on that and choose “theextenuation option” once you made a click over it, it will redirect you to another settings page which will allow you to add your own language to the “the Google input tool chrome application”. And then h ere you can add any number of languages as you wishes. After you finish adding the languages to your extensions you are strictly advised to restart your web browser to utilize the power of extension.

In order to update the status in Facebook by using your own language of your wish, just follow these simple steps given below

For an example we will see for Tamil language.

Ø First login your Facebook account by using Google chrome web browser.

Ø Click the extension button from the top of the browser.

Ø Then select your own language

Ø It will open a pop up as writing pad in the bottom of the web browser.

Ø Then type your status with the pencil provided.

Ø Here the status will be updated which was written in your selected language automatically.

Ø Finally press enter once you finished your work.

Note: this facility of updating the Facebook status in your own language is not available in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

How to Open or Access Blocked Websites at Schools, Colleges and Office

Access Blocked
In this world, almost every place has the internet access. But in some places we use internet with some restrictions like schools, colleges and offices etc. i.e. they will block some websites like orkut, facebook, twitter in order to maintain the discipline among the students. In order to access the blocked websites, here we provide the tips.

Instead of using website URL, use IP address 
In schools, colleges and offices, they use software to block which mostly blocks the websites only rather than IP address. For example etc. so we can use IP address to unblock the blocked website. Each and every websites has its own IP address. If you want to know the IP address of the particular website, you have to do the following process.

Run->command Prompt-> type “ping”

Instead of typing Domain, type the Website that you want to know the IP address. For example ping Then the IP address will be displayed. Just type and run the IP address.

Use Proxy manually in Browser
Most of the browsers support the proxy IP addresses manually. You can access the Blocked websites and browse whatever you want. There are so many proxies are available in internet itself. So you can get it through internet.

By setting manual Proxy using Mozilla Firefox
Ø Firefox browser-> option->advance network tab->connection settings

Ø Manual proxy settings window will open-> enter proxy address-> save

Ø If your computer won’t support the Proxy, you can use the alternative one.

Redirect the Blocked website with URL Shorten Service
URL shortner site is used to convert Long URL to Short one. But this site tends to go through the security settings. Tiny URL, MooURL URL are the shortner sites.

Use VPN software 
VPN software is available on both free and paid versions. It allows you to surf enormously, by just downloading the software and installing it on computer. Some of the VPN software’s are listed below.

Ø ProxyXPN

Ø Hotspot

Ø Tunnel

Browse using TOR browser
Except the social websites (facebook, twitter.) you can access the remaining blocked websites. In social websites you have to save the cookies. So can’t access it. TOR browser is used to hide the online identity.

Use Decimal Code
We know the method to unblock the website by using IP address. Suppose the software is not accessed by using the IP address, we can use the decimal code. It is a simple method as same as the first method. When the IP address is displayed you have to convert it to decimal value.

Use Hola extension
Hola extension is a browser which is available in all browsers. It is used to surf internet more. You can download hola in the hola’s official website itself.

Use Wayback Machine
Wayback machine provides the copy of the websites once the websites have been started. You have to type the website URL and select the latest copy of wayback machine.

SpringPublisher Makes it Easy to Desktop Publish

If you're looking to create your own business cards, flyers, and other products with letterhead, but without a lot of hassle or cost, SpringPublisher just may be the the software package for you. First, the price is right. It's free if you just want to try it out and just purchase a few templates to get some basic projects done. If you opt for the pro package at $23.95, you'll get a bunch of goodies including high resolution printing (350 DPI), commercial use, and perforated paper support. Oh, and did we mention you get 100 template downloads in the package so your money is well spent? Getting the pro package is worth it just for the high resolution and the templates alone. Right now there are 30 templates that you can use. There is sure to be more as time goes on.
What's really useful is that they have QR coding that you can add to your letterhead, postcards, and business cards. That's a great selling point as is the fact that SpringPublisher will work with Avery and Printworks Micro products for seamless printing. And SpringPublisher also works with Google Maps. You can include a map to your retail establishment right in your flyer or on your business card, if you choose.
Once you bring up SpringPublisher, it's up to you whether you want to start with a template or create your own project from scratch. Either way, it's relatively easy to build your project. The templates can be modified and customized for your use too, thus one can easily be made into another project as required.
The user interface is intuitive. You click on the buttons on the left to modify the image. The upper menu has all the file functions such as save, save image, print, open file and so on. The editing features are right above the project you're creating.
Since this is such a simple tool, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. You no longer have to work with complex desktop publishing software to get the simple stuff done. SpringPublisher is available for PCs with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.
About SpringPublisher:
SpringPublisher is a professional and easy to use desktop publishing software. With its included various templates and online template store, powerful multi-layer editor, detailed help-files, SpringPublisher enables users to design and print business cards, flyers, postcards, letterheads, labels and other artworks within a few minutes.
Main Features Of SpringPublisher:
1. Enables you to add images, texts, vector shapes, logos, Code 39/EAN 13/EAN8/UPC 1D barcodes and QR codes and arrange them as you like;
2. Provides various image effect: shadows, opacity, rotation, etc.
3. Allows you to download high quality templates from the template store.
4. Makes it easy for you to print your artworks either with your own printer or in professional print shops.
5. Generates high resolution artwork with a maximum output of 350dpi. 
6. Supports Avery and Printworks micro perforated paper that enables you to create business cards and postcards more easily.
SpringPublisher free version includes basic templates and fully functional designing feature. Professional version of SpringPublisher, with template store credits and high-quality output is also available, costs $23.95(US)
For more information, visit:

Thursday 13 February 2014

Pill Camera going to replace Colonoscopies!

Pill Cam
Say goodbye to colonoscopies through Pillcam a pill to swallow with a miniature camera Traditional colonoscopies are fast disappearing with the arrival of PillCam, a small pill to swallow with a camera inside will takes photos and videos from within your gut! This is a miniature medical tool that has been legalized in the United States.

This ingenious invention is equipped with a small camera that you can swallow so that it can take photographs and videos of your entire digestive system for eight hours. It will take photographs of entire passage it travel. The images are then transmitted to a device on your belt.

 The invention is not new; it still has just passed a significant milestone as it has been legalized in the United States after passing under the comb of the U.S. Agency for Food and Drug Administration and the FDA, which gave its approval for the commercialization of this product!

Inner view
The advantage of this pill lies in the fact that it could be an alternative to colonoscopies, which are annoying and unpleasant medical examinations when exploring your colon with a camera. In addition to colonoscopies are also practiced under general anesthesia and are therefore inaccessible to certain people who are allergic to the certain chemicals used.

This ingenious invention reminds us a little cartoon "The Magic School Bus" in which a class of primary accompanied their master could be miniaturized to fit inside someone's body. Even though this device is also available in other part of Europe, it is now highly regulated and we hope it will become more democratized so that we can enjoy less unpleasant than the endoscopy examinations.

Twitter Uses New Profiles In Test

New Twitter Profile
Faced with a slowdown in the number of its users, Twitter has promised new features. A revised interface is in preparation and it incorporates elements similar to Facebook interface.

Twitter users can now view their newly designed profile page. In the design, the service resembles heavily upon Facebook and Google+.

Mashable reported that the micro blogging service is currently testing a new design of the profile page. Instead of confusing timeline a user group currently sees a tidy home page. Tweets are arranged visually appealing in tiles.

Shared photos and videos of people we are following will now be found under a separate tab. Twitter overhaul the entire profile page, the page design applied similar to Facebook on its own platform with such a biography placed in the upper left corner and especially large image stretching over the entire length.

According to Mashable, this revision does not affect the moment that the PC version of Twitter. It is also accompanied by messages, tweets larger. And incidentally make them more visible Sponsored messages.

The good visibility of major titles and profile pictures of the user comes to the front even more. The Twitter profile page reflects the strong inspiration of its competitors like Facebook and Google+. This is the mixture of Google+ profile and Facebook time line.

This is of particular advantage for new users who want to make friends with the micro -blogging service so quickly. Faced with a slowdown in the registration of new subscribers, Twitter is perhaps make it more friendly and readable interface, particularly with users of other services, such as Facebook tries.

Advertisement In Firefox Soon!

Advertisement In Firefox Soon!
The Mozilla Foundation plans to introduce ads into the "new tab" in the browser space. These advertisements appear alongside of the Firefox users’ content.

 This is a revolution taking place at Mozilla. The Foundation has announced that it would introduce advertising in its Firefox browser. Attending the annual meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Darren Herman, vice president in charge of services and income diversification in Mozilla, presented the “Directory Tiles " concept.

When first using Firefox: opening Firefox in a new tab, it will have 9 empty tiles that appear thereafter most visited web sites. The objective is to use these spaces by displaying advertising and preloaded such websites specific to certain geographic areas.

The ads will be stamped so that there is no ambiguity for users. Mozilla says it is trying to introduce the concept of Tiles Directory advertisers but gives no specific date for its introduction.

This diversification is an important step for Mozilla whose revenues are 97% of its agreements with the search engines, especially Google.