Saturday 8 February 2014

How to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS in Android Phone

Block Unwanted Calls in Android Phone
Android technology has been constantly increasing over the decades, and also improves various easiness to the users. Having an android smartphone becomes a passion for most of the people around this globe and android devices are considered as smartest gadgets in this world. Most of you have experience unwanted calls for your mobile and also each of you would have think how to block the particular calls on your mobile. In this post, you can easily know how to block a particular mobile number for totally free and you can easily avoid various calls from the telemarketers and also from the spammers in a click. Here I have listed both manual ways and also app-oriented way to block an unwanted call in your mobile.

In the manual way to block an unwanted call, you can do it by your own way and in the app-oriented way, you can easily install an application and using that application, block unwanted calls in your mobile.

Manual Method: Your mobile itself support default blocking mechanism and by using that window, you can easily block various calls in your android mobiles. The mechanism differs from various mobiles and also you can differ refer your device manual for blocking a particular call in your mobile. Here I have listed few applications from which you can easily block various calls in your android device.

1. Mr. Number: Mr. Number is an application for your android mobile which helps you to block unwanted calls in your mobile. Mr. Number also allows you to block the messages that are coming over the mobile. Mr. Number makes you to track the mobile numbers that are in the United States, and also you can download this application for totally free.Mr. Number is an awesome application that makes you to block calls and messages from a particular area. And it also saves your time by avoiding the calls from the telemarketers and from the spammers. It also has reverse look up number feature and also report spam calls to other users very easily.

2. Call Blocker: Call Blocker is an application which allows you to block the calls from the users. It comes in two versions, free versions and also with paid version. If you have paid version, then you can experience more feature with this application. This application also helps you to protect the call logs and also protect your SMS. Call Blocker back up your device contact list to your accounts on the server. So that you cannot lost your contacts at any cost.

3. Call Control: Call Control is a brilliant application which allows your mobile to ring whenever you want. It Blocks the spammers automatically and also you can block text messages and picture messages on your mobile.Call control application is totally free and its 100% free from the adware. This is a brilliant application when comparing to other applications that are available in the Google Playstore.

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