Saturday 15 February 2014

How to Get a No Contract Cell Phone Plan and Keep Your Phone

The popularity of no contract cell phone plans is rising as more people are discovering their numerous benefits. What started out as a decent calling plan for people with poor credit has become a cell phone service that offers many of the same advantages as contract plans without the high level of commitment. Many carriers offer these plans, from familiar nationwide companies to smaller companies that specifically target those who want simple plans. Knowing how to get a no contract cell phone plan while keeping one’s own phone can be as simple as knowing which companies offer them.

What Is a No Contract Cell Phone Plan?

As can be imagined, this type of cell phone plan does not have the typical two-year contract. Instead, users are free to switch between carriers, plans and phones whenever they like. This is perfect for people who are using their own cell phones and for people who move often. In addition, a no contract plan does not require a prior credit check because the data or minutes are paid for before they are used. Therefore, it is perfect for people with no credit history or for those who have suffered negative impacts to their credit reports.

Of course, these contract-free plans have some variations. Some plans are only for phone minutes while others combine talking with texting and data. Some carriers offer a pay by the day plan, which allows people to pay only a fixed sum, such as $2 or $3, each day the plan is used; unused days are free. Other carriers allow users to pay for a few hundred minutes or a certain amount of data usage at one time. Once the data or minutes are used, the individual can purchase more. These plans offer a great deal of flexibility.

How Does One Get a No Contract Cell Phone Plan?

These plans can be found in a variety of locations. Many plans can be found online, such as; others can be purchased at some of the nation’s largest big box stores, such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy. However, the nation’s largest cell phone providers are beginning to carry a variety of no contract plans. These can be purchased by going into a Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile retail store. Those who wish to keep their old cell phone or smartphone should simply bring the phone with them to the store. The phone will be activated on the new network.

Who Offers No Contract Cell Phone Plans?

§ The AT&T Mobile Share Plan is one of the newest plans available from this carrier. It is perfect for large families because extra lines can be added quite cheaply. This is one of the best choices for people who have multiple smartphones and who want a 4G network.
§ The AT&T GoPhone is a simple phone that can be picked up at many stores. After one quick activation, users can purchase minutes for talking and texting. It is perfect for emergencies.
§ T-Mobile is drawing many customers with its new contract-free plans. Customers can bring in their own phones and simply purchase a T-Mobile SIM card. T-Mobile offers numerous family plans as well as an unlimited plan.
§ Verizon also offers a wide array of no contract plans for basic phones and smartphones. Users can also connect tablets to some of these plans.
§ TracFone is one of the most well known prepaid carriers. TracFone is great for international travelers and is very easy to use. Customers can keep their own phones as well as their old phone numbers.
§ Net10 is owned by TracFone. It is a great choice for people who want 4G service because it uses the top carriers’ networks.
§ Virgin Mobile is an extremely popular choice for its prices and its data plans. It is owned by Sprint and uses the Sprint network.

Because no contract cell phone plans are rapidly gaining in popularity, many carriers who previously only sold plans with contracts are now offering contract-free plans. In fact, many of these plans allow customers to use their own cell phones without having to purchase new ones. These plans can be perfect for almost anyone because many plans offer unlimited talking, texting and data.

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