Tuesday 4 February 2014

Top 10 Best iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone has been an amazing smartphone in this technology world and everyone in this world have a desire to buy this mobile in their lifetime, and also they would love the iPhone very well. Because of the fantastic features and brilliant look made the people to love this mobile. In this post, I have shared few things about the shortcuts which are related to the iPhone and you can use them in your mobile and prank your friends with these awesome tips.

Tip No 1: Reset Your iPhone when it gets stuck: You can easily reset your iPhone when it gets stuck. Don’t get too much of tensed and you can easily reset your mobile phone when it gets stuck. Tip No 2: Set Restrictions for the contents:

This allows you to set various level of restrictions for your contents and this makes other not to use the whole features of the apps without your permission. You can easily set the restrictions by Go to settings and then enter restriction settings to enable this option.

Tip No 3: You can easily download torrents in your iPhone without any sorts of additional clients. Tip No 4: There are several Hidden characters are found in your iPhone, you can easily use the hidden characters by long pressing the keys on the keyboard. You can use these keys to improve your typing speeds and also you can use .net, .edu and .org domains by holding .com button.

Tip No 5: You can Create custom vibration in the iPhone: Like custom ringtones, you can setup the custom vibrations in your iPhone. This helps you to easily identify the callers who were calling you without seeing the mobile. By accessing the sound settings, you can easily set up the custom vibrations as well as the custom ringtones for the callers.

Tip No 6: You can capture your Screen at a click: This option allows you to capture the screen of the iPhone, and also allows you to capture important moments in your iPhone. Simply pressing the Home button and Sleep button will provides you an instant screenshot in your mobile.

Tip No 7: You can easily Hide the SMS preview: This option allows you to prevent the sms preview to show, and you can remove it by accessing the Passcode lock menu and then disable the Show SMS preview option in the iPhone. This gives you a maximum level of privacy in your mobile.

Tip No 8: Do Not Disturb: This option is similar to Silent mode, in this you can set up the settings to do not disturb you while in work or in some meeting.

Tip No 9: Download YouTube Videos in your mobile: This option allows you to download YouTube videosin your mobile by using the MxTube application.

Tip No 10: Lock Screen Orientation: This option allows you to set up the lock screen view and By simply double tapping the Home button, you can see the Lock screen over the mobile.

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