Monday 3 February 2014

How to trim your large movie files to hassle free view in QuickTime Player7

QuickTime Player7
Are you a movie buff? Have you ever wanted to send a movie clip or a certain section of a movie to a friend, but did not how to and ended up sending the entire movie to him/her?

Help is available! In case you did not know, Quick time Player 7 has a great way to do this. It has a fast trim tool, a tool that allows you to cut big files, especially the movie ones, at points you want them to be cut at; thereby reducing file size, if you want to email them. This is basically a trim tool, which allows you to trim files, save them differently, and use them as you would choose to. The QuickTime Player 7 comes with a pro license key.

First, you need to open the movie file. When it starts running, highlight the portion that you want to trim at and save separately. Go to file, Save as, preferably name as Part 1 to avoid any confusions later. This is a great clip, as it would work even if you decide to email it or even shift it to any other device and open it. This has reduced the file size thereby making it easier for you to work on it. Another option is to make a split clipping, for which you choose “Trim to selection” in the Edit Menu and select Save. Voila! First part of the movie is ready to be used.

You have saved the first part of a movie, now you want to save the second part as well. Here, you go to Edit menu, Undo Trim to selection and your movie clip is back to normal self, with the selection marks clearly visible. Go to Edit Menu again and choose Cut, first part is cut and the second part, is sitting on your window, loud and clear. Save as Part 2, and now you have a huge movie file cut into two parts. You want to send them by email, edit and club with some thing else? Do what you want to.

This is a wonderful visual tool, which means it gives you a clear glimpse as to where the file is being trimmed or cut, and makes it easier to describe to others in case you are sending them these truncated files. You can use this tool to trim movie files to more than two portions, smaller clips that you could use for advertising or editing purposes, club with trimmed portion of another file and create spoofs and collages. The options are endless, given the tricks that can be undertaken with video files and editing thereon.

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