Friday 28 February 2014

Portal Consulting: The Next Solution in IT Management

Many businesses today rely on a diverse range of web applications and collaborative software to run their day to day operations. But with so many points of interconnection between software programs, finding ways to access all those tools can be challenging—even for the most proficient of IT departments. This is why having an effective enterprise portal is key to running a successful business in today’s growing market.
Using just a single website -- which can remain public or private -- your staff can access tools, software programs and applications, as well as other IT functions through one customizable portal that you control. Best of all, you decide who gains access to the portal and the degree to which that user – or different sets of users – can gain access to information and software tools (i.e., Will each user have complete access, partial access, or a combination of the two based on the changing needs of their position?). Members of the Human Resources department, for instance, may have limited access to certain tools and information within the portal, while members of the Legal department may have unlimited access to all of the tools and functions within the portal. Regardless of how you categorize and manage information, you can rest assured that the right information will be disseminated to the right people and in the right way.
The most common uses of an enterprise portal include, but are not limited to:
  • Share documents among disparate parts of an organization, including those groups operating from a different geography
  • Develop a controlled and customizable method for sustainable collaboration among staff, clients and customers, where applicable.
Businesses wanting to set up one or more web portals should contact a leading portal consulting firm. A good portal consulting firm will be able to explain the different technologies that can be used to create an enterprise portal and train members of your staff on how to use that portal once the chosen technology is set up and in place. Most portal consulting firms provide technology support, which can be important during the initial implementation stage of the process, particularly as you discover new and more effective ways to expand your website.
Maintaining Your Privacy
Security certificates protect the private sections of your portal, which means you can disseminate key operational data to staff without fear of a confidentiality breach.  Once the right security certificates are in place, you can add, edit, publish and transmit information and tools as needed. Or, as needs change, you can manage which sections are kept private and which ones are made public.  Either way, portal consulting offers a doorway to immediate and customizable information and tools that coule revolutionze the way you do business.
Portal consulting with TekStream provides a long term, cost effective, and innovative way to disseminate public and private information to audiences using various tools.  With just one web portal, your business can single-handedly encourage collaboration and growth, while simultaneously meeting organizational demands. With portal consulting, you never have to compromise on speed or efficiency when deploying web applications again!

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