Thursday 13 February 2014

Pill Camera going to replace Colonoscopies!

Pill Cam
Say goodbye to colonoscopies through Pillcam a pill to swallow with a miniature camera Traditional colonoscopies are fast disappearing with the arrival of PillCam, a small pill to swallow with a camera inside will takes photos and videos from within your gut! This is a miniature medical tool that has been legalized in the United States.

This ingenious invention is equipped with a small camera that you can swallow so that it can take photographs and videos of your entire digestive system for eight hours. It will take photographs of entire passage it travel. The images are then transmitted to a device on your belt.

 The invention is not new; it still has just passed a significant milestone as it has been legalized in the United States after passing under the comb of the U.S. Agency for Food and Drug Administration and the FDA, which gave its approval for the commercialization of this product!

Inner view
The advantage of this pill lies in the fact that it could be an alternative to colonoscopies, which are annoying and unpleasant medical examinations when exploring your colon with a camera. In addition to colonoscopies are also practiced under general anesthesia and are therefore inaccessible to certain people who are allergic to the certain chemicals used.

This ingenious invention reminds us a little cartoon "The Magic School Bus" in which a class of primary accompanied their master could be miniaturized to fit inside someone's body. Even though this device is also available in other part of Europe, it is now highly regulated and we hope it will become more democratized so that we can enjoy less unpleasant than the endoscopy examinations.

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