Monday 11 October 2021

Keynote: New Features

Apple has launched a few new features to update its iWork suite of productivity applications. As a result, Apple users are capable of using documents with ease. Pages will showcase pictures and text in a single-column flow. Thus, users can view documents more easily as well as edit them also. Besides, the latest tools in the keynote are capable of displaying the live camera view of the user. This feature of Apple assists in making presentations more engaging. It can be more collaborative also with plenty of user controls. Numbers come with pivot tables. These are capable of bringing strong data analytics capabilities.

Bob Borchers said that people prefer to use Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. It doesn't matter if they are in their home, office, or any other place. The strong features, easy-to-use capability help th deliver awesome experiences across mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Bob Borchers is the vice president of Apple of Worldwide Product Marketing. 

Nowadays, people can make additional personal and compelling presentations with the help of the latest productivity and collaboration features. Thus, people can easily work with documents on their mobiles. Apple is going to offer full-featured pivot tables for the very first time.

A New Pages Experience Optimized for iPhone:

We generally read documents on iPhone especially compared to any other device. Nowadays, pages deliver seamless performance in reading as well as editing documents. Users can increase the size of the text and thus they can enhance the quality of readability, photos, and drawings. Now you can scroll the tables horizontally. This recent update from Apple allows the Screen view feature to showcase text, pictures, and many others in a single column.

You are capable of using the Screen View for all different word processing documents. Users are not required to set up additionally. You can access the editing tools in Pages. Besides, you can deactivate the Screen view feature whenever you wish. Thus, it helps you to see the page layout of your document before printing or publishing.


Recent users of iPhone, iPad and Mac can get Keynote, Pages, and Numbers free in these models. As soon as the update is available, it can be downloaded from the App Store and Mac App Store.

New Ways to Present in Keynote:

Now, keynote presentations become more engaging with the help of strong new tools. The front-facing camera is now available on models like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Therefore, users of these models can use them for adding live video to the presentations directly. If you are going to attend any lecture, then this mobile feature is going to be very useful. People who represent their presentations via remote through video conferencing applications must get benefits from the feature.

People can use masks, frames, drop shadows, and reflections on any live object. Thus, they can make the object more elegant. If you are a Mac user, then you are capable of using plenty of external cameras. These will improve your live video experience for sure. Using the feature, you can even showcase the attached iPhone or iPads display. People generally use this feature for live demos on their slides.

A new multi-presenter option is now available in these models. Therefore, it enables you to have control over even a shared slideshow from your model. It doesn't matter whether you represent your project remotely or stay in a similar room. When you complete using the feature to your slide, you need to go back to the host. If you wish, you can allow your co-presenter to take over the slide.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Pivot Tables with Numbers:

This update helps to display information with excellent graphics combination and offers an intuitive interface. As a user, you should always use Numbers to get the most out of the information. The pivot tables allow you to summarize information, group them and rearrange thereafter. Use charts as well as share the pivot information to visualize the tables.

Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are compatible with all the latest translation features of iPadOS 15, iOS 15, macOS Monterey, etc. In addition, a chart is available recently called a Radar chart. With the help of this chart, you can visually compare it with a lot of variables. Thus, users can easily differentiate them. Using the new filter options, you can look for duplicate entries. Besides, you can use it to find any particular value in the document.