Tuesday 30 April 2013

Acer Liquid E 1 Android Smartphone!

The new Acer Liquid E 1 is an entry-level Smartphone for around 200 Euros. A view of its technical details reveals, large compromises and you do not go without the Liquid E1. As Acer reported now, this entry level Smartphone will be available in May in all commercial stores in Europe and it costs 199 Euros. The mobile phone is available in black and white and Acer is also planning for a model with dual SIM feature. The pivotal point of the Acer Liquid E 1 is its 4.5-inch IPS display with 960x540 pixels. Inside is a dual-core processor ensures together with a gigabyte (GB) of memory for speed. Wi-Fi and with UMTS / GSM are standard, fast mobile Internet via LTE. Also, the NFC communication is absent. For better snapshots a five megapixel camera is ready. You can save your photos on the four gigabyte hard memory; and microSD card is additional memory can be retrofitted. The operating system of this Android comes in version 4.1 (Jelly Bean). With the installed AcerCloud about you can stream music or videos. Externally, thanks rounded design and integrated speakers with DTS surround sound technology for more which everyone would love to have one. And Acer Liquid E 1 weighs about 130 grams which is a very lesser weight.

Ergonomic Keyboard

With the help of the internet, users have the ability to view and make purchases from online stores providing various products and catering to the needs of their customers. Reliable providers have been catering to high quality computer products and accessories and improvements on all commodities have been on the rise bringing about a change in lifestyle which is easy and comfortable. We have leading providers of Ergonomic Keyboard, Ergonomic mice, laptop and tablet stand, bundles and ergo suites, numeric keyboard, mouse pads and wrist pad to improve on the lifestyle of individuals. Their unique range on slit computer keyboards can adjust from 0 – 30 degrees on vertical and horizontal planes to eliminate the tension and strain in tendons and joints. These products are designed with a purpose to enhance the comfort level of the user thereby reducing stress in their every day activity. Their products have been tested and proven to reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, bringing about immense comfort from the usage of their products. Over 90% of the fortune 1000 companies around the world have been patronizing to their products, some of them worth mentioning are Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Sony, Intel, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, to name a few.

Users can take the opportunity of the user’s guide made available at the site on all the products which can be of tremendous help in making an appropriate choice on their various products on display. Besides this, their video library also proves to be of great help and for any queries with regards to the products; customers can get in touch with them through email where all support is rendered through their service team on board. Their return policy states that if products are shipped incorrectly, the same can be returned within 30 days of receipt along with the proof of purchase with all shipping cost borne by the service provider. Damaged or defective products have a one year manufacturer’s warranty and the provider would pay to have the product returned and tested within 30 days. Customers on their part need to submit an RMA form and obtain an RMA number before shipping back the product.

iTunes Store and its growth in last ten years!

On 28 April 2003, Apple launched the iTunes Music Store. Ten years later, nearly half a billion people have an iTunes account and have purchased music, TV shows, movies, books and apps on the Apple store. That does not impress its competitors, more every day. Ten years ago, Apple sells more 30,000 iPods per month but makes no profit. Napster, Kazaa and incompetence of the majors have destroyed the music market and it becomes less difficult to keep a foot in the online music. But not necessarily in practice, which is an obstacle to the success of the iPod, which is nothing without music. Universal, Warner, Sony, EMI and BMG are persuaded by Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue, by which they ensures that it is possible to beat piracy, is "simply" more practical, more complete, more safer and better than him. They accepted and provide 200,000 pieces encoded in AAC 128, but only for one year and on the express condition that they are protected by DRM and readable only by the 13 million users of Mac OS X. On 28 April 2003, the iTunes Music Store opened its doors - a million pieces sold in one week, three million in six months. Majors grant exclusive to Apple and are eager to accept the launch of the iTunes Music Store on Windows.

At the same time, the iPod loses its FireWire port that provided the Mac and Apple's successful gamble: owner, shop owner, software port, it is now fully integrated ecosystem head. Apple last decade and can be read through the evolution of his shop. The iPod sales quadruple in the world. The iTunes Music Store was launched internationally in early 2004. The 5G iPod can play videos. Clips and TV series are added in late 2005. The Apple TV will soon be presented? The iTunes Music Store and iTunes Store is home movies. IPhone gains the ability to run third-party apps. The App Store is part of the iTunes Store. The large iPad screen is perfect for reading. Never mind, you can also buy books via iTunes since January 2010! Apple is the largest technology company in the world and the sales figures of his shop give dizzy. The iTunes Store is sold 25 billion songs in ten years, over a billion iTunes U downloaded in five years, a whopping nine billion dollars donated to apps developers and hundreds of millions of pounds digital sales. Apple is still the largest music retailer in the world - all media - with four times more market share than its main competitor, Amazon, which we cannot yet say that it is a dwarf. For it is today that the iTunes Store is at the top it is also the most turbulent. "People buy their music for as long as you can buy music," said Steve Jobs in 2003: ten years later, 62% of Americans believe that it is not essential to have his music.

The Apple co-founder drew red ball on Spotify even before its launch today; streaming services represent 15% of sales in the market for music. The numerous commercial operations around the streaming show Apple still has not lost the ear of the majors. The second decade of the iTunes Store may well begin with the launch of iRadio, a streaming service that will radically change the business model of the Apple store. Another track is that Apple become content producers, as for example with Netflix become House of Cards. It could start with the iTunes Festival, which will not be broadcast on TV this year - but could continue to be via the Apple TV. Imagine that it continues on this path with TV shows or movies: Apple TV is the only access to some exclusive content because it is the Apple products. The loop is looped and the iTunes Store is more than ever the Apple backbone.

Facebook redesigned its Mobile pages!

Since most of the users are accessing the social networking sites from their Smarphones, Facebook offered their mobile pages with new design. The redesign is the need of the time and makes the user to navigate and help the user and the administrators to interact with the pages. First the new design is just for mobile browsers and the iOS app is visible and the update for the Android application will follow very shortly. The new design provides users with a simpler look and easier navigation. An interaction element such as the “Like” button is located in the new design under the title picture. Also, users should have relevant information on the pages and images look better. Administrators have the option of a popular article "To pinning" so that it remains longer current. New posts will appear below this post. In addition, website operators move quickly between now and the view of the public administrators view.

Monday 29 April 2013

The Linux kernel version 3.9 available!

Open Source Announced Version 3.9 of the Linux kernel and was released last night on the website Kernel.org announced by its founder, Linus Torvalds, in the developer mailing list. This publication comes ten weeks after the previous version, and have continuity in support for new hardware. "Whatever the reason, this week has been very quiet, which makes me more comfortable to publish the final version 3.9, so I think the last-rc8 has stopped working," announced on Mailing List founder of the Linux kernel. No big change announced for this version, but a deepening of transitions already Commencement with version 3.8. Here is a non-exhaustive selection. As usual, for a comprehensive overview of the latest news and management visit: Linux.org. Improved support for ARM architectures is supported. Begun in version 3.7, it now allows the teams to the Linux Foundation announce support for 18 SoC (system on a chip) ARM. The goal, says Linux.org, is to arrive at a single core for all platforms, including x86. Better implementation of the standard IPv6 network. Improvements were made especially in terms of security when encapsulating IPv6 inside IPv4. It supports distribution systems RAID 5 and RAID 6 system BTRFS files. And extension compatibility for graphics drivers, including future Haswell and Valley View and Oland AMD chips were added. Improved supported virtualization, with extension to ARM Cortex A15 chips in KVM and Xen supported by the summer. We wish to pass an interesting point in the statistics of this version 3.9. If they are, as usual, the opportunity to highlight the most active developers, they also show a significant change on the part of companies that support the Linux kernel participating. Thus, for the first time, Linux.org is for Intel one of the top ranking contributing companies.

Sunday 28 April 2013

New Microsoft browser Internet Explorer 11

Windows 8.1 is not only a major update of the latest operating system from Microsoft, but also a new version of Internet Explorer in this year. The first emerged preliminary versions of Internet Explorer 11 have offered no visual novelties. The Internet Explorer 10 along with Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced in 2012 the great turnaround. Modern, faster, safer - better - to be the new American software forge. With the IE10 this succeeds the company largely: Optimized for touch user interface, tracking protection, built-in spelling correction brings IE back on par with the competition. But Microsoft did not want to squander his arduous comeback on Firefox and Chrome. While the strongest competitor, Mozilla and Google bring to the market every six weeks, a new version of its browser, Microsoft has taken the leap from IE9 to IE10 whole two years. That the successor cannot wait quite so long in coming, appearing regularly put rumors close: because together with the successor of Windows 8, Microsoft seems too busy to tinker with a new browser. According to insider reports are to be expected with the release of the new software later this year. This must be re-Published in a net pre-release version of Windows 8.1 (codename Blue) already provided a first look. But so far, Microsoft does still extremely cloudy.

On the surface, no changes are visible. Only under the hood did more. There is also evidence that Microsoft integrates Web Graphics Library "WebGL" in the upcoming version of browser. The browser can work with the help of the graphics card, advanced 3D graphics without the need of additional software. By porting the Unreal 3 Enginge for Firefox Mozilla has recently demonstrated the potential that lies dormant in this area. Previously, Microsoft had refused for security reasons, to integrate the interface. Potential security vulnerability would allow far-reaching access to the PC. Therefore, Safari and Opera WebGL have either built, but disabled by default. Only in Firefox and Chrome you can find the graphics interface previously active. According to a reports the Internet Explorer 11 wipe gestures to control the browser on the PC. Although already has the Metro version of IE10 via a user interface for touch control, the successor but also the desktop version should be served by hand. With this move, Microsoft has not only "new" operating concepts in mind, but it worked sensibly to overcome the (operator) barrier between the Metro and desktop interface of Windows 8. In the unofficial pre-release Microsoft has also changed the user agent of the browser: for example, the Internet Explorer web pages are as compared to Firefox browser. In addition, Microsoft is working on an integration of the obvious SPDY protocol. The network protocol developed by Google modified parts of the HTTP protocol and trims it for speed.

The goal is to speed up browsing. In addition to Chrome Firefox and Opera already support the protocol. Whether it's Microsoft with Internet Explorer 11 manages to further stifle the technical edge of competition, cannot be estimated at this stage. The previously available version of IE11 is more reminiscent still version 10.1 as a proper successor. Only if the manufacturer provides an official pre-release version of the new IE is mandatory statements about the potential of the new Microsoft browser can meet.

Saturday 27 April 2013

Sony Cybershot HX 50 with Wi-Fi and High Zoom!

The Sony Cybershot HX50 wants to bridge cameras redundant. The compact camera has a lens with large focal length range and 30x zoom. Wi-Fi helps in transferring the images. Yes the Sony Cybershot HX50 has a lens with a 30x zoom. Previously you had to use for such a focal length in large, unwieldy bridge cameras. Converted into small format it reaches to 24-720 millimeters. At these high values, an optical image stabilizer is mandatory, since the focal lengths can be photographed from the hand hardly quiet. At 720 millimeters a small movement of the hand the picture can spoil completely. Hence Sony equips the Cybershot HX50 loaded with a CMOS image sensor of which has a resolution of 20.4 megapixels. And this typical compact camera also takes videos in full HD resolution. Transmits its images via wireless the camera to other devices such as Smartphones or laptops and also sets them on-line services. In the variant HX50V the camera additionally contains a GPS module that helps geo tagging. The 272 gram camera has a three-inch screen on the back, which is used to image control and as a viewfinder. In this unusual compact camera there is accessory shoe will take you to an electric viewfinder, a flash, or a microphone. The suggested retail price for the black or silver camera is 419 Euros. The GPS HX50V version will cost 439 Euros.

Friday 26 April 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 Give Better Experience with Smarter Scopes!

As expected, the new version of Ubuntu 13.04 is available for download. This version, stamped Raring Ringtail is a bit special because its objectives are not the same as other Ubuntu. Rather than add features to the shovel, Canonical process as Apple Snow Leopard and the developers took the time to work on the quality of the code. Ubuntu 13.04 certainly disappoints those who always want more features. At the same time, it should score points among those who felt that too rapid development has altered the quality of the code at the point of burdening the system and do not make the system unstable. Developers mainly focused on existing with several goals in mind. Ubuntu 13.04 thus is above all more reliable and faster, as an upgrade to the front caliper on. The main easily notable and more visual Ubuntu 13.04 changes are sought in its interface. The system embeds version 7 Unity and the conclusion is it is fast and it is the most complete version of this interface. Like it or not, progress is real and it is clear that Canonical has looked at a number of small details. Overall, all participating in a quality printing in which little had been left to chance. Using Ubuntu 13.04 turns out nice and quick.

 Even in a virtual machine (VMware Workstation performed under 9), the system is reactive and small transition effects are mastered and do not interfere. It should be noted in this regard that the new Ubuntu embarks 3.8.0-19 Linux kernel, which includes the latest version of the Nouveau driver for NVIDIA cards. In theory, all chip models are supported, and all affected users should benefit from graphics acceleration from the first launch of the system. Alongside this graphic smooth evolution, particularly through changes such as icons for Ubuntu and manager update repository, it has an application portfolio to contemporary taste. But as stated earlier this news, nothing should expect amazing. It found Firefox and Thunderbird 20 and 17, and it is likely to need a replacement soon. Obviously the LibreOffice suite version is present and other applications such as customer burning brazier, Shotwell Photo Manager and the Rhythmbox music player are also there in their latest versions.

And if one side Ubuntu 13.04 brings only few new elements, it also allows you to delete. This is the case of Wubi, the small software specializes in installing Ubuntu from Windows. With the flood of UEFI and Windows 8 machines, the installer is very difficult to monitor safety standards. Moreover, on the download page, Canonical says that the 64-bit version of the distribution must be downloaded if UEFI machine. Note also that even if Unity becomes more enjoyable to use, Ubuntu allows only few alternatives. Thus, it is no longer possible to install the classic GNOME shell. Note however that the GNOME Shell can still be installed from the repository. Gwibber also disappears, but temporarily. Indeed, the author works in his rewriting via Qt / QML, and the social customer return later under the name Friends. Canonical also pondered the possibility to make Ubuntu a "rolling release". Thus, the features have been added as and as soon as they were ready. However, support for these versions will change in stride. From Ubuntu 13.04, there will be no more than nine months. LTS (Long Term Support) versions in turn will be harmonized and still offer support for five years, both the client and the server. According to Jane Silber, Canonical has observed that users proceeded in two ways: either they were updating every six months, they remained on a LTS release. A stand of 18 months was therefore not necessary.

Finally, the approximation Touch with Ubuntu will be phased. For now, there are fundamental differences between the two systems, but the versions 13.10 and 14.04 will lead to a convergence, in particular by replacing the X display server MIR, a homemade solution. In fact, the 13.04 version released today is a platform for the preparation of major projects that follow. Since Canonical aims primarily mobility, it is not surprising that the company has sought to increase performance, reduce memory consumption and work out the details. Those who wish to download Ubuntu 13.04 can do it from the official website of Canonical. The user will have to choose between the new version and the latest LTS to date, that is to say 12.04. Each version can be downloaded in 32 or 64 bits.

Wii U’s latest E 3.0.0 firmware is available !

Nintendo just put online a new firmware for the Wii U version 3.0.0 E. It is of course the big update awaited from the beginning of the year, which adds many features to the console, but also improves responsiveness. This is the day of early correction for the Wii U, or rather his great spring update. Promised since the beginning of the year by Nintendo, firmware 3.0.0 E console is now available and provides many additions to the machine. The first of these is an overall improvement in the responsiveness of the console menus. Return to the main menu of the Wii U while a game is running will for example half the time before. The smoothness of menus is also improved, and the stability of the system.

Now, downloads and gaming facilities will continue, even if the console is in standby. Also purchased from the eShop titles are installed automatically in the background once they finished downloading. Access to the Wii console mode is also simplified. Rather than having to dig through menus to switch between the Wii and Wii U fashion, simply to keep the B button gamepad support for the start of the Wii console to access menus. It is also noted that the deployment of this update coincides with the launch of the Virtual Console service, which should be done in the day, some NES and SNES games should be available today. Note that the firmware weighs no less than 637 MB, and Nintendo provides this update will take about one hour to install on our machines. Note full update is not yet available on the French site Nintendo, but English version is available here on the General Info / Wii U System and Feature Updates tree.

Chromebook Versus Laptop?

Who is Google’s Chromebook for? Can it really replace a laptop or is it just a really expensive browser? That’s what I tried and am still trying to figure out. Are people buying the Chromebook just because it has Google’s signature all over or is it really that good?
But first…
What Exactly Is The Chromebook?
Maybe you haven’t heard about it.  After all, if I spend all my time between Microsoft Word and my web browser, that doesn’t mean you all do too.
So, there’s a simple concept behind it - to run just about everything within the Chrome browser, obviously with Google’s services and apps taking care of your document storing and management, email, calendar and more.  Some major selling points are the 8-second boot time and a lengthy 8-hour battery life. Plus, the Chromebook comes with a solid state disk drive, which means it’s unlikely your disk drive will crash in case you drop your Chromebook, for example.
So, What Makes It Different From An Average Laptop?
The Chromebook has no file management system whatsoever. With cloud storage being all the rage these days, the Chromebook might seem like the obvious replacement for laptops. But is it really? Think about it – you cannot manage files that aren’t saved on the cloud. In other words, if you have no Internet connection, you have, well, nothing.
So, it’s not really a laptop, nor is it a tablet. It’s… a £200 web browser that you can use to access your email or your calendar, write some documents and share some photos. Did I miss anything? (If you were thinking about watching videos on it, with a meagre 12.1" display, it might not be the best device for watching videos).

Advantages & Disadvantages
Price: On Amazon.co.uk,Acer’s cheapest Chromebook starts at £199 while Samsung’s Chromebook Wifi sells at £223 and it looks like the prices are dropping. On the other hand, an Acer Aspire laptop starts at £315 which is a bit more expensive.
Usability: There are many apps available on Chrome’s Web Store so no reason to complain here. Plus, since everything is online, you won’t have to worry about having to install heavy programs.
Keyboard: The Chromebook’s keyboard might take some getting used to as the usual keys you’re accustomed to won’t be there. No delete key, no function keys. You’ll have to Google a bit to find the work-arounds.
Should You Buy It?
Don’t get me wrong, the Chromebook is fantastic but not as a replacement for your laptop. It’s great for when you’re travelling and need a lightweight device to stay up-to-date with your emails and meetings; or for when you want to have a Skype call to handle some quick business issues; or for when you need quick access to important documents but aren’t at the office or at home. But then again, you can use a tablet for that, if you can live without a keyboard.
At the end of the day, is comes down to what you’re looking for in a laptop. However, do keep in mind that with a Chromebook you need non-stop 24/7 connection to wireless Internet, otherwise you won’t be able to use it.

How about you – have you tried Google’s Chromebook? 
Guest post by Alexandra Gavril who writes for the dedicated server providers heartinternet.co.uk

Sale of Dailymotion to Yahoo! Prevented by their Government!

According to sources, negotiations to sell a majority stake in Dailymotion with Yahoo are going on. The government, which holds a little more than a quarter of Orange shares, would have put pressure on the operator to terminate its discussions with Yahoo. Since last year, Orange does not hide their desire to increase the audience of Dailymotion in the world, especially in the United States. To achieve its goal, the incumbent has thus been seeking to find a U.S. partner. But since last March, it is likely that Orange and Yahoo! are negotiating. The partnership would be more logical if Dailymotion and Yahoo! both share their hands against their competitors to YouTube and Google. Such a marriage would have some sense. But Yahoo does not want to settle for a simple partnership, but rather take the option of biting mostly Dailymotion. There is talk of at least 75% share of specialist hosting videos on the internet. After the loss Priceminister, bought by the Japanese Rakuten in 2010, Meetic in 2011 (acquired by American Game), and France could therefore give another of his champions web.

 Dailymotion is one of the few content companies that France has managed to emerge on the Web in recent years, this is a real gem, and in addition does not lose money. It would be a shame to let it slip "has noted a personality of French Internet World. For the government, so let a foreign partner in a minority Dailymotion way is not a problem, but the majority stake is not in the program. Stephan Richard, CEO of Orange, has therefore complied with the requirements of the France government. Especially in recent months, rumors lend to Stephan Richard departure to other lands (Veolia), to be replaced by Anne Lauvergeon, former boss of Areva. However, this rumor was denied several times. Dailymotion on this same Stephan Richard reaffirmed its full commitment to the video platform owned recently 100% Orange. "I am very pleased with this investment, I personally rose at a time when shareholders Dailymotion, the FSI (Strategic Investment Fund, Ed), wanted to withdraw. (...) We will remain an influential shareholder Dailymotion and we will be attentive to the implications for Orange and the France of a possible alliance." It does not seem to matter of yield of Dailymotion another company to listen Stephan Richard. However, according to an internal source at Orange and contacted by Le Monde, the operator still not abandon the idea of finding a partner and is in talks with other American groups; But for a minority entry for them this time.

The Rise in Awareness of Contactless Payments

Contactless payments seem to have slipped into people’s awareness rather than having been launched with a fanfare in the way that chip-and-PIN payments were. Admittedly chip-and-PIN payments required a significant change in the behaviour of both merchants and consumers (from swiping and signing to dipping and entering PIN) and offered equally significant gains to both in terms of preventing fraud. Contactless payments, by contrast, were essentially a gain in terms of convenience.

The rollout of contactless began in the UK in 2007, albeit restricted to seven London postcodes and a small number of merchants in these areas [1]. Once the solution was confirmed as running smoothly, both in terms of the technology on the cards and in terms of the new requirements for the terminals; card-issuing banks and retailers began to implement the technology across the UK.

At first contactless transactions were limited to a maximum value of £10, which was in line with their intended use as a replacement for cash for low-value, high-volume transactions. This was where they found their initial foothold in the UK market with McDonalds and Pret a Manger both being early-adopters. Barclaycard made use of contactless technology to enhance its product offering. As well as starting to issue standard contactless cards, it also began to issue Barclays OnePulse, a combination payment and London Transport Travel card (Oyster card). This highlighted the convenience both of paying with just one touch and of reducing the number of cards held in consumers’ wallets.

In 2010 the limit for contactless transactions was raised again to £15 and their acceptance by both consumers and merchants steadily increased.

The turning point for the mainstream acceptance of contactless arguably came in 2012. As sponsors of the Olympics, Visa was eager to showcase their most innovative technologies in the “cashless games” and contactless became the star of the show. The speed and convenience of contactless payments became the centrepiece of a mainstream advertising campaign featuring international sprinting superstar Usain Bolt. At the same time, merchants who had hitherto ignored contactless began to reassess their strategy. As well as reaching out to sectors which had traditionally been cash-only (such as London taxis), contactless began to filter into areas which had long accepted cards (such as supermarkets) as a means of speeding up transactions (and thereby reducing queues).

There was a second milestone reached in 2012. London Transport initiated a plan to accept contactless cards in place of Oyster cards [2]. This began with upgrading touchpads on buses to accept contactless payment. At the moment, there are limitations to this in that those who use contactless will pay full fare for each journey rather than benefitting from the fare cap applied to Oyster payments, however plans are in place to correct this.

Moving into 2013, contactless payments seem well-placed to become a fully-fledged mainstream technology. Its speed and convenience have huge appeal to both merchants and consumers.

[1] http://www.contactless.info/
[2] http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/26416.aspx
This post was supplied on behalf of First Data Merchant Solutions, the payment processing partners.

Official Unveiling Announced For Xbox720

After months of silence, Microsoft does now seem to brass tacks. The manufacturer announced the official unveiling date for the Xbox 720. Within one month, Microsoft officially airs the curtain on the Xbox 720. The countdown for the great battle consoles has officially begun - and the Xbox 720 is right at the front. Two months after unveiling the PS4 Microsoft claimed the spotlight for themselves. The manufacturer currently sent invitations to the big Xbox show in Redmond, which is going to happen on 21 May 2013. The full program for the manufacturer promises 19 days later following E3. While only selected journalists traveling to the event in Redmond, you follow the event live on the Internet via xbox.com, Xbox Live or on the U.S. television channel Spike TV. Xbox Live icon and Microsoft employee Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb on his blog promises a glimpse of the next generation of games, television and entertainment. HD-DVD to Blu-ray - in the DVD format war to follow, which raged until early 2008, Microsoft fought on the losing side.

Theoretically, the Redmond IT giant could still mount with a Blu-ray drive in the Xbox 360's successor - and does it well also. But Microsoft needs to pull the trigger royalties to the Blu-ray consortium. Sony belongs to the group of companies that developed the Blu-ray. But Microsoft wants with its new console in the living room, because that is the most lucrative place for sale of entertainment content. To achieve this goal, the movie playback is essential. Without Blu-ray drive of the Xbox 360's successor has a competitive disadvantage. Streaming movies is an alternative in the U.S., in Europe, it looks different. In other countries it's usually cheaper to rent a Blu-ray from the video store. And the quality is also better. Confirm recent reports on alleged hardware specifications of the Xbox 720 that Microsoft's new console, the hip drive with the blue laser on board. But it can only to to install games or movies. Play back of the disc does not seem to work it seems. Numerous technical information haunt the next Microsoft console already through the net. Many suggest that the DADDELKISTE from Redmond, similar to the Playstation 4, puts on a PC-like hardware architecture. It now also suggests a job ad from Microsoft. Their security team is looking for a software developer to work on the security systems of the Xbox.

Applicants should have experience in dealing with x86 chipsets loud display. X86 refers to a variety of microprocessors in personal computers and are now in the Playstation for 4 years. It stands to reason that the Xbox 720 followed this trend. From an industry source close COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE first received information start the Xbox 720; Accordingly, the console appears here in November 2013 in two different price options. Upon completion of an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you get the source DADDELKISTE loud already for 299 Euros, but are bound for an unspecified time in the Premium Service. Opt for a membership, the console will cost you probably 499 Euros. Microsoft apparently wants to establish its subscription service as standard and is therefore going with a low price. Rumor "Forza 5" together with "Ryse" and two other tracks forms the core of the Xbox 720 launch banns. Even last year, pointed out an advertisement from Microsoft to work on the new offshoot of the racing game series. As the brand "Forza" is one of the major Microsoft exclusive titles, the publication of a new part to the start of the Xbox 720 is very likely. You may expect an almost photo-realistic racing spectacle that all predecessors in scope and provides output in the shade - and makes Sony's "Club Drive" powerful competition. So the Xbox 720 must be permanently connected to the Internet to function.

Remunerated in an exclusive partnership that already rumored to be made before the round: According to an insider Electronic Arts and Microsoft form the counterpart to Blizzard, Sony, and EA games offer at least temporarily exclusive to the Xbox 720th A step that would be useful and a significant challenge to Sony. Meanwhile, technical details about the upcoming console generation on everyone's lips. Well presented for a website that previously revealed the inner workings of the Xbox 720 and PS4, the graphics card the next Microsoft console in detail. Accordingly, the clocked with 800 MHz processing unit does not have its own memory, the so-called VRAM, but relies on the new technology of super-fast Esram. The Xbox 720 is in probably 32 megabytes and theoretically allows a maximum throughput of 102.4 gigabytes per second. In combination with the main memory of the console, apparently composed of eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM and allows a data throughput of 68 gigabytes per second, the graphics unit total reaches a throughput of more than 170 gigabytes per second.

The report says the card uses standard DirectX 11.1 graphics and supports an advanced form of antialiasing. Thanks to a store gentle compression process, the graphics card to the Xbox 720 thus eliminating aliasing, without losing too much processing power. In a previous report, the website also revealed technical data to other components of the Xbox 720 Thus, Microsoft's new console comes with an eight-core processor from AMD so. Each of these cores is clocked at 1.6 GHz, and can be processed independently the two instructions simultaneously. The Xbox 720 has, according to report in addition to a hard drive, a Blu-ray drive on board and connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to the Internet. The data appear plausible and largely coincide with earlier rumors. A statement is made by Microsoft.

New Share Button On Sony PS4

With the Share button on the Sony PS4 game controllers breaks new ground. In this case the invention was a quick shot. Thanks Share Button Share gamer moments of the game by pressing a button with friends. The Share button is one of the biggest innovations of the Playstation 4 controller. It owes its origin, according to a media report the idea of Sony Santa Monica developer Nathan Gary. They proposed the idea during a meeting before - and landed a direct hit. After they had agreed on the hardware of the PS4, They spent months planning the social functions of the console. When Gary then proposed to build in an extra button to connect to social networks, everyone was thrilled. According to Yoshida, you got the idea act directly implemented into practice. This is the next evolution of the Playstation gamepads: the DualShock controller 4. On the front there is a touchpad, as you know from laptops.

With the Share button upload video games up to the Internet. Even live broadcasts, which are engaged by your friends should be possible via the Share button and streaming. Admittedly, it is not necessarily a flood of information unleashed on the official Sony Playstation website. But at least the manufacturer since the unveiling in February for the first time provides new details on the PS4. So it is possible in the future to test every game in the Playstation Store previously via Gaikai free. A special demo is no longer necessary. The free sample go through streaming and download without waiting vonstatten and let yourself start out from the online store. As a further decision support on-screen videos are from friends who have already bought the game. According to Sony when needed easily via a pressure on the share button to allow your friends to follow your game live in the stream. Increases someone on your invitation, he may - with the prior permission - take over a join button control in your game, give advice or rich helpful items such as health packs. He does not play this same game on his console in parallel. Sony is targeting to make any PS4 game via Remote Play on PS Vita. Considering the fact that this works with the PS3 only in a few selected titles, enormous progress. Via smartphone and tablet wants to follow in the footsteps of social networks and keep gamers via app permanently game-related events with friends up to date Sony. How to record successes and outstanding achievements of colleagues automatically documented with a video or a screenshot and displayed on your "Wall". Despite official presentation of the PS4 is a myth. Specific details for the Sony console iron reserves for itself. Also, in a recent interview with a magazine Sony vice-president Michael Denny differs skillfully with all questions relating to general answers.

Only when it comes to selling price can be drawn from his remarks vague conclusions. So Denny makes it clear that they wanted to appeal to the widest range of players and we've learned from the difficult start of the PS3. He could not name a specific price, but his words could already draw a conclusion. Accordingly, Sony aims to achieve a favorable selling price, in which players have the opportunity strike. It would have to come into direct competition for the Wii U, which already has with their price 350-399 Euro struggle to find buyers. Since the PS4 with its multimedia capabilities has a significant value on board, a price around 400 Euros seems realistic and appealing to all audiences. According to the report of which you may have in the future more than ever, because Sony increases the current limit of 100 friends. Your account, as suggested in advance, subject only to a player, not to the console. Optionally, you link your playstation with your Facebook account, but are then probably forced to use your real name in the Playstation Network. The spectator mode is apparently firmly integrated into the Playstation 4, so that game developers do not need to install it separately in each title.

 A pressure on the Share button starts the mode. While friends watch you when you play, you send a long press on the Share button in the comments and take screenshots. Also streaming of games on the PS Vita is apparently an integral part of the PS4 hardware. This probably means that you can transfer any game on the handheld. To see the game at the same time on the TV screen and the display of the Vita. Since the Vita has fewer shoulder buttons than a normal controller, Sony automatically sets the appropriate functions to other keys. Developers to edit the assignment if necessary. The action buttons on the new DualShock controller are not as similar to previous models, but digital - game developers have made little use of the opportunities of the pressure sensitive buttons. The light bar on the gamepad lights according to the report available in blue, green, red, pink, marking the Player. The innovative touch pad control unit has a resolution of 1920x900 pixels and is thus able to register very fine movements. Sony revealed that connecting the new Playstation Eye camera via USB, but an in-house format plug to the console. The company introduced an app for iOS and Android, which allows go buy the Playstation Store and download the purchased software directly. Come on home, place so go away.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Google Adsense in Super leader board!

Google launches a new size of advertising to improve engagement. After the earlier introduction of a 300x600 format last November was success, Google is going to test the 970x90, standard adopted by the IAB and known as "Super leader board." Google announced yesterday in their blog post that they are testing the a new advertising format. Based on a banner, image, or text, 970x90, this format is an adaptation of the recommendations of the Interactive advertising bureau (IAB), which has recently included in its portfolio. The format, known as "Super leader board" at the IAB, it is wider than traditional banners of 728x90. Which can display up to four text ads, says the giant, or an interactive image. According to Google the main textual advertisement will be appear in the new 970x90 format and their new Super leader
board service can display up to four text ads organized in columns, but as for other formats the number of ads per unit may vary according to the impressions. At first, as advertisers do not be adapted, the pictures will be displayed 728x90. "Over time, they are planning to adapt the inventory of images and rich media for the 970x90 size more and every one can view more advertisements displayed full visual format.

Monday 22 April 2013

WhatsApp Messenger app has 200 million users!

Some of you may have never heard about WhatsApp and is having a strong user base like Twitter. b According to the words of its creator, the mobile application WhatsApp is used by more than 200 000 000 active users per month and 8000000000 Incoming messages per day and 12,000,000,000 Outgoing messages every day.

WhatsApp is an application-Chat Messenger available on most mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian. Every Smartphone can use the app to communicate with another phone brand and different OS as the application uses the Data package phone.

It therefore saves SMS charges. The exchange of messages can be done in pairs or groups and can send text, photos, videos and audio. The startup was founded in 2009 has raised $ 8 million in funding and has 50 employees only. With numbers like that mentioned above, it's a safe bet that it will attract new investors without much difficulty. Especially since the company charges $ 0.99 per year to its users on iOS and soon on other platforms to avoid displaying advertisements.

Thursday 18 April 2013

Outlook.com a replacement for Hotmail

In late November, Microsoft released an Android app for its service Outlook.com gently took the Hotmail site. Some users laughed, as only the logo and color code of the company was so different from what was available until then. Fortunately, with the version that has been published, you are entitled to real change. For several months, Microsoft implements replacing Hotmail by Outlook.com service. Look reworked and simplified and enhanced ergonomics, and everything is there to try to gain ground, especially against an ever Gmail also essential when it comes to webmail. It is in the context of the reorganization that had been right last November in an Android application that was actually nothing new. Indeed, it was a simple copy of Hotmail for Android with a blue logo and an inability to be offered in a language other than English. But Microsoft has finally decided to change things and just put online a new version Behind it lies a deep questioning of the interface that is unified from the online service. A menu on the left allows you to manage multiple accounts and you will find the option to add a flag to a mail exchange management in the form of conversations, sorting by statute or indicator. The parameters are already quite full and PIN protection, management of different character sets, the push, folders, calendars, or periods of inactivity can be found. The whole is rather successful, but we have yet encountered some delays and crashes on some devices including the Nexus 7.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Google Glass is nearing Completion!

The vision of the Google Glass is nearing completion getting closer. Today Google has released further details and an Android app. 2000 testers have agreed to test the data of Google Goggles for $ 1,500 in 2012. By and by they get their devices now. The details sounds impressive do not necessarily mean small glasses but they are there already. The camera, one of the main functions, features five megapixels pleasant when you shoot photos or videos at 720p. The user gets 16 GB of memory, of which four gigabytes of software but is technically proven. The battery will hold a full day. It is connected to the glasses with an Android device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. On the Smartphone application "My Glass" must be installed. It controls all the functions that run from the glasses over the phone. This includes calls, SMS and letter grades and the Internet connection. For children less than 13 years Google Glass is taboo. If you are below 13, you could suffer severe visual impairment: The display consists of a small prism in front of the eye. It is illuminated by a bright projector. The final price, the most important selling point, Google has not betrayed. But it should be well below the $ 1,500.

Monday 15 April 2013

Chat Heads integrated in Facebook Messenger

Chat Heads, one of the new applications introduced with Facebook Home, is available independently via the Facebook Messenger application. It provides access to a conversation regardless of the application that is being used. Facebook launched last Friday Facebook Home, its wrapper which transforms an Android Smartphone into "Facebook phone" with a "family of applications" that provide direct and permanent access to updates and the social messaging network. Among these new features is the implementation chat heads that includes Facebook and SMS messaging and is available regardless of the application that is being used. It is also available independently Facebook Home in the new version of Facebook Messenger. Once updated for devices running Android 2.2 and later, users receive Facebook notifications when a message or an SMS is sent. The faces of the speakers appear as thumbnails in the upper right corner of the screen and simply press it to open the conversation. As with Facebook Home, chat heads works with any active application which is an easy option that may overshadow other messaging applications.

Samsung NX2000 with Android OS

An Android camera, Samsung has been in the program, but also Samsung is working on a camera with the operating system. Already Samsung has the Galaxy Camera which is a compact camera running Android on offer. A camera with the operating system would be because only the next logical step. The blog photorumors.com now shows a photo of the unreleased NX2000 supposed to be seen. Detailed Description does not mention by the blogger himself, but refers to the Home button next to the screen. This is an indication was that the camera was installed on Android or developed by Samsung itself Tizen. In the photo published by photorumors.com is also reveals that the camera mapped according to its label has Wi-Fi and a CMOS image sensor in APS-C format with a resolution of 20.3 megapixels. Whether it really is the Samsung NX2000 and what it has to offer, we learn more hopefully soon. The previous system cameras from Samsung, as NX300, although already have Wi-Fi and access to social networks and other online services, but would clearly win with Android yet to features and comfort. Polaroid has already unveiled at CES in early January with the iM1836 an Android system camera.

Saturday 13 April 2013

Twitter Music is ready now!

There is now no doubt that the launch of the Twitter Music application is imminent and is going to happen soon. The official page is now active. However, any connection attempt causes a return to the home page for the moment which indicates that an invitation is needed. Several sources indicate that Twitter now reveal even very soon, maybe today, its music service. An ad that had taken place during the Coachella festival and which follow the takeover of We Are Hunted last year had already indicated the same. According to All Things Digital, Twitter will today launch that new application. Nicknamed the moment "Twitter Music", it would resume developed by We Are Hunted, bought last year concept.

The application works essentially a way of recommendation: it examines various indicators, including other Twitter accounts followed by the user. The music is then sent through a third party service such as iTunes or SoundCloud. The model would also work with videos, powered by Vevo service Sony and Universal. It is interesting to note that TechCrunch, via Josh Constine, highlights the dangers inherent in this festival as a launch: "The launch of a music application for the Coachella Twitter is risky. The festival is chaotic, the mobile signal is low, and people are trying to preserve their autonomy. Among the seven scenes and crowds of 75,000 participants, it may be difficult to find the time to download and use music application will. Hope we will get the answer soon!

Friday 12 April 2013

Secretbook for coded messages in Facebook pictures!

A new app available in the Chrome Store called Secretbook, which helps you to encoding messages into pictures that you then upload to Facebook. This extension for Google Chrome browser protects secret messages to the public and governments, says the text description of the app. Its author is Owen Campbell-Moore, a computer science student at the University of Oxford and also intern at Google. To use the application is simple, just upload a photo JPEG format at least 960 × 720 px preferably (for best quality) and avoid putting pictures with large identical parts (sky background solid color). Then enter your message and set a password for your friends to read it. Once the image is created with Secretbook, you just put it in a Facebook album or on the wall of your friend. The art of steganography is not new, and indeed perhaps the word reminds you of the story of the 10 Russian spies arrested in the United States in 2010? There are already tools to hide coded messages in images on Facebook but they were more complicated. Owen Campbell-Moore had to reproduce the images recompression algorithm used by Facebook. The app mimics what the social network to the reprocessing of the image of that minimizes damage and deformation that cause the secret message.

LinkedIn buys Pulse $ 90 million

The professional social network LinkedIn, with its 200 million members internationally, has announced the acquisition of the start-up Pulse, originally founded in 2010 by two students at Stanford University. Pulse is a mobile application that makes reading news reports and blogs available on the web. This platform is used by over 30 million users on iOS and Android, from 190 different countries. The application is available in nine different languages, and more than 40% of its users are outside the United States. The acquisition brings the talent (human resources), technology and all products developed since the inception of the company. According to the press release, the transaction is closer to 90 million U.S. dollars and consists of 90% stocks and 10% cash. The transaction may be concluded with the authorities in the second quarter of 2013. Most of the technology giants tried to acquire the Pulse but it was possible only for LinkedIn. LinkedIn gets their hands on a little gem that will allow it to diversify its activities. The stock as LinkedIn continues to rise near its annual high of 179$ this morning, which is nearly 90 times the expected earnings per share for the next year. It is trading in a fluctuating between 88.00 and U.S. $ 184.15 in the past 52 weeks range.

Microsoft removes a patch that failed!

It is always embarrassing to see a patch that creates more problems than it is supposed to correct. Yet this is what happened again to Microsoft's Security Bulletin April. The patch MS13-036 / KB 2823324 has indeed caused many problems for some users who tried to install through the normal process of updating Windows. For Windows 7, this patch causes crash in some cases when you restart the machine (blue screen) or conflicts with the system if it is protected by the Kaspersky antivirus. In The bulletin issued on Friday, Microsoft said that the patch has failed. It has therefore been removed from the Patch Tuesday. A significant number of users have already done or tried to do the monthly update for them, the editor gives instructions to follow to uninstall the patch holes. And a new patch will be released eventually to correct the fault initially referred.

Fingerprint Technology iPhone 5S Delayed

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, speaks of technical challenges of iPhone 5S which causing much delay. Everyone is eagerly expecting the release of the most popular iPhone 5S with a fingerprint technology. But just here there are unexpected challenges that have to cope with Apple. The manufacturer must somehow try to cause the black or white material under the glassy home button so that the fingerprint readers are not seen. Since right now no material is found which result seventh generation iPhone to come to market little late. Instead of summer it will be until the late summer or autumn. The same applies for iOS 7th Apple needs more time to develop and test the software because the fingerprint technique is difficult to integrate. And last but not least, the iPad 2 is packed with mini technical challenges. The reason here is the expected retinal display, which leads to complications in the production, according to Kuo. The bottom line remains Kuo's conclusion that the innovations of Apple this year come in the third quarter. We will probably have to wait if Apple mastered the speculative hurdles.

Touchscreen Kiosks to Take Over New York Subways

In the middle of March, New York City’s famous subway system has been invaded. Admittedly, there are no aliens involved, but the technology does look decidedly futuristic – interactive, touch screen kiosks have landed.
They look like they could have been in Minority Report or Blade Runner, and have well and truly modernised the old system of dirty, rusty, static maps. Designed from the ground up, specifically for the subway system, these touch screens have brought the future to an aging traffic service.
A Vision of Futurism
The touch screen kiosks measure 47 inches on the diagonal, and are set to touch down in the busiest stations first, such as the world famous Grand Central Station, and Jackson Heights in Queens. Sure, they’re essentially just glorified subway maps, but we predict that they’re on course to change the way you travel forever.
Designed by the Big Apple’s very own Control Group, they will be installed at no cost to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who are currently struggling with their revenue, and the bill will instead be footed by their designers. Don’t worry that Control Group are about to bankrupt themselves, however – they have done this in exchange for full creative control, which will include any profits that the machines might bring in.
They are currently on a pilot scheme, scheduled to run for about thirty months, after which it will be decided whether to expand upon the rollout or not. Of course, this means that the current kiosks are not working to their full capacity, but even in their present state, they’re nothing short of an information revolution.
Not Your Average Kiosk
Sure, current touch screen kiosks are nice, but this is a whole new ball game. Most screens use capacitive tech – these don’t. Oh no, these use a completely new kind of kiosk touch screen technology, one which uses what is known as “dispersive signal” receptors.
The touch layer, instead of being electrically conductive, has sensors in each corner, which measure the vibrations from your touching the screen and use them to calculate where exactly you prodded. This means that you’ll need to change how you press – instead of using your fingertip, it’s best to give it a bit of a flick with your nail.
If you’re a bit of a germophobe, here’s some good news – you don’t even have to touch the screens with your hand! Just use a pen or a coin; it’s fine! They’re said to be nigh on indestructible, so there’s no need to worry. And there’s no panic if they get dirty; they can just be hosed down!
So What Do They Do?
Well, for a start, they’re a vast improvement at telling users about any service disruptions – they can be updated in real time, giving you the very latest information at the touch of a button. And with their in-built notification system, you don’t have to go searching for info about delays; it’s already there.
And best of all, try going to Grand Central Station and tapping, say, Union Square. The map will give you the quickest route, and even tell you how long it should take. When you get there, the map can tell you interesting things to do in the area! The future is coming.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Feedly gets 3 million users in just 2 weeks!

Feedly has received 3 million new users following the announcement of the closure of Google Reader; that too only within 2 weeks. A number really unbelievable! And as the startup does not keep both feet in the same shoe, it advances its application continuously. For proof, Feedly today announced a new version of its RSS aggregator for mobile / tablet and computer. The first visible change when it connects to the player via Desktop is the automatic expansion of the play area to the entire screen. -An advanced search engine, faster and allows auto completion and displaying the results (with related tags) in real time as and when you type the keywords. Content discovery is (besides our RSS feed added) among the 50 million streams identified by the aggregator. A file-"Must Reads" which allows you never miss the most important items among the feeds that matter most. You must go to each feed are considered important Must Reads check the box and the file will appear at the top left, just below "Today" and before "All". See the overview screen Smartphone below: To refresh the content on your phone in 1 second, Feedly has added a "Pull to refresh". Always mobile, the new default view (my favorite) is the one that shows only the Securities News (can scan faster news a glance). Buttons-sharing and backup: they are numerous and really take time to practice on Feedly. In one click, you can send an article about Twitter, Facebook, Google +, the email or any application available on your phone, in Pocket (to read later) or saved items of Feedly (File "Saved for Later") in Buffer (to post later), copy the link of the post in the clipboard, etc. About its business model now, according to Techcrunch, Feedly will opt for the Freemium: free for everyone and paying for users who want to have more options, such as Dropbox and Evernote integration in particular, but also access to newspapers usually Pay by subscription. Charging is quite healthy and will reassure the sustainability of the service in the long term. For RSS readers have top but not sure they will succeed to survive in six months, it's not looking that most aggregators users.

Panasonic Lumix GF6 unfolds!

Panasonic on Tuesday unfolded the Lumix GF6, successor of the Lumix GF5 which is a hybrid device. Its sophisticated menu includes Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. The new device from Panasonic offers a built-in flash, a new Live MOS sensor of 16 megapixels, but also with Wi-Fi Direct and NFC connectivity. The monitor is of 3-inch tilting touch screen, can also be rotated up to 180 degrees so you can use the particular device self-portrait. Finally, GF6 can reach a sensitivity of ISO 3200 and ISO 25600 automatic mode to manual mode. In video, GF6 captures movies in Full HD to 50i. As such GF5, it offers 19 different photo filters and the ability to create stop motion animation with several shots. The main new features, Wi-Fi and NFC allow such as Smartphone or tablet to remotely trigger the camera in order to capture images remotely. The Panasonic Lumix GF6 is available in black, white, and brown and red. It will be released mid-May to 699 Euros for the version with motorized lens Powerz oom 14-42, 549 Euros for the standard kit with 14-42 lens and 749 Euros for a double kit with 14-42 lenses and a second 45 - 150.

Intel Announces Next Generation Thunderbolt

Intel announced next generation of Thunderbolt with Ultrafast connectivity that would be twice as fast as today. Intel disclosed in a press conference that they were already working on an evolution of its connections. In doing so, the Thunderbolt is gradually approaching the promise of 100 Gbits per channel promised Light Peak, the original concept. Today, the Thunderbolt can send and receive data at 10 Gbps. Version 2.0 will double this rate to a increase of 20 Gbps. Coupled with its ability bidirectional transfer, this increased speed allows the user to watch a Ultra HD video while transferring a file at the same time and all this with a single cable connected between the computer and an external disk at the same instance. This new version of the Thunderbolt will be available in 2014 Intel added.

To take advantage, it will market a PC and devices with a chip Thunderbolt fourth generation and is code name "Falcon Ridge". In addition to his prodigious rates, the Thunderbolt is able to chain several devices together. Connected to each other, they communicate the same way with the computer as the first device connected to it. At the beginning of the project, Intel was mocked because they used copper in the very beginning instead of optical fiber which is the darling of manufacturers. While Apple was the first to trust Intel Thunderbolt implanting in its machines, it is now more than 200 manufacturers have taken a license.

Apple acquires WiFiSlam

Apple confirmed on March 24 the acquisition of a start-up in Silicon Valley, called WiFiSlam specializing in designing map applications for smart phones. Apple hopes to develop its expertise in the field of inland navigation, facilitating the movement of users of such technology within public buildings. Technology WiFiSlam uses WiFi nearby user to determine the exact position - with an accuracy of 2.5 meters - of the smart phone holder. As usual, Apple has confirmed the purchase, but without giving details about it. The news was leaked at first by The Wall Street Journal, citing a person familiar with the case and that the Cupertino Company would have paid a whopping $ 20 million for the sapling.

Apple (Plans) and Google (Google Maps) are in a race to provide their users with better mapping and GPS tools. The company led by Tim Cook had even publicly apologized to the poor quality of the first GPS tool developed at the launch of the iPhone 5. Paradoxically, WiFiSlam be the work of two former Google employees. According to TechCrunch WiFiSlam could count on the support of angel investors including Naval Ravikant, Don Dodge and Felix Shipman. Recall that Apple has a war chest of about U.S. $ 137 billion in combined cash and investments, without calculating the cash flows generated from the last quarter. The Apple also presents its latest financial results on April 23. As its stock (AAPL-Q) is currently trading around U.S. $ 443, after playing in a swing between 419 and $ 705 range.

Why are Smartphone Sales Overtaking PC Sales?

For the past couple of years, smartphones have been outselling PCs, and this trend is expected to continue into the future now. With smartphone sales going from strength to strength, it is unlikely we’ll see a reversal in this trend anytime soon. Prices of BlackBerry and Android handsets are rapidly coming down, with each new iPhone release pushing down the prices of older models, meaning it’s becoming more and more affordable to own a smartphone.
One of the reasons smartphones are becoming so popular is that people are becoming more and more connected. Smartphones aren’t just for calls and texts; they’re social and business hubs too. People use their phones for social networking, for sharing images and videos, for viewing media, for sending business emails... In fact, almost everything that can be done on a regular PC can now be done on a smartphone.
It also helps that smartphones are portable. While you can carry your entire photo and music collection around on a phone, you are at the mercy of your PC in terms of location. Set your PC up in your bedroom but want to show someone downstairs a photo? You either have to summon them upstairs to have a look or transfer that photo onto a portable device such as a smartphone. Smartphones offer a far greater degree of flexibility than PCs. This is even true if we think about laptops in their capacity as personal PCs. Yes, they’re smaller and yes, they can be carried around, but a tiny pocket-sized device is far more desirable than carrying a laptop around all day, every day.
So does this signal the end of the PC? It’s very doubtful. PCs are still the staple of every office desk in the country, and are much better at handling large amounts of data. While smartphones are improving their media handling abilities, the fact is that PCs are still far better at loading videos, handling lots of open windows and for basic word processing and spreadsheets. Imagine having to type an entire report up using tiny buttons...
The reality is that while smartphones are becoming more and more popular, PCs still have their place and are still just as important as ever. Remember that the reason smartphone sales are relatively high compared to PCs is probably because the vast majority of people with a smartphone will probably already have a PC. Of course fewer people will be buying replacement PCs each quarter than new smartphones, so really the two devices are just as useful as the other with their own unique points. It’s safe to say that we won’t be saying goodbye to PCs just yet.
Annie Glover is a freelance telecommunications correspondent who writes for a number of online publications about the future of mobile communications

Windows Phone 8 will be Full HD screens soon!

According to The Verge, Windows Phone 8 will manage the high definition Full HD screens by the end of this year. This support is planned for version GDR3 (General Distribution Release) and is currently under development for future Smartphones. And several updates for Windows Phone 8 will be available before the Blue version. Recently, it has been able to see that the Lumia 928, expected to Verizon soon embark GDR2 version of Windows Phone 8 and the Version 3 is scheduled for later in the year, and obviously we know at least one of its characteristics. According to The Verge, the GDR3 Windows Phone 8 will take into account the effect of Full HD (1080p) for screens, while the system is currently limited to 720p.

 According to some source, who cite several sources "close to Microsoft Project," this future version of the mobile system would also support new chips from Qualcomm. This is particularly the case of models with four cores. Double support is ultimately logical, especially if you replace the elements in their context. In December, Bloomberg stated in effect that the manufacturer HTC had to cancel a draft Smartphone. The company wanted to produce a Windows Phone 8 model equipped with a 4.7-inch screen 1080p but finally gave up.

Facebook makes you Childish!

"Facebook can change our brain" - warns Neuroscientist Susan Greenfield of Oxford University (UK). In the British "Telegraph" she says, not only that we give up our individuality through social networks, but also our way of thinking is modified as childish. Especially "Facebook Home" - the new user interface, in which you get instead of the usual apps and widgets, updates of your Facebook friends on the home page of your smart phones immediately- it deems objectionable. At first glance, "Facebook Home" seems harmless: One knows immediately what is going on with friends and what photos they have just posted. But exactly this we are always obsessed! Obsessed to monitor the lives of others and at the same time to hold every moment of one's existence in the social network; simply addicted to the social network. We hurt ourselves above all, more precisely, our individuality, says Greenfield. Mark Zuckerberg has decided "Facebook Home" for the time being only for Android.

In an interview with the magazine "Wired" said Mark Zuckerberg, why own a Smartphone for Facebook is not worthwhile. Permanent get shown the lives of others, puts pressure on us to also perform a digital super-life, rather than preserve privacy. Our brain is so to speak slowly reprogrammed from "individualist" to "public joint stock man." "The human brain is superior to the other species, since it has the unique ability to adapt to its environment - it's sort formable. Since we live in an ever-expanding world of digital, we are permanently trimmed to alert what other people are doing (in which case our Facebook friends) or just think that they currently represent. This our way of thinking, our attitude for too many things will change. " The fatal consequence, according to Greenfield: Our way of thinking is rather childish, depending on the behavior and thoughts of others. We ACT instead of REACT.

Define ourselves by "Like" data and the number of responses to our postings. Moreover, we do not take the time to reflect inwardly as we are at certain things, but be guided by the opinion of the crowd. Our experiences are only exciting, interesting or bizarre was when our digital friends also find - and comment accordingly. Although we consider all of our privacy as the highest good, we give them in total to complete network to be part of the community. To "Like" information gathering, we provide cheap photos, memories and desires. We prefer to respond quickly to a posting, as we take the time to, first of all think about how we actually find it. According to Greenfield, we thus develop a new identity - and an over-networked, community identity. The danger: Just as the community sees us, we finally see each other.

Tablet Market: Android vs Windows

Windows and Android tablet are the most widely held tablet gadgets in the world today. Android for instance is the most all the rage mobile platform in the world. Microsoft on the other hand is not left behind, Their Windows Surface tablet is available in two versions; one uses the Windows 8 operating system while the other Windows RT. Both have the ease to enable users to navigate on the screen using either a mouse or keyboard, or with the use of a touch gesture which is on the screen using a finger.

Primed as a different era of technology, companies are being competitive with their range of products they have to offer in the market. Let's focus our attention on Android and Windows tablet and see what new exciting features they bring on the table for the lovers of technology around the world.

You will be excited to experience the different types of new amazing tablets on the market, Android and Windows. Android tablet runs on the Android operating system, Android tablets have plenty of amazing features to offer. With this devices you can access all the exciting Google apps you have heard of. We have over 600,000 apps and games available on the Google play. All these are for your entertainment alongside thousands of books and movies to keep you glued to your new electronic device. Browse fast and efficiently on your Android tablet using chrome; access your web pages faster and efficiently than ever before. Enjoy and experience the power of Google search on the go.

With Android tablet, you can seamlessly and quickly switch between apps and pick up whatever you were working on before. Managing multiple tasks simultaneously on a Windows and Android tablet device has never been easier.

Microsoft has never been left behind either. With their new Windows 8 tablet, there is only so much you can do. In the emerging mobile computing era, the genius of technology and creativity of device makers can be interesting. The world has just become a global village with these new ranges of devices. Accessing the internet has never been easier; communication has become simpler and efficient. Microsoft sells its own range of Microsoft Windows 8 RT tablet. It measures 9.3mm thick. Its surface is built around magnesium casing that weighs less than 1.4 pounds, comes with an NVIDIA- inbuilt ARM chip which powers it. Microsoft's-hardware partner went an extra mile to do some extra touches, this includes: A built-in stand, aduo 2x2 MIMO antennas for wireless fidelity 10.6-inch optical HD display comes with a magnesium attached cover, which protects this awesome device; it includes a track pad and a full multitouch keypad. As for extension, it comes with one each of microSD, HDMI and USB 2.0, in addition a64GB or 32GB storage, while software comprises the usual Windows 8 accessory and a new version of Netflix.

Given the changing aspects of emerging trends invigorated by consumer tastes and preferences, industry players are spending more time in developing new and amazing products, on Windows and Android platforms. In the near future i predict dominance is the same.
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How Did We Communicate Before Phone Service?

Most people think of their cellular phones as part of their bodies; going anywhere without one is impossible to even think of, and nightmare scenarios are running out of battery juice without the ability to recharge your phone, or going to an area without cellular reception.
Considering how addicted and dependent we are on our phones, an era without cellular phones or even fixed line phones seems like the Dark Age. Before Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, the world communicated through telegraphs and letters.
Of course, this meant that if you wanted to communicate with someone far away you would have to be literate in order to write the letter and the receiver would have to be able to read it, too. People that were unable to read and write had to depend on friends, relatives or neighbors to write and read letters.

Telephone to Cellular Phones
Though the invention of the telephone did not receive the welcoming response you would expect, considering how much easier it made a person’s life, with time that stigma was removed and people starting using telephones. At the start, a telephone was not the cheapest device and call rates were quite high. These rates gradually dropped and more people started owning telephones. At that time, for a long distance call you had to dial an operator first and request the desired number.

In 1944, the US government started using computers and brought about the Information Age. With commercial use of computers starting in 1951, the foundation of cellular technology was set. It might be surprising to you, but cellular phones were made for cars in 1956, and in 1976, the world’s first cellular network was started in Japan. Since then, cellular networks have been launched all around the world. According to the statistics, 86.7% of the world today is subscribed to a mobile network.

How Bulky Cellular Phones Turned Tiny
Handset manufacturers have now started making cell phones that are also wrist watches, while just a decade ago the smallest cellular phone was a big, heavy instrument, you could probably have used as a bludgeoning weapon.

With development and commercialization of the internet, our lives have been made so much easier. Its wide use has offered phone manufacturers new technologies and you can now video chat with your family and friends across continents in real time. You no longer have to wait for months for a letter to be delivered to your family.

We are now in the fourth generation of mobile networks making it possible to conduct even our financial transactions via our cellular phones and video talk with people on the move. If you remember the popular cartoon series “The Jetsons”, apart from the flying cars and fully-functioning talking robots in every home, we seem to have most of the gadgets they showed.

Phone Service Providers
The only thing making your life harder, nowadays, is too wide of a choice. There are numerous service providers and it can become difficult to choose one that fits your needs the best. There are a few simple things you should keep in mind when choosing a service provider:
  • Compatibility with your phone
  • Bundled offers that often provide the most value for money
  • Good technical support
  • Available discounts
  • A download plan that meets your need for speed
Communicating with people that live far away and keeping in touch with friends you haven’t met in years is possible now. While communication has gone a lot further than anyone in the last century would have believed, there is still a long way to go. For the time being, one among good choices is Comcast who not only provides phone service, but also provides high speed Internet and cable TV as well.
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