Thursday 18 April 2013 a replacement for Hotmail

In late November, Microsoft released an Android app for its service gently took the Hotmail site. Some users laughed, as only the logo and color code of the company was so different from what was available until then. Fortunately, with the version that has been published, you are entitled to real change. For several months, Microsoft implements replacing Hotmail by service. Look reworked and simplified and enhanced ergonomics, and everything is there to try to gain ground, especially against an ever Gmail also essential when it comes to webmail. It is in the context of the reorganization that had been right last November in an Android application that was actually nothing new. Indeed, it was a simple copy of Hotmail for Android with a blue logo and an inability to be offered in a language other than English. But Microsoft has finally decided to change things and just put online a new version Behind it lies a deep questioning of the interface that is unified from the online service. A menu on the left allows you to manage multiple accounts and you will find the option to add a flag to a mail exchange management in the form of conversations, sorting by statute or indicator. The parameters are already quite full and PIN protection, management of different character sets, the push, folders, calendars, or periods of inactivity can be found. The whole is rather successful, but we have yet encountered some delays and crashes on some devices including the Nexus 7.

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