Monday 15 April 2013

Chat Heads integrated in Facebook Messenger

Chat Heads, one of the new applications introduced with Facebook Home, is available independently via the Facebook Messenger application. It provides access to a conversation regardless of the application that is being used. Facebook launched last Friday Facebook Home, its wrapper which transforms an Android Smartphone into "Facebook phone" with a "family of applications" that provide direct and permanent access to updates and the social messaging network. Among these new features is the implementation chat heads that includes Facebook and SMS messaging and is available regardless of the application that is being used. It is also available independently Facebook Home in the new version of Facebook Messenger. Once updated for devices running Android 2.2 and later, users receive Facebook notifications when a message or an SMS is sent. The faces of the speakers appear as thumbnails in the upper right corner of the screen and simply press it to open the conversation. As with Facebook Home, chat heads works with any active application which is an easy option that may overshadow other messaging applications.

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  1. the feature is good.. but the simpler it was... the better!


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