Sunday 28 April 2013

New Microsoft browser Internet Explorer 11

Windows 8.1 is not only a major update of the latest operating system from Microsoft, but also a new version of Internet Explorer in this year. The first emerged preliminary versions of Internet Explorer 11 have offered no visual novelties. The Internet Explorer 10 along with Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced in 2012 the great turnaround. Modern, faster, safer - better - to be the new American software forge. With the IE10 this succeeds the company largely: Optimized for touch user interface, tracking protection, built-in spelling correction brings IE back on par with the competition. But Microsoft did not want to squander his arduous comeback on Firefox and Chrome. While the strongest competitor, Mozilla and Google bring to the market every six weeks, a new version of its browser, Microsoft has taken the leap from IE9 to IE10 whole two years. That the successor cannot wait quite so long in coming, appearing regularly put rumors close: because together with the successor of Windows 8, Microsoft seems too busy to tinker with a new browser. According to insider reports are to be expected with the release of the new software later this year. This must be re-Published in a net pre-release version of Windows 8.1 (codename Blue) already provided a first look. But so far, Microsoft does still extremely cloudy.

On the surface, no changes are visible. Only under the hood did more. There is also evidence that Microsoft integrates Web Graphics Library "WebGL" in the upcoming version of browser. The browser can work with the help of the graphics card, advanced 3D graphics without the need of additional software. By porting the Unreal 3 Enginge for Firefox Mozilla has recently demonstrated the potential that lies dormant in this area. Previously, Microsoft had refused for security reasons, to integrate the interface. Potential security vulnerability would allow far-reaching access to the PC. Therefore, Safari and Opera WebGL have either built, but disabled by default. Only in Firefox and Chrome you can find the graphics interface previously active. According to a reports the Internet Explorer 11 wipe gestures to control the browser on the PC. Although already has the Metro version of IE10 via a user interface for touch control, the successor but also the desktop version should be served by hand. With this move, Microsoft has not only "new" operating concepts in mind, but it worked sensibly to overcome the (operator) barrier between the Metro and desktop interface of Windows 8. In the unofficial pre-release Microsoft has also changed the user agent of the browser: for example, the Internet Explorer web pages are as compared to Firefox browser. In addition, Microsoft is working on an integration of the obvious SPDY protocol. The network protocol developed by Google modified parts of the HTTP protocol and trims it for speed.

The goal is to speed up browsing. In addition to Chrome Firefox and Opera already support the protocol. Whether it's Microsoft with Internet Explorer 11 manages to further stifle the technical edge of competition, cannot be estimated at this stage. The previously available version of IE11 is more reminiscent still version 10.1 as a proper successor. Only if the manufacturer provides an official pre-release version of the new IE is mandatory statements about the potential of the new Microsoft browser can meet.

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