Friday 26 April 2013

Official Unveiling Announced For Xbox720

After months of silence, Microsoft does now seem to brass tacks. The manufacturer announced the official unveiling date for the Xbox 720. Within one month, Microsoft officially airs the curtain on the Xbox 720. The countdown for the great battle consoles has officially begun - and the Xbox 720 is right at the front. Two months after unveiling the PS4 Microsoft claimed the spotlight for themselves. The manufacturer currently sent invitations to the big Xbox show in Redmond, which is going to happen on 21 May 2013. The full program for the manufacturer promises 19 days later following E3. While only selected journalists traveling to the event in Redmond, you follow the event live on the Internet via, Xbox Live or on the U.S. television channel Spike TV. Xbox Live icon and Microsoft employee Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb on his blog promises a glimpse of the next generation of games, television and entertainment. HD-DVD to Blu-ray - in the DVD format war to follow, which raged until early 2008, Microsoft fought on the losing side.

Theoretically, the Redmond IT giant could still mount with a Blu-ray drive in the Xbox 360's successor - and does it well also. But Microsoft needs to pull the trigger royalties to the Blu-ray consortium. Sony belongs to the group of companies that developed the Blu-ray. But Microsoft wants with its new console in the living room, because that is the most lucrative place for sale of entertainment content. To achieve this goal, the movie playback is essential. Without Blu-ray drive of the Xbox 360's successor has a competitive disadvantage. Streaming movies is an alternative in the U.S., in Europe, it looks different. In other countries it's usually cheaper to rent a Blu-ray from the video store. And the quality is also better. Confirm recent reports on alleged hardware specifications of the Xbox 720 that Microsoft's new console, the hip drive with the blue laser on board. But it can only to to install games or movies. Play back of the disc does not seem to work it seems. Numerous technical information haunt the next Microsoft console already through the net. Many suggest that the DADDELKISTE from Redmond, similar to the Playstation 4, puts on a PC-like hardware architecture. It now also suggests a job ad from Microsoft. Their security team is looking for a software developer to work on the security systems of the Xbox.

Applicants should have experience in dealing with x86 chipsets loud display. X86 refers to a variety of microprocessors in personal computers and are now in the Playstation for 4 years. It stands to reason that the Xbox 720 followed this trend. From an industry source close COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE first received information start the Xbox 720; Accordingly, the console appears here in November 2013 in two different price options. Upon completion of an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you get the source DADDELKISTE loud already for 299 Euros, but are bound for an unspecified time in the Premium Service. Opt for a membership, the console will cost you probably 499 Euros. Microsoft apparently wants to establish its subscription service as standard and is therefore going with a low price. Rumor "Forza 5" together with "Ryse" and two other tracks forms the core of the Xbox 720 launch banns. Even last year, pointed out an advertisement from Microsoft to work on the new offshoot of the racing game series. As the brand "Forza" is one of the major Microsoft exclusive titles, the publication of a new part to the start of the Xbox 720 is very likely. You may expect an almost photo-realistic racing spectacle that all predecessors in scope and provides output in the shade - and makes Sony's "Club Drive" powerful competition. So the Xbox 720 must be permanently connected to the Internet to function.

Remunerated in an exclusive partnership that already rumored to be made before the round: According to an insider Electronic Arts and Microsoft form the counterpart to Blizzard, Sony, and EA games offer at least temporarily exclusive to the Xbox 720th A step that would be useful and a significant challenge to Sony. Meanwhile, technical details about the upcoming console generation on everyone's lips. Well presented for a website that previously revealed the inner workings of the Xbox 720 and PS4, the graphics card the next Microsoft console in detail. Accordingly, the clocked with 800 MHz processing unit does not have its own memory, the so-called VRAM, but relies on the new technology of super-fast Esram. The Xbox 720 is in probably 32 megabytes and theoretically allows a maximum throughput of 102.4 gigabytes per second. In combination with the main memory of the console, apparently composed of eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM and allows a data throughput of 68 gigabytes per second, the graphics unit total reaches a throughput of more than 170 gigabytes per second.

The report says the card uses standard DirectX 11.1 graphics and supports an advanced form of antialiasing. Thanks to a store gentle compression process, the graphics card to the Xbox 720 thus eliminating aliasing, without losing too much processing power. In a previous report, the website also revealed technical data to other components of the Xbox 720 Thus, Microsoft's new console comes with an eight-core processor from AMD so. Each of these cores is clocked at 1.6 GHz, and can be processed independently the two instructions simultaneously. The Xbox 720 has, according to report in addition to a hard drive, a Blu-ray drive on board and connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to the Internet. The data appear plausible and largely coincide with earlier rumors. A statement is made by Microsoft.

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