Wednesday 10 April 2013

Intel Announces Next Generation Thunderbolt

Intel announced next generation of Thunderbolt with Ultrafast connectivity that would be twice as fast as today. Intel disclosed in a press conference that they were already working on an evolution of its connections. In doing so, the Thunderbolt is gradually approaching the promise of 100 Gbits per channel promised Light Peak, the original concept. Today, the Thunderbolt can send and receive data at 10 Gbps. Version 2.0 will double this rate to a increase of 20 Gbps. Coupled with its ability bidirectional transfer, this increased speed allows the user to watch a Ultra HD video while transferring a file at the same time and all this with a single cable connected between the computer and an external disk at the same instance. This new version of the Thunderbolt will be available in 2014 Intel added.

To take advantage, it will market a PC and devices with a chip Thunderbolt fourth generation and is code name "Falcon Ridge". In addition to his prodigious rates, the Thunderbolt is able to chain several devices together. Connected to each other, they communicate the same way with the computer as the first device connected to it. At the beginning of the project, Intel was mocked because they used copper in the very beginning instead of optical fiber which is the darling of manufacturers. While Apple was the first to trust Intel Thunderbolt implanting in its machines, it is now more than 200 manufacturers have taken a license.

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