Thursday 25 April 2013

Google Adsense in Super leader board!

Google launches a new size of advertising to improve engagement. After the earlier introduction of a 300x600 format last November was success, Google is going to test the 970x90, standard adopted by the IAB and known as "Super leader board." Google announced yesterday in their blog post that they are testing the a new advertising format. Based on a banner, image, or text, 970x90, this format is an adaptation of the recommendations of the Interactive advertising bureau (IAB), which has recently included in its portfolio. The format, known as "Super leader board" at the IAB, it is wider than traditional banners of 728x90. Which can display up to four text ads, says the giant, or an interactive image. According to Google the main textual advertisement will be appear in the new 970x90 format and their new Super leader
board service can display up to four text ads organized in columns, but as for other formats the number of ads per unit may vary according to the impressions. At first, as advertisers do not be adapted, the pictures will be displayed 728x90. "Over time, they are planning to adapt the inventory of images and rich media for the 970x90 size more and every one can view more advertisements displayed full visual format.

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