Monday 1 April 2013

Google Launches Shopping Express to compete with Amazon!

The search Google giant promises the delivery of products in 1 business day based on large retail chains. After landing in competitor airlines comparators with his Flights Google, the Search engine giant now intends to come to compete with Amazon Shopping Express piloted in the United States, in the San Francisco area. The observation made by the Google is simple. When they want to buy a product, users often turn first to Google search. Therefore Google is on strong position to capitalize and develop a form of e-commerce. How this can be achieved? Through a quick delivery of products purchased from retail partners with a network drive. "This is a local delivery service, which we hope will receive your purchases online the same day and at low cost," promises the product manager, Tom Fallows.

 Google, which has so for no e-commerce platform, is positioned here to showcase all major retail storefront as supermarkets like Target, Walgreens pharmacies, chain American Eagle clothing that Toys R Us. Google Shopping Express arises as a direct competitor Premium service offered through Amazon $ 79 per year and that gives the right to one business day delivery at will. However, the engine has not yet specified the price of the service. According to source, it varies between 64 and 69 dollars, or 15 U.S. $ 10 less than the Amazon service. In e-commerce, Google will not stop with this and we can expect further steps soon. It is worth remembered that Google offered Bufferbox specializing in collection points secure parcels purchased online.

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