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Friday 5 April 2019

Amazon Wants to Hide Alexa inside Your Web Router

Amazon Wants to Hide Alexa inside Your Web Router

Amazon – Changes on Smart Assistant Market

Amazon has made some small though substantial moves recently with its ambitions on the smart assistant market and the pipes of the internet. Initially it publicised that it would be purchasing mesh networking startup eero.Later it disclosed that it would assist semiconductor firm Qualcomm on development kit in bringing Alexa in mesh networking. Considering this, it indicates that the company tends to be interested in the development of new routers. It also portrays how Alxea can be utilised on the accesses of the internet.It is a matter of concern on how the internet’s main cloud provider could be controlling the Wi-Fi in our homes.

Mesh Networking 

Router which many are familiar with is considered to be a sole device, placed in a cabinet or beneath the stairway. The mesh networking is said to be an interconnected router known as nodes. Rather than depending on a single node for signal, the mesh networking connection is said to be divided across a mesh of nodes, wherein each one provides Wi-Fi coverage.

 However, they tend to function as single network. Moreover, there is no hierarchy between these small mesh networking routers, no central node. Should one stop functioning, the rest of the system would be capable of re-routing and proceed as usual.

Smart Home Appliance 

Since the 1980s, mesh networking had been utilised by the military and for a long time by city organisationdevelopments. However the same has now entered the home for a couple of years owing to the advancement in technology and the development of Wi-Fi where the demand of smart home appliance is on the rise.

Data site Statista, has disclosed that the revenue in smart home market is likely to increase to $35.9 billion towards 2019 which would further escalate to $53.45 in 2022. It is an understanding that more the level of smart home appliances, greater would be the dependence on steady Wi-Fi coverage.Brad Russell, research director at consulting company Parks Associates, had commented that it was not surprising that Google, Amazon and Samsung had made their way towards thismesh networking segment.

He added that, home networking was an important infrastructure for the connected home’.From the comfort point of view, merging a router with the functions of Alexa tends to make some sense. For instance, the Echo Dot has been designed to be adequately reasonable to be placed all over in the home.

Mesh Echo 

No announcement has been done by the company regarding mesh Echo though it tends to have its own mesh networking start-up eero. The work with Qualcomm would mean that the manufacturers utilising the standard chipmaker comprising of Netgear and Asus could bring Alexa to their routers.

It is here that the privacy needs to be taken in consideration. Several smart home device manufacturers have brought about awareness on the demands placed by Google and Amazon on them for provision of status updates on the activity of device. Senior director of Logitech International, Ian Crowe, had informed Bloomberg that there are relevant concerns regarding how much the system recognizes this.

Privacy policy of Eero states that the company does not keep track of the internet browsing activity though it tends to gather personal data like name, telephone number, e-mail address at the time of registering of accounts. It tends to automatically collect device data in use inclusive of the MAC and IP addresses from the associated devices. We need to wait and watch on the upcoming developments that are in store.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Amazon Revamps Echo Smart Speaker Family


Echo Smart Speaker – Improved Sound & Voice Recognition

New forms of its Echo smart speaker with the possibility of improved sound and voice recognition has been announced by Amazon. Moreover, the simple model also enables in changing its shell and provides it with different looks which is a feature offered already by the opponent Home gadget of Google. A bigger Echo Plus enhanced by a `home hub’ enables it in controlling smart light bulbs together with third party products minus a separate data-linking gadget.

 The Echo Spot tends to have a screen which makes the video calls as wells camera feed promising. Sales figures for the earlier Echo line-up had not been released by Amazon, however researchers have recommended it. Its smaller sibling, the Echo Dot has been the best-selling device.

The Echo family is said to account for around 75% of the US market with regards to internet-linked speakers together with built-in smart assistant functionality that has been estimated earlier this month by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Till date it has been suggested that around 15 million devices have been sold. The latest Echo smart speaker is said to be smaller than its predecessor and has the advantage from a keen bass tweeter.

Six Swappable Shells/Various Materials

The Echo smart speaker comes with the option of six swappable shells with various materials and gadget is priced at £90/$100/100 euros which it around 40% cheaper than the earlier version and challenging the £129 Google Home gadget. The Echo Plus compatible with the Zigbee smart home protocol is priced at £140/$150/150 euros while the Echo Spot having a screen size of 2.5-inch together with a built-in camera is priced at $130.

The same will be launched in December in the US though has not provided a release date elsewhere. Blake Kozak from the HIS Technology consultancy had commented that Amazon has been the first agent in this market and hence had the benefit over some of those who had entered the same space. He further added that it was incredibly important for them to do a refresh, wherein the original Echo came out in 2014 and the hardware had not been updated ever since, though the software as well as the back-end services had been enhanced incessantly.

Most of the latest systems tend to feature Alexa assistant of Amazon and would not be seen as a risk. Thereafter several more premium systems had been announced with higher quality speakers and hence Amazon needed to be seen to contest the competition. This brought in the Echo smart speaker in the market.

Competing Schemes

Earlier, Amazon had mentioned that it tends to sell its Echo smart speaker approximately for the price it cost in producing the gadget and since its final objective is to utilise Alexa as a means of driving sales of the other goods and services. However, earlier this month, at the Berlin’s Ifa tech show, many big name manufactures comprising of Sony JBL and Panasonic had launched systems powered by the rival Assistant of Google. Additional competing schemes that are anticipated before the end of the year comprise of-
  • Siri powered HomePod speaker system of Apple
  • Invoke of Harmon/Kardon that will utilise Cortana technology of Microsoft
  • Novel speaker from Sonos which would be supporting multiple smart assistants
  • The likelihood of a new version of the Google Home when search firm tends to host an event on 4 October.


Link to Landline – Speakers into Speakerphones

Besides the Echo smart speaker, Amazon has also made an announcement of the gadget, Echo Buttons – small Bluetooth based buzzers, at its Seattle event which could be utilised for playing games on its speakers, inclusive of an upcoming version of Trivial Pursuit. Moreover it has also publicized the Echo Connect which is a gadget that tends to link to a landline turning its speakers into speakerphones. It has also announced an arrangement of bringing Alexa to some of the BMW’S cars inclusive of its Mini brand.

Geoff Blaber from the tech consultancy CCS Insight had stated that Amazon tends to have the momentum in the smart speaker and voice assistant area. This announcement had been developed to deepen its role in daily lives and this tends to raise the bar considerably for Apple and Google.

Amazon seems to be functioning exceptionally hard in exploiting on the success of its smart assistant hardware and that he is concerned this new line-up seems to be complex and the most knowledgeable consumers would be perplexed as to what feature they would be expecting for their money. The option is said to be immense with Echo, Echo Plus, Dot, Look, Spot, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick together with the Dash Wand. With the Echo smart speaker, Amazon has the opportunity to do for home automation what Apple had done for smartphones.

It was essential for the company to announce a smartphone which would be an enhanced gadget than the upcoming iPhone X and now a home assistant set-up which is tougher than what had been portrayed by Amazon

Friday 12 May 2017

Can Amazon's Assistant Stay on Top?

In the latter half of 2014, Amazon surprisingly released a standalone digital assistant that couldn’t be matched by its competitors in terms of quality and aesthetics. A cylindrical speaker with a microphone called Echo holds the lead at 70% from all digital assistant use in the US against its competitors Google Home and Alphabet. Although the idea of talking to an inanimate object is unusual and uneasy to many, this is a new concept that companies are working on and are gaining traction.

In a market survey report, Emarketer made an estimate of about 36 million Americans use voice-activated digital assistant at least once in a month’s time which is a rise of 129% compared to last year. There are three Echo models made available by Amazon: Echo, which is the original model, the Echo Dot which is low-end and the Echo Tap Speaker which is portable.

A personal assistant named Alexa voices the Echo devices. More than half of all Echo units are accounted for by Echo Dot itself. The new device, which is Amazon’s latest effort to gain more success in this area, is likely to have a 7-inch touchscreen and provision for video calling along with weather condition display and other data.

It will be a big help in assisting many digital assistant users for simple things such as knowing how long back the timer was set or knowing the time where the digital assistant will simply announce it. Adding a screen to this interaction, simplifies things and opens a whole wide variety of possible interactions and new ideas.

Popularity gaining momentum

The leading company in selling assistants is not determined on the basis of its sale statistics. In a short span of time, Amazon became a major player on the basis of something nobody else thought of and that is home automation. Emarketer’s survey reveals that once a user opts for one brand of digital assistant, they are very unlikely to switch to another brand in the future. Amazon’s current lead in the sale of its digital assistant as compared to those of its competitors will be huge pay off when the internet is used in every day-to-day activity.

Unlike Amazon, its competitors are yet to catch up with the whole voice-activated digital assistant concept. CCS Insight analyst Geoff Blaber said that ultimate leader in this field will be those who can maximise customer data, have the ability to process natural language, provide it all to developers to build on and simultaneously maintain tight privacy.

Compared to its rivals, Amazon has made itself developer-friendly to a vast extent in order to move even more ahead in its lead. However, in Emarketer’s opinion, Amazon’s market share is likely to reduce from here as it is expected that Google Home may slowly cause a dent in Amazon’s current lead over the next year and a standalone version of Siri from Apple or standalone Cortana are yet to come. The shortcomings of Amazon’s FireOS could be exposed if screen-supported interface were to become standard. In the end, Amazon is likely to be subjected to market pressure with Echo as it encounters more competition.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Amazon Flying Warehouse That Will Deliver Your Stuff By Drone

Amazon Flying Warehouse
Amazon’s new flying warehouses will dispatch products using drones

The e-commerce market has been rapidly developing in the past few decades, and Amazon being one of the pioneers is devising new methods to expand their grounds. This mega internet retail store has recently broken the news of using giant airships to serve as flying warehouses. These mobile warehouses will make the process of delivering goods to consumers easier and faster. The concept is a ground breaking one, and till date no other online retail store has even thought of using a drone as a means of making faster deliveries.

Fastest method of making deliveries

This is not simply a concept, as Amazon had recently conducted a demo to prove the effectiveness of this drone delivery system in the United Kingdom. How is this method far more effective than the traditional delivery system? Imagine, you are at your football match practice and in need of a jersey or a ball. You could simply place your order and you will receive the item within a few minutes without even leaving your seat. Amazon will set up its ‘airborne fulfillment centers’, from which the ordered items will be dispatched soon after ordering, at will be delivered at the consumer’s doorsteps in a matter of minutes. After the product is dispatched the drone will glide or float most of the way and then use its propeller to navigate the route and fly itself to the consumer.

Spaceships to reduce costs

While these drones will make the delivery within 30 minutes, the use of airships will further cut down the time and make even faster product deliveries. One of the reasons as Amazon highlights for introducing spaceships is large gatherings like sports game or concerts which might require mass deliveries within short time. Moreover, this online retail store also believes that using airships instead of drones will actually increase profits by reducing the costs in general.

An incredible concept created by Amazon

While creating the concept of using airships, Amazon looked into the technological tradition used for creating the first self propelled dirigibles back in the 19th century. The filing stated that substantial energy was required for sending drones from ground based facilities. The reason being, the propellers of the drone have to spin constantly in order to stay aloft. Moreover, on the return trip the drone will not be loaded with any product and it would be a wasteful expense. Instead, using airships would be more efficient as it would remain still at a higher altitude. These airships would deploy drones which would glide or float towards the ground by way of gravity, and lesser use of power would result in reduced expenses.

These airships will float to an altitude of 45,000 and will be stocked with a variety of products. When an order will be placed, the unmanned aerial vehicles would fly down and make the delivery at the correct address using its in-built navigation system. Well, this step taken by Amazon definitely has proven the brand’s efficiency as a leading online retail store. Its constant endeavor to make faster deliveries has helped it become an international brand.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Sucking Robot Arm Wins Amazon Picking Challenge

Robot Arm

Team Delft’s Machine – Won Latest Warehouse Bot Competition

Team Delft’s machine, has won the latest warehouse bot competition of Amazon, a robotic arm which tends to combine a suction cup, a `two fingered’ gripper together with a 3D depth sensing camera, with its rivals at both the tasks. One comprised of choosing products from a container, picking them up and placing them on a shelf while the other did the action in the reverse. Amazon tends to use robots in moving goods with its buildings though depends on humans to stock the same on shelves.

Chief technologist at Amazon robotics, Tye Brady had commented that `their vision is humans and robots working alongside each other. It was inspiring to see 16 top teams with so many different approaches to the same problem and that they saw the advancements robotic technology had made since last year’. The Dutch winners had been awarded $50,000. They rivalled against two teams from Japan and five from the US countries who were known better for their robotics research, at the contest in Leipzig, Germany. There were various items representing some of the blockbusting products of the retailers that were used in the Amazon Picking Challenge.

Stow Task/Pick Task

A combination of various shapes inclusive of soft clothing, a boxed DVD, a bottle of water and a toothbrush were represented. Twelve various items were put in a red plastic box, in the `stow’ task and the robots were made to pick them out in an orderly manner, placing each one at a predetermined place on a shelf. While in the `pick’ task, a dozen specific products to be lifted, off the shelves, comprised of a combination of goods and packed in boxes.

 In some cases, the other items seemed to have been intentionally placed in the way of the target which seems to be tougher of the two tasks. In both the instances, the teams were given only a computer file defining the range of objects involved and instructions for which it should be moved, five minutes before to the start and once the task had started, the robots had to act independently. There were points deducted for damaging any item, dropping the items from a height of over 30 cm and leaving an object extending more than 0.5 cm beyond where it belonged on the shelf.

Variation in Time – Unable to have Single Picking Strategy

Delfts’ team, Kanter van Deurzen had clarified to BBC that due to the variation in items, one could not have a single picking strategy. Usually in industry, you would have a suction cup or a mechanical gripper intended for one kind of item or part. Here they had to handle dozens ranging from simple boxes to a T-shirt and a dumbbell with each needing a different approach. It had really been a big challenge to do all this with a single arm, to have to recognize how the items were focused on and to avoid collision with the other objects on the shelves.

 The Dutch team had come closer to a flawless score in the stow task but its only error was that when its arm’s suction cup had picked a small pack of glue, it also seemed to pick up a bottle-cleaning brush which then had dropped down on the floor. More errors were done in the pick task and initially secured points with the Japan’s Team PFN. However, Delft had been given the benefit since it had taken 30 seconds less time in making its first pick.

Friday 6 February 2015

Amazon to Take On Google and Microsoft by Offering Corporate Email

A Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon will be launching a corporate email and digital calendar service to cater the corporate clients. Amazon has forayed into different business like film and television industry after setting up the world’ largest e-commerce stores. Now Amazon has set its eyes on the corporate email service with its tentatively titled ‘WorkMail’ that is powered by Amazon’s loud based computing unit called Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon’s ambition is pretty clear i.e. to go beyond the traditional cloud-computing back-end services to move in the prominent sphere of services line of business with its WorkMail. With new WorkMail Amazon is expected to give direct competition to the reigning champions of corporate mail service i.e. Microsoft and Google.

WorkMail Brings Highly Secure Business Mail Solutions

The Amazon’s WorkMail is even compatible with the existing email client software like Outlook and Exchange which are offered by Microsoft to provide email service to big corporate institutions.

WorkMail boasts of featuring a highly secure email service wherein encryption is employed for enhanced protection. WorkMail send the mails in an encrypted manner which gets decrypted by the company controlled key at the other end of service when it is received by designated person. Furthermore the emails are also stored on remote Amazon servers which are located in different geographical areas. Amazon had taken the pain of introducing these security measures to make its new email-service much more appealing globally mainly to the European customers post-NSA-revelations.

Amazon Introduces Competitive Pricing

Amazon has introduced its email-service WorkMail at a price of $4 per month which direct competition to its competitors Google which offers corporate mail at $5 per month and Microsoft also offers $5 per month for its Office 365 business mail. But Amazon though have its own downside wherein it is not offering any additional features to its customers like the access to the different kinds of office document production software suite like Google and Microsoft.

It should also be noted that most of high-profile start-ups in the Silicon Valley relies on the Amazon Web Services for its cloud computing needs due to ease of use and reputable security provided by the Amazon. These two aspects would be key in promoting the WorkMail among new and existing base of customers.

WorkMail would be made available at $4 plan which gives a 50GB inbox limit and by just $2 per month more users will add a 200GB WorkDocs file storage. Amazon is proving a preview for the use who are eager to sign up for an early look.

WorkMail Soon To be Launched

Amazon Web Services is branching out the business with a focus on providing solutions to the end-users. Therefore it has developed WorkMail that features a web-based client for access without any need of installing special software. Amazon is all set to launch it WorkMail in the second quarter of 2015 which a special deal for the customers. This deal simply promises to offers a seamless integration of its recently launched WorkDocs with the WorkMail.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Echo, a Stunning Piece of Technology Brought about by Amazon

Amazon’s Echo is like your personal Siri stuffed into this amazing portable speaker, except it is so much more. This insanely clever little item is the solution to all your technological problems. It is almost like your personal genie which can grant (most) of your wishes.

Whether you need information or are just in the mood for some relaxing fun and music, it is capable of adapting itself to the best of all worlds. And the best part? The device does not compromise on any front. Priced at $199, this device is well worth the extra bucks.

As a limited period offer, Amazon offers a whopping discount for its premium members who can save $100. It is available only by invitation.

How does Echo work?

Echo works by voice recognition technology. It stays on continually and processes all the information you need as soon as you say the word that makes it work, “Alexi”. The uppermost part of the cylinder has a set of seven microphones which uses a beam forming technology and noise cancellation that adapt to you voice and gives you any information you desire.

The microphones are so powerful that it can even catch your words over any song that it plays. It can process a variety of queries, like setting alarm, playing songs, and answering any question from Google or Wikipedia.

The cylindrical box has a volume panel to alter the volume levels with two buttons, one for switching it on or off and the other for turning the microphones off.

How is the sound system? 

The interior of the cylindrical base has a long reflex port that deepens the bass of the woofer without distorting the sound output quality. The2.5 inch woofer is insanely powerful and produces deep sounds.

Often woofers forget the higher notes, which distorts the music on a whole, however, the Echo solves all those problems effectively using the 2 inch tweeter which hits all those high notes with superb precision.

The result? Crystal clear sound capable of matching any of its contenders in the same size. Listening to your favourite songs will be a treat owing to this small 9.5-inch baby. The cylindrical shape also allows for 360 degrees surround sound, which immerses you in the experience totally.

How is the voice recognition feature? 

Since Echo operates on Amazon’s web services, it continually improves its dictionary and becomes more suited to your accent and the searches you regularly perform to give you results based on your needs.

Additional features

Echo has an app compatible with android, iOS and desktops so that you can manage your searches and alarms even when you are not at home. Echo works with an active Wi-Fi connection or on your home network if you are using the app. Echo can also play any song via Bluetooth and use services like Google Music and Spotify.

Echo promises a lot but it is only time that will prove the performance of the gadget. It sports a sleek black colour and can be a good gift for a loved one. So request that invitation today and enjoy this smart piece of technology.

Friday 10 October 2014

Amazon’s New Frontiers: Robotics and Data Generated from Connected Devices

The chief technology officer at Amazon, Werner Vogels, likes to move around the world about few times in a year. He is famous for giving out predictions and this time he has predicted the robotics, data from connected devices and automation will become the new frontiers for the company.

The Company is working on automating most of their functions like fulfillment centers and autonomous vehicles. He stated that with the increasing number of sensor the data can explode any time. This prediction is coming from a person who primarily runs a $150 billion retail vision.

According to Vogel, data which help in building up the analytics are extremely beneficial to the company. Companies have been using video anonymously to show the restaurants and shops about their customer base demographic. Through the video the company can identify between a Caucasian and middle-aged man who is well dressed.

Numerous companies have been using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) for managing the data which gets generated from these kinds of sensors. In India itself Amazon's cloud is being used by Tata Motors to run their management system. The cloud computing has been gaining huge importance in India and Microsoft has already announced the cloud computing centers will be opened in India. According to Vogel, Amazon has no such plan of opening data centers in India.

They say that hybrid cloud would be a much better option for India and it will be better model. They are expecting services and content to become device-independent which opens up scope for cloud computing.

According to Vogel, cloud computing has a vital role in all the areas wherein a user can have specific interfaces for different types of devices, but at the end data and services will be stored in one location which can be accessed by different devices. Vogel has visited India more than 6 times. According to the recent reports the customer base for Amazon Web services has nearly increased by 50%. Last year the company has nearly 8000 customer which has now increased to 12000 customers.

Is there any specific kind of advice or direction for organizations based on heavy engineering? Simple advice would be to stay away from trying out everything. According to Vogel, the company had ensured that they have appropriate processes in place to which required things and to build things which will be useful for the customers.

A minimum set of features is usually built by retailers. Later on, based on these features the retailers build products which consider the feedback received from the customers.

The product managers of Amazon usually send a press release in the initial stages which basically describes the product as well as its requirements. Once this has been done, the company focuses on getting answers for 20 sets of questions which are frequently asked by the customers. According to Vogel, the aim of the customer is to determine the reaction of the customers towards a product, much before they can even build the product. The company calls this as working from customer’s end.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Microsoft and Amazon Rides Together to Ensure A Strong Market Response for Xbox One

Xbox One
In the world of online shopping, has been one of the biggest names worldwide. Microsoft, a company whose name is enough to reflect its glory, has set its feet in the field of online retail with a mutual understanding with Amazon. Microsoft has set this bond with Amazon to retail their gaming console which is a patent production from their house. The X-box gaming console can be bought by interested customers only through the internet, and exclusively from Amazon.

For the Xbox one, which has been a revolution in the field of Video gaming on television, Amazon has opened its pre-booking.Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business or the IEB is the division that is responsible for designing and manufacturing the Xbox gaming consoles. These are highly in demand in the market as it is considered to be one of the best gaming devices with its utter perfection in performance. Amazon will make it open for sale on the 1st of September this year.

How this kid of mutuality balances both ends of business. 

Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart has taken up this business strategy to act as the sole retail partner. They joined hands with cell phone manufacturers like Motorola and Xiaomito retail their handsets in India. These companies will not have them retailed in shops but only through online shopping with the help of Flipkart. This kind of exclusive retailing helps maintain the company’s brand image while securing the profit margin.

They have made it a point to let Amazon handle the entire responsibility of marketing and selling their various Xbox products. Xbox is actually a series of gaming devices and it consists of the Xbox one, the Xbox 360 and the consoles or the game pads that brings a feel into the gamers. Microsoft’s publication of Xbox changes the entire scenario of gaming, and did not take long to build a fan base of its own.

The brand image of Xbox and its sale through Amazon. 

Microsoft has designed the gaming DVDs which are only meant for the Xbox devices only, they have a huge array of games and all of these will be available only on Amazon. If you are interested to buy an Xbox game, you have to get it from Amazon only as it is the only source of buying them. The various Xbox accessories including its stand and wireless gaming consoles will be available through Amazon.
Offers to attract pre-booking and its price in this online forum.

In India, Amazon will launch the Xbox one for sale this September 23rd, 2014; that is a few days after the products will be online. If you are looking for the Xbox one without a Kinect, you should be ready for a pocket pinch of Rs. 39,990 and if you can extend you r budget with another Rs 6000, you can have it with the Kinect. An amazing deal offered by Amazon and Microsoft will pull a huge list of pre-booking, as they offer a free Fifa 15 game for pre-bookers.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 will offer high image quality and many features. Where the problem lies and whether the purchase is worth, let us analyze. Amazon's new tablet Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 currently costs around 379 Euros as of end today. Who hears “Kindle”, usually thinks of a eBook reader - but now with the Kindle Fire models Amazon has offered complete tablet PCs since 2012 in the program.

And the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is part of the recently announced third generation. It is a slim and lightweight design. The mere 7.8 millimeters thick and 374 grams heavy Fire is processed perfectly look very sophisticated and can be operated comfortably. This applies only to actions on the touch screen. The Fire is very responsive and accurate.

The control buttons has hidden on the back of Amazon. If you want to adjust the volume blind or send the Kindle to stand- by mode, it needs little practice. The 8.9-inch touch screen (22.6 cm) is a splendor; it displays images and movies with 2560x1600 pixels crisp and with rich colors.

The display also provided in the test with 502 candelas per square meter, a comparatively high brightness and good contrast (1543:1). The maximum viewing angle for both horizontal and vertical viewing is sufficient with 75 degree. Fire HDX worked very fast with all applications - no program forced the Amazon tablet to its knees. The core is the generic class processor Snapdragon by Qualcomm 800. The four cores clocked at a maximum of 2.15 gigahertz.

A card slot for memory expansion is also missing as an HDMI port for picture playback on a TV. The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tinkers well and is very well made and provides brilliant picture quality. Unfortunately, the operating system is trimmed to meet the budget and not on fun.

Saturday 11 May 2013

A 3D screen Smartphone by Amazon!

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon would work on at least two models of smartphones which is equipped with a glasses-free 3D display. The article also refers to a unit dedicated to audio streaming playback. The rumor about Amazon's dream on the Smartphone market is not new. In the privacy of its research and development, Lab126, the e-commerce giant would work on several projects on Smartphones which no one knew until now. But now the Wall Street Journal says Amazon is developing a model equipped with a glasses-free 3D display. According to the description given in the article, the 3D images give the impression of floating above the screen such as holograms and are visible from all angles. Users would be able to control certain functions with eye movement, like that proposed by the Samsung Galaxy S4. If the idea of a Smartphone with 3D screen may surprise from a giant like Amazon, the Wall Street Journal explains that it would sort out as a leader to stand out from the competition. A second model of Smartphone, more conventional, would ensure volumes. There is also talk of a device for streaming audio streaming via a WiFi connection to speakers or TV.

Monday 1 April 2013

Google Launches Shopping Express to compete with Amazon!

The search Google giant promises the delivery of products in 1 business day based on large retail chains. After landing in competitor airlines comparators with his Flights Google, the Search engine giant now intends to come to compete with Amazon Shopping Express piloted in the United States, in the San Francisco area. The observation made by the Google is simple. When they want to buy a product, users often turn first to Google search. Therefore Google is on strong position to capitalize and develop a form of e-commerce. How this can be achieved? Through a quick delivery of products purchased from retail partners with a network drive. "This is a local delivery service, which we hope will receive your purchases online the same day and at low cost," promises the product manager, Tom Fallows.

 Google, which has so for no e-commerce platform, is positioned here to showcase all major retail storefront as supermarkets like Target, Walgreens pharmacies, chain American Eagle clothing that Toys R Us. Google Shopping Express arises as a direct competitor Premium service offered through Amazon $ 79 per year and that gives the right to one business day delivery at will. However, the engine has not yet specified the price of the service. According to source, it varies between 64 and 69 dollars, or 15 U.S. $ 10 less than the Amazon service. In e-commerce, Google will not stop with this and we can expect further steps soon. It is worth remembered that Google offered Bufferbox specializing in collection points secure parcels purchased online.