Saturday 25 December 2021

BoAT Iris SmartWatch

BoAt, the leading brand in the earwear segment in India, becomes very famous when it comes to the availability of new launches. This association has got plenty of tractions also in the smartwatch segment. To boost the strength further, Boat company has just released their new premium smartwatch, Boat Iris budget smartwatch. They have made the model available for India officially. The AMOLED display, leather & silicone strap features have taken the model to another level. Take a look at its availability and price.

Boat Iris Features:

The smartwatch has a 1.39-inch round-shaped dial that contains a 462ppi high-definition AMOLED screen. The pixel density of the watch is 462ppi. With the help of this screen, users can get a sharp and graphic display. The special thing about this model is that it is compatible with many cloud-based watch faces. If you are using this smartwatch, then you need to navigate to the boAt Hub app first on the mobile that you have. Thereafter, your task is to match the watch face as per OOTD. There are different health features available also that are like a 24x7 Heart Rate, SpO2 level monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, pedometer, and many more.

The material used in design is leather or Silicone. It comes with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. You can connect this watch with your mobile phone through bluetooth. But it can be connected via GPS. The product comes with Gyroscope sensor. Besides, the accessories included in the package are Watch Iris, USB Magnetic Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card. You can use this as Alarm clock, Stopwatch, etc.

This model from the famous wearable brand boat is equipped with multiple spots mode and activity trackers. These record how much you burn calories every day, how many steps you have taken, and how long distance you have covered. It comes with an 8 built-in Active Sports feature that can work in the following eight modes: walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. As the watch comes with an IP68 rating, therefore it can offer worry-free workouts.

The most beneficial feature of the product is its battery life. BoAt Iris offers a 7-day battery life that allows you to have a worry-free experience. People can get notifications like calls and messages from different social media platforms. One thing to note here is that the battery life relies on the usage of the watch.

Boat Iris Price and availability:

In India, the model is available at Rs 4499 price. The product started to be available from the boAt website already from December 23, 12 pm. However, it is available in the Flipkart site. People can get this model in different types of colors such as Active Black, Flaming Red, and Navy-Blue.

You can control the music and camera on the display of the smartwatch just using a single tap. It enables you to play, pause, stop and navigate tracks. You are capable of capturing any moment just using a simple tap.

Keep your mobile in your bag now and don't need to get it out as the smartwatch can receive all notifications. Don't worry about reliability as it is tested before leaving the factory. Most people will prefer to use the watch for sure due to its awesome quality. As it is sweat, splash, and dust resistant, therefore you must want to have it as your fitness partner. The model has a one-year standard guarantee.

Aman Gupta who is the Co-Founder and CMO of Imagine Marketing Pvt. Ltd said on its launch, “Smartwatches have become the fastest growing wearable category this past quarter as per the latest IDC data and we are happy to be announcing the brand’s very first AMOLED smartwatch. boAt Iris is our most premium smartwatch in the market and we are looking forward to positive reception from all our boAtheads." 


There are some things also that you have to know are such as audio gear if different product portfolio ranges, smart wearable, personal grooming, mobile accessories, and many more. The portfolio of BoAt Company provides lifestyle-oriented products.

Friday 17 December 2021

Oppo Air Glass- AR Smart Glass

Oppo Air Glass

Oppo Air Glass, an AR device, is going to be released next year. Oppo Company defines it as an “assisted reality” product. We have given here its details, availability, and features.

Oppo Air Glass Features:


The device comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor. If you consider the weight of the device, you find it is only 30g (about 1oz). According to the company, the device should work 3 hours continuously and 40 hours on standby.


This product has two frame designs that are a silver half-frame and a black full-frame. Every frame comes in two sizes. This frame is produced in a CNC technique. There is a magnetic port inside of the frame, which is used to connect more conventional glasses. Due to the unique and attractive design, this device becomes a stylish tech accessory for regular wear.

When it comes to the feasibility of the glass design, you get to know that Oppo is also releasing spectacles frames in Black and Silver colors. When it comes to the Black color option, you will get a full-frame design. But the Silver variant is available in half-frame. The product comes with a design that can easily get stuck on the temple. People who wear spectacles can use the device with ease.


It comes with a tiny projector with Micro LED tech. The real brightness is up to 1,400 nits in average conditions. Users can operate this through touch, voice, hand tracking, and head tracking. Besides, it can be operated using the Smart Glass application and is available in Oppo’s ColorOS 11 or above.

According to the company, people can use this for notifications and directions. The device comes with features such as teleprompting and real-time translation. Its screen is monochrome and contains 16 or 256 levels of grayscale, but it relies on the type of device you are using. The company said that the product would receive a “limited release” in mainland China. They released their first in-house NPU chip also for enhancing machine learning-related imaging performance. We call this the MariSilicon X.


The company launched the product as a portable, and practical device that you can access with ease. This reality glass is equipped with a Spark Micro Projector with advanced micro-LED. It is a very compact projection system. This projector with micro-led throws the details on two layers of a scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal. The device's projector consists of a five-lens projection system. On the flip side, oppo Air Glass comes with a Sapphire Crystal which uses a bespoke diffractive optical waveguide.


The Air Glass is capable of setting a strong connection with Oppo smartphones and smart watches. As soon as you connect the device, you are capable of managing settings like brightness and sound volume. If you want, you can disable notifications wirelessly. Besides, you can use the control app to launch and disable apps.

When it comes to controlling the notifications, head gestures, voice, and touch are examples of some ways. When you use the device, you merely have to nod your head to open a notification. If you want to dismiss the notification, then you have to shake your head side-to-side. If you're willing to see the notification in full, you need to tap the Air Glass' touch bar that is available on the side. With the help of the glass, you can switch between multiple apps. If you are considering real-time notification alerts, you can use the product for checking weather updates and calendar meetings.

If you talk about other features, these include a teleprompter mode and a translation mode. If you want, you are capable of tapping the touch bar for moving translated text on the glass. The device enables users to enjoy hand gesture tracking features with the Oppo Watch. Through this process, you can move the text. The product can help you to convert the voice into text and then it helps you to translate into a preferred language.

Air Glass Supported Language: 

The device is compatible with the translation between Chinese and English. However, the company said that the device is going to be compatible with Korean and Japanese languages also.

Oppo Air Glass Price & Availability:

Oppo has not yet revealed the price of the Air Glass. According to the virtual conference on Tuesday at Inno Day, this glass will be a limited-edition device. People can get this available in the first quarter of 2022 in China.

The product provides a navigation feature that you are capable of using while walking, running, and cycling. You can enjoy the Baidu Maps because of the collaboration between Oppo and Baidu for the navigation feature.

It is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support. Besides, the product contains a speaker and dual microphones. According to the company, after mobiles, and smartwatches, this glass is going to be the third screen for consumers.

Sunday 12 December 2021

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4
If you are a gaming lover, you can't deny the power and experience provided by PS4. PS4 is an excellent console for gaming, offering amazing experiences to all gamers.

With PS4, one can enjoy high-resolution Gameplay, multiple options to choose from, and freedom to play for hours. The PS4 console is for all the gaming fans whether they want to play action games, strategies games, etc., all are covered here.

It happens that sometimes other members use TV or it's for repair. Then this might come to mind to replace the screen with your laptop. Or if you are looking for how to use your laptop as a monitor for PS4. Then you are at the right place.

We will discuss different ways to use laptops as monitors for PS4 and many more. So, read the article till the end.

Without further due, let's begin.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4

It's not a cakewalk to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4 as plugging in an HDMI cable. Neither PS4 nor laptop is designed for HDMI input, and they both have an HDMI output. But no need to be upset; you can still use your laptop as a monitor. It's a bit complicated but possible.

There are so many ways to do so, but the most straightforward ways are via capture card and Remote Play. Here are the easy steps, which take only a few minutes to set up. So, let's check them out:

Using Remote Play To Play PS4 on Laptop

Sony itself offers streaming service/ Remote play to meet the portability needs of every gamer. Remote play provides Mac and PC users the benefit of PS4 Gameplay on their laptops and monitors. It's an effective way to use a laptop as a PS4 as no third-party application is required.

For Remote Play, you will need:

  • Laptop 
  • Stable internet 
  • USB cable 
  • PS4 Console and, 
  • PS4 Account 

Step 1: Update & Download

The very first step is to update your PS4 to version 3.5 or above. Then go to the Sony website and download the updated version of the Remote Play app. Make sure the version you have chosen is compatible with your Mac or Windows operating system. It's not hard to download the application as it comes with the installer.

Step 2: Enable

After successful installation, the next step is to enable the Remote Play connection. For this, first, turn on your PS4 and go to settings and enable the Remote Play connection.

Settings → Remote Play connection settings → Enable

It's needed to keep on your console to use Remote Play. It's even better to run in rest mode with "Enabling Turning on PS4 from the network" to save power.

Settings → Power saves settings → Set features in rest mode → Enabling Turning on PS4 from the network.

Step 3: Customize The App Settings.

For optimal performance, you can customize the Remote Play app based on your laptop and PS4.

Step 4: Connect The Controller.

With a USB port, connect the laptop to the PS4 controller. And if you want to connect it wirelessly, hold Share and PlayStation buttons simultaneously on the controller.

After flashing LED lights, connect the controller to the laptop via the USB port. It only takes a few seconds to do so.

Step 5: Playstation Network

The final step is to open the Remote Play app on your laptop then login details related to your PlayStation Network account. But don't forget to turn on your PS4 even in rest mode to connect the console to the laptop.

That's it; now you can enjoy playing pS4 games on your laptop.

Using a Video Capture Card to Play PS4 on Laptop

A video capture card is a mini-sized device that allows users to look at content on any other device from your console and record footage. This device is not that expensive and is available online and offline.

Video capture cards are used by many gamers while streaming and recording Console games, and it's one of the most reliable options.

You will need:

  •  Laptop 
  • Video Capture Card
  • PS4 Console 
  • HDMI Cable 
  • S- Video Connection Cable 

Step 1: Broadband Setup

You can share files and games via broadband, and that's why Your PS4 should be online for making file sharing work. Despite the wireless connection, you can also connect the router with physical cables to laptops and PS4.

Step 2: Video Card Capture Setup

Connect a video capture card with your laptop via a USB port to install the software that comes with the device. High-quality VCCs that support USB 3.0 should be considered as they are less prone to lagging and provide capture resolution set to full HD.

Next, with the help of S- Video cable, connect VCC to PS4. Now, connect HDMI- into video capture card and HDMI-out to PS4 using dual-function HDMI cable.

Step 3: Run the Software

Turn on your console, run a video capture card on your laptop, and see the magic. Your console displays on the screen, and now you are ready to have fun and play.

Will the PS4 run smoothly on a laptop?

Use Remote Play, video Capture Card, or HDMI cable to run PS4 on your laptop smoothly. A strong internet connection is required for smooth running and less lagging between controller and laptop. Also, if the laptop model is low-end, it may struggle to run nicely. To overcome it, adjust resolution settings and fps.

How do I know if the laptop is HDMI input or output?

Most laptops have an HDMI output. It's hard to find one who has HDMI input, and the HDMI output laptop couldn't be connected with other output devices.

Check its specifications to know whether your laptop is HDMI input or output. If it's HDMI input, you can directly connect your laptop to PS4, and if it's HDMI output, you can't directly connect it.


We have discussed the two most effective and easy methods to follow. These methods are less complicated and take a few minutes to set up. Try out these ways when your TV is occupied or you want to play PS4 on your laptop. Video capture cards and remote play are reliable and secure. Don't think twice and try them out.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Stereo vs Mono Sound

Stereo vs Mono Sound

When it comes to the discussion of Stereo vs Mono, the first aspect that differs them is the number of channels. Monophonic and stereophonic sound use different channels to record and playback audio. A single audio channel is used for Mono signals to record and playback. But for stereo sounds, two audio channels are used for recording and playback purposes. Stereo sounds can generate the perception of width, but it is not possible for mono sounds.

What is Stereo sound?

Stereophonic sound is the creation of two or more independent audio channels. It is designed in such a way that it seems the sound comes from different directions.

What is the Mono sound?

Monophonic sound uses audio in a single channel, and it is centered in the "sound field."

Stereo vs Mono Difference:

Audio Files:

A stereo system allows you to use two speakers. It comes with audio channels like stereo MP3 and WAV files. MP3 contains the information of the left channel, and the WAV files contain data of the right channel. These files control both speakers and ask when to push and pull air.

When you see a digital audio workstation (DAW), look at the waveform of a stereo audio file. You can see two waveforms display their audio channels. But the Mono files have merely a single audio channel.


Stereo systems can generate the impression of sound source localization. It indicates users' capability to locate the position of a sound source within a space.

For instance, if any dog barks, you generally can detect the direction of the sound and the distance of its coming. People are capable of localizing sounds with decent accuracy.

Our brain uses typical tricks to use standard concepts to localize sounds. For example, people can detect the sound timing differences between sounds for your left and right ear, sound wave pressure levels, sound wave frequency, dynamic range, and reverberation amount.

Our brain depends on the sound wave timing differences that are useful for deciphering a sound's left/right positioning. When a Sound source is near your left ear, the sound comes first to your left ear. Then, it reaches your right ear. The difference in timing is minimal, but still, it is useful to localize the sound.

If you want, you can mirror the method with the help of a second speaker. Hence, you are required to feed both speakers at the same signal. In this case, it seems to you that your sound source comes in front of you.

Width (X-axis) is a dimension that you can perceive with the help of a stereo system. Other dimensions also follow height (Y-axis) and depth (Z-axis). The collection of these three dimensions forms a 3-D space. It is known as a stereo image. 

Playback System

Ensure that you are hearing any sound or audio taking the help of a pair of headphones or a stereo playback system. Whether you select a stereo playback system, make sure that you keep your head position in an equilateral triangle with the speakers. Hence, the speakers must present at an angle of 45° toward you. Thus, you can make sure that you can perceive the stereo image.

With the help of frequency, you can detect the height where the sound is perceived within a stereo field. If you have high-frequency sounds, you find these localizing above low-frequency sounds.

The depth relies on the relative sound level, dynamic range, and reverberation amount. Sounds having a weak level and less dynamic range usually appear toward the back of the stereo field.

If you use Mono systems, you can only find them using one speaker. These can generate a two-dimensional image of height and depth. You must have two speakers for making the directional timing differences.


If you use one Microphone to record a sound source, you can capture a single channel of audio. You can use a single speaker or two to playback a mono recording.

Mono sounds in which you playback with the help of a stereo system, will playback in dual-mono. You need to duplicate the single audio channel and send the signal to both the left and right speakers.

If you are willing to record stereo sounds, you must take the help of two microphones. At the same time, you will record a stereo sound; one of the microphone recordings needs to be panned to the left side whereas the other one to the right side. There are multiple handheld recorders where you can record sound in Stereo, even capture sound using a pair of built-in microphones for recording.


The single audio file supports Phonograph cylinders, AM radio, FM radio stations, etc. Besides, it is compatible with Disc records, such as 78 rpm and 16⅔, 33⅓, and 45 rpm microgroove. Both these files are used in MiniDisc, compact audio cassette, VCR formats (NICAM Stereo), and TV (NICAM Stereo). These support FM radio in most cases and AM radio broadcasting in rare cases. However, people don't use this in 8-track tape and audio CDs.

Mono Vs Stereo Applications:

People use Mono sound in radiotelephone communications, telephone networks, public address systems, hearing aids. Besides, radio stations also use it for talk shows and conversations. When it comes to Stereo sound, you can find its use in hearing songs, theaters, and radio stations dedicated to music, FM broadcasting, and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

Stereo vs Mono- Which one is better?

You have to choose according to your need and preference. If you are willing to see a movie with lots of music and environmental sounds, it is better to use Stereo sound. When you use this, you have the feeling like you are in the movie.

But sometimes, you may want to wear only one earbud. In this case, you should choose the other one. This sound can provide the same experience as the whole music, even if you are wearing one earbud.


Mono sound is used while merely one channel is used for converting a signal to a sound. But the other sound comes while many channels convert many signals to sounds. It entirely depends on you which sound system you are willing to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Is it better to record Mono or Stereo?

Whether you are willing to record a vocalist, you need to select Mono as your choice. However, Stereo is better when you record two vocalists or more. You can use this when you are willing to record in a room with unique acoustics. Using Mono, you can get a strong, clear, and upfront sound.

  • Q. Is Stereo better than Mono?

One channel is used for Mono, whereas many channels are used for the other one. It is upon you which one you are willing to use.

  • Q. Is Mono audio good for music?

As you know that the sound is based on one channel. Therefore, it is better to use because you will hear the sound in one direction. The song is available in a very shallow and plain 2D form.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

How to Make an Operating System from Scratch?

How to Make an Operating System from Scratch

Do you want to make your OS from scratch? It is not mandatory to have knowledge of coding for all. You can create an operating system even though you don't know C or C++ coding. The operating system has the responsibility for adjusting the PC hardware. When you write an OS from scratch, you have to have a strong command of computer science. It should be of a programming language such as C or C++. 

Guide to Build an Operating System From Scratch

Learning the Basics:

  • There should have a little common knowledge of computer science. So, in this case, you can learn introductory Computer Science courses. You should know that to make an operating system. Besides, it needs a strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, computer hardware, and resource management. In this case, many people have degrees, but you do not have to do so. Learn s course for free to know the process of writing this.
  • If possible, try to learn Python, which is a high-level programming language. However, after getting a solid foundational understanding of computer science, you need to learn C and/or C++. You have to master any specific language when you know about computer science. Otherwise, it is impossible to code an operating system without writing solid applications. Beginners are requested to complete their course to C from any site. After completing the course, take the next one available in the list of courses: C Programming: Language Foundations. You should learn Modular Programming and Memory Management and Pointers and Memory Management.
  • If you want, you may try to know about an assembly language. These low-level languages come with a design for communicating with various processors. But different processors use different assemblies like x86 assembly Language for Intel, AMD, VIA, and others. That's why it is essential to know about the version of the processor you are coding. You can get knowledge from the Art of Assembly Language if you want. The book can be got both online and offline. If necessary, then research on the web. You can find the manuals for processor architecture with the help of a Google search ("Intel Manuals," "ARM manuals," etc.).
  • By going through our tutorial, you can understand how to create the operating system. You can take the help of Bare Bones, using which you can write your first simple 32-bit kernel. When this process is finished, you must use Meaty Skeleton to build the structure of the operating system. If you think, take the help of Linux from Scratch. Using the online book, you can make your Linux operating system. You should know that the operating systems which are from 0 to 1 are free books.
  • You need to decide first the purpose for which you want to make the OS. It is essential to know the design that you prefer. Sometimes, you may want to make your PC offer only a specific look. It would be best to consider multiple things before the beginning of the code. The first thing you need to consider is creating the OS with a team of other programmers. If you have a team of developers, you can make the OS quickly. You are merely required to include the project's target, plan, and questions in your public repository.

Building Your Operating System:

  • In this part, your first task should be to select a development environment. It is the place where you have to code the new OS. Usually, people like to use Windows or a flavor of UNIX. However, you can use anything according to your preferences. If necessary, then try to install a UNIX environment. Cygwin or MinGW is an example of this. Ensure that the environment you use comes with a GCC (the Gnu compiler). People who use windows need to install this in Cygwin or MinGW.

Whether you are willing to manipulate object files, you can use Binutils, a collection of tools. If you use Windows, then install this in Cygwin.

However, people use Vim and emacs in UNIX environments. If you are using Windows, you can use Notepad also. If you prefer, then check the Notepad++ out. People can use Perl and/or Python for string manipulation.

  • In this case, you should set a version control system. When you are going to make an OS, you have to write plenty of lines of code.
  • Sometimes, you might not be capable of creating the operating system yourself. Hence, you are required to take the help of a bootloader like Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB). However, if you have the skill, try to code for a bootloader.
  • You have to select a kernel design that is the core of OS. It is the one that offers an interface between the hardware of the PC and you. Two different types of kernels are available— monolithic kernels and microkernels. In the Monolithic kernel, you can see all the services, whereas, in microkernels, you can see a small kernel with user daemons implementing services. Usually, monolithic ones work quickly, whereas microkernels come with improved fault isolation and reliability.
  • Try to learn small things first, like how to show text, etc. Then, you should move on to the big stuff like memory management and multitasking. If you are willing, try to create a simple 16-bit Operating System rather than taking a big leap. It may not be done entirely if you want a complete system. You should try to build operating systems that are bootable. After that, you can go to the stuff.
  • Use a virtual machine in this case for testing the new operating system. As a result, you are not required to reboot the PC every time, or you don't need to share files from your development computer to the test machine. Take the help of VMWare that is suitable for both Windows and Linux. Take a look at the potential deadlocks and other bugs.
  • Now, your task is to release the option "release candidate." Just upload the code you have tested to the public repository. Users can test the code at any time and report this back if they find any issue on their devices.
  • Finally, your job is to connect with the other OS developers. You can find an entire community of OS developers on the web.

Monday 11 October 2021

Keynote: New Features

Apple has launched a few new features to update its iWork suite of productivity applications. As a result, Apple users are capable of using documents with ease. Pages will showcase pictures and text in a single-column flow. Thus, users can view documents more easily as well as edit them also. Besides, the latest tools in the keynote are capable of displaying the live camera view of the user. This feature of Apple assists in making presentations more engaging. It can be more collaborative also with plenty of user controls. Numbers come with pivot tables. These are capable of bringing strong data analytics capabilities.

Bob Borchers said that people prefer to use Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. It doesn't matter if they are in their home, office, or any other place. The strong features, easy-to-use capability help th deliver awesome experiences across mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Bob Borchers is the vice president of Apple of Worldwide Product Marketing. 

Nowadays, people can make additional personal and compelling presentations with the help of the latest productivity and collaboration features. Thus, people can easily work with documents on their mobiles. Apple is going to offer full-featured pivot tables for the very first time.

A New Pages Experience Optimized for iPhone:

We generally read documents on iPhone especially compared to any other device. Nowadays, pages deliver seamless performance in reading as well as editing documents. Users can increase the size of the text and thus they can enhance the quality of readability, photos, and drawings. Now you can scroll the tables horizontally. This recent update from Apple allows the Screen view feature to showcase text, pictures, and many others in a single column.

You are capable of using the Screen View for all different word processing documents. Users are not required to set up additionally. You can access the editing tools in Pages. Besides, you can deactivate the Screen view feature whenever you wish. Thus, it helps you to see the page layout of your document before printing or publishing.


Recent users of iPhone, iPad and Mac can get Keynote, Pages, and Numbers free in these models. As soon as the update is available, it can be downloaded from the App Store and Mac App Store.

New Ways to Present in Keynote:

Now, keynote presentations become more engaging with the help of strong new tools. The front-facing camera is now available on models like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Therefore, users of these models can use them for adding live video to the presentations directly. If you are going to attend any lecture, then this mobile feature is going to be very useful. People who represent their presentations via remote through video conferencing applications must get benefits from the feature.

People can use masks, frames, drop shadows, and reflections on any live object. Thus, they can make the object more elegant. If you are a Mac user, then you are capable of using plenty of external cameras. These will improve your live video experience for sure. Using the feature, you can even showcase the attached iPhone or iPads display. People generally use this feature for live demos on their slides.

A new multi-presenter option is now available in these models. Therefore, it enables you to have control over even a shared slideshow from your model. It doesn't matter whether you represent your project remotely or stay in a similar room. When you complete using the feature to your slide, you need to go back to the host. If you wish, you can allow your co-presenter to take over the slide.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Pivot Tables with Numbers:

This update helps to display information with excellent graphics combination and offers an intuitive interface. As a user, you should always use Numbers to get the most out of the information. The pivot tables allow you to summarize information, group them and rearrange thereafter. Use charts as well as share the pivot information to visualize the tables.

Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are compatible with all the latest translation features of iPadOS 15, iOS 15, macOS Monterey, etc. In addition, a chart is available recently called a Radar chart. With the help of this chart, you can visually compare it with a lot of variables. Thus, users can easily differentiate them. Using the new filter options, you can look for duplicate entries. Besides, you can use it to find any particular value in the document.

Sunday 26 September 2021

New Android Features Coming Soon

New Android Features  Coming Soon

Using Android, people can always look forward to getting improved performance throughout the year. Android mobiles come with new excellent features that make the life of people very easy. We have given here a few new Android features.

New Android Features Coming This Season

  • Enhanced Password Input and Gaze Detection:

This new feature is perfect for those who have motor disabilities. Using the voice access feature, you can navigate your phone and app with just your voice.

Gaze detection is useful when you want Voice Access to work while merely you will look at the display. As a result, it allows you to talk to your friends and use your mobile also.

Voice Access comes with improved Password input also. While you recognize any password field, it asks you to type letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Adjusting Regular Tasks Using Reminders From Assistant: 

Now, you can manage everyday tasks easily with the help of this feature. It enables you to adjust all reminders in one place. You merely have to say, “Hey Google, open my reminders." Here, users can see useful suggestions to recur reminders. With only a tap, you are capable of activating reminders.

The feature allows you to use your voice for making as well as automating the to-dos. Suppose you say, “Hey Google, remind me to water the plants every morning.” After setting this, Google must inform you at the correct time across your devices.

  • Add Images and Videos To A Passcode-Protected Area:

There is a Locked Folder in Google Photos that offers users a passcode-protected space. Here, users can keep their essential images, and videos well protected.

  • Earthquake Alerts System: 

The world’s largest earthquake detection network is now available for Android users to help them in emergency times. This free system notifies people in affected areas seconds before an earthquake is going to hit. As a result, people can take safety in advance. The Android Earthquake Alerts System is now available in New Zealand and Greece.

  • Express with Gboard:

Now, you are capable of giving your experience with the help of new additions to Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. Plenty of stickers over 1,500 are available now. Besides, the Gboard helps you to communicate quickly and more fluidly for making messages more fun.

Firstly, while you copy any text, it contains plenty of information like URLs, emails, Phone numbers, etc. The Gboard can extract the copy and separate them into different pasting options. Therefore, you can select the vital part from the text. Secondly, while opening a messaging app after you take a screenshot, Gboard allows you to share the screenshot. Android 11 or newer models come with the power of the machine learning feature. It helps to complete your sentence quickly.

  • Control Using Facial Gestures:

Two new excellent features available in Android are— Camera Switches and Project Activate. These accessibility features allow you to make facial gestures. The Camera Switches feature is available within the Android Accessibility Suite. It enables you to use your front-facing camera as a switch for navigation. This adaptive tool is capable of replacing a keyboard, mouse, etc.

With the help of the Project Activate feature, users can communicate and express themselves easily. Facial gestures and eye movements are useful for activating preset actions.

  • Control TV with Your Phone:

There is a built-in remote-control feature in your Android phone. It enables you to switch on your television, begin your favorite show directly from mobile. The keyboard helps to type complicated passwords, movie names, or search terms. Just include the remote tile to quick settings on your mobile or you can go to the Google TV app also.

We hope you will enjoy these new features a lot.

Thursday 23 September 2021

WatchOS 8 is Available ToDay

WatchOS 8 is Available ToDay

People can get this watchOS 8 model available in the market for the Apple Watch. But Apple has not given any release date of the model yet, however the Apple Watch Series 7 is going to release on September 14.

In this latest software update, you can see a new Mindfulness app, sleep app, Fitness Plus updates, etc. It may seem that it doesn't come with any huge changes. So, for confirmation, you can check out the features below.

There is good news for the old Apple Watch owners. It is that the model is compatible with all the similar devices that the old model watchOS 7 supported in the previous year. As a result, the Apple Watch 3 and its latest versions enable users to download the operating system.

Apple has announced to release their updates to their iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch line on September 14.

WatchOS 8 Release Date:

After the confirmation of the event on 14 September, the watchOS 8 model update was landed on September 20. Here, we have given its features, all the latest updates of the model, etc.

WatchOS 8 Supported Devices:

This watchOS 8 update supports all types of devices from the Apple Watch 3 and its latest versions. As the compatibility list of last year is similar to this year also, you can run the latest software easily.

Whether you are willing to upgrade to watchOS 8, then you will require an iPhone that's running iOS 15. Hence, you only are required to pair it with at least an iPhone 6S.

Features Of The Model:

It comes with a lot of smaller features that let you know how you use your Apple Watches normally. There wasn't any monumental upgrade previously. But a few quality of life improvements exist.

Wallet- Digital ID:

There is a wallet app available in this model. It comes with plenty of ways to interact with different things and places. A few of them have only Apple Watch 6 and their Ultra Wideband tech features. For example, it can unlock your car. This feature was unveiled first at WWDC 2020. Then, it began its journey from the driver's seat in each Apple press release.

In most cases, the Apple Watches are capable of offering benefits such as delivering additional digital keys to Wallet for their home, office, and hotel; use the wearables for making them unlocked, etc.

Most surprisingly, people who participate in the US states can include their driver's license or state ID in the Wallet. A few TSA checkpoints are going to begin accepting these digital IDs. You merely need to include them in the iOS Wallet app. Thus, you are capable of displaying them easily on the Apple Watch.

New Mindfulness App and Sleep Tracking:

It includes a Breathe app incorporated into the new Mindfulness app. Besides, the app has also been incorporated with the latest activity, known as Reflect. It allows you to walk through a variety of mindful sessions that are reflecting on previous events.

The Sleep tracking feature of the model enables you to monitor a new metric that we know as respiratory rate. With the help of this feature, you can measure breaths per minute. Besides, all the information fed into the Health app. It helps you to track the procedure of shifting health metrics over longer periods.

In the previous version of watchOS, i.e. watchOS 7, the sleep tracking feature lets them know about the time they spend in bed and asleep. It is all users could know from the previous version. They were unable to see advanced data about their overnight disturbances or sleep stages.

In this latest watchOS 8 model, Apple is going to develop a sleep app with metrics. Now, users get to know about their quality of sleep. The Apple watch helps to track your respiratory rate when you sleep. As our sleeping respiratory rate should be consistent, therefore any changes mean shifting in overall wellness.

Using a trend, you can identify your respiratory rate. To know more details about this, go to the Health app on your iPhone.

Workout App and Apple Fitness Plus:

It has a Workout app that comes with the two latest workout activities that are Tai Chi and Pilates. Each of these is a very relaxed and mindful exercise that is suitable for a yoga workout. These features come with custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms also.

In the Apple Fitness Plus watchOS app, you can see the new functionality. Picture in Picture support as well as other filtering options are a few examples of it. The watch allows you to transfer workouts seamlessly between devices. The feature first pauses exercise on one and thereafter begins it on another.

Fitness Plus includes additional workouts taking help from expert Jeanette Jenkins. It adds a new musical Artist Spotlight Series with the help of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys.

Photos and Portrait Watch Faces:

The Photo application comes with a new design that allows you to navigate collections. Besides, the Memories and Featured images generally sync to the Apple Watch from the iOS application. It has the latest Portraits watch face. With the help of this feature, you can turn all your Portrait-mode images into watch faces. This model also shows you the time or complications that are behind the person in the Portrait.

Messages and GIF Responses:

Messages come with more granular controls such as it twists the crown to move the cursor. Besides, it has the capability of searching and replying with GIFs. A new Contacts app is available in this new watchOS model. It helps users to browse, edit, and share contacts from this Apple watch.

There are a few new features also available in the Apple Watch features such as Intercom. It is an upgrade for the Home app that enables you to see who is at the door using features like a Live video feed.

This latest watchOS 8 model comes with a new Focus feature that you can see in iOS also. When you set Focus on your iPhone, it will carry over to the Apple Watch. Thus, you are capable of setting the notification settings to prioritize work, fitness, sleep, or do not disturb mode.

Better Messaging Tools:

While going to send a message, you can take the help of the scribble tool, the Emoji selector, or the dictation option. All these three options are available from the same screen. Besides, while you are going to dictate any message, if an error occurs in the transcription, then you can easily choose the word. Then, you should take help from Digital Crown for making corrections.

Users can share a GIF when they choose the magnifying glass icon. It is as similar as you can see on the iPhone. You can choose GIFs from the trending list. If necessary, then you can look for the GIF also which you prefer.

Flexibility for the Apple Watch Cyclists:

If you are a cyclist, then you will get benefits while using the model WatchOS 8. For example, it offers auto workout detection that is useful for bike riders. Besides, there is an auto-pause and resume option that doesn't count your workout time while you don't ride.

Apart from this, there is a fall detection available which is perfect for bike rides. Therefore, when the watch detects any type of tumble, it will call the emergency services automatically and notify emergency contacts. Apple said that there will be an update to WatchOS 8 later this year. This update will be available in Series 4 and later versions.

There are other workout features also such as audible feedback cues. Users can hear workout milestones like while you will close your activity rings.

You should know that the Apple Watch Series 6 model is going to be compatible with ultra-wideband, or UWB that is for car keys. It helps to unlock the vehicle and begin it remotely. You don't have to touch or tap anything on the watch. It usually relies on the vehicle manufacturer and is going to roll out later this year.

Additional Features of WatchOS 8:

  • There are plenty of timers that come with options for labeling timers using Siri. 
  • Extra apps in this model are compatible with the always-on display like Maps, Timers, and Phones. 
  • The Photos app allows you to surface the memories as well as featured photos. Additionally, it allows you to share images directly from the Watch with the help of Messages or the Mail app. 
  • With the help of the Home app, you can easily control accessories by room. Then, you are capable of transferring broadcast intercom messages from your wrist.


  • What watches will get watchOS 8?

The OS of the newest version of the Apple Watch, i.e. watchOS 8, is designed to run on modern Apple Watch models. This model supports the Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

  • Is watchOS 8 out?

The model was previewed at WWDC in June. But now it is delayed in its release.

  • How can you download watchOS 8?

To download the watchOS 8, first, navigate to the General option. Then, you are required to go to the Software update on the Watch app. If necessary, then you can download its update from your Apple Watch. But it is when you connect it to WiFi.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Logitech G435 Ultra-light Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Logitech G435 Ultra-light Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Logitech G435 is an excellent newly launched gaming headset that is a wireless plus with an attractive price.

There are so many headsets there but finding the lightweight one is a crucial task. But this one is the lightest handset as it claims. It is about 165 grams.

Logitech's previous gaming headsets are good but a bit expensive. This latest one is too cheap to be good. And I assure you you won't find any other brand headset at such a reasonable price. It is available in three distinct colors: neon yellow and black, white and lilac, blue and raspberry.

Here we will review a new Logitech gaming headphone, including its design, features, pros, cons, etc. For a full review, read the article till the end.

Let's get started!

Logitech G435 Design & Features

It has a modern-looking attractive design. Talking about its features then it includes:

  • It has soft memory foam cups, 
  • Lightest frame 
  • Adjustable ear cups 
  • Offers low latency connection via USB dongle 
  • You can also connect the headset via Bluetooth to your device

Its external function includes a power button, mute/unmute button, volume toggle, and USB-C charging port on the left ear cup. Material wise its quality feels cheap as its parts are of thin plastic.

Amazing fact, it is an environmentally friendly product having zero carbon impact.


It has a dual beamforming mic instead of a removable mic. It has a 40mm driver, which permits for solid high and low. And it's internal mic has the fantastic feature of detecting the wearer's voice and reducing background noise. But yes, we miss boom mic; it lacks here. And overall, sound quality lacks in its "fullness," but what else do we expect in this price range.


Performance-wise it's pretty decent, and I liked its company. In terms of sound quality, it's fantastic. But sometimes surrounding noise interrupts; otherwise, playing in the quiet environment it's fun to use and gives a better experience. It also sends alerts when we do mute or unmute. It offers an excellent and long-lasting charging capacity. 


On one charge, I got approximately 17-18 hrs of play as it claims of about 18 hrs play. The thing which impressed me was its wireless range. I don't lose a connection even from the third floor. Comfort-wise its ear cups are smooth and soft but facing problems in adjustability.

Overall, it's a decent product that is not going to disappoint at all. And one can consider this set from the wireless department.


  • Supports Bluetooth connection 
  • Lightweight 
  • Suitable for long sessions of gaming 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Modern design


  • Quality is not up to the mark 
  • The boom mic is missing 
  • Sound quality can be improve


Considering Logitech GS435 features like lightweight, comfort, Bluetooth connection makes it good enough to buy it. But it is limited in providing comfort while wearing, sound, etc. I would suggest it will be better to go for a wired headphone instead of this wireless set at this price. But this headset is sufficient for gaming. It's totally up to your choice. Overall, it's a decent product, and we can expect some missing features as of its reduced price.

Best Free Data Recovery Software 2021

Data recovery is nothing but retrieving data from failed, accidentally deleted, or corrupted storage.

The data-recovery process varies, depending on the software used, the data loss circumstances, the recovery software used to create the backup, and the backup target media.

Here we are going to review the best data recovery software available for free.

What Is Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery is called Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery, etc. People use it for restoring and recovering files from Mac, Windows, HDD or SSD, USBs, CDs, or DVDs.

It is perfect for those people who want to retrieve their lost files like documents, images, videos, etc. The software comes with a lot of well-designed features that work flawlessly.


Generally, retrieving lost files is very hard, but don't worry, as this top data recovery software can do an excellent job for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can recover files in less than four minutes.

Plenty of file formats:

It is useful when you delete your data accidentally, or your device is damaged. This software can recover any file format such as documents, photos, and videos.

USB Recovery Media:

If your operating system has crashed, the software can start up your PC, creating a bootable USB recovery media, accessing your drive, and recovering lost data. Users can get this feature available only with the paid versions like Stellar Data Recovery Professional.

Corrupted Photo & Video Repair:

Using the Repair Toolkit, the tool helps fix your damaged image files. It can work great even for distorted, grainy, blurry, pixelated, or grayed-out pictures.

It doesn't matter if your video file is in 4K, 8K, or VR video, as the software can recover all of these corrupted video files.

Missing Partition Recovery:

When you access the corrupted partitions, you may need to reformat them sometimes. The Stellar data recovery toolkit can be helpful in this case as it helps to recover those files before accessing them.

The partitions from where you can retrieve your data are as follows:- APFS, NTFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS, HFS+, Ext2, Ext3, or Ext4 partitions. Additionally, the software comes with a “Can’t Find Drive” option and a Deep Scanning feature that helps to find out lost or deleted partitions on your storage drive.

It helps access and recovers data from any crashed or unbootable Windows PC or Mac also. The software creates a bootable media and then scans the hard drive or start-up disk for searching the data and recovering them. The Stellar Data Recovery is capable of recovering data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Advanced RAID Recovery:

The Toolkit allows you to reconstruct inaccessible RAID arrays with the help of parameters like disk order, start sector, and block size. It offers support to the users for anything from RAID 0 to RAID 5. This software is compatible with RAID and virtual drive recovery.


The tool comes with a cloning feature that enables you to duplicate a disk to another drive. Using the cloning feature, you can make a copy of a failing drive before you deteriorate. With the help of this software, you are capable of recovering data from 4K drives. It comes with dual monitor support that makes it very special.


This software is tested for scanning lost/deleted files, file recovery, etc. According to our testing, it takes merely around 45 minutes with the deep scan to retrieve 15GB of deleted files for SSDs. HDDs( Hard Disk Drives) can recover 10 GB of files in only 15 minutes when it comes to HDDs. Besides, it takes around 25 minutes for 8 GB on the USB drive. Apart from these testing, it is also seen that the tool can recover 1TB from a hard disk drive in two hours.

During testing its efficiency in file recovery, the tool can “read” files from ZIP archives. Users can retrieve their contents from any compressed file for sure. But the quick scan merely recovers those files which you have deleted recently.

User Interface:

You can see seven primary tabs on the home screen of the software that is:

  • Office Documents 
  • Folders 
  • Emails 
  • Photos 
  • Audio
  • Videos 
  • All Data 
The interface of this tool is well-organized and user-friendly.

System Requirements:

This software is compatible with operating systems of Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 & Mac OS X 10.8 and up versions. It requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 250 MB free space on a Hard disk.

Customer Support:

Users can get support through telephone and email with quick replies that will help them to fix problems within minutes.

Free plan:

The free plan of this software allows you to recover deleted files from a PC or external hard drive. Besides, you can recover files that you have lost after formatting a USB stick or an SD card. If any file is trapped on your malware-infected drive, it also allows you to recover the files. This free plan can be used for recovering 1GB of data and files of up to 25 MB size. Whether you want to have more features, then you should upgrade any of these paid plans:

  • Professional ($89.99): This paid plan enables you to recover lost files, data from formatted systems, non-booting OS, lost partitions, etc.
  • Premium ($99.99): Along with all the features of the professional plan, you can repair corrupted, distorted files here. 
  • Technician ($199): This plan enables you to recover data from RAID and provides all the necessary features of the Premium plan. 
  • Toolkit ($299): This advanced software allows you to recover data from physical and virtualized storage, unbootable OS, or those operating systems that are crashed using file signature scan options.


  • Easy-to-use interface. 
  • 24/5 customer support.
  • Multiple file formats.
  • Repair corrupted image as well as video.


  •  Not too many scanning options are available. 
  • ZIP archive supporting facility is not available.


The latest version of the tool enables the user to recover almost all types of tools from any disk. It is an ideal file retrieval tool for business purposes. The paid plans of the software are a little bit on the costlier side, but their excellent performance can justify the price.

Monday 13 September 2021

Some Great Ideas to Have Fun on Your Computer


With the ongoing pandemic, more and more people are looking for ways to kill some time on their computers. Thanks to the internet and hours of available entertainment, it becomes quite difficult to choose what you can actually do while on a computer.

Let's take a look at some of the best and fun ways to enjoy those few hours you have in your day. And remember that you do not have to limit yourself to just one of these ideas. Try as many as you like.

Listen to Some Music

Music has the power to harness our souls. There is a tune for happiness, sadness, and every little jittery emotion that a human being has ever experienced. Online tools like YouTube have served the masses for a long, long time, but there is no need to rely on a video platform for your music needs.

According to, some of the best YouTube alternatives include the likes of Vimeo and Dailymotion as far as video content goes.

For music, you have Vevo and Spotify, with the latter being particularly great thanks to its plethora of features and available music collection.

Spotify has an inbuilt AI that recognizes a pattern in your streaming and accordingly creates a playlist that you might like. The best part about Spotify is that you do not even need to stick to the screen or watch the videos when you don't want to. Just turn off the screen light, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Watch Movies or Shows

There was a time when families would sit together for dinner and watch something nice on the television. But that has changed tremendously, especially with nuclear families and the availability of the internet and computers; people prefer sitting alone with their tv shows on and running.

Feel like watching a documentary or a rom-com? Well, the internet has got you for everything that you like. You might have even come across kids who are fussy while eating, but if you let them watch a show, you'd see how easy and smooth the entire process turns out to be. But, at the same time, this can turn out to be an addiction, and the screen time can be bad for the eyesight.

Play Games


At times, it seems like the sole purpose behind the invention of computers was to play games. The sudden adrenaline rush, a slight feeling of competitiveness, and the sense of victory - all combined and fitting in your 14-inch screen. Gaming can be very addictive, but everything boils down to just one aspect, and that is: to have fun.

The internet opens up a lot of options for you if you are trying to look for video games. The best part about online gaming is that it keeps on upgrading every second day, and there is always something new that is there for you to discover. You can just browse the internet for a while for some free games, and you will always find something for sure that will keep you hooked.

Learn Graphic Designing

If you look in any direction, you are bound to find something which has to do with designs, colors, and effects. There is no reason you will not be hooked to them as there is always so much more to discover. At the same time, the demand for graphic designers who can bring in new ideas and a fresh perspective is in need.

So, if you have been inclined towards drawing, designing, and structuring for a purpose, then maybe you can try your hands on graphic designing. You would be amazed by the amounts of brushes, tools, colors, and strokes you can use, often free of additional costs.

Start Vlogging


If you think that making videos about your daily life cannot be a profession, then you live in the past. Over the years, with the boom of internet software, people now know more about other people's lives. Eventually, the terms' Influencers' and 'Content Creators' came into existence.

People on the internet are looking for ways to invest quality time or often to kill time. Your content can be based on anything like - makeup, art, traveling, or food. There are so many possibilities that are waiting for you in the virtual world. You just need to record, edit and be interactive as much as you can on camera.

Final Words

We live in a time when people don't need to look for reasons to browse a few pages or scroll through their Instagram feeds. You can simply choose to do absolutely nothing but everything at the same time when you are using your computer or the internet. So, what are your plans for the next time when you have nothing else to do?

Google Pixel & Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel & Pixel 6 Pro

Finally, the wait is over for this year. Google has finally announced its upcoming Pixel Smartphone series will officially be launched and sold later this year, 2021. Google has shared so much information about both the Smartphones Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but many things are still yet to be shared. Google has shared its new upcoming designs, color options for the customers, camera upgradation, and most importantly, its strong and effective chipset in this latest Pixel series.

All the voice command operations will be much easier and more comfortable with both Pixel Smartphones because it has the Tensor Soc chipset that will give its user a completely different feel of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Besides this latest chipset, Google has also confirmed that “Material You” will be used in both the upcoming smartphones. 

Some Details about both Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Without any delay, Let’s know more things about these new devices:

Google has confirmed the circulating rumors of the launch of both Smartphones. Its Release Date, Price, Specifications, and so many related things are still not confirmed. But here, we will give you a sneak peek of what’s on the way and talk about some relevant rumors.

Industrial design

These new launches will level up the respect of Pixel in the eyes of the whole world. From physical designs to software capabilities, they have leveled up each and everything about these Smartphones.

They have improved the sensors and lenses of cameras to provide better output, and in this upgrade, they have also designed a new look to fit the camera into the new design. This new camera bar is just looking amazing with completely new material used to make it, and its unique and premium finishing will also amaze you and your hands.

Material You

They will launch this smartphone with Android 12 and make it with Material You. It will give you a completely different feel when it will be in your and provide a tough competition to its software processing.

Tensor Google has officially announced its chipset (mobile processor), which they call Google Tensor. This is not only designed while considering the present situation but also the future upcoming. It will unlock more AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) features and make them work more smoothly for Pixel users.

This processor will take your photography capabilities to the next level. This will bring some new things and also bring improvements to the existing one.

All these things are going to lie in Pixel under the category of “Must Have” phones. This will consistently get better. Google has officially promised that this SoC chipset will surely improve the voice command features as well.

Google Pixels Features: Estimated



Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro









Rear Camera


Front Camera





 Android 12


6.4 inches AMOLED (90Hz)


8 GB




50MP (Wide) + 12MP (Ultra Wide)




4,614 mAh

 Android 12


6.71 inches AMOLED(120Hz)


12 GB




50MP (Wide) + 48MP (Tele)+ 12MP (Ultra Wide)




5,000 mAh



Estimated Release Date

Google has not officially announced any date till now. Still, considering the last launch of Pixel 5 on 30th September, it is estimated that both Smartphones would probably launch in October.

Tuesday 3 August 2021

iPhone 13: Leaked [Everything you need to know]

Everyone has an Eye on iPhone 13. And as per rumors, New Model Launched in a few months. And if you're a big fan of Apple-like me, then you're in the right place. Because in this article, you'll get to know about its Release Date, Specifications, Top Features, and Pricing. All you need to know about Apple new iPhone is here. 


Hold your Excitement, and Let's look at Apple New Launch Variants In-depth details. Let's Begin! The new iPhone is nearly launched in September, but you can get the Complete details about Its Variants, Specifications, Features, and pricing before launching. 


As per rumors, you'll see iPhone 13 Many Variants like iPhone13, iPhone13 Mini, iPhone13 Pro & iPhone13 Pro Max. So many new leaks are coming your way, and New features are rolling out in New Variants.

iPhone 13 Variants Leaks

Now it's time to show you everything you need to know.

#1 Release Date

Apple follows a Particular Pattern for its iPhone Launch. And as per the Report, Apple will launch it's new iPhone in the third week of September. For Apple Lovers, pre-order begins on Friday. When Covid-19 hits, Apple needs to change the Launching date of the iPhone 12, but Now everything starts getting normal, So Apple decides to Launch New Model as per the following patterns in September 2021.

#2 Design

As per the leaks, iPhone 13 has a similar design as the previous model. But some rumors are coming that Apple will try to Trim the upper side of the Camera bump in its Pro Model. Well, the iPhone13 may surprise us with so many changes in this new model. When it comes with the Speaker at the Top, New arrangement of Camera and You'll see a larger Camera. 


Even the Sim card tray shifts to Downside and Power Button too. If you've Seen the Dummy look of the iPhone13, then you can easily understand the new look or concept. Another best rumor is that the iPhone13 Pro Max is slightly more prominent, but it's a rumor that is not confirmed. But Yes, iPhone13 Variants Come with Smaller Notches this time. 


You'll see so many new changes in iPhone13 Pro max like this time. It's Quite Thicker with Large camera size than the previous 12 Pro Max. This New Eye-catching look of iPhone 13 Designed by Ian Zelbo.

#3 Pricing

We're expecting the range of iPhone 13 Variants as near as iPhone 12 range - $699, $799, $999 & $1,099. Apple tries to keep prices near previous Variants.

#4 Specifications

Let's see some Leaked Information about new Variants and all its specifications, but it's leaked information not confirmed by Apple. These are some Highlighted Specifications in iPhone13 Variants.
iPhone 13 mini 13 13 Pro 13 Pro Max
Screen Size   Resolution   Refresh Rate   Camera   Front Camera   Chipset   Battery Storage 5.4 - Inch   2340×1080   60Hz   12MP+12MP   12MP   A15   2406 mAh   Upto 1 TB 6.1 - Inch   2532×1170   60Hz   12MP+12MP   12MP   A15   3095 mAh   Upto 1TB 6.1 - Inch   2532×1170   120Hz   12MP+12MP+12MP 12MP   A15   3095 mAh   Upto 1 TB 6.7 -Inch   2778×1284   120Hz   12MP+12MP+12MP 12MP   A15   4325 mAh   Upto 1 TB

Apple Lovers: What We Want to See in New iPhone 13 in 2021

As per Apple Lovers, we always expect better than the previous model and what Upgrade we're looking for:
  • 128 GB of Storage
  • Improved Camera Zoom
  • 120Hz Display
  • Improve Battery Life
  • Big Camera Upgrades

Final Verdict

Apple finally came with the new iPhone 13 Variants Launch in September 2021. It can be a Heart throbbing feeling for Apple lovers because this time, New Changes, Updates are coming in these Variants. Its new look, Sleek design, and Small Notch make it more attractive. So, I hope this article is helpful for

Monday 14 June 2021

WatchOS 8 Update with New Features

WatchOS 8 Update with New Features

YES! Apple has finally announced its new launch of WatchOS 8 at the WWDC 2021 Keynote.

This new update has brought many new features that will help you stay healthy, active, and connected. So many useful tools have been upgraded, like the wallet, and the access to so many things are at your wrist. You even need not take your iPhone out of your pocket. In addition, this Update comes with nearby smart devices. Well, it'd be better if we discuss all these things in detail.

We have covered all the new updates you get in your wrist after OS 8 Update, and your doubts in this article will be clear. So, let's break the ice and determine the benefits of this new watchOS 8 Update without any further due.

Release Date of WatchOS 8

It is expected that this version update will be officially launched with the new Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13 in September. If you create a developer account or you've, you can easily access the beta version, and the public one will be launched in July.

What's in New WatchOS 8?

Apple has bought a bunch of new features in their latest software update. Let's go through all the exciting updates!

  • More Access With Wallet

After syncing with the new iOS15, you will have complete control over all the digital keys you have for the office, home, hotel etc. Just by using your watch, you would make the payments on the shops. In fact, till the end of this year, US users will be able to attach their Driver's License or State ID to the wallet.

  • Redesigned Home App

Whenever there is any smart device in your range, you will get automatic suggestions such as unlocking the door or turning off the lights. You can even control the CCTV just with the help of the watch OS 8 on your wrist.

  • New Workout Types

This Update has bought two new kinds of workouts - Tai Chi Vs. Pilates. These exercises are so relaxing for the mind and physique.

  • New Approach to Mindfulness

Yoga has brought a complete change in the thought process of today's world. Now people are eager to find that one moment where they can be mindful. And for this, Apple has contributed through their new breathe app, Reflect. This takes a small session of only 1 min. With each passing session, you enter into a completely different frame of mind.

  • Sleeping Respiratory Rate

People are busy and don't have a good sleeping cycle. Here Apple helps users set a pre-bedtime, and during the whole sleep, it monitors your sleeping respiratory rate. Apple Watch has an accelerometer to this rate.

  • Portraits Watch Face and Photos

Now, after this Update, your apple watch will have the portrait mode that the iPhone has. You will even be able to share the photos via messages and mail without taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

  • Message and Contacts

We've already discussed the above paragraph; you will even send messages through just your watch. But, of course, you'll have emojis and GIFs, too and will also be able to correct the errors with the help of a digital crown.

  • Focus

This feature will help you to remove all the distractions while you're doing something important. You will have several features like Do not disturb, fitness, work and sleep. You can even sync with the customer focus according to your requirement. When someone tries to contact you, you'll get a notification that you're in "Focus Time."

Watch OS 8 Supported devices.

After the Apple Watch 3, update OS 8 is compatible with each device. So all you need to have is at least an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS 15. Exact requirements are valid for the developer and beta version as well.