Wednesday 4 January 2017

Sony Launching a New Slim PS4 Bundle With Two Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty
Virtual Reality or VR as we know it, is the newest form of reality that Hollywood sci-fi films had promised us and it is finally here. Samsung and Google has taken the leap in the world of mobile VR technology. In the high end tech world HTC Hive and Oculus Rift were the sole representors of the future tech, but not anymore. Sony had revealed the prototype for the ‘Project Morpheus’ as long back as 2014, and now the dream is finally here shaped in the form of Playstation VR headset.

It is designed to be paired easily with Sony PS4 console, which had a seen a whooping demand of 40 million sales worldwide. It requires to be connected with a few wires, switch on the power button on the headset and you are good to step into the virtual world.

The headset is considerably heavy, weighing at 645g but it is designed in a clever way so the weight is distributed proportionately along the head mount. This reduces the claustrophobic feeling along with headache and a neck pain that arises by balancing heavy weight and that too wearing it on your face. Also it is equipped with a re adjustable dial that modifies its dimensions according to your head size and will take approximately 10 seconds to fit you snugly. Hive and Oculus are the heavier counterparts and their clumsy bulk dilate gaming involvement.

Hardcore techies are frowning at the 1080p display that Sony is offering. Playstation-VR is designed to patch up with PS4 as PC and therefore it does not adjust to the screen resolution like Oculus and Hive. Sony engineers explain that low-resolution display is not bound to distract the immersive experience due to the extremely high refresh rate of 120fps and gives a much vibrant and proportionate red,green and blue light emission to the pixels thereby reducing screen door effect. The pixels are much softer and give off an overall vibrant glow which is enough to mask the absence of HD for the time being.Also it comes with a big eye box that doesn’t force the necessity to divert from the game screen to find the sweet focus, reducing performance lag.

Able to support all the games that PS4 console does, gamers are awed at the quality of immersion which had not been experienced before. This however is restricted for children under 12 years.

Playstation VR is selling in the market for a mere $399, the full console and VR costs approximately $700 which is anytime a lot cheaper than counterparts which are quite costly at $1200 tag. A high end VR product coupled with cheap price is making headlines as few shops in Japan and China are running out of their supplies by the end of the day.

Sony CEO sounds hopeful about the future of VR as he plans to expand it’s reach to paradigms of medicine and job training. IT and graphics companies are looking forward to the waves of innovation that will come riding on the success of Playstation VR which has been hailed as the greatest innovation since the advent of television by Time.

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