Thursday 19 January 2017

FF 91 – A Car That Recognises Faces

FF 91
The Vehicles that come up these days are fed with latest technology of all time. The vehicles too have turned out to be more of an electric gadget with all sorts of automatic features. The development in terms of cars, depicts a countries economy, the more updated version of cars, the more developed the country is. Faraday Future has introduced a fresh and new modeled car called FF 91 that is sure to give a tough competition to all the models of cars present today. The car with its terrific features is a perfect combination of style, elegance and comfort. It is designed with all sorts of fresh technology built especially to add charm to your personality.

It is bestowed with many features that will force you to bring this vehicle at your place as soon as possible. It comprises of an electric motor which is of 783 kW i.e. equal to 1050 hp. The mileage of the car will leave you in awe as it is capable of running 96 km/h that too in just 2.39 seconds. Yes, you heard it right, seconds! So you can well imagine the power of the vehicle.

This is not the end of the story as the car includes a battery with a capacity of 130 kWh, which is the highest density battery of the world. You can also charge your car up to 50% in just 4.5 hours and the car is capable of moving up to 600 km per charge. Don’t you think that the description seems to be of a cell phone rather than a car! Let me make you aware of the fact that LeEco who is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has induced his money in the making of FF 91.

The FF 91 car is called as Arrival Interface by Faraday Future that is not just a name given rather it introduces another vital feature of the vehicle which enables the owner of the car to unlock it even without using key. So, you need not worry now if you have forgotten to carry your key or by mistake have left it inside the car, as the smart car will identify its owner and simultaneously will welcome him or her by automatically opening the door because of the welcoming system fed in the car which uses cameras that are located internally to identify the user and will also maintain the settings as per the users choice.

The perks of the car does not end here as FF 91 is capable of recording the expressions of its users and will hence adjust the music and other settings like temperature depending upon the expressions. There are 10 cameras inside the car along with 12 sensors which are ultrasonic, both long and short radars which are 13 in number, the rear mirror has a display which is high definition and many more.

FF 91 is the vehicle that is capable of depicting the future of the car manufacturers and its users which is richly stylized without any loops from any aspects.

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