Wednesday 11 January 2017

5 TV Trends to Expect at CES 2017

Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas is an important technology mega-event in the world which brings forward the best of upcoming gadgets for the rest of the year. Televisions happen to be stable and integral showcase of this event which has been making head turns since a long time. This year we will get to see TV manufacturers making huge inroads in the 4K ultra HD category. A new era of cutting edge TV design and viewing technologies will be brought to the consumer having the capabilities work in unison with ultra HD devices like cameras or double up as PC monitors.

4K is the new base for display in TVs

The display resolution has always played a vital role in the buying decision of the consumers. Currently it seems like 4K display resolutions has become the basic requirement in the televisions regardless of their shape, size, features and capabilities. Therefore at this year CES we will get to major players like Samsung, Sony, LG and others followed by emerging players to offers larger televisions in varied pricing range.

Television category is going through a highly competitive phase wherein revolutionary smartphone makers and technology firms are making their way with rapid strides by launching their flagship models in limited quantities. This includes the tech giant Apple with its Apple range of TV along with some rivals from Middle Kingdom namely MI and LeEco. It is expected that 4K resolution will feature 1080p Full HD on most of the model while selected few will showcase the 2160p Ultra HD resolution display.

HDR will become a must have feature in TVs

High dynamic range or commonly referred as HDR will emerge as a must have feature in the upcoming range of televisions from all the brands. It will feature not in the premium model but even in the highly affordable budget segment as well and with further possible expansions. This year premium television is expected to feature heightened level of display brightness and black levels and enhanced color performance than before with the utilization of the technology like quantum dots.

Advancement made in colour department

Over the years a large number of manufacturers have established their own remarkable way of enhancing the color performance on their own device. In CES 2017 TV manufacturers will not shy away from boasting about their dramatic improvement made in the real color coverage by past year. Black Level performance in the LCD display is less talked thing in the television corridors as no significant improvement has been made on this front so manufacturers will certainly keep mum on this fact.

Non-4k TV products are here to stay

2017 CES will bring the 4K camera models along with a splendid range of 4K UHD monitors which are almost at par with 4K televisions. Manufacturers are continuously enhancing the capabilities and features of the monitors to make working and designed a much memorable and exciting affair than before. 4K entertainment on the monitor screen is due to the HDCP 2.2 compatibility.

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