Tuesday 24 January 2017

LG Sends Out Invites for G6 Event on February 26

LG electronics is all set to unveil its G6 in an international event on 26th February. This leading mega tech company has already sent out invites for this much yearned event to take place a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress. LG electronics has sent its invitations for the launch of its flagship phone, G6. The company is confident about the success of this much awaited event. This South Korean tech giant will unveil its new mobile in Barcelona, on 26th February just a day before the mega mobile tradeshow starts.

Invitations sent for launch of this flagship mobile 

The invitation card features the design of fireworks at night above a lake with the heading, ‘See more play more’. The card was smartly designed in the screen ratio of G6 itself. A LG spokesman remarked that the card was specifically designed to highlight the phone’s new UXs. LG display which creates and supplies the displays for all LG models has remarked that the new phone will feature the new QHD+ display. The phone features the technology which capitalizes on the long screen and will have a 564 PPI resolution. Moreover, another interesting facet of the phone is that it will feature a heat pipe which will prevent the phone from overheating. To ensure the safety of its users the model has gone through numerous quality checks prior to the announcement of its launch.

LG considers this new flagship mobile launch to be a major milestone for their company and thus have started sending early invitations for the media for this important press event. The invitation being designed in the outline of the Smartphone itself shows the confidence and faith that the company holds on this new flagship event. The moniker ‘see more play more’, points to the large screen and higher battery capacity of the new phone. On 26th February at around 12:00 after the commencement of this event, the world will get to know about the more exciting and innovative features of G6.

Enhanced features 

Till now, LG has mentioned about few of the interesting features of this new model. Unlike the G5 set, this phone model will not be modular. Instead, the design of LG G6 will comprise of glass and metal and sources confirmed that it will be different from all the earlier LG mobile sets. As per 3D Renders, one common feature will be the standard 3.5 mm jack. A recent LG teaser also hints that the phone will have a larger display and will be waterproof.

This means that the phone is expected to offer us with a larger 5.7 inch display. Due to the underwhelming sales of its earlier G5 model, it is believed that LG G6 will be a bounce back for the company. LG G5 in spite of featuring a host of new accessories and a modular design could not please the mind of its users, and was considered to be a flop model. With this new G6 model the company will hopefully (fingers crossed) will redeem itself.

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