Monday 30 January 2017

3D Bioprinter Which Can Print Functional Human Skin

3D Bioprinter
Aging is a natural process; as we are aware that every living animal, plant etc. is not immortal, whatever born has to die or destroyed, according to the law of nature. The human race is not an exception and some aging signs use to take place with the growing age, which is quite annoying for the person concerned, as nobody wants to admit the decaying of age and its symptoms.

To get rid of the aging problems, such as; wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, dark circles around the eye region are some of the most annoying signs, which have the potential of destroying the youthful look to a great extent and people use to try lots of means of various natures, including surgery.

The massive growth in the science and technology have paved the way for some of the most interesting and innovative solutions for arresting these disturbing symptoms, with an intention to get back the younger look.

Recently some scientists in Spain have invented a magical solution, by developing one of the most promising prototypes for the 3D bioprinter, which has the capability of producing some human skin with entire functionality.

Issues to be noted

It can be noted that the decayed skin texture can soon be rectified by replacing the affected area with the printed skins, which have all the functional characters and elements to provide maximum support for the user. The patching up of this mechanically printed skin can be of great support in reducing the aging signs on visible areas and helps the concerned person to get the comparatively younger appearance.

Skin is considered as the biggest organ of the human body and it is almost entirely exposed to the environment and sunlight, which potentially damage the skin texture and aggravate the untimely aging symptoms to be occurred in different regions, especially on the facial area. This unique and innovative scientific development has opened up the scopes of various uses of this artificially created skin, which can be used for various research purposes, testing of cosmetics and most importantly transplanting onto the human or other species.

It is the first of this kind of development that produces artificial, printed skin, by using the bioprinter, which will be introduced to the marketplace very soon for commercial and medical uses.


This innovative bio-printed skin is the result of the collaboration between extremely experienced scientists at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the BioDan Group, a famous bioengineering company, who have the long history and specialization in the field of regenerative medicine, especially focused on the skin texture.

The most important part of this printed skin is; the material of this skin is having the qualities of the skin structure, wherein the inner part is having the fibroblast, which produces collagen; the most crucial protein element that provides the elasticity, as well as, enhances the mechanical strength of the skin. This mechanically bio-printed skin is being processed and generated in the automated and standardized way, which is less expensive than the manual process.

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