Thursday 12 January 2017

Amazon Flying Warehouse That Will Deliver Your Stuff By Drone

Amazon Flying Warehouse
Amazon’s new flying warehouses will dispatch products using drones

The e-commerce market has been rapidly developing in the past few decades, and Amazon being one of the pioneers is devising new methods to expand their grounds. This mega internet retail store has recently broken the news of using giant airships to serve as flying warehouses. These mobile warehouses will make the process of delivering goods to consumers easier and faster. The concept is a ground breaking one, and till date no other online retail store has even thought of using a drone as a means of making faster deliveries.

Fastest method of making deliveries

This is not simply a concept, as Amazon had recently conducted a demo to prove the effectiveness of this drone delivery system in the United Kingdom. How is this method far more effective than the traditional delivery system? Imagine, you are at your football match practice and in need of a jersey or a ball. You could simply place your order and you will receive the item within a few minutes without even leaving your seat. Amazon will set up its ‘airborne fulfillment centers’, from which the ordered items will be dispatched soon after ordering, at will be delivered at the consumer’s doorsteps in a matter of minutes. After the product is dispatched the drone will glide or float most of the way and then use its propeller to navigate the route and fly itself to the consumer.

Spaceships to reduce costs

While these drones will make the delivery within 30 minutes, the use of airships will further cut down the time and make even faster product deliveries. One of the reasons as Amazon highlights for introducing spaceships is large gatherings like sports game or concerts which might require mass deliveries within short time. Moreover, this online retail store also believes that using airships instead of drones will actually increase profits by reducing the costs in general.

An incredible concept created by Amazon

While creating the concept of using airships, Amazon looked into the technological tradition used for creating the first self propelled dirigibles back in the 19th century. The filing stated that substantial energy was required for sending drones from ground based facilities. The reason being, the propellers of the drone have to spin constantly in order to stay aloft. Moreover, on the return trip the drone will not be loaded with any product and it would be a wasteful expense. Instead, using airships would be more efficient as it would remain still at a higher altitude. These airships would deploy drones which would glide or float towards the ground by way of gravity, and lesser use of power would result in reduced expenses.

These airships will float to an altitude of 45,000 and will be stocked with a variety of products. When an order will be placed, the unmanned aerial vehicles would fly down and make the delivery at the correct address using its in-built navigation system. Well, this step taken by Amazon definitely has proven the brand’s efficiency as a leading online retail store. Its constant endeavor to make faster deliveries has helped it become an international brand.

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