Wednesday 19 December 2012

Phoenix UPS Maintenance

      Every industry tries to maximize their asset performance to reach their goal for that they have to keep their electric power distribution system and UPS in a perfect condition. Therefore it is very important to keep their electric system maintenance more reliable and efficient. The company which is taking care of power distribution and maintenance be well versed in both preventive and corrective maintenance so that the overall performance of the company is more. I would suggest Titan Power for this, because they are one of the leaders in this field. Their combined treasure of knowledge enabled them to be the leader in all types of power equipments including sales, replacement, and installation and even after sales services. They are the licensed contractor hence they can provide the best results for their esteemed customers. They expertise in handling all kind of critical power equipments, they can manage, plan, design and install UPS power system. And Their Phoenix UPS Maintenance can take care of startups and ongoing maintenance of your UPS power system. They offer a complete line products and services to meet their customer’s unique requirements and application needs. Since their maintenance division includes experienced and certified mechanical, electrical and UPS field engineers; those who work together to provide their customers a superior quality service the customer can relax more with a satisfaction that a most reliable company is backing up the power provision.

Monday 17 December 2012

Air Racer X - Car Remotely Operate with iPhone

This is the product of Parrot AR Drone who launched the first flying machine piloted by iPhone. This time they offer a remote control car for your iDevice (no matter the model). The Air Racer is neither more nor less than a big car. lt roughly weigh 850 grams on the scale and about 40 cm in length. With perfect design of wheels and gear system it can better move on the stony paths and steep slopes. It comes with a battery that can take care of charging before use. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the battery for the first time. Once charged fix it in the car and now you can drive the car for a long hours. In the first few minutes of drive itself you can understand its swiftness and fastness of the care. Its speed is roughly 30Km per hour I am damn sure that thrills. There are three driving modes are available via the application. With the keys up and down left and right with the steering wheel you can maneuver the car. You can steer the car with the finger else you can do the function with the gyroscope built into the iPhone. Very cool isn’t it? The car meets all the guidelines of conduct. It runs on the rough road, on the ups and downs, steps. On the technical side this monster uses the Wi-Fi i.e. The car emits a signal that the iPhone detects the Wi-Fi up to the range of fifty meters. I found the car and operated it and I was quite comfortable with it. Very easy to handle. The car is mounted on good suspension and the wheels toothed for the good grip on the floor and its acceleration thrills. It is price 79.90 Euros. Not quite bad right?

Friday 7 December 2012

First photos of IPhone 5S surfaced!

    Apple had already upgraded the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S. Some of the snipers smelt that Apple has repeated the company's method for iPhone 5 too. Recent rumors indicate that the device is already in the work plan. Of Latest the first photos of a possible 5S prototype have surfaced in the internet. CNet reports on photos of an iPhone Prototypes that have surfaced on the Internet. They showed a slightly different iPhone 5, and in which a few screws inside the telephone are placed different.

    In addition, parts of the product are replaced by X. An indication that it is the photographed Apple phone is an iPhone prototype. Already in November 2012, a Chinese newspaper reported that Apple is planning to bring out a revised version of the iPhone 5 in December 2012. According to the newspaper, Apple could rechristened the device as an iPhone 5S and introduce in the market, writes DigiTimes. The name is indicative of better hardware and maybe a surprise one or two – similar to that time the iPhone 4S. To start, there are probably 50,000 to 100,000 units, the serial production will start in the first quarter of 2013, it said. Further details are not yet known.

Windows 8 OS not up to the gamers demand!

      Not only Microsoft, the peoples of the gaming industry also had great hopes in Windows 8 but after one month of its release the gamers found that the new operating system have little response to their choice. Despite the novel design and latest features are there in Windows 8 but it is lack of gamblers expectations. Really Windows 8 is a revolution for Microsoft and for the first time they have applied the cross platform principles of Apple and the Smartphone, tablet, console and PC are linked through a unified user interface.

     The Windows 8 has to face a lot of criticism from the gaming industry even though it’s initial sales displays a good start. Even before the release of Windows 8 Newell commented negatively about its operating system and described the OS as a disaster. He quoted the following reason for it: Windows 8 is different from its predecessors and it is designed as a closed as similar to that of Apple. This implies that Microsoft controls fully on which users can install and what should not. Hence any one selling online games on Windows online store is subject to abide by the Microsoft’s controls and requirement as similar to that of the Apple, it believed.

Streaming Media

Renowned service providers have been catering high performance media server and video streaming software to large organizations, enterprises, and media properties interested in video digital screen to home television, mobile or computers. The company, a media server software company originated in the year 2005 and felt the need to provide products in the media server market. Towards early 2007 with the company’s focus to lower cost alternatives to Adobe Flash server, they experience rapid growth in the market and in the year 2009 introduced Wowza Media Server 2 server platform. The award winning Wowza Media Server 3 was introduced in 2011 as the next generation of streaming media software with value added components and single extensible foundation for screen delivery. Wowza Media Server 2 came out with simpe and cost effective features like adaptive bitrate (ABR), time shifted playback streaming as well as digital rights protection. With the help of Wowza Server Media, users were now capable of streaming expanded screens without the need of expensive infrastructure upgrades.

 With further upgrade in their quality of products in Wowza Media Server 3.5, it now became affordable and easy for users to deliver high volume of video and audio content from IP network to computers, (laptop or desktop), tablets, mobile phone or IP set top boxes. Due to its remarkable features and value added components et al, their products have made its niche in the market with excellence and cost effective factors and over 120,000 satisfied users in around 150 countries. The plus point of Wowza Media Server 3 is the high performance which is powerful multi threaded software that can deliver up to 10 Gbps per server video streaming on demand as well as live streaming on standard hardware. For further enhancement, protection, transformation, to deliver and manage the media streaming for live or on demand performance, a variety of free and attractive Add ons are offered which are Wowza Transcoder, Wowza nDVR, Wowza DRM and Streamlock Addon. Its unique features are designed to help users and give them an opportunity to reach wider audience, creating and engaging viewer experience, developing exceptional video messaging services and applications.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Convert Your 8mm film to digital DVD

With great improvements done in the field of technology, individuals can now have the option of scanning and sharing fond memories with family and friends across the internet world with the help of service providers catering to the needs of individuals. They can utilize the facilities from providers of photo digitization services of high quality scans both for CDs and DVDs, where the images are scanned with respect, care and great attention paid to avoid any type of damages to the original image. Images are processed by a team of trained professionals on board in service who are well versed on the importance of handling these precious images captured at special and memorable event in one’s life. The excellent quality of their scan is due to the combination of efficient team spirit with detailed, secured process together with high end equipment giving rise to the end result and also has the ability to a variety of formats to process 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film In the absence of the projector, they have the ability to convert 8mm film to digital DVD to share, enjoy fond memories and relive every moment while watching the same. Besides these they are also capable of detecting scenes with events and chapter points, fixing broken sprockets, film spliced, film cleaned and prepared prior to transfer. With their focus on complete customer satisfaction, their integrated and centralized system ensures that the images are safe through the entire process of service. Digital images are now more convenient and easy to transfer with the use of modern technology and one can organize, share, reprint and compile image library without much effort. Moreover the software application also helps in creating slide shows and on special occasions, memorable photo book. All the film are inspected and cleaned with smaller reels spliced together which are then entered into their system and a barcode number is entrusted to them. The footage is captured with the help of the high end system and transferred to DVD and loaded to external hard drive on request which is shared and enjoyed by the individuals.

With great improvements done in the field of technology, individuals can now have the option of scanning and sharing fond memories with family and friends across the internet world with the help of service providers catering to the needs of individuals.   They can utilize the facilities from providers of photo digitization services of high quality scans both for CDs and DVDs, where the images are scanned with respect, care and great attention paid to avoid any type of damages to the original image.  Images are processed by a team of trained professionals on board in service who are well versed on the importance of handling these precious images captured at special and memorable event in one’s life. The excellent quality of their scan is due to the combination of efficient team spirit with detailed, secured process together with high end equipment giving rise to the end result and also has the ability to a variety of formats to process 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film 

In the absence of the projector, they have the ability to convert 8 mm film to digital DVD to share, enjoy fond memories and relive every moment while watching the same.  Besides these they are also capable of detecting scenes with events and chapter points, fixing broken sprockets, film spliced, film cleaned and prepared prior to transfer.
With their focus on complete customer satisfaction, their integrated and centralized system ensures that the images are safe through the entire process of service. Digital images are now more convenient and easy to transfer with the use of modern technology and one can organize, share, reprint and compile image library without much effort.  Moreover the software application also helps in creating slide shows and on special occasions, memorable photo book.  All the film are inspected and cleaned with smaller reels spliced together which are then entered into their system and a barcode number is entrusted to them.  The footage is captured with the help of the high end system and transferred to DVD and loaded to external hard drive on request which is shared and enjoyed by the individuals.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

iPad Retina mini and Apple TV in 2013?

    According to Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, the Roadmap of Apple for 2013 will be punctuated by four major product announcements in March, June, September and November which will include the arrival of a mini iPad Retina of 7 iOS, iPhone 5S and especially the famous Apple TV set at 2000 dollars. This prediction was delivered by him very recently. According to him the coming year will be probably be less dense product announcements from apple. But Apple will lay a strong ground work for forth coming years. He guess iPhone will be available for 200$ in the recent years.

       He hopes Apple will eventually need to accelerate the schedule of updating iPhone because of the frequency of launching Android handsets, Eventually Apple need to accelerate the cycle of updating its product twice the year. Munster predicts in March 2013 mini iPad Retina will be launched and after the June month Worldwide Developers Conference you may expect iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9. 7. In September you may expect 2013 iPhone 5S with swifter processor, best camera sensor and enough memory back up. A real big announcement can be heard in the month of November 2013, The launch of Apple TV with sizes 42 to 55 inches for the price ranging from 1500 to 2000$ in elegant design with the a facility to use the TV as the main interface on multiple devices which will integrate Siri and Face time.

Monday 26 November 2012


      There are plenty of quotes to emphasize the importance and joy of traveling, life itself a journey where you go places and meet people of different kind. Still, there cannot be a joyous activity like traveling and especially traveling to places other than your country brings you a pleasure of enjoying something so different and so new.

        To experience the best out of traveling, you must be well aware of the plans that you make. Nowadays there are lucrative offers which can be utilized if we act on time; there are various clubs which gives you an opportunity to accomplish your traveling dreams.


        Finding this as new word? Well, we the human beings we love varieties ranging from food to cloths. Then why not have a variety in traveling? Twocentre Holidays gifts you a golden opportunity to maximize your traveling experience and to enjoy the pleasure of experiencing more. is a specialist in two centre holidays, As the website quotes, “Are you torn between a beach holiday or a cruise? No problem - with Blue Skies Travel we can develop an itinerary with both!"

       TWOCENTRE HOLIDAYS link can be used to pick among the various packs, you can also have your own combination of places and all that you have to do for that is JUST GIVE A CALL OR MAIL BLUE SKIES TRAVEL, and then you are a step ahead in experiencing your traveling dream. Blue skies travel is limited only by YOUR imagination and it never limits your dreams.

      Designer shirts and even designer helmets we use and hear, how about a journey designed by you to match your tastes? There are deals and offers to add sugar to your dessert, use their website to check the offers provided by blue skies travel.

Saturday 24 November 2012


Penetration and influence of Apple products are increasing everyday and fan base for Apple is drastically climbing, however the solutions and software available for MAC platform are quite limited.  studio offers a helping hand for those who are in need of a exclusive multimedia software for Macintosh platform. offers a wide range of products especially made for Apple products like iPhone and iPod. Their software services includes- 1) Video Converter series 2) dvd ripper for mac 3) YouTube video downloader 4) DVD copy series Forget not,  is not confined to MAC platform alone and it has got software products for Windows users as well.


 RIPPING DVDs FOR APPLE devices is now EASY. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod, whatever Apple products you may have, Ripping DVDs for them (Apple products) are now easy with products.

Entertainment ON THE MOVE

 When you have a hard disk what’s the reason for carrying discs with you for enjoying your entertainment? RIP DVDs to your MacBook and enjoy your favorite songs/videos without a trouble.


Converting your videos in to HD video and various other formats can be done at ease with DVD converter. Conversion quality will be perfect which comes at high conversion speed to save your time. DVD conversion with dvd converter for mac gives an opportunity to convert videos at good quality and in a quick way.

 CONVERTING A 2D Video to 3D Video:

 3D has become so common nowadays and the amusement that provides is way ahead of conventional formats, so iMedia converter provides you an opportunity for converting your 2D videos to 3D on MAC.


  DVD ripper for MAC comes with a groundbreaking technology- “Interface”, which helps the user to avoid confusions and thereby turns the total process a friendly one. Last but not least, you don’t to need to worry on altering the settings, resolutions of your most loved XBOX, NINTENTO, and PS3 etc. dvd ripper mac from  comes with optimized presets.


 1) Burn any video format to DVD disc and enjoy them on the move with DVD creator software. 2) Creating slideshows for your photo along with your favorite music can be done with this software. 3) To cherish your memorable videos, you can make a DVD of your own with different clips and it would be a great gift for remembering our lovely moments.


 1) VIDEO CONVERTER 2) iMedia CONVERTER 3) DVD RIPPER 4) DVD CREATOR 5) VIDEO EDITOR 6) PDF COPNVERTOR and apart from them, products like YouTube downloader, Ringtone maker, Syncpod, Slideshow maker will help MAC users a great time. iSkysoft offers a wide range of products for MAC users and now none can say that solutions for MAC users are limited, with such wide range of products which are exclusively launched for MAC users, People who uses Mac can be at ease. More such information on every exclusive MAC product are available  and the website itself a friendly one which helps customers to navigate and browse through their required product without any trouble. With hundred thousand people following them on Facebook and still counting, no other proof is required to prove their standard and public reach. It’s an Undeniable fact that “comes as a handy for MAC users.”

Thursday 22 November 2012

Gila a mouse for gamers with 12 buttons

    Genius has just lifted the veil on a new mouse namely Gila. This model has been designed for gamers and has twelve buttons, as well as a sensor that can reach a resolution of 8200 DPI. Typical wired mouse Gila has a USB cable with a length of 1.8 meters. Her measurements are 114 x 72 x 44 mm and weighs 197 grams which is heavier than the old Logitech MX 1000.

     This mouse has a slightly rounded hull so as to match the best shape of the hand. The presence of depression on both sides allows better support to the fingers. Over clocking Core SG II offers a resolution of 200 DPI and 8200 DPI which can be changed on the fly via two buttons and the default levels are yet to be provided by the manufacturer. It supports a maximum acceleration of 30 G. Apart from the usual click buttons left, right and dial there or two more buttons on the left and seven on the top of the mouse. The sniper button helps us to apply a very low resolution to be more precise in certain game and purposes. Apart from those the mouse has an internal memory of 34 KB.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Zalman Reserator 3 for CPU cooling

Though CES 2013 is not going to open its doors until next January 8, Zalman has already released their two new cooling systems for CPUs namely The FX100 and Reserator Cube 3. For the former, it is a heat sink that is fan less, while the second is simply a water-cooling kit all-in-one that should somewhat innovate in CPU cooling. On the one hand, FX100 Cube ensures that the cooling of the processor, as it will be fan less. It is of Fan less Tech and its dimensions are 150 x 150 x 157.5 mm, a weight of 880 grams. Know that it is compatible with processors with "TDP" (Thermal Design Power) does not exceed 77 W, and can cool a Core i7 3770k from Intel. Its sink consists of a massive block of aluminum fins and heat pipes ten a thickness of 6 mm. As we can see below, the four edges of the sink are plastic. In addition, we point out the presence of a grid plate mesh on top which suggests a light blue or red LED.

 The Reserator 3 Zalman water cooling is an all-in-one quite original and equally innovative. Unlike the previous two models Reserator which took place outside of the box, it is fixed within a slot fan. Although its composition is classical since the waterblock and pump, pipes, sink and fan all are together. However, this design is unusual and gives some surprises. Indeed, unlike kits from Corsair, Antec, Enermax or those were from CoolIT and Asetek.

 Unfortunately, we note that the pipes seem particularly short, forcing probably install the heat sink fan on a location to the rear of the housing, or on the top where the distance to the socket is not too large which is the main disadvantage. Speaking of the sink, its shape changes completely what we have seen so far, since it is circular. Thus, the fan (blue LED) takes place at the center of the fins in a recess. To discover all the technical characteristics of these two innovations which are very interesting we have to wait another two months for CES2013.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Custom Writing Company

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Hello friends! Do anyone of you are greatly looking for a good and professional custom writing company? Then I would like to strongly recommend you an online site that is a perfect destination that can greatly cater your entire needs of customwritings. More prominently, this place is an ideal one stop destination for the students who are in a great need of a good custom writing company. It is quite good to say that they have been greatly helping students for years through presenting them by custom papers in an extensive range of subjects as well as topics in several academic or technical branch of learning.

Monday 15 October 2012

Mac video converter

Mac users have specific issues in Mac video converter applications and some video file formats are not compatible with Mac applications hence converting to a right video format with right software is vital, here Mac video converter play a key role in assisting you and make your work ease. The Mac video converter software is developed to convert or encode any digital video file format from one to another. It can convert video files to and from most of the file formats like MOV, WMV, and AVI etc. The Mac video converter have many novel editing options from basic to most advanced with latest updates. You can trim or clip a video, you can merge files, can crop or rotate the video image, you can maximize the video quality or you can add your own sound track to the existing video. Simply you can do wonders with this cutting edge technology software. If you are an amateur you can use the optimized preset formats and functions to fit your iPad or iPhone and for a professional you can do anything with this Mac video converter. Simply it is a powerful Mac video converter which makes you free to edit various video formats on your Mac product. In case if we have any difficulties while using or downloading Mac video converter they are giving you both online and offline support to resolve the issue.

Monday 1 October 2012

Bitdefender Total Security

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bitdefender Total Security is an excellent and definitely be the next generation  antivirus protection.  I really love that it make available easy to use, high tech defense from things such as viruses, spyware, hackers, and also on phishing attacks.  They also put forward additional aspects such as parental controls, back up over online, protection for social networking, and much more!
These are the entire things that I really should to have on my pc with two prying young people in the house.  It can even keep an eye on the missing and stolen devices that is a massive help among teenagers.  It sorts out the links they obtain on social medias and guards your confidentiality.  I can even impede badly chosen content, control web entrĂ©e among certain hours, as well as tenuously supervise my children online activity on Facebook!
As somebody who takes pleasure in online shopping, Bitdefender will assist me feel secure that the information I produce over online while I shop is protected.  Bitdefender Total Security functions on its own devoid of a pop up for each five minutes to irritate me whenever I shop.   Bitdefender Safepay is a proprietary protected browser that maintains my online dealings and home banking applications protected from several corrupting efforts.
Bitdefender’s 2013 solutions can function on numerous computer milieus takes account of PC’s that work typically offline or else a computers with always placed on and also a computer that is having an unfiltered internet connections. This is unquestionably an antivirus protection that is really high-tech!

Saturday 29 September 2012

Two factorauthentication to combat Online Fraud

   Telesign is one of the Fast growth tech companies with proven security and fraud prevention tools. Whether an individual or a company; security is the most important one in safeguarding their digital assets. Here comes the Telesign’s two factor authentication technique to fight against online frauds. Telesign’s two factor authentication popularly known as TeleSign 2FA offers additional and critical layer of security that work beyond simple username and password protection. This two factor authentication allows the user to use their phone as an authentication device as well. These simple two factor authentications not only eliminate the cumbersome traditional methods of authentication style but also the huge operating costs. PhoneID Telesign Verify are the other two Telesign’s solutions provide a risk based multilayer fraud defense strategy and by sending the PIN via voice or SMS to the users phone the Telesign authenticate the user in real time when the user enters the website

     Their Intelligent and powerful authentication provides an easy to implement to identifying the user by their phone there by safeguarding their clients against online and fraud and spam using their sophisticated technology. Telesign protects more than two and half billion accounts in more than two hundred countries in the world. Last year they were named as “Visionary in Gartner’s User Authentication Magic Quadrant” and ranked Number 15 on the Deloitte Technology Fast. Most of their client base includes major social networking sites, Online classifieds, Cloud services, payment processors, domain registrants, ecommerce sites and more. They use Rest API, a novel platform which can be easily integrated within the existing websites and they offer extensive support throughout the integration. For more details simply log on to

Friday 28 September 2012

LifeLock A Best Identity Theft Protection Service

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifeLock Linkedin for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
LifeLock works for us to protect us from identity theft before it happens and take all measures proactively to avoid the risk. Life lock offers a service designed to manage and monitor our credit reputation since the credit ration is very important in the present economy based life style. LifeLock offers LifeLock Ultimate, LifeLock basic etc to suit our need in the right protection.  The life lock ultimate plan offers enhanced benefits for a $25 per month. They offer one million service guarantees which is one of their best offer made. When we are in trouble we can just offer or LifeLock limited power to our attorney who is working for us on our behalf.
AmeliaIZEA |
Do you know; A household earning more than hundred thousand dollars and more have the highest fraud rate of 7.4% and more. In 2011 alone 11.6 million adults were victimized of identity cheating and they have lost $18 billion dollars.  More of the social media and Smartphone users are the victims of these cyber crimes. A statistics says, every one in ten LinkedIn users was a victim of the identity fraud. If you are a LinkedIn user then don’t forget to keep in touch with LifeLock on Linkedin. In this fast advancing technology world a professional hacker can easily hack and break your password security. For example if your password is of six characters then it can be broken by a professional hacker in micro second. And if it is of 10 character and a symbol it will take him up to twenty days to break. How hack-friendly is your password? Now you can understand, In what critical situation we are doing our online bank transactions and share our sensitive documents online and the importance of LifeLock.
  They monitor our identity and scan it for Identity threats and wisely responding to any Identity theft and tracking our credit score. Apart from that they offers guarantee $1million dollar guarantee. The LifeLock  Identity Alert System send us notification whenever it detects that our personal information is being used by others in credit and non credit service  and it ‘s remediation team works behalf of us and  swing into action to protect our interest.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - V

Intra wireless
Model-ear Triva Tap proposed by Koss since last spring, is a priori the first of its kind to be free of wire and connect via WiFi to different kinds of music sources. While some might consider this a bit of "cheating" because they largely beyond the ear canal (and the ear) compared to other headphones in this category. But pending a future and hypothetical miniaturization, they remain relatively discrete, light and, of course, without headband. The contract is completed. Their interest is also to be connected to all types of readers or audio-video equipment, even if they do not have Wifi, through a small box "bridge" to connect the audio output a Smartphone, a MP3 player, radio, TV, etc.. Priced 400 euros!

Starck Parrot offers

Parrot continues its diversification in all directions and this time is associated with Philippe Starck to design the design of ZIK, a wireless headset (Bluetooth) to look very distinctive. It also stands side functions with touch control player functions (volume, play and pause automatic change tracks ...) via a capacitive panel located on the outside of the headphones, an active system of noise reduction, a motion detector to pause the music when the headphones are removed, etc.. Sold on various online shops at a price of approximately 350 euros.

A modular helmet

The main idea behind the concept Tracks Remix, Sol Republic announced at IFA 2012, is to allow everyone to customize the look and recreational level of sound quality of his helmet. The manufacturer provides for the possibility to buy it separately headband and remote control cable, choose from eight different colors, and the headphones to choose between V8 and V10 models depending on the type of sound you want. Price 80 euros.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - IV

The spirit of Bob in the ears

Finally distributed in France since the beginning of summer 2012, the amazing range of headsets and headphones House of Marley audio, created by Rohan Marley (son of the late a you-know-who) are in the image various brand products: good quality, manufactured and distributed in environmental concerns and, in part, to serve 1Love, the charity "house" which receives a portion of the profits on sales. Within, and even at the top of this range can remember in particular the model Destiny TTR-ear headphones super comfortable and deliciously vintage look. Comes, as it must, in a package of recycled materials. Available for the price of 300 euros.

The upscale by Sony

A series of three new models of high-end closed headphones was announced a few days ago at the IFA 2012 by Sony. Grouped under the banner MDR-1R this range includes a wireless model (MDR-1RBT) and a model with a system of noise reduction (MDR-1RNC). These three helmets should be available soon and are already available for pre-order at respective rates of 249, 349 and 399 euros.

3 new headsets Logitech UE

Result of the merger in 2008 between Logitech and Ultimate Ears (ear earphones manufacturer created by a former sound engineer Van Halen), Logitech UE announced at the IFA 2012 in Berlin a range of helmets and above circum- aural. Input range, the LogitechUE 4000 (99 euros) is a model with a small wired remote control and microphone to answer calls his Smartphone and control tracks and volume music. Upmarket continuing with the Logitech UE 6000 (199 euros) equipped with an active system to reduce outside noise. The Logitech UE 9000 (349 euros) finally takes him about the main features of the 6000 but can connect wirelessly to a music source with Bluetooth technology. Available for pre-order on the manufacturer's website.

Headphones: a deluge of news! - III

Evolution subliminal

You can not change a winning team. Announced at the IFA 2012, and most likely available before the end of the year at a price of 300 euros, the AKG K551 is a small evolution of K550, Circum-aural headphones high end in particular was awarded in 2012 a reddot Design Award.


Or ... almost. The Crash, last scion of the partnership between Philips and O'Neill, is also part of the contingent of new products announced at IFA 2012. It is particularly aimed at sports enthusiasts "extreme" (and possibly clumsy, the Ironbreaker ...) with a design advertised as foolproof. Program: headphones protected in an aluminum shell, headband that can bend and stretch with all his strength and all the senses, strength of the assembly to a static pressure of 1500 kg should be available early autumn 2012 at a price yet to discover ...

Leather cushion

Sennheiser has decided to renew the design of its helmets and Momentum decidedly vintage look is part of this new trend. Very lightweight (190 g), it integrates ear pads with premium leather supplied by British Pittards which revolves around a hoop stainless steel fasteners. He announced a maximum level of 110 dB with a power rating of 200 mW. It comes with a conventional cable and a cable with a mini-jack and microphone controls and a smartphone. The price should be around 300 euros.

Monday 10 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - II

Snakes hiss…

Discrete, but not too ... The range of in-ear headphones Quarkie proposed will allow you to travel light while you are doing anyway (a bit) says. Designed by a team of British designers and Asian models are available in four sizes and sold online at a price of 89 euros.

Second youth for Purity

Nokia Purity Pro, released just a few days ago at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, is a model change Purity, collaboration between the Finnish manufacturer and specialist Monster. While the design does not change substantially, it is in terms of features to look for novelty at that time as it becomes wireless and equipped with an active noise reduction. It will most likely be available during the fourth quarter of 2012, in four colors (red, yellow, black or white) and sold around 300 euros.

Fun & Off-Road

Recently presented at IFA 2012, in-ear headphones Rugged Image S4i Klipsch the U.S. is advertised as virtually any terrain and particularly weather resistant with the addition of various rubber components. The unit is equipped with a remote control equipped XL 3 buttons and a unidirectional microphone for hands-free calls from a mobile phone. This model will be available prior to a few weeks at a price of approximately 100 euros.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Apple adapter that will make controversy

The rumors that Apple has decided to change its dock connector present on all mobile devices. With him, are all accessories for sale that are becoming obsolete. According to iLounge, Apple would be in his cartoons adapter.

Do not throw the cables and accessories for your iPhone and iPad, Apple has planned the coup. Little affable, the Cupertino company has locked in against this market. Alone and could design and sell the famous adapter.

Mow the competition; this is a good way to monetize a product excessively. The adapter cost $ 10 to the customer. Packs of three to 29 dollars would also be provided. According to sources iLounge, Apple might prefer to sell 10 million by the end of 2012 and would be able to collect 100 million dollars just with this adapter (excluding manufacturing costs and routing).

Remember that the next Apple mobile products should accommodate a 9-pin connector against 30 now. It would gain speed for data transfer and charging devices.

Apple will hold a conference well on September 12. iPhone 5 and / or iPad Mini should be in the game.

The keyboard-mouse Bamboo Ecoline Hama

Hama has expanded its Ecoline after the release of the famous cases for phones or "liquid wood". Environmentally friendly, the company continues to create products based on renewable products.

This time, it comes with a keyboard and mouse made
​​from bamboo. Hama uses bamboo as it is among the fastest renewable resources not to mention its resistance against certain materials like metals. This keyboard-mouse is equipped with all the functions in the ordinary keyboards and mice. The keyboard has the usual buttons. As for the mouse, it is equipped with a high-resolution optical sensor for precise cursor. Connection to a computer is made from a Integrated USB nano receiver.

The wireless keyboard bamboo costs € 69 while the price of the mouse amounted to € 29.99.

Headphones: a deluge of news! - I

Wireless Headphones

Available in France since mid-July, DenonAH NCW500-range Cruiser Globe probably delights music lovers and world travelers. The supra-aural headphones finish relatively simple and rather upscale (available in black or aluminum / brown) includes a set of functions and elements which, without being revolutionary, is very much in tune with the times. With 400 mm headphones, it incorporates an active system to reduce noise outside, amplifier, microphone, control buttons and a volume control wheel to drive a Smartphone which can be connected with wireless (Bluetooth 3.0). On the software side, the manufacturer also offers a free application for Smartphone Travel Denon IOS or Android. Comes with a battery of accessories, including a carrying pouch leather, priced at 500 euros.

A decoration at the head of customer

Colorware, the American specialist "customization-coloring" of multimedia equipment (mobile phones, computers, game consoles, iPod, Segway ...) also offers a dedicated service for headphones: Beats By Dr. Dre range, Bose QuietConfort 15 , Sol Republic Tracks, SkullCandy Mix Master, to name a few. Originally, it was possible for you to send your own equipment, after being "treated", you had returned to begin his new life under new colors. This option is no longer offered by the company (too many defective materials and counterfeiting ...) it is now possible after using the web application for colors that control one or more new parts, that 'you have to mount it yourself, or buy the new helmet. For example, it will cost about 430 euros for a Bose QuietConfort 15 plus service colorization.

Total customization

The other U.S. based company also offers customization of headphones. The offer, however OrigAudiodiffère substantially from that proposed by ColorWare insofar as it is an original helmet model (Designears) and allows customization based on a black and white helmet, of apply a photo, text, texture ... on the headphones and the headband. 55 euros.

Barrack Obama chooses Steve Jobs rather than Google

The race for the White House that engage Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the United States seems to imply some personalities of the high-tech, and especially the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. His name was indeed mentioned by both candidates as a model of success in the U.S., especially by Obama, who would have preferred to mention his name rather than Google in a speech.

"We believe that a girl who has the opportunity to escape poverty, or who has the opportunity to go to college could build the next Google," is the phrase that Barack Obama had before, on his teleprompter during his campaign speech Thursday. However, the sentence he gave is slightly different: "We believe that a girl who has the opportunity to escape poverty, or who has the opportunity to go to college, can become the new Steve Jobs. "

This small change sentence may seem trivial, but it has been noticed. The successful example given by Steve Jobs would it be speaking, as candidates for the U.S. presidential election, that Larry Page and Sergei Brin with Google? It should be noted that Mitt Romney, Obama's opponent in this campaign has also used the name of the founder of Apple in a speech last week, again suggesting a model of success: "Steve Jobs was Apple does return, then he came back and he changed the world. "

Saturday 8 September 2012

4K TV LG 84 inch to 20 000 €

It was discovered during the IFA 84LM9600, TV LG 84-inch 4K. The manufacturer today released its price: $ 19 999.99. It is the largest screen size that exists today. Remember that 84 inches corresponds to the size of four 42-inch TV, as well as its 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), which is four times that of Full HD (1920 x 1080).

This TV uses LED technology and 3D compatible. It is capable of Full HD content Upscaling to 4K and, of course, supports native 4K content. It only needs this type of content comes on the market, which is planned for 2013 at the earliest. Available in October, its services and its rate reserve unfortunately a professional audience.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Cropic Digital Camera: AFN editing photos in real time

Cropic is a digital camera capable of editing the captured images. It is also possible to remove unwanted background in order to obtain the desired image. Body Cropic Digital Camera is fine enough. That can fit in a pocket, it has the size of a standard smartphone. It is also equipped with two LCD screens on the front and rear of the device to preview the images taken. Here's the scenario: the photographer takes a picture while watching the screen while the person photographed can also see his own picture on the screen at the front of the device.

By designer Kim Tae Han, it is unclear whether this device will come because it is currently in concept phase.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Avengers in Blu-ray: attention to the version!

This blockbuster released in the cinema in April is the third biggest hit of all time ($ 1.5 billion of revenue, behind Avatar and Titanic). Performance commercial side now expects Blu-Ray and DVD. History and be sure to delight everyone, 8 boxes are available on the French market.

Except, wanting to do, we lose. There are specific versions Fnac and Auchan, with bonus or not, with Blu-Ray 3D or not shriek with blue card ... or not.

Bonuses galore

On a strictly film and its bonus, it is necessary to distinguish the three versions of "base" at all brands marketed


- Blu-ray 2D and DVD

- Blu-Ray 3D, 2D and DVD

In terms of price, the conventional DVD begins € 15.99, Blu-Ray (+ DVD) 19.99 and the Blu-ray 3D (Blu-ray + DVD) € 24.99.

The DVD edition is the poor relation of the family and includes only behind the scenes. For cons, the Blu-Ray versions are more generously endowed (see box).

Bonus or aesthetics, Fnac and Auchan

Around this common base design offered bonus in a unique way by major retailers. They are the result of trade agreements that explain why we do not find the bonus versions Fnac proposed by Auchan. A purely marketing, which will require those seeking to enjoy all the specifics to buy multiple versions. The difference plays on bonuses and packaging, film and its quality are strictly in all cases the same.

Fnac provides two special editions in addition to 3 classic versions. Simply called "Special Edition Fnac", they rely on the Blu-Ray versions and Blu-Ray 3D. Lovers of aesthetics will be disappointed with packaging trite, but the curious can find 90 minutes of additional Blu-Ray Bonus: "The Marvel film universe." Issue price, they are displayed respectively 25 and 30 €.

This disc is exclusive to Fnac. For its part, preferred Auchan aesthetics Steelbox offering a limited edition (2000 copies). For a limited edition, the price is not a flight: € 30 for Blu-Ray 3D, 2D and DVD.

Price differentials with the classic editions are therefore of the order of € 5 differences altogether reasonable.

For its part, Amazon also offers a box "prestige". Point bonus disc or metal box here, this edition comes with four figurines in the box, in addition to Blu-Ray 3D. A value to every point of view: the pack is displayed at € 59.98.

There is one final point to be addressed: director's commentary Joss Whedon. No editing marketed in France benefits. It will necessarily turn to a copy sold outside the territory.

The collectors’ pack

ZoomReste can also offer, for a fee, a collector packs. In France, Fnac has only proposed at the same time as the output movie. It was a box of pre-booking, including many bonuses. At the official release of the film in the trade, a prepaid card allowed to retrieve the Blu-Ray (3D, 2D and DVD). Unfortunately, the 1000 all copies have already been sold.

For € 100, this limited edition included four figurines (Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor), the first episode of the adventures of the Avengers on paper and a guide to characters from the Marvel universe. The rest is more conventional, with a poster and teasers.

Those who have missed still have a chance to include a collector in their collections. A priori reserved to the United States, this box will bring together six adventures of the Avengers through 10 Blu-Ray (Captain America, Iron Man 1 & 2, Hulk, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk and Thor). Presented in the form of a suitcase, pack the Marvel Cinematic Universe called: Phase One - Avengers Assembled was proposed prebooking on Amazon. For now, it is no longer possible to order.

But with a little luck, there is a possibility to get your hands on this bag and its contents, including the Cosmic Cube and documents of SHIELD provided be patient and accept the prize: $ 140

Wednesday 22 August 2012 - a comprehensive people search tool

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Thursday 16 August 2012

Vipre Antivirus

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GFI for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Vipre Antivirus is having a grand permutation of antivirus software aspects. The software takes account of antivirus and anti-spyware fortification. It simply doesn’t just defend from harmful viruses as well as spyware, other than it moreover covers Trojans, rootkits, worms, keyloggers, adware, malevolent scripts, as well as numerous other malware hazards. This antivirus software receives the checkmark official recognition from West Coast Labs as successful software for antivirus defense.

Vipre antivirus software has moreover been assessed as well as licensed in ICSA labs, along with it has taken delivery of the VB100 honor. A great aspect that helps out remain Vipre in the best position of protection is the highly developed heuristic technology. Vipre is having one of the most resourceful antivirus checking engines existing, as well as be supposed to left customers nicely flabbergasted without computer slowdown. This wonderful antivirus software is pretty user friendly. To locate a particular scans on a to-do list or else altering settings are with no difficulty involved.
Vipre Antivirus is having numerous helpful devices that guarantee safety. The safe file eraser allows you totally as well as enduringly get rid of receptive files from the PC. The software furthermore takes account of an incorporated account clean-up efficacy, as well as trouble free admittance to a number of PC tools that in general are tough to stumble on. Vipre is moreover completely prepared to save from harm your pc from email-borne risks. The dynamic email checking will maintain your inbox free of malevolent files, as well as even checks outbound mail thus you will not bypass any harmful viruses on your friends or family through accident.

Bring up to date of Vipre Antivirus databases are put to run involuntarily (although it can also be carried out manually). More significantly, Vipre make use of a protection system that allows them to convey bring up to date to your PC instantly when the requirement should come up. In one word, it is good antivirus software by every part of the indispensable and highly developed attributes. Besides examination of threats against a file of recognized threats, this antivirus software is revived like a lot of times per day as essential to obstruct each latest malware that is presently creating its first appearance. 


Monday 13 August 2012

The Samsung-Apple trial seen by Conan O'Brien

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is continuing to court, and during that time, the bloom on the Internet parodies. The American media have obviously studied the subject, and among them, the American humorist Conan O'Brien has devoted part of his show on the case between the two companies.