Sunday 9 September 2012

Apple adapter that will make controversy

The rumors that Apple has decided to change its dock connector present on all mobile devices. With him, are all accessories for sale that are becoming obsolete. According to iLounge, Apple would be in his cartoons adapter.

Do not throw the cables and accessories for your iPhone and iPad, Apple has planned the coup. Little affable, the Cupertino company has locked in against this market. Alone and could design and sell the famous adapter.

Mow the competition; this is a good way to monetize a product excessively. The adapter cost $ 10 to the customer. Packs of three to 29 dollars would also be provided. According to sources iLounge, Apple might prefer to sell 10 million by the end of 2012 and would be able to collect 100 million dollars just with this adapter (excluding manufacturing costs and routing).

Remember that the next Apple mobile products should accommodate a 9-pin connector against 30 now. It would gain speed for data transfer and charging devices.

Apple will hold a conference well on September 12. iPhone 5 and / or iPad Mini should be in the game.

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