Friday 28 September 2012

LifeLock A Best Identity Theft Protection Service

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifeLock Linkedin for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
LifeLock works for us to protect us from identity theft before it happens and take all measures proactively to avoid the risk. Life lock offers a service designed to manage and monitor our credit reputation since the credit ration is very important in the present economy based life style. LifeLock offers LifeLock Ultimate, LifeLock basic etc to suit our need in the right protection.  The life lock ultimate plan offers enhanced benefits for a $25 per month. They offer one million service guarantees which is one of their best offer made. When we are in trouble we can just offer or LifeLock limited power to our attorney who is working for us on our behalf.
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Do you know; A household earning more than hundred thousand dollars and more have the highest fraud rate of 7.4% and more. In 2011 alone 11.6 million adults were victimized of identity cheating and they have lost $18 billion dollars.  More of the social media and Smartphone users are the victims of these cyber crimes. A statistics says, every one in ten LinkedIn users was a victim of the identity fraud. If you are a LinkedIn user then don’t forget to keep in touch with LifeLock on Linkedin. In this fast advancing technology world a professional hacker can easily hack and break your password security. For example if your password is of six characters then it can be broken by a professional hacker in micro second. And if it is of 10 character and a symbol it will take him up to twenty days to break. How hack-friendly is your password? Now you can understand, In what critical situation we are doing our online bank transactions and share our sensitive documents online and the importance of LifeLock.
  They monitor our identity and scan it for Identity threats and wisely responding to any Identity theft and tracking our credit score. Apart from that they offers guarantee $1million dollar guarantee. The LifeLock  Identity Alert System send us notification whenever it detects that our personal information is being used by others in credit and non credit service  and it ‘s remediation team works behalf of us and  swing into action to protect our interest.

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