Wednesday 27 May 2020

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Mono-Live

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies
With smart phones we can do a lot of things. We can look up information in a jiffy, shop online, listen to music, watch a movie and now more commonly- take a selfie with it too. The ability to take selfies also brought photo editing apps to go along with it. With everyone taking selfies and posting it to social media, people want to put their best foot forward or in this case post their best photo. That’s where photo editing apps comes into play. It’s not sufficient that we have some of the best cameras on phones today, we also need some excellent looking edited pictures as well. In this post we’ll take you through some of the best photo editing apps for selfies.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies 


This app, courtesy of Google, allows you to do a lot with your pictures, there are over 29 editing tools to choose from, with each tool having its own set of options. With this app at your fingertips you can edit not only raw files but also JPGs as well.

VSCO- This one will make you obsessed: 

By this point every one and their grandma must be using VSCO. If you happen to be the exception, let me warn you in advance you will become shortly obsessed with this app. This app not only allows you edit pictures but also take pictures on the app itself, edit them, take videos and edit them and also comes with a host of presets.

There is even a paid membership of $19.99 a year which gives you even more features to play around with.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Retrica: 

Need more filters? Look no further Retrica has them for you. This app comes with 100 filters. That’s not all either, you can even check these filters in real life before taking a selfie too. The app also allows you take live video, great for those vloggers out there and you can also create GIFs with it as well. Besides this, the free app also comes with stickers and collage options to try out.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Photo Wonder: 

This app takes the cake. It does everything from allows you to edit with tools such as blemish fix, slimify to allows you to use collages to give you a host of frames to use. It’s used by over 100 million users across 218 countries. Plus it does not hurt that it’s got excellent reviews on iTunes. This is a definite recommend.

Facetune to the rescue: 

This app comes to the rescue on those days that you just don’t feel good. It covers everything from wrinkles to blemishes to zits, creating a more perfect looking skin tone. There is even a reshape feature which makes you look thinner and taller, that’s taking it a bit too far if you ask me.
These are some of the best photo editing apps for selfies to try out.

Thursday 7 May 2020

How to Speed up My MacBook pro?

How to Speed up My MacBook pro
If you’ve had your MacBook Pro for some time now, you may be longing for a new one. But you can’t seem to justify the new expense. If this is you and you’re looking out for a new MacBook Pro merely because the old one has become slow, then we’ll show you how you can boost the performance of your old macBook pro in a jiffy. In this post of how to speed up my MacBook pro, we’ll show you some easy and simple ways in which you can speed up your MacBook pro all without breaking the bank.

Close not need apps in How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

This one might sound like a no brainer but, many of us neglect to do this. The “this” in question is closing down apps that we don’t require. Many a times apps that we are not using will be running in the background taking up space and memory. Most times than not, this takes up processing and makes your mac slower.

One way to see which apps that you don’t require are running in the background is to open Dock. You’ll see all active apps with a dot below them. If you happen to not see any dot then make sure, to head on to system preferences to make sure that a symbol is shown for all active applications. Once you’ve identified which apps you don’t require, you simple right click on them and press quit.

Use an Activity Monitor: 

In some instances you get some apps taking up more than their fair share of juice. Sometimes that’s just what they do and in others it’s a sign that something is wrong with the app. Whatever the case maybe, there is a way to check which apps are a power drain. In this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro, you can use the activity monitor to see just which apps need to take a nap. You can get to the activity monitor by going into the utilities folder.

Once there you can click onto the CPU% tab to bring up all the apps that are currently running. You will also see in this section the amount of juice each app is taking. Once you know which apps need to go off simply click on the app in the activity monitor and press on the “x” symbol at the side.

Stop programs from booting up in this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

When you start up your mac there will be a host of applications that start up along with it. While some maybe important others start up for no apparent reason. The latter you can get rid of to boost performance.

All you have to do is to go to system preferences and users and group. From there head onto the login items. Check the items on this list to see what opens up as soon as you startup. Get rid of those apps that aren’t really needed when you login.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Benefits of Online Video Interview Software

Benefits of Online Video Interview Software
Hiring the right person at the right time at the right place is a very challenging work for the HR managers. As we all know that human resources are the most vital resources of the organization that can lead the organization towards success. So hiring the employees in the company is a very difficult task as it can affect the organization positively or negatively. The hiring process in the organization is called recruitment. This process starts by inviting the applicants for the vacancy to shortlisting them, according to the preliminary test, and after that, taking the interview. Interviewing a person is a very important step as it is one to one talk between the candidate and employer. Here both of them can know more about each other. The decision made here should be done correctly. Even the advancement of technology has led to the development of the software that helps in taking online interviews. This online video interview software is highly used in the organization and has changed the scenarios of taking the interview system.

Earlier the interviews were being conducted for the shortlisted candidates. The candidates used to come to the office, and they used to appear for the interview there. The candidates need to wait for a long time for their turn for the interview. It was a very time consuming and costly process on behalf of both the organization and the candidate. The candidates from the far places need to travel for just giving an interview. Even there was no guarantee that he might be selected for the job or not. The candidates need to come one day before the interview and need to take accommodation. So, all this process for a candidate becomes very costly.

On the other hand, the organization has to set the infrastructure where they can conduct the interviews. Other things like sitting arrangements, refreshments for the proctors, and candidates are to be made. They have to decide one day according to the availability of all the managers of the organization that have to be the art of the panel who is going to take the information. Even rating a lot of candidates back to back in a day can lead to the inconsistency in the work of the panel. So, there was a requirement of the system that can solve all the issues that organizations and candidates come across to.

The online video interview software is the platform that helps the organization to take the interview of any candidate from any place that can be across the globe. Both the candidate and interviewer panel is sitting in front of each other virtually. This is the video conferencing with the candidate who has been shortlisted by the company and one to one interview is conducted. If the candidate is selected for the vacancy, he is sent the offer letter on his mail id.

So, it is seen that this software is very helpful in many ways. Let’s discuss the benefits of this process:

  • Speed up the recruitment process: This is one of the points because of which it is becoming very successful in every organization. The process of recruitment is very long when it comes to calling the candidates to the office, the organization has to decide a day on which all the arrangements are to make. But using this software as soon as the candidate is shortlisted for the vacancy, he can be called for online video conferencing where one to one interview can be taken. This way it saves the time of both candidates and the organization.
  • Improves the quality of hiring: sometimes there are chances that some candidates make an attractive resume but actually, they don’t have the qualities that they have written in it. So this software helps you to understand the candidate from the starting of the recruitment process. When the panel can see and hear the candidates from the starting. This helps in recruiting the best out of the lot.
  • Improves candidate engagement with the brand: it is for sure that candidates are selective about their place of work. By using such advanced software in the organization will put more light on the working of the organization. This way more candidates will get attracted to the organization. This software includes these things before starting the online interview video instruction, recorded questions, and videos by the existing employees sharing their experiences. This way the candidates will get motivated and will feel strong gut for working in such a workplace.
  • Reducing the number of candidate’s no-shows: inviting candidates for interviews is a long and time-consuming process. But by using the online interview software the candidates can give an interview according to the best suited time to them. this way they can also perform well and also the judgment becomes easier. By looking at it how many candidates are interested in giving the interview.
  • No wastage of time by interviewing the unsuitable candidates: the experts can evaluate the candidate in the first 30 seconds as he walks in the interview. Though they come to know that the candidate is not capable they still have to take their interview, this wastes a lot of time. So by using this software, the experts can watch the candidate for 30 seconds if they don’t like that they can switch on to the next candidate.
  • No more scheduling headaches: this is one of the manor advantages of using this software. For conducting interviews earlier, the dates were being fixed according to the panel experts and the date was given to the candidates. But no more scheduling headache as the interview can be given by the candidate at the best suited time.
So, this software not only helps in online interviews but also gives an advantage in proctoring services as well. With the help of this technology, the work of experts has become more easy, quick, and efficient. They can make the right decisions in finding the right person for the job in less time.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

OLED Technology: Introduction and Basics

OLED Technology
We’ve heard a lot of OLED displays this and that. OLED display phones and OLED display gadgets, but what is OLED actually. OLED actually stands for organic light emitting diode. OLED as it is commonly called is present in many monitors, lighting and much more. OLED in other terms is the next level when it comes to LEDs and LCDs. In this post we’ll be seeing what OLED technology is all about and how it is different to the previous LEDs and LCDs.

First of all what are LED displays? 

Ok this is an easy one you might say light emitting diode and you wouldn’t be wrong either. LED was first introduced to the world back in 2009. LED displays marked the shift away from their predecessors, or as we commonly know them as those big TVs. Yes remember those days when the TV was a humongous box!

Those big TVs had cathode ray tubes by the way. With OLED coming a year after LED displays, you got even thinner and crisper images. Not only thinner TVs but people even came up with flexible screens. Screens that either could be rolled up or that could be folded.

OLED Technology and lighting: 

OLED displays are mainly large panels of light. These large areas diffuse light in different colors, giving us our vibrant images as we know them today. Not only that this technology also could change shape, transparency and colors giving us that never – before – seen –images. More than this OLED technology is known for its absence of poisonous mercury and energy efficiency.

The First OLED technology Product: 

Back in 2009 Philips developed the first OLED technology product- The Lumiblade. This thin and flat device gave off little heat and could be embedded into most materials with little or no trouble. This flat and thin device, therefore gave product developers a field day. It could be embedded into clothes, table tops, walls and what have you. The possibilities were endless.

Come a few years forward to 2013 and Philips and BASF came up with a lighted transparent car roof. This roof will apparently be solar powered. The whole transparent business means that it would turn transparent when switched off. This is just one of the examples of OLED technology.

OLED Technology and its functioning: 

OLED technology in the most basic of terms are organic semi- conductor materials that emit light when an electric current is passed through it. OLED displays work by passing current through thin layers of organic semiconductors. These semi-conductors are sandwiched between two charged electrodes which are positive and negative charged respectively. This sandwich is then placed on a transparent surface such as glass. The transparent surface is called a substrate. When current is passed through the sandwich it causes a high energy state called excitation. As this excitation layer subsides into normalcy it causes energy to flow evenly and thus emit light.

History of OLED technology: 

OLED technology was first invented by researchers at Eastman Kodak company back in 1987. Yes we are talking of that Kodak company here.