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Thursday, 7 May 2020

How to Speed up My MacBook pro?

How to Speed up My MacBook pro
If you’ve had your MacBook Pro for some time now, you may be longing for a new one. But you can’t seem to justify the new expense. If this is you and you’re looking out for a new MacBook Pro merely because the old one has become slow, then we’ll show you how you can boost the performance of your old macBook pro in a jiffy. In this post of how to speed up my MacBook pro, we’ll show you some easy and simple ways in which you can speed up your MacBook pro all without breaking the bank.

Close not need apps in How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

This one might sound like a no brainer but, many of us neglect to do this. The “this” in question is closing down apps that we don’t require. Many a times apps that we are not using will be running in the background taking up space and memory. Most times than not, this takes up processing and makes your mac slower.

One way to see which apps that you don’t require are running in the background is to open Dock. You’ll see all active apps with a dot below them. If you happen to not see any dot then make sure, to head on to system preferences to make sure that a symbol is shown for all active applications. Once you’ve identified which apps you don’t require, you simple right click on them and press quit.

Use an Activity Monitor: 

In some instances you get some apps taking up more than their fair share of juice. Sometimes that’s just what they do and in others it’s a sign that something is wrong with the app. Whatever the case maybe, there is a way to check which apps are a power drain. In this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro, you can use the activity monitor to see just which apps need to take a nap. You can get to the activity monitor by going into the utilities folder.

Once there you can click onto the CPU% tab to bring up all the apps that are currently running. You will also see in this section the amount of juice each app is taking. Once you know which apps need to go off simply click on the app in the activity monitor and press on the “x” symbol at the side.

Stop programs from booting up in this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

When you start up your mac there will be a host of applications that start up along with it. While some maybe important others start up for no apparent reason. The latter you can get rid of to boost performance.

All you have to do is to go to system preferences and users and group. From there head onto the login items. Check the items on this list to see what opens up as soon as you startup. Get rid of those apps that aren’t really needed when you login.