Monday 26 September 2011

BASF ForVision Smart

BASF ForVision Smart is a compact car that uses an environmentally friendly renewable energy source: the sun. Externally, the shape of the vehicle resembles that of the compact of our time. The difference lies in the design. BASF Smart ForVision stands out above all by its roof with patterns in the form of honeycomb. 

Urban Concept

Urban Concept is a compact car with two seats arranged diagonally. It is flanked by an avant-garde design that its overall shape seems to be inspired by the classic English. Four 21-inch wheels support its body made ​​of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. This structure gives it a strong body while maintaining a low weight. Audi Urban Concept accuses 480 kg on the scale.  

Opel Rak E

Rak E is the name of the unofficial compact vehicle design and green, at least for now. The designers of this concept are based on experimental models of Opel from the years 20. The concept Rak E displays an innovative design and style different from the specific to the brand of lightning. 3 meters long and 1.19 meters high, the Opel Rak E has two seats in tandem.  

Compilation of dreams

Assuming that the practice of the bike is very often a matter of passion and that one is never so well served as by oneself, Steve Pritchard, owner of a small British company called Mo2or, had an excellent idea of ​​integrating the bikers in the development process models that it plans to market it. The principle is simple: "The bikes are designed by pilots." Everyone can indeed come up with ideas, both in technical design, leading to a kind of ideal bike that will be produced in small quantities.

Saving On Your IT Equipment

As anyone who regularly buys IT equipment can tell you, it can get rather expensive. There are always going to options that are available to you, however, which will help you overcome some of the expense that you see. For example, purchasing items that were pre-owned such as used Cisco switches or refurbished servers can go a long way in reducing your costs. It is important for you to choose a company that has experience, in order to provide you with the highest quality

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Windows 8: time for change has arrived

For several years, financial analysts, journalists and even users question the ability of Microsoft to innovate and reinvent themselves. And now suddenly arrives as Windows 8 ... and changes everything! The system changes the habits of users, change the perception and use of "Apps", change the programming techniques, changes give the market clouds the issue,

Saturday 17 September 2011

A glove for ultrasonic blind

Many concepts of gloves and other high-tech devices to wear on the hands to assist blind people in their daily lives. The latter concept is dated called Tacit. Tacit is a glove that embeds a system performance and miniaturized, designed to help blind people in their travels. The system contained in the glove consists primarily of ultrasonic sensors, microcontrollers and motors. Everything is managed by an Arduino mini-processor.  

Friday 16 September 2011

Windows 8: Microsoft makes Internet Explorer Flash 10

Metro version of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 8Microsoft made ​​a surprise yesterday by publishing a post on his blog dedicated to developers. The editor there said that the 10 version of Internet Explorer that run on the new interface of Windows 8 Metro will not accept Flash or Silverlight.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Charging by induction

Obviously the question of power amplified speakers that are powerful enough with 2 x 6 W RMS. DEA has solved this problem very elegantly because food is by batteries with a battery life of four hours and recharge, simply stand on the pedestal. The load is done by induction. So it's a sham assured when the neighbor comes to visit. And the builder also did not stop in so good way, because the station is also capable of reproducing music from a PC or Mac wirelessly using a USB dongle provided.

Wireless Speakers

Approaching, we find that the speakers are placed on the station. You just have to take responsibility for where we want to win. And this freedom is just as much sense as the full wireless dock. It is thus possible to deport the sound where you want regardless of the source, just as one can also play with the two speakers to widen or narrow the stereo image.

The range is about fifteen feet, less if there are obstacles like thick walls. Outdoors, we move on to a block away, a practice for the terrace or garden if you're lucky enough to have one or. The standard transmission is a kind of WiFi owner on the 2.4 GHz band.

IPhone Dock: wireless speakers rechargeable by induction

A simple dock apparently

If there's one thing that is fascinating the world of high-tech is that it is always possible to have ideas, even on products already broken down into hundreds of different devices. In this case, DEA has addressed the iPhone dock. At first glance, the DEA Flying Sound System is a traditional resort with two big speakers on a flat bottom. And elsewhere as expected, the iPod / iPhone plugged on, all display a rather nice look elsewhere.

Saturday 10 September 2011

Great sound

The Beat is a particularly user friendly since the device has only one command that is a button for selecting sources. The pairing of the wireless link with our various devices was done without any difficulty. Listening to the Beat Libratone offers a particularly clear sound reproduction, transparent, full of finesse and great detail. This is one of the few speaker independent (or docking station whatever the price) that allows you to listen in good conditions of classical music or jazz.

The Universal Wireless Speakers

Libratone markets three different speakers: Beat, Live and Lounge. The Beat is the first model to be available in France and is one we have had the opportunity to try for this article. It comes in the form of a triangular section tower with speakers that radiate 360 degrees according to the method Full Room brand specific and aims to broaden the sound stage to give a feeling of space.

Libratone: Hi-Fi Wireless speaker

Danish brand, offers Libratone sleek look and luxurious achievement, quite in the spirit of Scandinavian design. In addition to wireless connectivity and ease of use, these products claim performance worthy of the label High Fidelity. The speakers are Libratone top models adopting a design that stands out. They are made of lacquered wood and dress in haute couture fabric covers. In its standard version, the cache speaker is woven into a thick wool gray a little rough and from Italy.

Friday 9 September 2011

Finger Reader: Read bar code with your fingertips

Always with a view to give maximum independence to blind people, here's an interesting new concept. Appointed Finger Reader, this is a device designed that people with visual disabilities can go shopping with minimal assistance. Finger Reader kit consists of two parts, a device with a sensor to put on the index as well as a Bluetooth headset. Specifically, the equipment used to "read" bar codes and the device at the finger scans to find the necessary information about the product: name, description, components, prices, etc..

A bionic hand for a British teenager

In 2009, Touch Bionics has unveiled the first bionic finger function in the world. Since the field of bionic prostheses has come a long way. Recently, a young English girl has acquired a bionic hand.

Aged 15, Chloe Holmes, a teenager living in Swindon had lost his fingers as a child after suffering from sepsis. The story of the teenager was told by the BBC. Previously, she was using static rubber hands and could not properly engage in housework.

RoboKing Triple Eye spy robot vacuum cleaner

Before, there were vacuum cleaners, then came the vacuum cleaner robot considered a true technological feat. Now a new type of vacuum is emerging: the vacuum cleaner robot spy.

Indeed, the Korean manufacturer LG has designed a device that could shake up the game. This vacuum cleaner robot spy is called RoboKing Triple Eye. In addition to cleaning the house independently, it is able to do remote monitoring.

Acclaim subscriptions

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Monday 5 September 2011

DrawBraille, a smartphone braille

DrawBraille is a smartphone designed especially for the blind. As the name implies, this phone uses Braille characters. The idea of ​​a mobile Braille is not new, many concepts of gender to name a Touch or Voima. However, it is always fun to see the interest around these smartphones in the making. DrawBraille generates Braille characters discernible by the touch points occur at the surface using his screen.

MENDO Kandenchi, mouse shaped like a AA battery

Japanese manufacturer Elecom has developed a unique mouse called: MENDO Kandenchi Mouse. This mouse unconventional is cut like a stack. 32.5 mm x 32.5 mm x 53 mm, that is the size of the computer mouse-like 32 grams of a AA battery. Contrary to what one might imagine, MENDO Kandenchi is held vertically, which makes its use even more original. This is an optical mouse and wireless.

Echo Band

The concept Echo Band is a high-tech wristband that serves as a watch and MP3 player simultaneously. Fit comfortably on the wrist, the body is low density polyethylene. It has a mini LED digital display for displaying time and information about audio files. For added comfort, Echo Band has wireless headphones, both flexible and lightweight.

Kaspersky AntiVirus

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Sunday 4 September 2011

Bike version of Dyson fans

Inspired by the design of a striking accessory to create a concept belonging to a different domain is a common method in design. After the version shows Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, this is the bike version of Dyson fans.

Copper, 3D smartphone

Copper is a concept of 3D smartphone with a three-dimensional 4-inch screen. It displays high definition images and especially in 3D with a ratio 16: 9. This mobile phone can watch movies in 3D without having to wear the famous three-dimensional glasses. It is able to make realistic images at the pixel level and capture video in 3D, still in HD.

Skydrops, a helium filled balloon that can collect clean water

Knowing that many parts of the world lack access to clean water, two Brazilian designers have created a concept that would do the greatest good to the inhabitants of these remote areas. The concept is called Skydrops. Skydrops is basically a balloon filled with helium, which has the capacity to collect clean water from the air. It is equipped with turbines that generate renewable energy.

Free Sim Cards

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