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Friday, 9 September 2011

RoboKing Triple Eye spy robot vacuum cleaner

Before, there were vacuum cleaners, then came the vacuum cleaner robot considered a true technological feat. Now a new type of vacuum is emerging: the vacuum cleaner robot spy.

Indeed, the Korean manufacturer LG has designed a device that could shake up the game. This vacuum cleaner robot spy is called RoboKing Triple Eye. In addition to cleaning the house independently, it is able to do remote monitoring.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The vacuuming robot that wakes up heavy sleepers

All means are good to get up early and designer Jeongmi Lee made ​​a very interesting concept. The concept is called Robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner or in the language of Molière. A name that would think a Roomba, but the concept does more than clean the floor. Indeed, besides its function housewife Robot Cleaner is also an alarm clock that not only sounds the alarm at the right time but also removes the cover of the person to wake up, as would a mother to wake up a young slacker effectively.