Thursday 8 June 2017

Personalizing Your Search with Google Personal Tab!

Google has never failed to surprise. This time they add their and our personal touches to it. Imagine logging into your Google account, which all of us permanently do, and finding your search window personalized according to your like/dislikes and interests. Simplifying life, right?

What’s new in Google personal tab?

The latest additional to Google includes the addition of the Google personal tab on your Google page. Mountain View –giant has successfully made the addition of personal tab in the Google search section. The access is limited to people who are logged into their Google accounts and automatically Google will sync results from one’s Gmail and Google photos. It is easy to spot under the search tab and can be used by every Google user. On the other hand, it can be seen under the More tab. Even an amateur won’t have trouble with the feature.

How do we use Google personal tab?

The usual drill starts by logging into one’s Google account and enter the related search in the search tab, following this Google personal tab is used and this will show all related results that you have used or accessed previously through Google. Might seem like intrusion of privacy, but it’s not. It is simple and precise at the same time. To add on to this, photo searches too have been made easier.

The related photo is selected and again clicked to find out more about the topic in mind. It is similar to the previous addition of the In Apps feature, by Google by virtue of which an individual can access their Apps for data like messages or contact details. Another addition was the shortcuts option delivered by Google to Android and iOS and users to access the search tab in a jiffy.

Revolutionizing web experience with Google personal tab!

Google is revolutionary and innovative, and time and again they have proved so by adding the smartest of technology on their web features. Google is the common man’s helpdesk and what is better than bringing down the entire world’s data one touch away. People are busy and they want output fast in today’s world. Google has taken care of that. The personal search tab by Google makes sure that our work is not only simplified, it is fast and precise.

People can also get flight details, internet speed, travel information, navigation etc shortcuts via Google. Thus small searches are shown with a wider spectrum with a personalized touch. For example, one might search for a particular shopping site they want to access, Google shows all the previous orders placed on the same site, giving individuals a view of their activities, again simplifying their life!

It might take some getting used to, but with time this addition too like the rest will be a huge success. No waiting for long hours and browsing to find data, everything is one touch away in every individuals smart-phone.

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