Monday 19 June 2017

Mario caps Nintendo's triumphant comeback


Nintendo's super comeback!

Gaming in consoles has taken a huge turn with passing years, where the youth of the country invest quite a sum annually into various gaming consoles. The year was marked by the return of the famous Nintendo. And above it all, it is worth mentioning how Super Mario caps the royal return of the company.
The Wii back in its time was the talk of the town. Every kid in town seemed to have one tucked in their backpacks. It was definitely a challenge for Nintendo to come back with expectations of competing with Microsoft or Sony, however, their growth has been astounding. The newest talk of the town, the Switch had been released earlier this year. It may not have blown off minds but the company is pretty confident about its growth in the market. Perhaps the name pays off. There has been quite a growth in the passing year.

The Switch:

 This new device had a major sell-out after its release, peaking to sell almost 3 million devices. The famous- Legend of Zelda, the game has said to sell almost seven million copies. That is a whopping amount indeed. The Switch unlike perceived by many, made it big in the consoles market, bringing back the fame Nintendo deserves.

It brings back a nostalgic feel while indulging in the games. Innovation at its peak. Nintendo's hopes cross the number of copies sold for Wii when it comes to the Switch. It may be difficult, but with the return of Mario, it can’t be impossible. An innovation takes on the product, the Gameplay mechanic uses the product’s dual motion controller and shows off various new additions to Mario.
Mario caps the release:
Remember our favorite chubby plumber? Well seems like he is back with a bang with newer additional this October.

The Super Mario Odyssey, releasing this October has a lot of expectations. This time our favorite character will be seen in a real-life situation, perhaps in one of the busiest cities in the US. What is better is that it can be customers, people are free to the customer with the character, make it do what they want, go where they want. Similar to GTA perhaps, but no one dies. With the dual motion control per, with a click of a Switch, one can fling Mario’s new cap, the 'Cappy’ into the air, helping him combat enemies.

Mario surely caps the release of Nintendo.

Nintendo is to release another game this year called Arms, an action based game and another one called the Spatoon 2, featuring paintball shooting by squids.

The question is if people are fine without the 4K feature. Nintendo unlike other consoles like Chod does not support third party games with grand visual quality. According to talks, this is one of the development and additions Nintendo wishes to make this year on its consoles. The Wii however always had a larger impact, and matching up to that is difficult. The Switch wishes to do that in future. Wii has revolutionized the idea of gaming, making it as real life as possible. It was no more about pressing buttons.  The company had miles to go indeed.

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