Monday 12 June 2017

Google Reveals Object Identification Software Using Phone Camera

Google CEO


The world is changing fast and with the latest technological inception, everything has become automated. The automation made many things easier for us. The software and the tech companies have paved the way for a better future. Well, recently the mega company Google came up with the idea of object identification software. This can be used using our camera.


In the last conference held by the CEO Mr. Pichai, it was announced that a new tool has been devised for the users to get more information about any sort of object whenever you point your camera towards it. Well, it is really exceptional as you may not be knowing everything when you are in a foreign land and this would save you a lot.

The name is Google lens which takes into consideration the combination of both the image recognition and the AI in order to answer the questions about anything with the help of photographs obviously. The object identification software will make your jobs and tasks easy. Well, you have to wait for the exciting feature as it is still waiting to be included in the virtual helper of the company and that is Google Assistant. The object identification software will surely change the perception of the human kind.


The company states that the software would help the multitude in order to recognise the object ranging from food to any handmade crafts works. Well, it can also act as a medium to route images while getting connected to the router. You can do this by simply taking the picture of the password of the router and the rest is assured.

This is really incredible as you won’t have to take the pain to type the password. By taking the picture is enough to get connected to the wireless network. The project was unveiled in the headquarter of the Google conference I/O. The object identification software will be pretty handy when you are travelling and also you are a shutterbug. The object identification software will enhance your knowledge as well.


We are all moving fast and are trying our best to keep pace with the latest technology. The world is moving to the era of the Artificial Intelligence and we have to adapt fast. This was advised by the CEO Sundar Pichai in the conference that was organised last Wednesday in the headquarter of the Google. Everyone in the technological department is embracing it and we have to follow the same path.

There are future aspects and also future projects coming from the tech giant which promises to change the world a great deal. It was stated that Google Home smart speaker would be efficient to make the voice call. Well, if we think of future everything would become automated and we would be enjoying our lives on a couch. The tech giant Google is really taking the world forward in a different path and we are fortunate.

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  1. Samsung's Bixby is already aiming at that but it has a lot of room for improvement.


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