Friday 16 June 2017

DirectReality of Microsoft - New VR Interface Planned for Windows

Since Microsoft has presented projects such as HoloLens, the company is the pioneer in innovation for many people. Now Microsoft has once again secured more rights to something new called

Although Microsoft recently assured that VR is not shown during this year's E3 during the own briefing, the company only a few days earlier secured the rights to something called DirectReality.

Sounds exciting and many people will now say that it has nothing to do with gaming, but you are wrong. DirectReality is said to have a direct reference to gaming. Microsoft has just registered a new brand name just a few days ago, which points to a new interface for Windows and perhaps also the Xbox One Scorpio. What exactly lies behind DirectReality hides this year's E3 probably not give up.

Microsoft applied for trademark protection for the term "DirectReality" on June 2, 2017 in the United States and applied for computer software, computer games, software for holographic apps and their online versions. However, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) does not provide more detailed information. Companies such as Microsoft also often secure brand names, which are ultimately not used.


DirectX, Direct3D - DirectReality?

However, in the context of the forthcoming E3 games fair and the presentation of the Xbox One Scorpio, the brand DirectReality ensures some speculation. Microsoft has been using the term "Direct" for important interfaces for the Windows operating system, for example DirectX, Direct3D or DirectShow. Even the Xbox owes its name to DirectX, since it was originally planned as a DirectX box. This could be a new graphics interface for DirectReality that is related to the mixed reality features that Microsoft is planning for Windows 10 and in Hololens.

Perhaps a standard for VR / AR under Windows

However, it would also be conceivable that Microsoft, like DirectX for 3D graphics under Windows, is planning a new standard for virtual and augmented reality in Windows 10, which allows the development of software for hardware from many different manufacturers.

A standard would probably also be very useful for developers who want to offer their VR software for consoles like the Xbox One, Scorpio and Windows 10. There may be some information at E3 during the Microsoft press conference. Microsoft has a lot to tell and in the person of Phil Spencer already warned that this time 90 minutes will not be enough.

The Microsoft could be a feature with regard to the HoloLens, but of course also the Scorpio, which supports VR headsets, possibly also the Hololens. In addition to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, DirectReality would be a new form and could even be a reference to a controller unit. With a little luck, we know more about the E3, otherwise it could be a long-term project, so we could only learn about it in the distant future.

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