Monday 12 June 2017

Leaked FaceBook Rule Book States What is not allowed on Social Media

FaceBook Rule Book
Image Credit:  Guardian
The current generation is mostly found spending their maximum time on social networking sites and facebook is the most onymous in this regard. The very notion of posting an update on facebook frequently is what makes it even more gripping. The whole crux behind this idea is to get more likes and comment. More unique posts are directly proportional to more likes and comment. Social networking sites are applicable only for those updates that are society friendly and if one does not understand this then he or she is subjected to a vicious circle leading to cyber crime. Mark Zuckerberg has invented Facebook to connect people from all over the world via this platform, but its high time when he should launch a ‘facebook rule book’, to make a clear stratification of the do’s and don’ts as some are bent on misusing this platform for their anti-social nuisance which needs to be kept in check.

Keeping a strict watch on billions of users is next to impossible hence, putting forth of guidelines in this regard is an important move which is applicable both for the users and for the moderators, both before putting up a post and censoring a post respectively.

Some cases as per the ‘facebook rule book’ are:

  • One can share a video of an abortion taking place only if it is free from nudity as then only the issue of censorship arises. 
  • Sharing of animal or child abuse is allowed as it is done with an intention to educate the mass with the injustices incurred on them, but again too much use of graphic elements is a big NO as that makes the entire post very disturbing for the viewers. 
  • Videos or pics related to violent death can be posted with the underlying notion of educating the mass of certain ailments like mental illness, depression and many more. So, this would act as an awareness program. 
  • Threatening someone on this platform is strictly prohibited. You cannot abuse anyone here, neither raise question on someone’s character, as that is offensive. Life threatening someone is again a big No. 
  • You cannot use this platform to motivate people to do acts which are against the general norms of being a human. Provoking someone to take up terrorism is severely offensive and if found guilty you can face severe consequences.
These are certain guidelines that facebook moderators have put up as Facebook Rule Book that every user using this platform needs to abide by. The whole crux behind these guideline is, that as long you are posting something which can result in creating awareness for the general mass till then your post is justified on moral grounds and if even once you go cross your limits facebook officials are liable to take severe action against you which may also lead to face judicial consequences if your post is degraded to that level. Power of Speech and thought is granted by our constitution and by Facebook until it does not go against the general code of conduct.

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