Tuesday 30 September 2014

Add Text and Doodles to Photos through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger
With the increasing number of people either getting fed up or starting to get annoyed with Facebook Messenger and this also being a separate app apart from the main Facebook app, the media giant is still focusing on adding features to this to recapture the hearts of their users. The latest update to the app which has now reached a 500 million mark will allow the users to have more fun with photos that they will be sharing with their friends.

Now it’s the time for the people to cheer up as their long wait of adding comments to the shared photos has become a reality in the messenger app. One should be able to add comments or even scribble on the photos before sharing it with your loved ones or even sent as a group message. So now no more depending on photo editor apps, you will be able to point to any details on a photo or even add caption and doodle to a particular picture, all this through your Facebook messenger.

How it works? 

So when you are in your app, you just need to tap on the photo tab and select the picture you want. After that before sending the picture, you should be able to click on the pencil icon to add text in the picture. The developers have given option of pen as well as “Aa” format for text. User will be able to select from a whole range of color and will be able to write with finger or stylus. On the negative side, this can be only done on the photos which have been saved on the phone and not on the “selfie cam”. This is one feature which is being considered impractical and lame as well.

If you are unable to see this feature on your app, one can get this through manual download. Facebook has stopped messaging from their main app and migrating the same as a different app; you will not be able to view and access this feature on your regular app.

Whether people consider this update practical or not, it is certainly a welcoming update for better expressing oneself through the android app. At the end the usage of this new feature completely depends on the user as well as whether they actually use Facebook Messenger to start with.

So this new feature can be considered as an incentive for getting people to download the messenger app and those who enjoy doodle. But is it a wise move as it has not been received with open arms by the app users. Even though the feature is currently available on the android app, the users of the app on the iOS sure will not have to wait for long time.

At the same time the social media giant is working on introducing counter video play which will help the users to find the videos they want to see. Through this the company will also be able to monitor how the videos are performing.

Soft Robotics 'Toolkit' Has All That a Robot-Maker Wants

Soft Robotics '
The researchers from numerous Harvard University labs in partnership with Trinity College Dublin unveiled a new resource which will provide both the aspiring as well as experienced researchers with academic raw materials required for designing, building and operating the robots made from delicate and flexible materials.

Soft robotics is rising as an increasingly vital field due to the introduction of laser cutters, low-cost 3D printing and other advances in the manufacturing technologies. Based on the principles taken from the traditional rigid robot design engineers are now working with more flexible materials in the use of the soft robotics which can help in whole range of tasks like minimally invasive surgery, physical therapy and rescue operations in hazardous locations.

The Soft Robotics Toolkit can be considered as an online treasure trove, which can be utilized by the users for fabrication, characterization, modeling, design and to control the soft robotic devices through various open-source plans, case studies, how-to videos and downloadable etc. This toolkit will be providing the researchers details to a level which is still not available in any academic research papers and it includes the 3D models, raw experimental data, bills of materials, multimedia step-by-step tutorials and few case studies of different soft robot designs.

According to Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and a Core Faculty Member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, Conor Walsh; the main aim of this toolkit is to press forward the field of soft robotics and at the same time allowing the researchers and designers to build on each other’s work.

By creating a common source of sharing the knowledge, the developers of toolkit are hoping to stimulate the development of new ideas, creations and methods. According to Walsh, the soft robotics is well-matched to shared design tools as many of the necessary components like valves, regulators and microcontrollers are all easily exchangeable between systems. Dónal Holland, a graduate student at Trinity College Dublin as well as visiting lecturer in engineering sciences at SEAS is among the lead developers of the toolkit and is more interested in this toolkit for education purposes. The toolkit has been developed to capture all the expertise in the education field and make is available for the students.

With the open-source software spurring far-flung improvement in computing, open design has the capability to remote partnership on common mechanical engineering projects, setting free the crowdsourced innovation in robotics and other fields. According to assistant professor of mechanical and manufacturing engineering at Trinity College Dublin and a coauthor of a paper in Soft Robotics, Gareth J. Bennett, Open design can also have a disorderly impact on the technological development similar to that of open source.

Almost all the materials available in this toolkit have been taken from chemist George M. Whitesides, Woodford L., Robert J. Wood, Charles River Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at SEAS and Ann A. Flowers University Professor. Apart from two other researchers helped establishing Harvard as a leader in soft robotics.

Innovations In Video Game Console Design

Game Console Design
The technology sector is dominated by major corporations that have billions of dollars to cover costs such as advertising, research and development. However, there are some success stories in the high-tech world involving small companies and even individual entrepreneurs. The video game industry can be used as an example to demonstrate this point. There are only a few major companies that produce the world's most popular game consoles. However, some ambitious inventors have come up with innovative ways to challenge corporate giants that produce high-quality game hardware.

Introducing new high-tech features into modern video game consoles is an effective way to beat the competition of this industry. Traditionally, companies focus on improving microprocessors, graphics cards and audio components of video game systems. Some creative entrepreneurs have realized that modern gaming devices lack basic features found in other consumer electronics. Connecting video game consoles to other devices has become a revolutionary idea. The introduction of Bluetooth and WiFi technology has now become standard in video game design. Such simple features open up an entire new world of virtual gaming that's connected to a network of global users.

Internal memory storage has also been a major problem in some of the most successful video game consoles worldwide. Some investors have figured that boosting a game system's memory capacity would be popular with users. The introduction of memory card compatibility with portable and stationary video game systems has been successful. Other hardware features such as USB and HDMI ports have also enhanced video game console design. Entrepreneurs who come up with innovative ways to improve gaming systems can sell ideas to major manufacturing companies that already have strong holds in the market. It would be very costly for small companies to try and manufacture their own game systems with unique hardware features. However, some businesses are confident that their modified video game consoles could eventually compete with major manufacturers that are reluctant to change traditional designs.

Introducing GPS technology into a portable video game unit might seem like an extreme idea. However, this concept is actually quite popular in a high-tech age dominated by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Location based services can truly enhance game play of portable game systems with built in GPS. For example, a user's actual surroundings could be used to influence some of the settings and characters in a video game. GPS technology provides an immersive and fun experience that is unprecedented in traditional video game consoles. An inventor such as Carl Freer and other entrepreneurs are examples of business people who develop innovative video game systems
Companies that develop high-tech handheld game systems often target mobile device users. It is important to highlight the advantages of using an actual gaming gadget for playing video games rather than using smartphones or tablets. For instance, it's much more convenient to press actual buttons and keys than using touchscreens to play video games on the go. Handheld gaming systems also provide a superior playing experience because of CPUs and other hardware components that are optimized for displaying high-quality graphics and generating artificial intelligence during game play. At the same time, it is important to launch handheld video game devices that could be synced with smartphones via data cables and wireless technology.

Nintendo Surprises Yet Again With Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors
On Sept. 26 a comparatively different game "Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors" will be available in North America which was originally released in Japan.

With help from two external studios like Team Ninja, & Omega Force developers and creators of Dead or Alive series and Ninja Gaiden & Dynasty Warriors respectively, Nintendo brought about a game a lot like The Legend of Zelda, however the game play is a different level all together. Unlike traditional puzzle-solving and exploration elements, Hyrule Warriors pushes its players into hack-and-slash action.

This change in game concept can lead to Nintendo's fortune change as it involves the signature character completing levels through exploration rather than brute force. Their current approach of developing games with a similar pattern did not work well and on business aspect too even Mario was unable to generate revenue. Hero Link is called upon once again to draw his sword to save the realm, however this time to try something different. The game starts Just like Zelda game where the hero is called upon to stop new evil, however Link goes for action and stick as other heroes of the land of Hyrule fight stronger opponents and threats.

Though unsure if the brute force approach will be embraced by gamers, there has been a mixed review since some of the gamers felt it repetitive and underdeveloped story. Wanda Meloni, senior analyst at M2 Research addressed the TechNewsWorld. That Hyrule warrior is a mix of both The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors games. Inview of trying to create a unique game for the Wii U, Nintendo is losing on their Zelda fans. She also added that Zelda being one of Nintendo's strong brands they have plans for changes in order to keep gamers on the Nintendo platforms.

Even though the storytelling it is not fully revolutionary, other gamers felt different as it is new break from the ordinary. Susan Schreiner, analyst for C4 Trends, commented to TechNewsWorld that the game was impressive and may grab gamers due to Link's direct approach. She said that since its a mix of Nintendo's two strong franchises and the game being more interactive with expanded adventure they are expecting a good response from the gamers. There are a few free downloads at the game launch wherein there will be access to new modes, weapons and alternate in-game costumes for Link and Zelda.

Through Nintendo, company wants to show that they can contribute in different branches through their different characters. The company doesn't want to depend on only one character at a time and neither the company's revenue is linked with just one title. Hyrule Warriors is among one of the numerous releases aimed to draw attention towards Wii U.

According to Schreiner, Nintendo has a lot of stuff lined up for release this quarter of year and also around the holiday season. Through this title the company is aiming to give a good reason for the game players to stick with their long time favorite. The end question remains if the game will able to draw enough players and if it has got the potential if is showcasing through Hyrule Warriors.

Now “Sight” For Blinds through New Smartphone App

New Smartphone App
A new computer programs have been getting lots accolades as it has been able to give life changing sight experience to the blind people. This new program has been named as KNFB Reader app. Through this app the user will be able to listen to an audio read-back of the printed materials. As per the blind people they life will become much easier with this app. It will have a contribution from reading the menus to study text, etc.

Jonathan Mosen, who has been blind from birth, is now able to spend his evening snapping photos of his son’s report card, mail, books and magazines. Within seconds he was able to hear the audio of the printed word that was captured by the camera. This is due to the new app available on Apple Inc iPhone.

Mosen, who is an assistive technology consultant from New Zealand couldn’t believe the accuracy given by the app. This application has been able to receive rave reviews since the first day it was made available and has been tagged as the life-changer for them. According to blind people KNFB Reader app will be able to provide them a completely new level of engagement in their life.

This app has been currently priced at $99, but it's the outcome of the hard work put forth by Ray Kurzweil, who is a well-known artificial-intelligence scientist and senior Google employee and National Federation of the Blind.

This team has a 4 decade long relationship. As per their website, the technical development of this app is due to the Sensotec NV, a Belgium-based company and K-NFB Reading Technology Inc. Kurzweil not only demonstrated the app usage but also stated that it can very much replace the sighted advisors.

How the app works? 

This app takes the advantage of the image processing and pattern recognition technology as well as the latest smart phone hardware and allows its user to use the camera and it will read the printed material. People who have the refreshable Braille display will be able to take the picture of the documents and gets the same displayed in Braille.

Users of this app have given positive reviews about the new app. Among all the reviews one of the first users Gordon Luke stated that he used to this app to read the information to Scottish Referendum polling.

According to Kurzweil Android users should be expecting this app on the platform as well and they might try out this app for Google glass as well. For them it makes more sense as one will be able to direct the camera with their head.

The KNFB Reader app has been released at a time when there is serious crisis in the technology industry. At the moments critics are worried that most of the companies are involved in developing software programs for adding additional features in gaming, video and photos but failing to address some of the serious issues which have been covered through this new app.

There are people who feel that there was time when they really needed a app like KNPB but now that they have got what they wanted, it will only have a positive impact on the industry.

Google's New Tech Will Enable Website Loading Offline Mode

 New Tech
Search engine giant, “Google”, is currently working on different techniques and ideas which will allow the users to load the websites even when they are offline. This will come useful when the user is in an area not under network coverage. The name of this new technology has been given as “Service Workers”. This new technology is a browser standard which will allow the data to get stored locally and the user will be able to render web content, even when they are offline.

Service Workers: 

This new technology and its importance can be well explained through a simple example. Think of a time when you have tried accessing any website while being inside the lift and you are humbly greeted by the 404 error. But not anymore, through this new Google tech, user will be served with an older version of the same website which got saved when you would have last visited the same. This new innovation has been the bridge the gap between the websites and apps. This is based on the similar concept as that of apps wherein the pages and content get cached.

According to software engineer, Alex Russell, at Google, through the service workers the company is aiming for loading some content instead of nothing to the users. He also stated that a user might be able to access website if the Wi-Fi is available at that location but as soon as they leave that spot, the website will fail to load. This puts the user in a fix situation. The technology will come out as a key differentiator.

Main Goal: 

Although the ultimate goal of the company is to ensure that a user is able to access websites even when there is network coverage issues, one of the other pros is the high speed browsing the users can expect.

This can be due to the fact that the data is already stored in the user device, hence loading and browsing is quicker.

So want to know how it works?

Even though the browser will be working on loading the updated contents of the website requested, the already stored interface and data will show up almost immediately. Say for example, the user doesn’t have to wait for a long time till large image gets loaded on the website, they will be able to use website and interact with it as well. This technology will speed up the interaction by 600 milliseconds/second of web interaction.

However Service Workers is still in its infancy stage and still in development and it may be a long wait till Google is able to implement the technology in all the browsers. This is like developing an app with web like experience.

During the O'Reilly Velocity conference in New York, Alex Russell stated that this new technology is a new browser and will allow documents saving like any other app. With this new technology, Google is aiming to enhance the offline browsing experience of the users and take their technology to a completely new level.

Taking Images Of Building Structures

Building Stress
Taking images of building structures will show a stress strain that has developed in the building over time. Many people do not realize what is happening behind the walls of the building, and they must remember that they should work with the imaging company to figure out how to fix the building. The images can be shared with anybody, and the people that see these images can decide what the best repair course is for the home or building.

In The Frame

The houses that are built on wooden frames are going to experience these strains when they have been standing for a long time. Earthquakes, storms and wind can all cause problems with the frame, and the owner of the house needs to be able to see what is happening to their frame. A contractor can use these images to figure out how to fix the frame in the future. The contractor can go right to the problem, and they will not have to take their whole home apart to get to the problem.

In The Office Building

When people are trying to take care of an office building, they need to get images that show them how the frame of the building is reacting to weather and atmospheric conditions. The images that are taken of the building can show which parts of the building are experiencing the most strain, and the owner of the building can take steps to repair the building.

The Images

The images can be created easily when the survey team is on site. They will be able to create these images quickly, and they can review them to give a report to the building owner. The best way for someone to get an idea of the state of their building is to schedule an imaging report.

There are many people who need to make sure that their houses and buildings are in good condition. Most of these images are helpful to contractors, and the houses or buildings can be fixed quickly. The images are a public service that can help people protect the building they have invested in.

Monday 29 September 2014

Cloudflare Attempts Lost SSL Key Risk with Keyless SSL

With the increasing number of organizations worrying about and wanting the optimal security protection, San Francisco-based CloudFlare has announced new software which is specifically targeting this requirement.

According to CloudFlare, An SSL key is the data though which the organizations will be able to establish a highly secure connection with the customer they are trying to connect with. This data will enable the organizations to establish their own identity. Here comes the despair. If someone has the organization private SSL key, then they can authenticate as if you were the organization. One can spoof the identity as well as intercept the traffic.

According to Matthew Prince, CEO, what can be considered as a bay day is when a media organization loses an SSL key but a nightmare is reached when a financial institution loses the SSL Key. According to the senior writer at InfoWorld, Serdar Yegulalp, In a conventional SSL system, the private key that is used for login in all sessions is held in the same public-facing server as that of server used for fulfilling Web traffic. The potential risks of this system were depicted by the Heartbleed bug, wherein the private key information can be leaked out easily.

The Key is the Key (SSL): 

CloudFlare announced their new software called Keyless SSL, with the aim of targeting the organizations looking for a defending tool for themselves against the service attacks on their websites without them turning towards their private encryption keys. The organization will be utilizing the 28 data centers of CloudFlare around the world. Through this software companies will be able to use the cloud while controlling and maintaining their SSL. As per Sean Gallagher from Ars Technica, Keyless SSL will be able to break the encryption 'handshake' at the very start of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) web session, through this it will pass part of data to the data center of the company for further encryption.


According to world’s renowned security experts Phil Zimmermann and Jon Callas “To limit the access is the one of the core feature of principles of computer security to restrict the access for cryptographic keys and now Keyless is best to implement this feature”


Davi Ottenheimer, a senior director of EMC Corporation, believes that Keyless SSL will be the fundamental innovation in the world of cyber security and everyone should concern about the risks of handing their private keys, when they give it to service providers.

The CloudFlare team was working on different means through which the banks can hold on to their private keys with the system being in development for years. This started over two years ago, post the call Prince received from Chief Information Security Officer of one of the world's largest banks. According to the CISO, they need assistance from Prince and his team on a certain issue.

According to John Clark, this new software will increase its importance among the banks that are at high risk from cyberattacks. By using the Keyless SSL, CloudFlare will be putting the servers in a completely lees secure data centers, wherein whenever the server is rebooted it leads to complete disappearance of data from the remote data centers. Through this the master encryption keys are never under any risk.

Tumor Pressure Transmitted Through Wireless Pressure Sensors

Wireless Pressure Sensors
The interstitial pressure present inside the tumor is most often higher than the normal tissues in comparison. This pressure becomes a hindrance in the release of chemotherapeutic agents apart from the decreasing the effectiveness expected from the radiation therapy.

There are medications existing to reduce the tumor pressure which allows an optimal window for diagnosis and start treatment but when the pressure is less, the medications becomes a test. Along with NIBIB support, Purdue University researchers have been able to develop sensors which can wirelessly transmit pressure readings from within a tumor.

Contents which will under pressure: 

Tumors just like other healthy living tissues needs oxygen and nutrients to stay alive. The tissues surrounding the tumors grow into the tumor to accommodate the high demands of the growing tumor. But when compared to the other healthy issues, these new tissues are highly disorganized and leaky. It has been attributed to the high pressure inside the tumor which makes these tissues highly abnormal and puts enough pressure to make the blood vessel leak fluids between the tumor cells (interstitial space).

While in a healthy normal tissue, regulated pressures pulls the nutrients and proteins out of tissues and send them to the interstitial space, which is at the end used up by cells. Medications travelling through the body also depend on these pressures, but when the pressure increases in the body just like in tumor, the medications are unable to leave the blood vessels.

Due to this reason, people suffering from tumor are often given less than the required chemotherapy dose or any other anti-cancer medicines. Radiation therapy needs oxygen to be effective but high interstitial pressure can reduce the oxygen level inside tumors.


Some of the recent clinical trials on animals have suggested that angiogenesis inhibitors (anti-cancer drugs) can actually reduce the interstitial pressure and contribute towards increasing the efficiency of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Angiogenesis inhibitors not only help in preventing the growth of new blood vessels but also stop the growth of tumor. According to some of the recent study, there is a window for complete normalization wherein the drugs are moving from blood to the tumors. However what comes as a challenge is the lack of methods that can be used for measuring interstitial tumor pressure, which is determine the optimal time to start the treatments.

Wireless Pressure Sensor: 

According to Babak Ziaie, director of the Biomedical Micro devices Laboratory at Purdue University, they consulted with many oncologists and determine that we need to work on creating a sensor for tumor pressure. It was a challenge as no one has though of working or was working on any concept related to this fact.

Now the team has been able to create a novel sensor which can implanted into a tumor and will be used for wirelessly transmitting interstitial fluid pressure readings. This sensor is adopted from Guyton capsule, a 1950 technology.

This device was tested by the team by implanting it in pancreatic tumors in mice and they were able to reduce the interstitial tumor pressure after which the angiogenic inhibitor was administered to the mice.
According to Tiffani Lash, program director for sensor technologies at NIBIB, it’s all about create and generating a novel technology to treat the disease.

Sunday 28 September 2014

How to Setup Google Voice as Voicemail?

Google Voice is a package of services provided by Google which helps users to send text messages, customize their voicemail box, read voicemail as a text transcript etc. Google voice is a way to enable Unified Communications in one platform.

Text, Voice, Email all managed by one software application. This voicemail service which previously required a invite to setup now available free to all Gmail Account holders. This service enables them to have one number across all devices & locations, embedding mobile phones, work-desk phones, & VoIP lines. Related to specific callers user can choose which phone to ring when they call. There are some paid too features if in case you want to opt for them.

Google Voice
To link your numbers with your Google Account and to setup voicemail box follow below steps:

  • Go to more and click on even more tab.
    Google Voice 1
  • Now in the list, click on voice.
    Google Voice 2
  • Now you’ll be asked for two options, either you want to setup new number with your account or use an existing number. New number will be provided by Google repository based on your location.
    Google Voice 3
  • Type your area code and press search numbers.
    Google Voice 4
  • You’ll be shown list of free numbers from the free pool and based on your preferences you can choose the number and click on continue.
    Google Voice 5
  • For security reasons you’ll be asked to enter your pin and this pin will be used for authentication purpose in the future.
    Google Voice 6
  • If you want to add forwarding phone number now or can plan to do it later. Possible options are Home, Work etc.
    Google Voice 7
  • Once you’re done you’ll get a verification call from Google, here you just need to enter the number displayed on the screen.
    Google Voice 8
  • When your verification is done, you’re all set to your number as according to requirement.
    Google Voice 9
  • Now in the settings you can record you voicemail greetings, you can play the already recorded greetings, you can choose where you’ll the notification, set text forwarding & can also change the pin.
    Google Voice 10

Saturday 27 September 2014

Personality Clone Software in the Next 5 Years

Digital Twin
According to John Smart, creative thinker and founder of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, technology is going to reach an ultimate level in the next 5 years. When we die, our families don’t have to visit our graves, they simply need to turn on the digital twins and can talk to them.

Smart utilizes many names for the technology which he is predicting, like digital twin or personal agent or even cyber self. But at the end all this is based in the same concept and that is a computer based version of you. The digital twin will be able to repeat interest and values of the people and this can be done through various gathered strategies and organized data. Smart has written that these digital twins will be able to input archived email and user writing, real time wearable smart phones and give verbal feedback to enhance the intelligent and productive guidance of the user. This will be handy in purchase, communication, feedback and learning activities of the user. This technology will be able to displace all the information from a real person to their cyber twin.

Smart has also stated that at one point of time this digital twin will be able to replicate the human emotions and facial expressions. Even though this concept might sound too far stretched, it is relying on the fact that today most of the people are forming relationships online. With the computer science advancing, this will only improve the connection and strengthen their bond with identities which may be not real.

According to Smart it is all about creating a world for people wherein they have someone who are looking for values. For the digital twin to attain complete potential, they need semantic maps and a good conversational interface.

Conversational Interfaces (CI): 

Smart wants the people to be able to engage with this technology and wants them to able to hold conversation with them. Even though many companies have been able to implement similar range of technologies, but none of them have been seems to be boasting about it. Through this technology the computer has a stored memory of the context and memory exchange.


The digital twin will be able to interact with the users, based on the information retrieved from the store emails and then formulate a data having the interest and values. This twin will be able to help a person to even choose a product that suits their interest. Based on the information given to this digital twin, they will be able to give direction through the wearable device. Through the valuecosm one can change the settings of the device anytime.

We are looking for a future wherein we can have a control over the algorithmic interface of our identity. This idea was basically developed for increasing and improving advertising.


General public is always worried about their privacy online. Google and some of the other companies have already been targeted for extracting personal information of the people. But with the digital twin technology, online privacy might be at high risk as one need to share their information with the companies so that they can access and optimize the technology further.

As per Smart, it will take more than 5 year to use all the available technologies and develop personal agents.

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Small Business

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has been capturing the imagination of tech geeks for some time now, immersing themselves in the potential it has to revolutionise people’s lives and businesses.

A lot of small businesses have not greeted the technology with the same enthusiasm however and remain reluctant to succumb to its charms. This is in spite of the fact that industry commentators have for some time been encouraging business to switch to it.

They see it’s many advantages in terms of cost, efficiency and selling opportunities. This is particularly true for the small business as it levels the playing field and allows them to compete more competitively with larger multi-nationals.

A lot of the small businesses who have embraced cloud technology are still using a hybrid set-up and are not yet running private clouds, perhaps put-off by the initial outlay or concerns over the protection of data. However, if you listen to what the experts say about data in the Cloud it is clear that it’s secure and can be easily accessed.

So what benefits do cloud computing systems offer the small business? What tangible benefits can they expect?

Apps for small businesses

There are now cloud-based apps available for almost every conceivable business process; from file storage and sharing apps such as MozyPro and Box to collaboration apps such as Webex and videoconferencing services such as Skype.

There are also a number of business specific apps for things like accounting and payroll as well as apps for collating customer data and sales strategies. Cloud technology allows smaller businesses to enjoy the same level of performance as larger global businesses.

Remote working

While the Internet has opened up the possibilities of working from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection, the Cloud takes this capability to a new level. It allows employees to access private company documents and work files that are not available for streaming online.

Remote working helps make the most of an employee’s time, boosting productivity in the process.


If a laptop is lost or stolen it can have some serious monetary implications. However if that data is stored in the Cloud it won’t be lost and can still be accessed regardless of what happens to the machine. This also applies if your computer crashes; no longer will you have to rely on complex disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing providers such as Dell’s cloud computing take care of most issues and ensure that businesses are able to capitalise on all of the benefits which this new form of working offers.

Friday 26 September 2014

New Intel HD Graphics, Iris, Iris Pro Drivers Benchmarked

Intel’s have come with exciting integrated graphics even before which were much deserved one. But with its recent release for the Intel HD, Iris, Iris Pro, it made the all time biggest jump in the history of integrated graphics chips so far. Now-a-days lots of people spend much of their time playing games on laptop and PCs paved the way for Intel to come out with such an amazing integrated graphic plan. This effort will definitely give a turbo boost to climb the top of the peak.

What’s new with this one?

Well, there are many integrated graphic chips that make the performance of a game more exciting and an attractive one. Then in what ways is this new version a unique one that can attract the eyes of every user? This might be the queries that everyone might get resolved too. So let’s go through its unique features that make it an Iris benchmark rather than others.

When compared to Intel’s current HD 3000 and HD 4000 that comes with Ivy bridged cores, Iris graphics claims to provide 2 times improved 3D performance. So ultra books are going to be the best snuffs for gaming grabbing up all the games that use to crawl, which are not work at all in your PCs.

Iris Graphics will come into 2 variants, Iris Graphics 5100 that will be wrapped on an Iris 4th Gen Core i7-4000U series and Iris Pro Graphics 5200 on H and R series chips. These will be integrated in all variants of laptops and all in one desktop also. Besides, providing 2 x improvements on 3D performance, it will even boost up the processing power three times in all in ones with R series chips.
Open CL, DX11.1, Open Gl4.1, three screen collage display and 4k Ultra HD display resolution are some of the things that comes in support with it.

This Iris Graphics can be tested to see whether the claims made by the company about the improvement with which it comes is trustable or not by downloading new drivers and installing them on laptops that run on a 4th Gen Core i7-4500U processor.

So this might be a boost in the field of graphic performance. The boost might not result to a big one but a considerable one.


Intel has always been trying to get a graphic gain in their each release which can be observed from the years ago releases like first Intel’s core 2 Duos was wrapped with Sandy bridge and then it moved to Ivy Bridge that brought a great boost to graphics and now it has made an extreme jump creating a huge generational gain ever by the release of Iris integrated graphics.

Free Voice Call Is Now Possible Over Google Hangout App

The old Google Hangout App recently got a twist of technology as the recent version of Hangout app will allow their users to make voice calls for free, or at a very meager cost. This recent renovation of the long neglected service bridge the communication gap even more, thereby raising the standard of the application as the Universal Communication App. This recent integration of free voice call app will prove to be a tough competitor against various apps, which allow free voice calls like Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, and the most loved app Skype.

The Release Date of the recent Version of the App:

Reuters from San Francisco (USA) reports that the Google launched their recent update of the Hangout App on Wednesday, thus ensuring free services to the cosmopolitans of North America to make free calls, and for pennies at the exchange rate of dollar for international calls.

The recent Hangout App will roll out internationally within a short span of time. This will allow people from all over the world to communicate with each other verbally instead of exchanging messages, and making video chats. Google’s Chee Chew posted in Google+ stating that the recent integration of the free voice calls will not affect the previously existing Google voice numbers. Therefore, it provides flexibility to the users to download the recent update without any hesitation.

The New and Old Features of the Google Hangout App:

Previously there existed Google Voice, which allowed Voice over IP, which enabled the users to sign for a Google Voice phone number at no cost, and enabled users for call forwarding to their landlines or to the other phones. In addition, it permitted the users to restrict the phone ringing at certain times of the day or allowing to migrate the call directly to voicemail. Now Google Voice amalgamated with Hangout App thus letting the users to talk with their loved ones. Also, it enabled the voicemails to be read instead of just listening to them. The recent Hangout rates through Voice over IP include 28cents/minute for Mexico and 3cents/min for India and 20cents/min for France.

Any user owning a smartphone can use this latest edition of Google Hangout App to make foreign calls at a relatively affordable price in exchange of pennies. However, users from US and Canada are allowed to make voice calls for free of cost. The voice and video facilities were two separate apps for iOS, Android and web users. The recent collaboration and merging will bridge the communication gap, especially for the people who have relatives or lovers living in foreign lands.

Google Hangout’s product manager Amit Fulay states that Android and iOS users need to download the Hangout Dialer App in their smartphone as well as the Hangout App version 2.3 facilitating them make calls all around the globe.

Google Hangout App’s update has been a killer approach to rejuvenate the old forgotten app. Google has utilized Google+ and Hangout to reach out to their customers, thereby escalating their existence to a greater height. The ultimate aim of this integration will allow the users, especially business tycoons and employee to communicate via audio and videos. This integration will go a long way, empowering the Google to take gargantuan advances over technology in recent future.

Thursday 25 September 2014

HTC Focuses On Hardware Details Surface Apart From Usual Packs

While on one hand invitations have been sent out in New York regarding the unveiling of the new HTC smartphones, on the other hand leakers are busy to fish out details about the upcoming mobile HTC handset and its features which is currently given the codename “Eye”. According to the latest leak available courtesy of @upleaks gives us an insight about what can be expected from the new HTC smart phone.

So far not much information has been given out or even leaked even though the handset is from HTC. But based on the leaked information, the HTC handset is expected to sport a 5.2 inch display along with 423ppi of pixel density and a 1080p resolution. The inside of this HTC handset is expected to have a Snapdragon 801 chipset which is on the similar lines as that of HTC One M8. HTC eye has been developed keeping the selfie lovers in mind. This phone is expected to have 1920 x 1080 Full HD display.

According to the latest reports HTC is planning to unveil two smartphones. The HTC One M8 Eye will come with a 13-megapixel Duo Camera and on the other hand HTC Eye will have a 5.2-inch 1080p display and expected to have an 8-megapixel shooter.

What seems to the main highlight of this HTC smartphones is that it comes with a 13 MP Duo Camera. This will be a welcoming move for the people who have been expecting HTC to get rid of their pointless Ultra Pixel tech. But at the moment no one can confirm whether HTC will be getting rid or probably upgrading their 13 MP Ultra Pixel sensor or even might to the extent of getting a standard camera like the one on Butterfly 2.

People need to ensure that they are not getting confused with the two models of the phones to be HTC One M8 Eye. Both these smart phones are different. The battery life of this new model is expected to be much better than the other android counterparts. M8 offers 22 hours of talk time and 528 hours standby on 3G in windows whereas in Android it will offer 20 hours of 3G talk time and 496 standby hours. Both the smart phones are expected to have different cellular radios. There are sure to get attracted towards the windows model.

At the end, the truth will finally come out on 8th of October in New York; this is the time when HTC’s new handset will be launched. Even though there is still lot of time for the launch, information leak is expected out in the market. The invitation tag line of double exposure has already raised expectations as well as curiosity among people.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Apple Facing Some Time Challenge with Delays Bubbling From Its Screen Production

iPhone 6 issue
Apple launched their iPhone 6 model on the 9th of September, and subsequently the specifications were so attractive that it soon received a pre-booking. iPhone was a long waited move for the iPhone patrons and they simply cannot wit to experience the amazing sensation of using an iPhone. The company went into a manufacturing re modelling with the new iPhone 6 and the problem seemed to be with the panel.

The panel they have previously chosen to use in this iPhone model was found not enough for laminating the screen. They had to keep in mind that the slim factor considering the 4.7 inch screen should not be compromised. The screen they were using did not satisfy all the conditions. The single layer backlight film they planned to place in the iPhone was what caused the delay. They have to make it the thinnest possible backlight film.

Apple never falls back from their promised date

The company left no stone unturned to match up their schedule and cope up the demands of the customers. They have gone into some manufacturing and designing agreement with other companies. These suppliers are trying their level best to supply Apple with their desired product on display. Suppliers they have hired for this on demand scenario are LG Display, Sharp and a part of the assignment is undertaken by Japan Display. They have involved a majority of their technicians and engineers to gear up for this project. They are actually doing the fillings for Apple’s delay.

You have got nothing to worry. 

So, if you have ordered your iPhone 6 and presently worrying about your delivery date, dump your worries and relax, as the company that assures quality can never play with its promised time. Everyone knows the craze an iPhone addicts have from the queue that forms in front of the Apple store on the day of the launch. Just make sure that you lead the queue on the day of the launch, to be the first one in your City to have the all-new iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen.

Worth being crazy for

The phone offers a lot to attractive features and thus the entire craze is justified. You should definitely try your best to stay ahead of the line because you will be among the first to have the powerful features in your hand and no doubt, the feeling is awesome. Awesome camera to take the best snaps along with a sapphire crystal screen that is hard enough to absorb shock.

If you want to make your payments directly through your phone without logging into their respective sites, you have the awesome NFC service that initiates quick payments. Its processor is one of the fastest ever used for a mobile. It has got an A8 processor that is faster than the previous one. Apple has their plans to launch the larger iPhone 6, the 5.5-inch screen soon after the 4.7 inch hits the market.

Both the Virtual Reality Headsets Will Be Bought State the Oculus Rift Leaders

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift is creating a couple of headsets , where one is for the company and other for Samsung but they are pretty sure that people will barge in to buy both the headsets as stated by Oculus rift creator Palmer Luckey. Still, a market releasing date has not been fixed but it has already been predicted that customers will want to put their hands into both the products and make it their own. The company has been stating the fact that these two products are not competing against each other but are rather complimenting.

Looking into the matter:-

  • The company has been saying that these two devices with different names are the potentially for the same person.
  • The company announced a partnership with Samsung for the creation of Gear IV, a headset that will be in synchronisation for the Galaxy Note 4 tablet due for release as of now.
  • Gear IV has been predicted to be a more open and easier option to use than the Oculus rift regular headset although the company has kept the same approach for both the headsets stating that almost the same products are sold under different brand names.
  • What is cool with this new invention is its freeness. Mobile does present you with a number of advantages when you are unwired and simplifies the using procedures. This device is much easier to carry and give a watch out to your friends.
  • The company’s major aim has always been to get more people into the virtual reality thing and giving them a real feel of it. Oculus has been working since a longer time to provide people with a mobile experience. It has to be said that John Carmack has been instrumental in making this virtual reality come into the market and to the people via Oculus. Also, credit has been given to Samsung for using a screen known as AMOLED that is found in its phones and tablets allowing to visualise low latency images that is not possible in the traditional LCD screens. This is of much importance as with a greater extent of latency you will find you head moving in random with screen and might create motion sickness in some users’ .A big reason for Oculus rift to partner for a Galaxy Note 4 gadget productions.
Things needed to be seen:- 

Even though Oculus rift has been saying that people would go for both the products and would like to have both of them, only time is going to tell us as to which one is the best or is the company’s view really very truthful!!!! It’s still some time away from getting into the market and until it comes no review can be made upon just prediction. Oculus has had some major qualifications with its regular headset before and thus, a very high quality product is typically expected. It would be amazing if Oculus rift and Samsung Galaxy Note screen become virtually super compatible.

Arrival of the Robot Flash Mob

Robot Flash Mob
Science has leapt up to a point where we get to find things reaching to unexpected turn of events. We found ‘Self-organisation of robots’. Sounds damn scary in the first instance but when you find that these non-fleshy robotic animals are made up and conjugated at a single place, you have got to say that it looks damn cool. Yes, a flash mob of around 1000 robots ought to be very cool in nature. There were swarm robots that were made to work and communicate among themselves but they could be made up to only 100 such robots. This time science has jumped to a greater extent to bring 1000 robots together to be able to arrange themselves in a certain way and perform a task.

Amazing features and concerned things:- 

  • The research was based mostly in Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences first thought of such a massive flash mob and then came up with this feature.
  • This mob is based on the simple basic rule of connecting and gathering more to complete the task just the way the ants do. The basic rule of simple organisms joining parts to make a complex structure. The researchers did value the point and took ideas from the fact that things in biology are so simple and small to look at but still when they connect together, they do the seemingly pretty impossible tasks.
  • This team of robots are called‘Kilobots’, which are very simple in nature. These robots are so simple that they possess only two pairs of stiffed wire as legs and move via vibration with the use of infrared light for communication with the fellow robots. There is no system for assigning cameras to the robots for visualisation.
  • A two dimensional command is sent directly to the robots all at once to perform a task and they start arranging themselves in a specific way to complete the task.
  • Well, the problem of more than 100 robots at once was removed via the additional use of 4 four lieutenants at very crucial areas and the rest of the robots use edge detection to gather and orient themselves giving rise to flash mob kind of appearance.
Things still under consideration:-
  • The robots that are used re simpler than most conventional robots. Therefore, they are less reliable but with greater variability. Although, the scaling and auto- correcting mechanisms of the robots due to perfect designing overcome these problems very often.
  • What happened during the first robot flash mob was that the robots were able to successfully create three shapes- the letter K, a wrench and a starfish. Wrench took 6 hours to complete, on the other hand k and starfish took about 12 hours.
  • What had to be commended was that these robots even took much time to complete this orientation but they were successful in creating this 2-d dimension via themselves without external cues.
This gives light to the fact that eventually we will see a greater number of robots working together to perform a task and do it within lesser times with proper auto- orientation.

Value of Apple's Healthkit to Be Tested Through Medical Trials

Apple’s HealthKit can be very effective and useful for the people who have been suffering from chronic diabetes and blood pressure. According to the reports, this HealthKit is expected to be in used medial trials by Stanford and Duke Universities. According to Reuters, the doctors at Stanford University are working along with Apple to let the physician check the blood sugar levels of children suffering from chronic diabetes whereas Duke is currently working on developing a pilot program which will help them to track the blood pressure, weight and other measurements for people suffering from cancer and heart disease.

This program is expected to be rolled out in hospitals in couple of weeks.

About the Medical Trial

Apple has already announced that Stanford and Duke Universities will be using one of the apps of their partner, Epic. This app is called as MyChart App. According to the reports Stanford will be focusing on Children suffering from Type 1 Diabetes for the initial medical trail. They are expecting this trial to be extended and hope to include teenagers as well as infants.

As per the Reuters reports, DexCom, is the equipment which will be used for measuring the glucose levels in Children. These measurements will be then transmitted to the iPod touch devices, which will be sent him along with the children in trial. The data can be easily uploaded into MyChart App and the health care providers will be easily able to access this data through the HealthKit. On the other hand Duke University is looking for automatic data upload to avoid any error done through manual process.

Even though Type 1 diabetes projects accounts for only 5% of the diabetic, it makes up to 40% of the American Diabetes Association's research. Previously known as Juvenile diabetes, this has been usually diagnosed in young adults and children.

Ascertain the role of mobile in healthcare

According to Harry Wang, who is a research director at Parks Associates, Apple is now ready to transform the fragmented, complex healthcare industry to technologically advanced one. As per him the healthcare services and applications will be worth US $30 billion in the next 5 years in USA.

ABI Research has already predicted that in the next 5 years, almost 100 million wearable remote monitoring devices for the patients will be shipped out. The vital part of this opportunity is the fact that the data can be collected from different devices and shared between varieties of parties including patients, insurance company and even healthcare providers.

Industry giants like Apple, Samsung and Google are now more focused towards making a change in this industry. The data can be shared over different devices and having different platform like iOS or even Android.

HealthKit web page and privacy: 

According to the reports, nearly 30 million data of the people have been hacked in this year alone. FBI has already informed the healthcare providers that their security and privacy is not equivalent as financial sector and retail sector. Apple has already included the restrictions for developers on their HealthKit Web page.

According to Collin, for Apple privacy and security is supreme in healthcare not only for the people for also according to law.

Google Buys Makers of Tremor-Canceling Technology- Lift Labs

Lift Labs
Industry Giant Google has bought Lift labs, the company which has developed battery operable utensils that has made the life of the people easier who are suffering with Parkinson disease or essential tremor. They can now eat their meals with the help of these utensils. Parkinson’s disease is known to give terrible tremor and shaky hands and makes it difficult for the people to eat food or drink. “Liftware”, the product developed by Lift labs has been able to cancel more than 70% of the tremors.

According to healthcare and life sciences research director at Frost & Sullivan, Daniel Ruppar, there is lot of progress and development being carried out pertaining to technology-centric innovation in Parkinson’s disease. Clinical activity trackers and technology is part of these items which will be used to enable communication in the patients facing difficulty.

According to Tim Drinan, Google spokesperson, Lift labs has now officially joined Google X and as per Michael Magdaleno, Lift spokesperson, even Lift lab is pretty excited to be the part of Google.

Lift-ware technology:

Lift labs have developed a whole range of spoons which include soup spoon, standard spoon and fork. These utensils have been developed with tremor and motion sensors which easily differentiate between hand tremor and other motions. The tremor cancelling process is based on Proprietary algorithms, which runs on an on-board computer present in handles, which fires off miniature motors and moves the utensil in the complete opposite direction of the tremor.

Lift lab is currently working on number of technologies and products including personal hygiene tools, makeup applicator and attachments which can help the users to involve themselves in their hobbies like handcrafts and painting.

Liftware comes along with a battery that is easily rechargeable by connecting the charging cradle in to a powered USB port with help of the cable provided. The cable can even be plugged to computer or USB adapter of Smart Phone. Liftware can last up to 3-6 meals after one charge and comes with a 110/220 V power adapter.

A one year warranty has been provided within USA from the sale date. The drawback is in the handle which his not waterproof. The stabilizer that comes along with the spoon attachment is currently priced at US$295.

Lift labs and Google:

The company is going to join the research division of Google. Google X is already known to have made major technological innovation through their Moonshots projects. According to Google, they know that the tremor cancelling technology will contribute towards improving the life of the people. Google is going to put all the efforts to further explore the technology to improvise on understanding and management of neurodegenerative diseases.

According to Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, in the year 2008, he discovered that he is also carrying mutation of the LRRK2 gene (G2019S) which also increases his risk of developing the Parkinson’s disease, just like his mother. He stated that he wants to contribute towards this research and want people to feel empowered.

Google in 2013 already started a separate new company called Calico. This company develops technologies to deal with the health issues from aging.

Shipping Containers and Their Uses

While most people have seen shipping containers used by business, they aren't fully aware of how useful they are for personal use. Container sizes that range from 20' to 40' easily provide for every possible need. In addition to buying shipping containers, some choose rental options.

An ISO container is a good option for people who are moving and prefer not to hire a traditional moving company. It's possible to save a lot of money by loading the container yourself and keeping it on your property until you're ready to move. Hiring a local trucking company to transport the container often ends up being an economical option.

Some homeowners undergoing renovations or extensive repairs in their homes prefer using shipping containers instead of renting storage units. One advantage of using a shipping container is that furniture and other valuable items stay on your property where you may keep an eye on them. Another advantage of this option is the fact that you will save money. Renting multiple storage units over a longer period costs a lot of money and puts your valuables at risk if you are unable to keep up with the payments.

If you run a business out of your home and keep an inventory, a shipping container offers a good storage solution. When you have customers placing frequent orders, your inventory must be easily accessible. Keeping an inventory in your home or in storage buildings that you use for storing household items gets confusing sometimes. A separate shipping container keeps things more organized.

Insulation and refrigeration are available in many container models. If you are in the midst of a renovation and have concerns about storing food or climate-sensitive items, this provides a good alternative to climate-controlled storage or storing food items in coolers.

One thing that you will want to do when you need a container is carefully think about the size of the container. If you plan to keep it on your property, you will need to make sure that it does not interfere with anything, or bother your neighbors. Your city or county might have restrictions about where you may keep the container or how long it may stay on your property. You will probably find that it is a very economical option, even with these other considerations.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Made in NY Media Center by IFP

 NY Media Center
Amazing things can take place when various groups mingle together under a given location with new ideas, paradigms and platforms giving rise to entrepreneurs, visionaries, etc.: who are provided with the opportunity to work together thereby bringing about and transforming the creative process in the digital age. The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is a multi-creative space comprising more than 20,000 square feet which has been designed by MESH Architects at 30 John Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The Media Centerprovides an excellent co-working atmosphere together with an exhibition venue with the purpose of connecting artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators; accompanied with events, education as well as industry resources offering dedicated desk space.It has been a home to several individuals and companies looking to expand their businesses in the fields of entertainment, media and digital technology sectors.

The Media Center promotes courses on creativity and craft, career sustainability and cross media strategy. With regards to technology coursework, design and entrepreneurship, IFP has partnered with General Assembly, which is New York’s renowned global education company serving tech as well as creative groups with provision of facilities, workshops and other industry resources. The screening room is the highlight of the Media Centerwhich is equipped with 78 seats, 7.1 surround sound, and other great features for hosting a private screening, panel, and other events.

 Media Center  logo 2
Individuals can choose from four levels of membership on a monthly or annual basis with a variety of benefits as members of the Media Center community.The incubator program for those with full-time projects or companies provides dedicated desk space membership with access to the expansive Media Center network. Special events with discounts on classes are among the benefits offered to prospective members looking for a peaceful place to work.To kickoff their month-long celebration of their 1-year anniversary, members of the Media Center are provided with the opportunity to meet Jon Miller, the former AOL/Time Warner Chairman. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, members need to apply by October 17th to get the chance of meeting Jon in person. For additional information with regards to the 1-year anniversary opportunity, go to this page.

With the combination of the diversity and density of the neighbourhood together with New York City as a whole, the Media Center has the capabilities of attracting industry professionals in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle and Madison Avenue to Wall Street. The Media Center was originally a split-level shipping, receiving, and truck parking space where the lower level eventually tranformed into the Media Center’s large incubator while the upper area became the short-term open workspace. Services include conference rooms, classrooms and editing rooms while shared amenities include a library, café, rest rooms and screening room. Whether you are a technologist, storyteller or an entrepreneur, the Media Center provides events, classes and useful resources to enhance your ideas and projects.
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Glacier White Destiny Play station 4

Glacier White Destiny Play station 4
Sony on September 9, 2014 announced the release of its new play station, Glacier white Destiny play station 4. The ultimate experience of this destiny is made possible only on the play station. Sony has been varying its choice of color from time to time. Initially, Sony’s play station used to come in black and then they started varying it to red and blue for play station 3. And now with its new release “Destiny”, Sony has bundled the game completely with a white colored play station.

This is an action thriller game as well as adventure base. It is a smart enabled one as you can get instant access to a world of instant entertainment. All one need to get access to the instant entertainment is connect it to the net and browse movies, listen to numerous of songs, connect with people around world via game and lots of other content. This feature is especially known as NETFLIX.

This is the game where you get more than you need from a play station in order to leave your mark on the world of destiny.

Unfortunately as per the information so far, this game is currently exclusive only in the European market. So if you are nearby to it you can grab a hand on it as soon as possible. But if you still wish to buy a play station 4 then you can opt for the one which is not bundled with the Destiny. The air is still unclear about the availability of the white console in other countries.

According to the Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony will also release later this year the standalone white PS4 in Europe.

This Destiny will be costing around $450 and includes a copy of Destiny, a 500 GB glacier white PS 4, Dual shock 4 controller, and subscription to the play station network for almost a month.

The most exciting thing about this game is that it is an action as well as adventure based game. The player of this game is the guardian of the last city that is still to be protected from getting demolished in the Earth. It provides an exclusive multiple player maps, strike missions and arsenal in order to make you a true legend. Moreover you can even form a team powered with incredible weapons with your friends to defeat the enemies of the Earth and become the legends forever.