Friday 12 September 2014

Are Drones coming to Disney World?

Disneyland has been the main source of entertainment when it comes to having ultimate fun for the kids and the family in the US and around the world. It has been able to attract a variety of crowds since its arrival into the global scene since the 30’s. Even though it has the variety and fatal attractions for the crowd, it is trying to bring up something that will give a unique experience to the crowd. Drone is that object of attraction that is getting everyone’s brains to run and predict a different zone into the area of Disneyland. Disneyland has filed for at least 3 patents over the last months to get giant drones to fly over the zone to animate giant puppets and act as a camera person also.

Thought behind bringing Drones into the scene:- 
Drone Patent

  • Giving the public a new image: - To majority of the population, Disneyland has been an attraction due to its characters with relation to Disney and the graphical interpretations of them along with the rides. This idea of introducing drones as flying objects will give a new image to Disneyland and increase the technological value.
  • Setting a trend for future :- An enhancement of the characteristics and technological value of Disneyland through the use of Drones that will act as robots that will fly, carry objects and increase the cosmetic value is going a set a trend that has never been seen in any area which are counterparts to Disneyland. This will open new avenues and allow the future explorers to experiment on this feature.
  • Newer aspects of Drones :- Helium filled balloons will be connected to other drones and will be synchronised with subsequent counterparts and will not need to be controlled from the ground. This will allow automatic operations.
  • Will allow illustrations of characters: -These flying drones will be able to act as illustrations for various famous characters based on movies and comic characters giving an attractive feature that will be able to act as a motion sensor and carry varieties with it.
  • Carriers: - Major wok for the drones will be as carriers, where they will act to carry display screens and lighting systems that will enhance the look of the Disney world complex and reanimate the features.
Matters to look at:-
  • Use of demos to suite the technology: - Before getting into the thick of things, it will be necessary to test the new feature and see its effect along with validation. 
  • Need for technology: -There has to be an enhanced technological feature that will allow the objects to be light, movable and be able to understand motion sensory movements.
  • Study more about drones: - Drones have been a feature for the military use and has opened its way to be implemented into the commercial use, but a lot of research still needs to be done before bringing it into the commercial scene.
Drones look a substantial way to rock up the interest in the population but patent requests have to be accepted and tests are to be completed totally before taking it on.

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