Friday 5 September 2014

Aerial Video on Apple’s Spaceship Progress

Spaceship Progress
Privacy advocates debate that drone provides government as well as corporation the ability to spy on the public and though it is true, drones could also be used by the public to snoop on governments and corporations.

It has happened with Apple who is in the process of building a massive new campus expansion in Cupertino, California and is making great progress which has been revealed in aerial shots that have been captured by amateur photographer with the help of DJ1 Phantom 2 Vision+drone sponsored by B&H Photo Video.

The pilot managed to manoeuvre the camera over the construction site to take a video on the happenings of the new Apple headquarters and on what it currently looks like. Apple being very strict about revealing its products refrained from commenting about its circular spaceship like headquarters being built on Tantau Avenue which is blocked from the eye of the public by high walls, preventing even passers-by from getting street level pictures of the construction.

The aerial shots which were taken by KCBS reporter Ron Cervi in April, has not portrayed much with the exception of crop circles, but the new eight minute video posted on Aug 24’14 showed great process in high definition on the creation of a donut shaped furrow in the ground where the four story circular office building of Apple would be housing more than 13,000 employees.

Apple Campus 2 – Last Major Project of Steve Jobs

The video has also provided a better view of the new massive Apple campus to the viewers and once completed the ring will be providing over 2.8 million square foot of space at its headquarters, a giant spaceship version of Apple’s stores which seems to be much bigger than the Empire State Building that was once the tallest building in the world as well as the Pentagon.

It is also much larger than a U.S. Navy Blimp, a battleship from World War II as well as a super tanker. In the video, the B&H drone has captured the northwest corner of the construction site, flying over the ring foundation and on turning around portrays the concrete plant inside the green perimeter fence which circles the site.

Apple Campus 2 is one of the last major project which was headed by Steve Jobs, visionary and founder of Apple before he had succumbed to cancer in 2011, who had taken help from the legendary architect Norman Foster whose renowned projects included restoring the historical Reichstag in Berlin and construction of the bullet shaped Gherkin in London, to help in building according to Jobs future vision, `one of the best office building in the world’.

Campus Completion - 2016

The campus is expected to get completed in 2016 and will have vast gardens transplanted with fruit trees hanging over bike paths, glass gazebo which would be leading to an underground theatre for the purpose of press events, a state of the art gym together with a 90,000 square foot cafeteria.

Moreover the campus would also be housing a building on the southern edge for research and development. However in the meanwhile, Apple will have to manage with the overgrown Infinity Loop headquarters with the engineers’ team placed at various locations in Cupertino till they move into their new spaceship home on completion.

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