Sunday 28 September 2014

How to Setup Google Voice as Voicemail?

Google Voice is a package of services provided by Google which helps users to send text messages, customize their voicemail box, read voicemail as a text transcript etc. Google voice is a way to enable Unified Communications in one platform.

Text, Voice, Email all managed by one software application. This voicemail service which previously required a invite to setup now available free to all Gmail Account holders. This service enables them to have one number across all devices & locations, embedding mobile phones, work-desk phones, & VoIP lines. Related to specific callers user can choose which phone to ring when they call. There are some paid too features if in case you want to opt for them.

Google Voice
To link your numbers with your Google Account and to setup voicemail box follow below steps:

  • Go to more and click on even more tab.
    Google Voice 1
  • Now in the list, click on voice.
    Google Voice 2
  • Now you’ll be asked for two options, either you want to setup new number with your account or use an existing number. New number will be provided by Google repository based on your location.
    Google Voice 3
  • Type your area code and press search numbers.
    Google Voice 4
  • You’ll be shown list of free numbers from the free pool and based on your preferences you can choose the number and click on continue.
    Google Voice 5
  • For security reasons you’ll be asked to enter your pin and this pin will be used for authentication purpose in the future.
    Google Voice 6
  • If you want to add forwarding phone number now or can plan to do it later. Possible options are Home, Work etc.
    Google Voice 7
  • Once you’re done you’ll get a verification call from Google, here you just need to enter the number displayed on the screen.
    Google Voice 8
  • When your verification is done, you’re all set to your number as according to requirement.
    Google Voice 9
  • Now in the settings you can record you voicemail greetings, you can play the already recorded greetings, you can choose where you’ll the notification, set text forwarding & can also change the pin.
    Google Voice 10

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