Friday 19 September 2014

Nikon’s New DSLR D750 Camera

Nikon DSLR D750
Nikon has unveiled its new 24.3 megapixel full-frame digital SLR camera.

Nikon’s D750 is a new one in the line of lightweight, compact and slim Nikon FX-format body which offers the full-scale specifications required for high quality image.

Nikon’s D750 offers almost all the features that a low and high Nokia DSLRs generally provide. The camera contains the newly advanced 24.3 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor which is powered by an EXPEED 4 image processor; as in D4S and D810—high range products of Nikon. ISO (controls the sensitivity of light, of a particular camera or film) ranges from 100 – 12,800 which is expandable up to 50 – 51,200.

Main Specifications: 

  • Shutter speed range of 30-1/4000s.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 6.5 shots/second.
  • 51-point autofocus system.
  • Advanced Scene Recognition System.
  • A variety of movies-recording functions.
  • Highlight-weighted metering.
  • An optical viewfinder with approximately 100% frame coverage.
  • High level of dust and water resistance.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
Nikon’s D750 is the first DSLR by Nikon which has the ability to lock the subjects as small as–3 EV illumination, which allows to autofocus accurately and quickly in dark surroundings.

The camera is provided with high density 51-point AF (Auto Focus) system which enhances the performance of focus detection even at really low light situations. For fast phase detection there are 15 cross type sensors arranged both horizontally and vertically. The combination of AF capacity in low light and high ISO performance has enhanced the freedom of shooting. Nokia has provided the same new group-area AF mode as in D810 and D4S in addition to dynamic-area AF, single-point AF,
auto-area AF modes and 3D tracking.

The photographers can quickly adjust how pictures are captured and exposed using the couple of features provided. The Highlight Weighted Metering feature helps the users to take quality pictures in bright lights (such as public events and stage performances).

Coming to the video recording functions of the camera—it offers the same quality and functions as that of professional D810. Full HD 1920 x 1080 video can be recorded at 60p, 30p, and 24p. All manual controls including shutter speed/ISO adjustments and aperture adjustments are also available. A tilting LCD screen is provided on the backside of the camera.

This is for the first time that the Nikon FX camera has included WI-Fi as one the features. User can connect their Digital SLR to their tablet or phone through which they can control their camera or manage the photos.

In addition to these features the camera includes a pop-up flash, dual SD memory card slots, a shutter lifetime of 150,000 shots, 100% viewfinder coverage, headphone/microphone jacks, simultaneous HDMI output, built-in intervalometer, and Zebra stripes for spotting the overexposed surface.

This interesting and amazing camera will be made available in the month of September 2014 with a market price of $2300. Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 VR lens will also be made additionally available in the Nikon’s D750 kit by the starting of mid October.

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