Monday 8 September 2014

Samsung’s New Note

Galaxy Note 4
Samsung on 3rd September, 2014 has announced a big-screen phone known as Galaxy Note 4. And it’s even got a companion with the release of Galaxy Note Edge and Gear VR at a media event, ahead of IFA 2014 tech expo in Berlin. Samsung is known for the updating of its existing devices or products and has been proving to do so since many years. Once again it has proved that they are not the loser’s to stay behind and has launched a big screen phone rather we can say it has a Phablet, a week before Apple announced its big screen phone. From this to release, it is proved that Samsung is now more interested to manage the note line that has gained much popularity among the users. So let’s see what’s new with this Phablet.


This new Phablet comes with same 5.7 inch display size as that in note 3. But have successfully updated the display resolution from HD to quad HD. Most of you might think that this high resolution will consume large amount of charge but as per Samsung, they say that despite of this QHD resolution, Note 4 will deliver 7.5% more battery life due to an optimized interface.

Now when we are talking about battery let’s see what more it comes with. It comes with 3,220mAh battery, 20mAh more when compared to Note 3. The phone can be charged from 0-50% within half an hour due to the fast charging technology included in it.

Well. Depending upon the market, Note 4 comes with quad core or octa-core processor. For an Indian market, it comes with octa core processor and an international one has a 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor. At present, this quad-core processor is the most powerful in the world.

In today’s world, most of the people desire to have more storage capacity in their phone. Well, this might be a drawback for those as it comes only with 3GB of RAM but is expected to push the memory to 4GB. It gives storage option up to 32GB. There’s also a microSD slot to expand the memory up to 64GB.

It comes with high camera pixel. Rare camera has a 16MP resolution. Users can even enjoy the famous trend of selfie with this handset as it comes with 3.7MP front camera which allows taking wide angle selfies.


Coming to the software side, note 4 uses an interface similar to that in Galaxy S5, i.e. Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. To make use of S Pen stylus, additional software too is optimized in it. Multitasking feature is improved when compared to its previous note.

Besides this, the most interesting thing that this note 4 comes with, which is not available in Note 3 is fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the home key along with a heart rate monitor on the back of the handset.


This is really an outstanding and amazing phone released to compete its competitor and hope will be accepted by everyone as it comes with all new technology as per the present world.

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