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Monday 14 May 2018

A Recent Patent shows How Samsung's Long-Awaited Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

Samsung gets Galaxy X foldable design patented!

The web has long been a strife with rumors of a foldable smart phone from Samsung and apparently this is one rumor that is turning out to be true. At first, when the rumors just started, a foldable smartphone was a thing of the future and no one gave it much thought apart from those rumors but now looking at the patent filed by Samsung, the foldable galaxy X design seems to be becoming a reality. But then again things often filed by tech companies don’t really see the light of day, let alone reach the production belt.

On May second, Samsung was granted multiple patents for its foldable Galaxy X smart phone design and the way it will work. With the Samsung Galaxy X design, you can fold the smart phone not only in halves but also in thirds, yes you read right the new Samsung Galaxy X design may come in thirds. As mentioned earlier, getting a patent and making the final product incorporating the patented article is not a done deal, but who knows with the amount of research Samsung has put into the Galaxy X design there is more than likely chance that Samsung would follow up with its patent.

The idea of folding the Samsung Galaxy X smartphone into three parts: 

On May 3rd Samsung got multiple designs for its foldable smartphone patented and these patents also show how the smart phone will work with all that folding.

You can use the smart phone by itself, what I mean is that it can be used just like a normal smartphone or you could bend it in half with two apps on either screen of the smart phone or with one whole app on both screens, with half the app on one screen and the other half of the app on the other screen of the Galaxy X smart phone.

You can even carry around the smart phone as folded up phone or maybe as a whole too. With the folded up piece of smart phone, you now have a smart phone the fraction the size of an average day smart phone and you can carry the thing in your pocket without having any problems.

Samsung’s Trifold Galaxy X smart phone: 

The Galaxy X smart phone will also be available in three folds too. This version of the smart phone will be longer than the normal half foldable smart phone and can be bent into three parts.

You can open up one side of the three part foldable Galaxy X phone and get your notifications or you can fold the Galaxy X smart phone in such a way as to prop the phone on one side and have a support for the other two screens. Alternatively the Galaxy X can be folded into a triangular shape to get one screen on.


Samsung’s Galaxy X is not the only foldable phone: 

Another smart phone to tote around the foldable feature is the ZTE Axon M, with this phone you can get two full screens that can be folded up together.

Thursday 18 January 2018

Samsung Unveils “The Wall,” the World’s First Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV

The Wall
One of the products that would stop you in your tracks this time around in the CES is Samsung’s The Wall TV. This has merely nothing to do with its 146 inch size but also it’s amazing quality of images which is bound to stop anyone and draw their attention.

The Wall’s rich colors, insanely bright pictures and sharp images puts any other Television out there as a mere screen with nothing much to offer.

The Wall and its Micro Led Tech:

For some you see one Television you feel like you’ve seen them all. I mean what more can a TV offer? Well Samsung has proved that a TV can do much more with it’s “The Wall”. The Wall’s micro led feature, as Samsung like to call this new form of tech, is something that separates this TV from the rest.

Micro led or in other words self –emissive LCD is a tech where 3840 by 2160 liquid crystals all generate their own color and light. What separates the Wall from the rest is that there are no longer pixels that have to share a light emitting from an external backlight.

Ok you might say that OLED can already do this but with the Wall and micro led tech, the bright pixels and dark pixels go together without any bleed and what’s more is that the colors are even more brighter and vibrant with the micro LED tech than what any OLED TV would be able to achieve.

“Modular Design” in The Wall:

Coming to the screen itself in The Wall, is not actually a single screen but rows and rows of pixel blocks that come together in a way that can be used in screens of any size maybe even bigger than 146 inches.

Planning to buy the Wall for your Home? You might want to look at this:

One of the main concerns when looking at the wall at close range is that you would notice the seams in the pixel blocks when a darker picture is shown. While from far there is not much you can see by way of the seams, the closer and darker the picture gets you can see through the seams in the so called modular design. Brighter imagery again covers up those seams.

Another issue that comes to mind when looking at the The Wall screen is that it’s lesser than smooth finish slightly reflects light from surrounding areas.

The next issue is the price, having a screen with micro led tech and a whole other lot going on is not going to come cheap to anyone’s bank account even if you do get the wall in a smaller size.

Quality of Pictures on The Wall:

It goes without saying, but in such a huge TV with micro led tech where each pixel gives off their own color and with insanely bright imagery, the picture quality on the Wall is better than good.

In spite of its largeness the Wall affords pretty sharp imagery, it makes you wonder what it can do with 8K resolution than the 4K it comes with.

Friday 20 October 2017

Take Two for Samsung's Troubled Bixby Assistant

Bixby Assistant

The next phase of Samsung Bixby is competitive AI market

Artificial Intelligence is seen as the new frontier which ought to be explored by every major tech firm in order to boost its array of products and services. Apple is already in the game, so is true for Microsoft, Google and Amazon and they had almost aced it then Samsung comes to the party and it fails miserably. Bixby assistant made its debut on the Samsung elite Galaxy S line-up with dedicated button. The major issue for it overcome is the presence of Google Assistant on the Android OS which simply removes the need of having another budding AI within a smartphone.


The failure of the Samsung in the first phase

Bixby assistant has a rough and trouble beginning since its launch with the Samsung Galaxy S8 where it was touted as next best feature to be present on the flagship device. Sadly this AI wasn’t even ready to take on the challenges of the English-speaking world therefore Korean giant Samsung has to disable it altogether. This saw the departure of the Bixby from the premium Galaxy device and a physical button was left in its wake to remind users of the Samsung debacle.

Bixby came back with new energy and promise

Last year’s recall of the Note 7 due to battery failure was nothing less a nightmare for the Samsung and this year’s failure of Bixby was another nail in its coffin. However Samsung engineer took the challenge of improving upon ten shortcoming of the Bixby assistant in a record time and they brought the Bixby 2.0 at the Samsung’s Developer’s Conference in Sans Francisco. It is worth noting that this time around Samsung has simply rebuilt the Bixby from the ground and this time around they are hopeful of making a genuine progress with their AI technology.

Samsung aims to conquer the AI market

Samsung has hired Dag Killatus who had earlier created the Viv assistant which got acquired by Samsung just a year ago and even before this he was core-member of the team which went on ti develop Siri. Samsung is a dominant player in the smartphone market with having over 23 percent of the market share which can help it in pushing and popularizing its personal assistant without much hassle.

Apart from the smartphones Samsung has planned to push Bixby assistant to the refrigerators and a number of other homely electronic devices as they can benefit immensely from voice-based controls rater than the user interface. Samsung is going all out to make the Bixby a better competitor in the crowded personal assistant by bringing Bixby more devices and it will also be opining it up for the third party-developers to boost its functionality and features.

As stated earlier Samsung Bixby Assistant will be competing against the Google Assistant majorly as it comes bundled on the Android OS. It is very unlikely that users will be keeping two different assistant on the same device but Samsung is keeping its finger crossed.

Friday 8 September 2017

Mono-live Gadget Review: Samsung Galaxy J+ with Impressive Specs and Dual Rear Cameras

A new war is being waged in the smartphone market wherein manufacturers are trying to woo customers with ‘dual rear cameras’. This new trend comes after the successful trend of dual sim, fingerprint scanner and larger display which has been prominent in the earlier years. Samsung has announced the launch of a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J7+ which simply follows the latest trend of ‘dual rear camera’ setup in the smartphone. A number of leaks has emerged earlier which gave hints that Samsung will be following the suit of other smartphone manufacturers who are bringing ‘dual rear camera’ smartphone as the new thing in the mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy J7+ with Amazing camera with commendable performance

Dual rear camera setup is the main highlight of Samsung Galaxy J7+ and this smartphone will help Samsung in competing against the similar devices with similar camera setup. It has one 13-megapixel rear camera having aperture of f/1.7 while secondary camera is of 5 megapixels with aperture of f/1.9 aimed at capturing information. Both of these cameras works together to offer a splendid photo quality which is certainly better than a single camera setup in many ways.

This smartphone also has a 16-megapixel selfie camera with an aperture of f/1.9. This smartphone doesn’t have different design rather it follows the similar standard design language which is found in almost all the Samsung devices nowadays. It does have a finger print sensor in the front along with a metal unibody design which has become a norm in the mid-range smartphone. On the connectivity front this device has 4G VolTE along with Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS. This device sports a battery of 3000 mAh which is more than enough to last a day or two depending on the usage.

Great specification turns  Samsung Galaxy J7+ into a powerful device

Samsung Galaxy J7+ comes with a 5.5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with a 2.5 curved glass and it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This device is powered by MediaTek Helio P20 Octa-Core clocked at 2.39 GHz along with a ARM Mali T880 GPU. On memory front it has a 4GB RAM with internal storage of just 32 GB which can be easily expanded up-to massive 256 GB using a microSD card.

Colour choices and availability in different regions

Samsung will be the Galaxy J7+ in three different colors of Gold, Black and Rose Gold. Samsung Galaxy J7+ has just been launched in Thailand where will be sold at price of 12900 Thai Bhat which equals to $ 388. Currently this smartphone is in pre-order stage till September 2017 and it will start shipping in Thailand from 22nd September. Samsung has declined to offer any details regarding its availability in different regions. This time around Samsung is also offering free U Flex headphones with all the pre-booking. Tech enthusiasts are hopeful that Samsung will be launching this dual rear camera smartphone by next month in Indian market followed by others.

Saturday 12 August 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Leak Shows Lot of Compromises

Samsung Galaxy S8

New Leak: Samsung Galaxy S8, shows a lot of compromises

The next Samsung top model Galaxy S8 will come in two versions, but this does not affect the edge of the screen. After some leaks in the past days and weeks, the two S8 variants comes together.

At the Mobile World Congress last week, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the large version Galaxy S8 +, yet the next flagship of the Koreans is the theme of the hour. If you are interested in the MWC, please contact us.

Fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S8

The goal is to integrate the fingerprint into the display. Samsung's decision to relocate the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device with its upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8 has not caused much joy for a number of users. The solution, which is also preferred by the company, but technically did not manage.

"Samsung has put a lot of resources into the technology presented by Fingerprint specialist Synaptics last year, but the results were frustrating," South Korean economic magazine The investor cited to the informed source. The result is the displacement of the sensor on the backside next to the camera.

5.7 and 6.2 inches

Now you can still sleep your curiosity in terms of the sizes of the two S8 models, because on the side SlashLeaks (via The Verge) a picture has appeared, which shows the two smartphones side by side. The smaller is, of course, the conventional Galaxy S8, which brings a 5.7-inch screen, next to the 6.2-inch version can be seen.

The data on the two screens are unconfirmed, but it is apparent that customers will actually get a lot of display for their money. Because 5.7 inches is diagonal, which was previously reserved for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Source of the current Leaks is a manufacturer of screen protectors. Technical data, the current Leak has not been tested yet.

Samsung will offer a Snapdragon 835 or an Exynos 9 Series 8895, depending on the market, as a chipset. In addition, four gigabytes of RAM and a QHD display with an (unusual) aspect ratio of 18.5: 9.
Chance for Apple

Synaptics had officially launched its on-screen technology last December. This should not have been too late. But the process suggests that the supplier leaned too far out of the window and the technology could not meet the quality requirements of Samsung.

This is, of course, the chance for Apple to grab. The competitor is also in charge of the device. Until the presentation of the next Apple smartphones goes so a few months into the country, which can be of course decisive, in order to get quality necessary for a market maturity of the technology.

Monday 8 May 2017

How To Take Better Screenshots On The Samsung Galaxy S8

screen shot

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facilitates A New Way Of Taking Screenshots

Android phone is chastising the entire world with it reverberating features. Android with its every updated version provides panoramic opportunities to its users. The most enticing feature that is tempting every smartphone user to switch from google induced smartphone to an Android phone is the facility to take screenshots. Adding the feature of screenshot on Android phone is not a new introduction. All android supported device after upgrading to 4.0 version and after grants this feature to its customers.

Samsung which is the ultimate brand of smartphones after iPhone that has enabled every people from all strata of the society to have the privilege of using smartphones has already ingrained the facility of screenshot before every android induced phone had imbibed it, so in order to add a new dimension to this feature Samsung has explored every bit of it so that this feature turns out to be more inviting to all the smartphone seekers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has taken the feature of screenshots to a different level and Samsung has surpassed every challenge to make screenshot even more interesting. The way in which one used to take regular screenshots on their Galaxy S7 has been changed in comparison to the way in which one can take screenshot in Samsung 8.

The use of physical home button is no longer predominant and hence Samsung is now applying the same process that is used in other Android devices to take screenshot, i.e. by holding on to power and volume button simultaneously in order to take the screenshot or you can also take a screenshot by swiping inward from either side of the screen with the edge of your hand.This is a very simple and easy method of taking a screenshot and Samsung has acted very smartly to keep the procedure unchanged in GS8 like that in GS7, so avoid all sorts of confusion.

After you have captured the screenshot, a preview image opens up at the lower right corner of the screen and along with it you will find that a tool bar has also appeared. With the help of the tool bar you can draw as per your preference on the screenshot, you can also crop the image or can share it right from there instead of incurring any further step to share the image.

You will get an another option which is known as scroll capture and this options helps you by forbidding you to save while you are intending to take several screenshots to be able to take all the screenshot to capture the information in a vertical list. To make it more simple you are just required to hold the button and the phone automatically scrolls down a single screen and captures the different image. You can continue to hold and scroll down, until you have captured all that you wanted to and Samsung Galaxy S8tucks in together all the images into a single image which you can utilize the way you choose to.

Tuesday 7 March 2017

MWC 2017: Samsung Unveils Two New Tablets

Mobile World Congress at Barcelona is an esteemed event which is followed closely by the consumer electronics industry and fans worldwide. Samsung has always indulged in showcasing its Galaxy S Smartphone at this tech show since 2013 but this year it has given it a miss by simply bringing two tablets and a virtual reality headset. The particular VR headset unveiled by the Samsung comes with a remote control which is weird but exciting at the same time. It is hard for any major Smartphone maker to do away with the Smartphone complete at MWC therefore Samsung briefly teased one new Smartphone right at the end of its presentation. Samsung however left the presentation at a happy note by stating that the new Smartphone will be unveiled on 29 March in New York later this year.

Samsung will lose onto rivals

Samsung has already lost the crown of most selling Smartphone brand in the world to Apple this year in terms of shipment. After the Note 7 debacle last year Samsung has lost a considerable market share to rivals and not bringing any successor to the S7 at MWC will simply become a boon for the rivals especially Huawei. However signaling to the fans that a new device is expected to make its way to them soon is a good thing from Samsung point of view as it will make potential buyers to wait for some time.

News tablets doesn’t excite anymore

Samsung has launched two new tablets the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book and both of these devices are targeted at the consumers who are more into gaming and video playback. The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a 9.7 inch screen and boasts of the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. While Galaxy Book will come in two different sizes of 10.6 inch and 12 inch and it will be running in the Windows 10 OS. Galaxy Book is being targeted at the on the go professionals and it also comes with additional accessories in form of snap-on keyboard and S Pen stylus.

Tablet sales are going down on global scale for all the manufactures as the initial popularity for the larger devices has depleted. Consumers tend to favour the larger Smartphone instead of tablets but Samsung is looking forward to ignite popularity in larger device through bringing better specs coupled with features. Both of these tablets boasts of the organic light emitting diode (OLED) and displays and brings powerful specifics which will help in reigning over the competitors.

Samsung presentation marred with Greenpeace protest

Samsung days are going rough since its recall and effective demise of the Note 7. Sadly its presentation had an unexpected appearance of the Greenpeace activist staging a banner stating ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ which is direct wink at the Note 7 handsets. Quite a number of protestors started gathering around the building where this press conference was taking place and they displayed varied banners on the same lines.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Samsung to Launch Foldable Smartphone at MWC 2017

Galaxy X
Samsung is making news each passing day for its upcoming Galaxy S8 as well as for its Bixby assistant. But what is going to blow you away is that Samsung is on the verge of launching a foldable Smartphone in Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Samsung has a tough 2016 where it had to deal with controversial blowing out Galaxy Note 7 which resulted in recalling as many as 2.8 millions handsets from all across the world. Later on it lost the prime position as the most Smartphone selling OEM to Apple. But Samsung finally gets into the groove as it filed a patent for a Smartphone which can be folded in half with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Galaxy X set to launch later this year

Samsung has not confirmed the name for the foldable Smartphone but it has been reported by the GSMArena that it will be tentatively title as Galaxy X. On button placement this Smartphone will get the traditional Samsung home button on the front while back button will feature at the right side and menu button on the left. The aspect ratios for this device will be amazingly 21:9 and it will extremely to see such a designed phone in full glory at the MWC.

Samsung will be making use of an OLED display which will possess the ability to bend right from the middle to turn into a foldable display. Lee Changhoon, director of Samsung Display has famously said in 2016 that their plans of developing a foldable OLED is working in positive direction. They were set to start the mass production of the foldable display and releasing it will certainly be done after discussing with varied partners in question. Samsung has certainly learned from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle wherein mass production in hasty fashion resulted in faulty batteries which blew the devices a great device and brought it untimely demise.

Therefore Samsung has decided not to opt for a hastily introduced mass production for the foldable OLED display. Galaxy X will certainly be launching in the latter half of 2017 though its availability might be limited during the initial phase. Pricing, specifications and feature set are simply kept in tight wraps so is the ultimate design for this upcoming iconic device which might turn out to be most notable innovative gadget of this decade.

Samsung isn’t the only one with foldable Smartphone in upcoming portfolio

Microsoft is working on something on the same line of the Samsung as it has also filed a patent which reveals a device with a flexible hinge thereby effectively transforms a phone into a tablet. As reported by Verge this patented device will have the ability to transform into various modes of two to three screens which can later on be extended into a flat out design. The flexible hinge will help in setting up the device in tend mode which is very much like the Yoga Tablet series from Lenovo.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Samsung Android 7.0 Nougat Update

Android keeps bringing new OS each passing year but OEMs fails to get their smartphone up to date with new Os features but that isn’t the case with Samsung. Samsung has started roll out of Android 7.0 Nougat update to its flagship devices. This update will first come to the premium Galaxy devices namely the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7 Edge.

Users with these devices are simply required to the Settings followed by About Phone section then System Updates to get the latest Android Os update. Samsung isn’t offering the latest version of the Nougat as Google’s own smartphone lineup of Pixel devices already comes loaded with the version 7.1.1 while Samsung is bringing 7.0 version update. The area of improvisation is slight between the two versions of the Nougat but it simply crowns Pixel device as the sole bearer of latest Android update.

What’s new in 7.0 Nougat?

Google has brought a wide range of functionalities and improvements on its Android platform with Nougat update last year. This includes support for the DayDream i.e. its VR platform in form of Screen Saver which offers splendid graphics and visuals to the users, quicker multi-tasking, multi-window support, viewing two Chrome tabs, Clear All button for recent apps, new installer animation and list goes on.

It also brings bundled notification for quickly getting through notification at a single go. A ‘Notification Importance’ setting is present in Nougat to set dedicated notification for important apps on the device. An enhanced version of the ‘Data Saver’ functionality comes with Nougat which helps users in saving ‘more’ on their mobile bills. Data Saver allows users to actively monitor their network usage data and even setting up notifications for the same effect.

Some new updates to the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge comes loaded with the fingerprint scanner but Samsung has bumped up its functionality with a latest update. It brings the support for Samsung Pass which allows users to use their fingerprint to not just to unlock the device but also open certain apps, sites along with a pop-up window wherein users can run as many as five apps simultaneously.

This functionality of running five different apps together shouldn’t be confused with the spilt screen functionality already available on these flagship devices.For heavy users Samsung has brought a Performance mode which allows them to optimize certain aspects of the device to answer their specific needs. This includes making tweaks in device for enhanced gaming, entertainment, multimedia consumption or improving the battery life for longer usage.

Samsung is bring Nougat to a wide range of devices

In the next few months Samsung will be rolling out the Nougat update on its wider range of devices which includes Galaxy Tab A with S Pen, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy A3, Galaxy A8, Galaxy Note 5. By the mid of this year most of the premium Samsung devices will start running the Nougat which is a great new for the Samsung users.

Sunday 22 January 2017

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Samsung is gradually building up its premium range of Smartphone after the premature demise of the Note 7 which seriously affected its yearly revenue predictions. Samsung has launched its lasts Galaxy C9 Pro 9 at the price of 36,900 INR in India. Currently Samsung is pre booking for this elegant Smartphone from 27th January and it is expected to start shipping from February. The talking point for this Smartphone among the plethora of Galaxy series devices is 6GB Ram. Samsung is cluttered its Smartphone lineup by following the nomenclature of Galaxy for almost all of its offering from the budget, mid range to high end devices.

The launch of Galaxy C9 Pro is quite late as it launched first in the Chinese market in October 2016 followed by the launches in Indian sub-continent countries namely Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. The launch of the C9 Pro is quite late as the Indian Smartphone market is flooded with devices with similar specification at a margin of Samsung pricing. In terms of specification Samsung will have to compete against the offering of Chinese devices such as LeEco LeMax 2 and OnePlus 3 but its holds on its own due to its premium build and amazing display.

C9 Pro specifications to watch for

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro comes with an awesome AMOLED display of 6.0 inches with full HD (1080p) rendition. This Smartphone is powered by the mid range Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor with eight cores and for gaming purpose it has Adreno 510 GPU. On storage front it comes with 64 GB of internal storage and can easily be expanded up to 256 GB via microSD card. Samsung has brought the 6GB of RAM on this device which results in a splendid user experience with amazing multitasking opportunities.

It is a dual SIM Smartphone with 4G LTE support along with the regular GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.2. It comes loaded with the Android Marshmallow not Nougat which might be a bummer for some the consumer but one should understand that it is around four months old device. Samsung C9 Pro does offers the best of the specification to the users but it fails on the price tag as there are already a number of devices available in the market at lower cost.

Notable features of the C9 Pro

Samsung has brought a high performing camera on this device with a 16 MP rear and 16 MP front camera for selfies. Rear camera comes with dual tone LED flash which helps in taking highly enriching and detailed pictures and it possess the capability to capture videos in 1080 pixels.

This device comes with now standard USB Type C port and possesses a mammoth battery of 4000 mAh – a sensible effort on Samsung’s part given its large screen size. Furthermore, this device has a fingerprint sensor which has become a staple feature on majority of devices launching nowadays and Samsung has also brought an audio enhancer in form of Cirrus Hifi Codec.

Monday 12 December 2016

Samsung Set To Remove Headphone Jack on Galaxy S8

It was a big surprise, as well as, made some hue and cry when iPhone have decided to take away the facility of the headphone jack of the iPhone and replacing the same with the headphones, which is connected to the charging port of the handset. While this has created lots of controversies, among the users; it has ridiculously described this awful act or move as a very courageous act. Now it appears that Samsung, the well-known competitor of the Apple, is trying to toeing almost the same line of action and might be removing the 3.5 mm audio port from their flagship set, the very rich Galaxy S8, which has already created some sorts of speculations.

According to industry insider; the most eminent set Galaxy S8 will be made public at the trade show of Mobile World Congress on February in 2017. Most importantly this specific Galaxy S8 phone will come with the unique provision of audio port, using the charging port of the same phone, which will be the exact replica of the action of iPhone 7. This means that users have to listen to the audio impact, either using an adaptor or by using the wireless headphones or with the help of specialized headphone that is connected to the charging port.

Important Issues

This aforementioned facility in Galaxy S8 will not allow the user to do the dual work of charging and listening to songs at a time, as the port of is same, therefore; it can only be done, if there is another external type separate adapter, which is having at least two ports. But it could be a little bit easier for the user of Galaxy S8, compared to iPhone 7 users, as the former will be having the facility of wireless charging, which will replenish the exhausted battery if that placed on the pad.

While the iPhone 7 is lacking a headphone jack, which had raised lots of eyebrows at the time of introduction, but after several weeks of use of this phone has become almost a non-issue for its potential users.

It can be noted that the absence of the extra port in Galaxy S8 allows the company, i.e., Apple to increase the size of the battery; it has improved the vibration feedback of the phone and make the set water resistant, which is considered as great advantages for any phone. It is quite evident that the Samsung will be following the footstep of the iPhone and get rids of the audio jack, which may make the phone a bit thinner than its predecessor.

Final Words

SamMobile has also reported that Samsung will be having stereo speakers in the Galaxy S8, which will improve the external quality of the audio output. It is also claimed that Samsung will remove the home button from the upcoming Galaxy S8 and replaced with a fingerprint sensor implanted in the unique display.

These unique provisions, in association with the curved screen of the device, will be covering the entire fa├žade of the device; a design concept that may be considered by Apple in their upcoming iPhone 8.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Samsung Electronics to Acquire Artificial Intelligence Firm Viv


Samsung Acquiring US AI Platform Developer Viv Labs Inc

Recently the tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd had mentioned that it will be acquiring U.S. artificial intelligence – AI platform developer Viv Labs Inc. which is a firm run by co-creator of Apple Inc’s Siri voice assistant programme. Samsung had specified in a statement that it intends to integrate the AI platform of San Jose based company known as Viv, into the Galaxy smartphones and develop voice-assistant services to home appliances together with wearable technology devices.

The financial terms had not been disclosed. In order to make artificial intelligence adequately good in enabling consumers to interact with their devices much more naturally especially through voice, the technology firms have been locked in an increasingly heated race.

 Alphabet Inc’s Google has been considered to be the leader in AI though there are others such as, Apple and Microsoft who have also launched their own offerings comprising of voice-powered digital assistant.Samsung being the top smartphone maker in the world is also eager to differentiate its devices from phones to fridges by combining AI.

The achievement of Viv could benefit the Korean firm showing its effectiveness when the Google’s new Pixel smartphones equipped with the U.S. firm’s voice powered digital assistant tends to threaten Samsung together with the other smartphone manufacturers who seem to be mainly dependent on the Android operating platform.

Teach System in Creating New Apps

Samsung’s executive vice president, Rhee In-jong informed Reuters in an interview that Viv brings in a very unique technology enabling them to have an open system where any third party service and content providers could add their services to our devices’ interfaces. Rhee stated that Samsung needs to really revolutionise how its devices operate, moving in utilising voice instead of touch and that they cannot innovate using only in-house technology.

The chief executive of Viv and co-founder Dag Kittlause, a Siri co-creator together with other top managers at the firm would be continuing in managing the business independently after the acquisition. Rhee also informed Reuters that Samsung would continue in looking for acquisitions to strengthen its AI together with the other software capabilities without mentioning any targets. Viv’s AI platform enables developers to teach the system in creating new apps or to utilising the prevailing one and build an open ecosystem of intelligence.

Envisaging Future Beyond Apps

Kittlaus had mentioned in a statement that at Viv they are building the simplest system to talk to devices and services everywhere. They are envisaging a future which is beyond apps where one could get what they need instantly and easily irrespective of where they could be or what device is nearby.

Analyst at Edison Investment Research Richard Windsor told IBTimes UK that Viv is very good at interpreting and understanding natural speech and understands context with regards to earlier asked questions. It can unravel multi-part complex questions. If this tends to work as advertised, it would be better at natural language than Google Assistant.

Viv runs everything in the cloud which means the dislocation of the phones on Android of Samsung and everything else on Tizen could be less of an issue than what is at present. But this has placed Samsung in a position to compete directly against Google whose focus is to have its Google Assistant front and centre of every Samsung Android device according to Windsor.

Friday 5 August 2016

Samsung Electronics Unveils New Curved Screen Galaxy Note phone


Galaxy Smartphone with Curved Screen & Iris Recognition

A new Galaxy Note smartphone with curved screen and iris-recognition technology had been unveiled by Samsung electronics Co. Ltd. recently looking to build on sales momentum which has assisted it back to swelling profit growth.

The topmost smartphone maker in the world saw its mobile profit rise by 49% in January-June from its previous year due to robust sales of its flagship Galaxy S7 device together with a line-up overhaul which had abandoned unaccepted models for lesser though more attractive new mid-to-low tier products.

The South Korean firm is wagering that the new big-screen device, the Galaxy Note 7 would support in sustaining its mobile business recovery through the second half but new launches from opponents such as Apple Inc. would probably steal some of the thunder.

Samsung will be utilising a 5.7-inch curved screen display for the new Galaxy Note 7 and the device would be taking on a similar design to the Galaxy S series though will be providing a larger screen together with functions comprising of a pen accessory. The grip on the device is also enhanced making it easy to be used with one hand.

Features an Iris Scanner

The pricing has not been revealed by the company but it is said that the sales would probably begin in a first group of markets on August 19 without any mention of where precisely. The new smartphone is said to be a successor to the previous year’s flat-screen Galaxy Note 5.

However the firm chose to miss a digit and give it the number 7 in making numbering consistent with the latest version of the Galaxy S that had started selling in March. Researcher Strategy Analytics has stated that the curved-screen Galaxy S7 edge was the best-selling android smartphone in the world during the first half of the year. Samsung’s expectations are that the new curved-screen Note phone would have the same demand.

The Note 7 also tends to feature an iris scanner, enabling users to unlock the device via the recognition of their eyes, which is the first type of application for a Samsung smartphone. It was also announced earlier by the firm about a tablet device with the feature for India.

Galaxy Note 7 Compatible with Samsung Pay

The Galaxy Note 7 is also said to be compatible with Samsung Pay which is a mobile payment service that tends to compete with Apple Pay beside others that Samsung seems to expect, that would be helping in boosting margins for its device as well as set its products apart from the other Android handsets.

Samsung has also launched a new variety of its Gear VR virtual reality headset with upgraded features like improved viewing angles. Company executives have mentioned that promotional accomplishments in pairing a VR device with the Galaxy S7 phone had assisted in boosting the sales this year.

The price is said to be playing a big role in whether or not one should acquire the phone. Notes tend to be the most expensive in the line-up of Samsung and it is the S Pen one tends to pay for. The S7 and the bigger S7 Edge seem to be identical stylus-less choices.

Sunday 17 July 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leak Reveals Awesome New Look

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Doing Away with Fingerprint Sensor

According to new leaks, Samsung has been organizing the launch of its most influential mobile device. Some official looking extracts of the Galaxy Note 7 had been revealed overnight by notorious smartphone tipster,Evan Blass on Twitter displaying the device in more details. The image portrayed a seemingly polished looking device which has a strong similarity to the latest Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 that had been released in March last.

 But the rear panel seems to be imprinted with the words `Galaxy Note 7’ outwardly showing that it is a new device. The Note 7 is anticipated to get a curved OLED display measuring 5.8ins imitating the screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge and if the images leaked seemed to be right, Samsung’s flagship design sign would be standard on the next Note.

The Galaxy Note 7 would also be doing away with fingerprint scanner and replacing it with an iris scanner which tends to look into your eyes for unlocking the phone. This could be a courageous decision since most of the other flagship smartphone or phablet tend to use fingerprint scanner though could work on a super-sized device such as the Note 7.

Incredible New Translation Features

The scanner would also provide access to protected app, folders, files as well as documents. Other disclosure from the Indian tech site states that the Galaxy Note 7 would be coming with some incredible new translation features.

The new Dictionary and Speaking services enables user to translate words quickly form one language to another and eventually introduce consistent text to speech functionality. Android smartphones all over are set to receive a leading improvement due to the release of the next generation of software. Presently Google is working on the launch of Android Nougat, which is the latest edition of the mobile platform, set to be released later in the year.

Among the new features, we have an improved battery life together with power performance owing to the new Doze feature that enables to put the device in a low power mode when it senses that the phone is not moving.Android phones would now be supporting split-screen apps and hence two apps would now be capable of running side by side or one above the other like the prevailing iOS feature of Apple.

Improved Support for Virtual Reality Games/Apps

Moreover, included in the latest release is an improved support for virtual reality games and apps, connecting to new Daydream VR headset of Google, together with a new night mode that will reduce on harmful light while utilising the phone at night.Google has also been tweaked on how Android devices tend to manage notifications since the new Direct Reply feature enables users to respond swiftly to text messages or update task list right within the notification interface.

Developers could bundle in notification together so that all the text messages, calendar reminders, Facebook prompts can be taken together when one drags down the notification shade. App would also take less time in installing with the latest release and the predictive keyboard of Google would also get enhanced with a strip of new themes, the capability of adding or removing borders surrounding individual keys as well as setting a custom photo as a backdrop.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Samsung Pay Arrives in Europe, Spain is Numero Uno

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay Service Arrives in Spain

Samsung Pay, marking the service’s European debut has ultimately arrived in Spain. Samsung Pay tends to see customers adding credit or debit cards to their phone, similar to rival services like Apple Pay and Android Pay, where the latter had recently arrived in the UK, which can then be tapped on checkouts in making contactless payment. Samsung Pay is launched in Spain which gives the mobile payment service a lead over the other competitors. In Contrast to those services, it could be utilised with the older magnetic strip systems. Samsung had mentioned that in Europe, the first bank to get on board were CaixaBank and imaginBank, followed shortly with Abanca and Banco Sabadell. Celestino Garcia, corporate vice president of Samsung Spain, had stated that the opportunity for Samsung Pay in Spain was important owing to the high smartphone penetration rate as well as the digitalisation of the banking sector. He mentioned results of a company commissioned research which showed 60% of the people in Spain preferred using services like Samsung Pay that enabled them to make contactless payment. A Visa report of 2015 indicated that Spain seems to be a country where most of the contactless payments terminals in Europe are made.

Turning Point in Payment Behaviour

Garcia had said that they are proud that Spain seems to be the first European market in introducing Samsung Pay, which is an advanced new service, believed to mark a turning point in Spaniard’s payment behaviour as well as the evolution of the payment market as a whole. Samsung Pay was launched in September 2015, in the US and in February the company had stated that it had 5 million registered customers of Samsung Pay, claiming a `strong’ adoption rate in the US as well as South Korea.A company spokesman had mentioned in a statement that `Samsung Pay would launch later in the year in the UK. Samsung Pay is available on the flagship smartphones of Samsung, the Galaxy S7 and S6 series, in Spain as in other markets. Samsung has mentioned that it had chosen Spain as its first European market due to high rates of smartphones together with credit card access. As per research commissioned by the South Korean tech giant, 64% of Spanish customers tend to utilise cards for paying most or several of their purchases.

Samsung Pay, Advantage Over Apple Pay/Android Pay

However, Samsung Pay could be missing a main feature in Spain and as Android Authority summaries, the announcement of Samsung had not made any mention of magnetic secure transmission- MST terminals only that it functioned with near-field communication – NFC enabled contactless payment terminals. In January, CaixaBank said that it would not support Samsung Pay’s MST since contactless point-of-sale systems were already well-known in Spain. Samsung Pay tends to have an advantage over Apple Pay and Android Pay in the United States, on utilising MST, since the stores do not have to install new NFC-enabled terminals in the stores to accept it. On the contrary, Samsung Pay tends to work by sending a signal that imitates the magnetic strips on credit cards to a MST terminal which most of the stores accepting cards tends to have it already. TechCrunch had asked Samsung Pay if the mobile payment service had been incompatible with MST in Spain

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Samsung App Helps Premature Babies Hear Their Mothers

Samsung App

Samsung’s App – Voices of Life

Babies when they are born premature, do not get to spend much time in the womb, developing as they should which means that when they are born there are risks and dangers to their development. One of the ways to deal with that is for the baby to hear the voice of their mother.

Research has found that when this is done, it helps their brain to develop properly, but when they are placed in an incubator, it is hard to do the same. Hence Samsung has come up with the app which would be helpful for the premature baby.According to Engadget reports, Samsung has been working on an app which has the potential of sending recordings straight from parents to premature babies still in the hospitals.

Samsung has been working a new way of connecting parents and the preemies through the healing power of sound. The app known as `Voices of Life’ enables parents to record stories and lullabies and then gets rid of any high-frequency sounds, not present in the womb, which would tend to be uncomfortable for the baby to hear. It is then sent to the incubator at NICU. This has shown to be helpful for parents to bond with babies as well as enables babies in receiving the maternal sounds they need for healthy brain development.

Exposure to Mother’s Voice/Heartbeat Helpful in Brain Development

Samsung had released a video regarding the app portraying a small speaker set within the incubator of the baby apparently linked to the app. Samsung has been pushing the notion of replicating a womb and tends to describe how a mother could utilise Voices of Life though it seems likely that the fathers could also be capable of using it. It is not known about the level of completion of the app or when it could be publicly made available.

A baby tends to hear sounds in utero around twenty four weeks, though for the 15 million premature babies that are born each year, the nurturing sound of the womb seems to be lost. According to research, the exposure to a mother’s voice and the heartbeat could help in the brain development and growth of the premature baby. Launching People, a global campaign by Samsung Electronics Co., has designed to help clients to set free their capabilities in creating meaningful change through the use of Samsung technology and introduced this pilot program.

Recordings Sent Wirelessly to Speaker in Incubator

The app utilises the heart-rate sensor of the smartphone to record the heartbeat of the mother or it could utilise the phone’s microphone to record sounds, stories and lullabies, with the choice of collection recordings together with playlists eliminating certain higher frequencies which could be uncomfortable for the babies. The recordings are then sent wirelessly to a speaker set inside the incubator.

Samsung is not the first company in developing an app in helping parents of premature babies. The Premature Baby Journal helps in keeping track of a baby medical progress in a log book, while the MyPreemie app tends to provide a simple pocket guide for some of the major questions which expectant mothers may tend to have. Presently, Voices of Life does not have a public release date.

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Samsung Patent Filings Reveal Exciting New Smartphone Designs

Samsung’s Foldable/Tab Style Design/Scrollable/Bendable Smartphone

Samsung’s patent for new folding and scroll style smartphone designs has been granted by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office recently wherein either of these designs would be substantial inventions for smartphone displays which tends to be led by square flat designs. The patent includes a foldable smartphone, tab style design, scrollable smartphone and a bendable smartphone design.

With the folding phone, the user has access to a screen even while the device tends to be folded and can access additional detailed commands when it is opened like a book. The patent filing also discusses anther sensational new design wherein the phone can roll up as well as unroll like an ancient scroll. The improvement of bendable, rollable, foldable smartphone displays has been reported for years.

Samsung had promoted a concept video on a clamshell style device on YouTube somewhere in 2013. However this patent filing offers some hope that smartphone display would make its way to the consumers. Samsung had already created the Galaxy Round, the first smartphone having curved display. Probably there could be more appealing designs coming up.

Flexible Displays

It is said that for years, Samsung had been working on flexible displays. As per Digital Trends, Samsung had revealed its first foldable phone prototype at the CES 2014 and it was rumoured that its foldable device would be making its debut in 2016. The most regularly depicted design invention in Venture Beat, is a handset which tends to unfold to a full sized tablet.

It eems like a horizontal clamshell wherein the single fold tends to open the same way as a book or a magazine and the device forms as a smartphone when folded and a tablet when unfolded. However, it is not known how the screen could be adapted when in a folded position. The device either tends to fold with the two halves of the screen touching when closed or it could in the opposition structure where both the screens tend to face outward.It has been described as a rollable device by Patenty Mobile.

Users have the option of changing the form of the device by taking the tab and rolling out the flexible display or by pressing a button or an icon which is available at one end of the scroll. This opens the scroll with the preferred app ready for use once the device is scrolled out.

Bendable Design – Bend at Certain Pre-set degree

When the calendar icon on the scrolled device is pressed for instance, the device tends to un-scroll with its full display, portraying the calendar app. The adjustable display of the display in scroll style could include an organic light which emits diode – OLED or flexible LCD display, replacing glass substrate in the display with flexible plastic materials.

The tab style design smartphone does not tend to fold in half like its earlier foldable design but folds, off-centre leaving a tab screen exposed towards the left end which displays the users’ favourite apps. Similar to the scrolled device, the tab style design can be unfolded whenever the user touches the app icon towards the left of the display.

The bendable design enables the smartphone to be folded by being bent and is likely to be bent at a certain degree pre-set by the users.

Saturday 5 December 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to debut in less than three months and rumor mills are working overtime to present a final picture of the device specs and features. Samsung is looking forward to improve the popularity of its S series after the lukewarm response to the Galaxy S6. Furthermore launching the S7 during the first quarter of the year will help in making huge sales and almost no threat from the next iPhone. Here is a list of the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs and features, which have emerged in the recent past.

Two designs to debut together

Samsung has established a dual lunch model for itself by the releasing of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge variant a while back. Similarly it is being expected that Samsung will unveil two designs and models as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge featuring a curved screen. Samsung Edge will always feature its awe-aspiring curved display design, which has been loved both by the consumers and critics alike.

Qualcomm processor expected to make a comeback

Samsung and Qualcomm relations soured in the recent past and Samsung even went ahead to launch the high end Galaxy S6 variants featuring it own home grown Exynos processors. However Samsung will be using both the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and its Exynos 8890 processor for the Galaxy S7. Snapdragon will be used in the S7 devices for the India while Snapdragon 820 will be used in the devices manufactured for the China, US and other markets.

MicroSD slot to return in Galaxy S series

Samsung has to bear a huge pressure from the consumers with its strategy to do away with the microSD card slots. There are some credible rumors which points that Samsung is all set to reintroduce the microSD card slots in the Galaxy S7. However, it has not been whether Samsung has ditched the micoSD card slots due to price concerns or technical reasons earlier.

Galaxy S7 Force Touch technology

Samsung has also filed a patent for its own exclusive 3D touch technology. Samsung 3D touch technology is described as a system wherein different voltages will help in getting different options to get selected. For example, a hard press will result in capital letter and a softer press will help in getting lowercase letters while typing.

Better and advanced camera hardware

Samsung Galaxy S series comes under the premium and high end smartphone segment wherein it is necessary to offers top class camera capabilities in the phone. Samsung is looking forward to heighten its upcoming Galaxy S7 camera capabilities by getting hand on the 23MP IMX300 camera, which was used by the Sony in its Xperia Z5 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to release in February

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 at MCW 2015 and Galaxy S5 at MCW 2014. Therefore, it can be easily said that Galaxy S7 will make its debut at MCW 2016, which takes place at the end of the February. It is widely expected that Samsung Galaxy S7 will each to the stores by April first week after the official release in the February.

Thursday 12 November 2015

Google Uncovers 11 Serious Security Flaws within the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Google Discovered 11 Serious Security Problems – Samsung’s Galaxy S6

Google has discovered 11 serious security problems in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphone in a sequence of severe test intended to clear the vulnerabilities in handsets. The company had set its security analyst team Project Zero with the challenge to seek out bugs in the Galaxy S6 Edge running an open source version of Google’s Android software called Android Open-Source Project – AOSP, to see how quickly Samsung patched the issue.

Google calls the companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs, whose smartphones use its software that include Samsung, LG and Motorola. The researcher of Project Zero, Natalie Silvanovich, wrote in a Google blogpost that, `OEMs are an important area for Android security research since they introduce additional and possibly vulnerable code in Android devices at all privilege levels and they decide the frequency of the security updates which they provide for their devices to carriers’.

Project Zero researchers that were based in Europe and North America, identified within a week, 11 possibly severe security issues in the device especially surrounding media processing and device drivers. They reported the susceptibilities to Samsung specified that eight of the 11 were fixed in their October Maintenance Release while the remaining three which had been marked as lower-severity would be fixed throughout November.

Project Zero – Seeking Bugs in Software

Mr Silvanovich added that it is promising that the highest severity issues were fixed and updated on-devices in a reasonable time frame’. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge had been released together with its non-curved equivalent the Galaxy S6 in April.

 It was launched as Samsung’s flagship handsets to contend against iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which was released the previous September and these two smartphones faced disappointing sales with Samsung’s profit fell by 8% in July. Recently, it’s most recent version of Android 6.0; Marshmallow had been issued by Google.

Google Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 9 smartphones together with LG’s G4 now are capable of running it while the other manufacturers Samsung, HTC as well as Sony are likely to update their devices in the following weeks. Project Zero has been running for some time now by Google with the task of seeking out bugs in software, alerting the software makers and then reporting the public if nothing is fixed in an attempt to force something to be done.

Internal Contest between Two Teams of Google’s Project Zero Security Teams

Earlier, Google had taken on Windows and OS X with Project Zero bugs, however now it is Samsung in the firing line for 11 serious faults with the Galaxy S6 Edge. The issues with Samsung’s device as high impact have been described by Google, which means that they tend to be quite serious.

The faults comprise of script injections, driver issues, image parsing issues, permission weaknesses as well as a directory traversal bug that enables a file to be written in unexpected settings. Project Zero blog post of Google tends to go in-depth on each of the 11 security faults detected in the Galaxy S6 Edge. Presently most of them are already fixed but three of the tricky ones still remain which include the script injection bug with two specific image parsing errors.

All this was part of an internal contest between two teams of Google’s Project Zero security teams. They had selected Galaxy S6 Edge since it is a decent example of a recently released high-profile Android smartphone.

Monday 14 September 2015

Samsung Galaxy A8


Samsung – Outstanding Features Huge Screen Mated to Thin Chassis

Samsung has made the Galaxy A8 smartphone official after rumours of which had been spreading for several months. The device’s outstanding feature is the huge screen mated to a super thin chassis which is the slimmest that Samsung has ever produced.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a good slim 5.7 inch smartphone and its matte metal frame feels expensive along with its smooth shimmery white back cover which is really plastic. There is a fingerprint scanner though a great security features on the home button beneath the screen, 4G LTE connectivity, a MicroSD and a big 3050mAh battery and the design is the same as seen in all Samsung phones.

The Super AMOLED touchscreen has a resolution of 1080p weighting only 151 grams. It is slimmer than the 6.3mm thick Huawei P8. Samsung has chosen Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor to power the Galaxy A8, besides 2GB of RAM, together with 16GB of internal storage memory.

 The rear camera comprises of 16 megapixels with an f/1.9 opening and a 5 megapixel wide-angle camera on top of the screen for selfies. Moreover, it also has a LG style hand gesture control, a wave rather than a clenched fist with a complete enhancement mode.

Solid Home Button Instead of Soft/Capacitive

Samsung is one of the few major manufacturers still using a solid home button instead of a soft or capacitive one and the fingerprint scanners in combined to this button making it easy to use. Being slim it tends to become easy to hold inspite of the phablet sized at 5.7 inches and the speaker, camera as well as the flash are lined across the back in that order, right above a Samsung logo.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a dual SIM device having both SIM slots supporting 4G SIM cards, but 4G only can be used on one SIM card at a time while the other drops to 3G. Moreover, the second slot is a hybrid slot which doubles up as the microSD slot.

Users can opt between dual SIM connectivity and storage expansion taking into consideration the price level.The Samsung Galaxy A8 runs Android 5.5.5 with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI incorporated in it making the experience mediocre to a light stock Android especially as it comprises of various China only software features and a reworked localized user interface which indicates that in its present form, the Galaxy A8 will be a Chinese exclusive and available to be ordered online through Samsung’s store.

Device Similar to Earlier Model

With regards to an international launch, no announcement has been done by Samsung so far. Samsung could be preparing a super thin smartphone for release.

A video had been posted on YouTube portraying the Galaxy A8 in action and actually sourced from the TENAA Chinese regulatory board. It showed a device that seems similar to the model seen in earlier leaked images and the shape is resonant of the original Galaxy Alpha and a metal chassis is apparent though the phone seems thicker than what the rumours conveyed.

Details of the Samsung Galaxy A8 first started appearing in March when the name had been registered as a trademark together with the A6 and the A9. Thereafter, word about the device was spread by SamMobile in April disclosing some technical specification, prior to some early images of the phone.