Friday 20 October 2017

Take Two for Samsung's Troubled Bixby Assistant

Bixby Assistant

The next phase of Samsung Bixby is competitive AI market

Artificial Intelligence is seen as the new frontier which ought to be explored by every major tech firm in order to boost its array of products and services. Apple is already in the game, so is true for Microsoft, Google and Amazon and they had almost aced it then Samsung comes to the party and it fails miserably. Bixby assistant made its debut on the Samsung elite Galaxy S line-up with dedicated button. The major issue for it overcome is the presence of Google Assistant on the Android OS which simply removes the need of having another budding AI within a smartphone.


The failure of the Samsung in the first phase

Bixby assistant has a rough and trouble beginning since its launch with the Samsung Galaxy S8 where it was touted as next best feature to be present on the flagship device. Sadly this AI wasn’t even ready to take on the challenges of the English-speaking world therefore Korean giant Samsung has to disable it altogether. This saw the departure of the Bixby from the premium Galaxy device and a physical button was left in its wake to remind users of the Samsung debacle.

Bixby came back with new energy and promise

Last year’s recall of the Note 7 due to battery failure was nothing less a nightmare for the Samsung and this year’s failure of Bixby was another nail in its coffin. However Samsung engineer took the challenge of improving upon ten shortcoming of the Bixby assistant in a record time and they brought the Bixby 2.0 at the Samsung’s Developer’s Conference in Sans Francisco. It is worth noting that this time around Samsung has simply rebuilt the Bixby from the ground and this time around they are hopeful of making a genuine progress with their AI technology.

Samsung aims to conquer the AI market

Samsung has hired Dag Killatus who had earlier created the Viv assistant which got acquired by Samsung just a year ago and even before this he was core-member of the team which went on ti develop Siri. Samsung is a dominant player in the smartphone market with having over 23 percent of the market share which can help it in pushing and popularizing its personal assistant without much hassle.

Apart from the smartphones Samsung has planned to push Bixby assistant to the refrigerators and a number of other homely electronic devices as they can benefit immensely from voice-based controls rater than the user interface. Samsung is going all out to make the Bixby a better competitor in the crowded personal assistant by bringing Bixby more devices and it will also be opining it up for the third party-developers to boost its functionality and features.

As stated earlier Samsung Bixby Assistant will be competing against the Google Assistant majorly as it comes bundled on the Android OS. It is very unlikely that users will be keeping two different assistant on the same device but Samsung is keeping its finger crossed.

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