Thursday 30 July 2015

Znaps – A Simple Designed Solution in Charging Phone


If one has ever had the opportunity of using the MacBook’s MagSafe connector or the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, they would get to know how convenient a magnetic power connector could be when compared to the iPhone’s charging system.

A Toronto based company known as Znaps has come up with a way out that brings about convenience to both the iPhone as well as Android phones with a Kickstarter campaign that is in progress of turning the smartphone’s charging port as well as cable into a magnetic charger. It seems similar to Apple’s MagSafe power connector that enables the user to plug and unplug easily, the power connector to a laptop with satisfying magnetic snap.

Moreover, it can also detach if and when someone tends to trips on the power cord. Znaps is a simple designed solution which tends to transform a charging cable utilising a pair of easy adapters which plugs into the Lightning or microUSB port towards the bottom of the mobile device and to the end of the cable. As the two adapter are in place, one can `snap and charge’ or snap or sync, without even looking.Znaps seems to bring about an enhancement to the iPhone and Android devices though consumers would need to wait for some time before it is made available to the customers.

Znaps Connector Compatible with Lightning/MicroSD Ports

Founders of Znaps had turned to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the purpose of support in putting the adapter into production. The campaign being barely a quarter of the way through with only 24 days remaining where Znaps has already collected $437,295 out of its $94,221 goal which is 464% of Znaps’ goal.

The Znaps connector is said to be compatible with Lightning and microSD ports and is also reversible. This means that one will not have the need to fiddle with it in order to fit it in the right position since the Znaps, which is a tiny magnetic adapter adapts into the device’s charging port – Lightning for iOS devices, MicroUSB for Android, together with a separate magnetic adapter that fits over the cable connector.

Thus the user could just place the phone’s charging port close to the charging cable and it snaps in with the power of the magnet. It can get disconnected without much damage if it is pulled on the phone while it is still being charged.

Water Resistant – Power to Protect Sensitive Area – Power Socket

Besides this the Znaps is water resistant having the power of protecting the most sensitive areas on the phone which is the power socket wherein the adapter tends to lower the risk of any water damage to the phone. The Znaps magnetic adapter comes at a cost of $9 and wheninserted in the iPhone 6 or any other iOS or an Android device, it helps in charging the device instantly.

Due to the magnets in the adapter and cable, one can charge the mobile device by bringing it near the cable that tends to snap into the right position. The shipping of Znaps would probably begin somewhere in November and those interested in MagSafe type of charging technology for their iPhone or Android phone could pre-order the Znaps adapter or they could fund the Kickstarter campaign, opt for a custom pledge and get hold of their Znaps adapter by the end of November of in December.

AI Triumphs at Pictionary-Like Sketch Recognition Task


Sketch-a-Net – Sketch Recognition Job

Softwareknown as Sketch-a-Net accurately identifies a sample of hand drawings which has been developed by researchers in London and this artificial intelligence system – AI, has beaten human at sketch recognition job.

The researchers recommended that their program could be adapted in helping police to match drawings of any suspects involved in any crime incidents, though according to computing experts,a lot of work needs to be done. Earlier sketch recognition attempts have examined drawings as completed work wherein specific features were extracted and thereafter classified in the same way the photos tend to be analysed.

The Sketch-a-Net could make use of the information about the order the hand strokes were made in. Whenever computer equipment is utilised in the development of a drawing, the follow-on data comprises of information with regards to when each line was made and where, wherein the team at Queen Mary University took the benefit of this added statistics.

 According to Dr Timothy Hospendales, from the University’s Computer Science department, states that the `normal computer vision image recognition looks at all of the pixels in parallel, though there is some additional information offered by the sequence and there is some regularity in how people do it’.

AI Software Achieved Score of 42.5% Accuracy

He has informed BBC that in the case of an alarm clock for instance, people usually tend to start by drawing the outline of the device before adding in the hands and then creating dashes to represent the hours. He further added that different shapes have `different ordering and that is what the network learns to discover’.

The drawings in the test were from a collection of around 20,000 sketches that were known as the TU-Berlin dataset that had been utilised in earlier image recognition jobs. On examining the image library, Sketch-a-Net seemed to have a certain edge in determining some of the drawings’ finer details.

For instance, it was capable of matching drawings of birds to the description `seagull, flying birds,standing bird and pigeon, than human were.Dr Hospendales states that it has been described as being capable of solving the game Pictionary which he presumed was a nice explanation. The AI software achieved a score of 42.5% accuracy at that definite task when compared with the volunteers’ 24.8%.

Used in Matching Sketches of Suspects

The researchers recommend that their software could be utilised in matching sketches of suspects. According to Prof Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey’s Computing Department, he defines the research as `promising’ but states that it could be some time before its potential could be realised.

He adds on, that `neutral nets have proved to be extremely successful in the past since the foundation for recognition and classifications systems. But the latest application could be obviously at the initial stage and quite a lot of developments and testing would be needed prior to seeing it emerge in a real world application.

He thinks it is one of the several areas in which they could see people using the AI in order to improve on human abilities’. The peer review research would be discussed further in September at the British Machine Vision Conference.

Microsoft's Latest 'Garage' Project Is A Dead-Simple Email App for iPhone


Microsoft’s Garage – New Email App `Send’

Microsoft is back with another application of the Microsoft unit Garage and has now launched a new standalone email app which would presently be available only for iPhone users in Canada and the U.S. The latest app from Microsoft is a new email app known as `Send’, which has its focus in reducing the time taken to check and respond to email while on your phone.

With the Send app the idea is in making email perform just like instant messaging and do away with more formal email. The company has described this app as an `in-and-out’ email solution which emphases on simplicity and brevity and seems more like a messaging app.

 There could be instances when one would need to send a quick short note to their colleagues. Send app provides a quick messaging experience. This Microsoft Garage project is simple and fast wherein users could refer to past messages in Outlook.

Though one can use Outlook for this purpose, the latest app through the Microsoft Garage is built specifically for these brief communications. The Send feature enables to send message without the need to open the inbox or a new compose message window.

Turn Ideas Into Real World Project

Microsoft’s internal creativity enables employees and team to turn ideas into a real world project most of which have been cross-platform mobile applications. It tends to work on something which could be compared to an incubator within the company as project which tends to arise could be just perceptions trying to find options in achieving product market fit.

With the use of the app one could send a message directly to the contact, with simple conversations which is like sending a quick email to a friend or a colleague. Though tools like text messaging and IM are good for short messages, one does not often have co-workers’ cell number or an IM app on the work phone. `Send’ helps in sending quick simple text messages while it enables you to reach all co-workers and also have all your communication in Outlook.

 The Outlook team had mentioned in a blog post that `the app gives a simple quick text message like experience enabling the user to reach all co-worker with all communications in Outlook for later reference. This Microsoft Garage project is simple and fast to use and helpful in sending quick instant email messages when the need arises.

App – New Project for Mobile Platform

With the app, you can just send a message straight to the contact and keep the conversations brief. It is a good option of sending quick email to a friend or colleague without the subject headline, salutations, and signatures, necessary in the mail.

This app is the new Microsoft Garage project for mobile platforms. Send for iOS is now available for download while the Android version would be made available very soon.Microsoft has made it clear that it does not want to cannibalize its main Outlook email app with the latest and the company is said to be looking to focus on those situations when one would need to send quick messages to their co-workers.

`Send is tied deeply into Office 365 at launch, and people using an Office 365 business or school account could utilise the app. Office 365 links is used to surface the contacts emailed recently and most often. One will not see your full inbox in Send on the contrary the app will only contain conversation that one has started within it.

Microsoft has informed that with Send, with no signatures, subject line or salutation needed, their design principle was to make conversation fluid and fast for the app while keeping the people of importance to you at its core. It is all geared in short form conversation.

Meets With Organizations’ Compliance Policies

Instead of sending notes from meetings, it more on sending key facts or asking quick questions like `Where is the meeting being held?, or I’m running 10 minutes late’. Connection with Office 365 would mean that conversations are synced with Outlook enabling the user to continue the conversation from anywhere.

One can message anyone with an email address just like regular email. Only the messages that have been sent through this app will tend to be visible within Send though in Outlook all the messages will be visible from across both the services.

The need to exchange numbers, remember usernames or split conversation across platforms is not essential. Moreover one can even see when someone is typing a reply and there has not been a quicker way in reaching someone over email. Send does not show all the emails but only the ones started in the app thus keeping you in control.

Send messages meet the terms with the organization’s email compliance policies and are treated like any other work email. As for IT Pros, work is in progress in bringing more IT control to the app soon.

Send – Only for Office 365 Business & School Email Accounts

This is one of the efforts of Microsoft Garage that the company has promised and will be seen on Windows Phone and Android. Microsoft is said to be testing a new launcher app which would replace Android users’ home screens. Known as Arrow, it is a product of the company’s Garage program enabling employees work on interesting side project and release them to the world. Presently the app is in private beta and will be available only to members of private Google+ community.

Not much is being said about its existence by Microsoft and though a spokesman of the company had confirmed that the app is a Microsoft Garage project, he had refrained from sharing specific details of the same.

 Microsoft News, a blog unaffiliated with the company, tried to get its hands on a copy of the app and had published a run-down on its operation. Besides initial geographic as well as platform limitations, the Send app will be working only for Office 365 business and school email accounts. However once Microsoft tends to gather the feedback, plans are on in opening thing up in the forthcoming months. It would also be launching for Android as well as Windows Phone very soon.

Dyson AM06 Fan


Dyson’s Elegant Solutions – AM06

It is a known fact that Britain, is a rainy, windy island, having little reason for parasols, gazebos or other protective essentials to shield from the rays of the sun with heatwave and the issue of being forced to handle the consequences. With the development of the AM06, which is just one of Dyson’s elegant solutions, it could now be helpful in keeping cool in the heat.

It is a fan and not an air conditioning unit and does not produce cold air itself but draws air in through its base, speeding it up through a small directed opening for the purpose of creating a cooling effect. Unlike the old bladed fans, this is done in a smooth unbuffeted manner with steady flow of continuous air helping in regulating the temperature of the body as well as the room. The Dyson Cool AM06 is a replacement to the first venture into the desktop fan space, the AMO1.

The AM06 has been created to be 75% quieter than the earlier AM01 owing to streamlining the airflow path and utilises 40% less power than the AMO1 or the Dyson AM02 tower fan.It is easy to assemble which need to slot the large circular fan which is known as the air loop amplifier in the cylindrical base and on plugging it in, is ready to use.

Controlled by Small Magnetic Remote

The AMO6 is said to be controlled by a small magnetic remote by which the intensity of the cool air can be adjusted and if one would prefer it to remain static or turnaround from side to side.

A timer could also be set for the duration of the fan to run between 15 minutes and 9 hours which could be helpful if one would want to ensure that it will turn off while asleep. If the remote tends to get lost or misplaced, it can be turned on or off by using the standby button at the base and on pressing holding it can control the airflow.

To save the remote from being lost or misplaced, you could take the benefit of its magnetism by placing it on top of the amplifier for safety storage. The AMO6 is quite expensive priced at £259.99and if one intends to need its services for more than a few days or weeks a year, it is quite a price to pay for a really great looking fan and a cooler way to remain cool in summer.

Best Looking Air Multiplier

A larger, diameter of 30 cm airflow amp highlights the air multiplier’s sophisticated bladeless design while removing all of the base mounted physical controls of the fan, bar a power switch which gives it a smooth, organized finish. The AMO6 is an iterative latest rather than a main refresh and even though only small adjustments are being made to the still innovative looking bladeless fan, it is one of Dyson’s best looking air multiplier.

The AM06 is amazing and once the fan’s inbuilt timer hits the preferred cut-off point, it tends to shut down with just a gradual decline in the airflow till the machine gets completely silent. It is also a very useful way in ensuring that one does not wake up all hot and sweaty and that the fan is already operating to keep you cool as you sleep away. The prices start from £220 for an Iron/Blue and White/Silver choice, the Dyson Cool AMO6 is far from being cheap.

Why Should You Invest in the Best Properties in Bhubaneswar?

In these questionable times, it is constantly shrewd to stay one stage early and contribute appropriately so that your old age is an agreeable one. All over you look there are talks of how you ought to secure your future. As it’s said that reserve funds are the winning without bounds, so to secure it individuals hope to contribute. Putting cash in something advantageous is the best utilization of your monetary influence because individuals just can't keep the cash in place without spending some of them. When you put resources into something then your cash right away turns into a benefit and can use in the season of critical need.

Of the considerable number of types of venture, the property speculation is considered as the most productive separated from the interest in gold. It is so in light of the fact that, the cost of property is always on the up in the diagram and it will remain as such apparently for a drawn out stretch of time. Property speculation is somewhat a hot most loved at this time with such a large number of individuals hoping to put resources into this. So in the event that you are hoping to put resources into one to secure your future, you are on the right way. The real estate Bhubaneswar has seen an extensive ascent in its interest in a previous couple of years.

It is so just because this is the best place to get settled and begin your new existence with every one of the offices and essential courtesies effectively accessible. The interest has expanded as a result of the inside and out the advancement of this city in every angle like in the business field, the business enclosure, the political territory and the IT division as well. The inside and out advancement has given bunches of individuals extensions to make great professions and develop as people. In any case, purchasing the right property from every one of the properties available to purchase in real estate Bhubaneswar is basic to make the right utilization of your cash
The individuals, who surmise that you can locate the best in solitude, are mixed up as setting off to the Real Estate Company is the right decision in the event that you need the best arrangement. They consummately comprehend your needs and give you with properties perfect for you in the best sensible costs. Additionally the real estate agents are the person who has the obliged learning to offer you the property you had always wanted to make your entire purpose of venture advantageous.

The city is a center point of land. Flats in Bhubaneswar are putting forth various offices and focal points today to purchasers. Clients truly get the opportunity to look over a wide mixed bag of reasonable costs and with every one of the lavish comforts suitable for the present day life.

There are various designers who have made their imprint on the land division of this city by giving quality finished items to their clients inside of their financial plan. Then again, Kolkata isn't a long way from the rundown of favored area of forthcoming home purchasers. Other than new, old houses and resale loft in Kolkata are likewise getting their notification.

When you start your pursuit, pay consideration on the foundation of the land developers you are going to manage. It is prudent to pick developers with a broad foundation. They are liable to be dependable and give you a bother free administration at financially savvy rates.

Reason To Choose Furnished Flats For Rent In Patna

There are lots of things to consider when searching for a new place to live in, in a new city like Patna. You must look for budget, location and amenities before you fix and apartment and if you are planning to shift to Patna with your family, you must also consider the safety features. The whole process can become a big headache for you and later on packing your household items and shifting the appliances from one city to another may cost you too much. So, if you are searching for flats for rent in Patna, you can consider choosing furnished flats to cut down your extra cost. There are many furnished apartments available in Patna for first time renters on an affordable budget.


How furnished apartments look like

Fully furnished apartments remain a good option for those who are looking for a short time lease period to stay with family. Such apartments are easy to be found out in the rental market. The apartment offers immediate live in facility to someone and it remains a good deal for a renter. Such apartments include all essential for daily living such as bed, sofa, dining table, dressing table and some chairs. The apartment also suits travelling executives who don’t like staying in a hotel and interested in living in a home atmosphere. It could also include king size bed, television, stereo, all kitchen appliances, AC and wall furnishings.

Reason to choose furnished apartment

When it comes to furnished apartment, the landlord will spend money to purchase all required home appliances and tenants don’t have to waste their money on such appliances. But as a renter ,you would be likely to pay higher rent for such homes. You must compare the rent of furnished as well as unfurnished apartments available in Ranchi and if you don’t find much difference between them in terms of rental rate, consider choosing furnished apartment to live in a city like Patna. You won’t be required to move all the heavy furnitures to the new city and don’t have to spend money purchasing new wall furnishings. It remains the best option for short term leases and you don’t have to spend money purchasing new kitchen appliances and beds.


People who are looking for short term lease can benefit with such apartment because a fully furnished home will give all facilities to stay for a short period of time. Some students opt for short term leases and once their studies are over they can move back home without wasting money.

Temporary location to live – when a family needs a temporary location to live, furnished flats can benefit them a lot. Instead of renting a hotel room for long term, furnished apartments offer all facilities to live in with children. A furnished apartments will have 2 or 3 bedrooms with all amenities and luxuries, you are looking for. You will get fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Such house remains comfortable for a family and less expensive too.

You will get a fully furnished living room – most homes are available with wireless internet for easy web browsing and the bedrooms would be equipped with alarm clocks, side tables, lamp, pillow and blanket. You will be provided a washing machine and dishwasher along with area for washing clothes. Other special amenities can include maid service and fitness equipment.

Availability of fully stocked kitchen – The kitchen will be fully stocked with tableware, utensils, pots, silverware and glassware. You will have all types of utensils needed for everyday cooking and you can cook your favourite food in the home itself.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Car Hack Uses Digital-Radio Broadcasts to Seize Control


Car Infotainment System Vulnerable to Hack Attack

According to a leading security company, most of the car infotainment systems tend to become vulnerable to a hack attack which could probably put many lives at risk. NCC Group had stated that the activity could be utilised in taking control of a vehicle’s brakes as well as the other critical systems.

BBC had been informed by the Manchester based company that it had generated a way of carrying out the attacks by sending data through digital audio broadcasting – DAB, radio signals. This coincides with news of a related flaw by two US researchers. Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller had shown Wired magazine how control is overtaken of a Jeep Cherokee car by sending data to its internet connected entertainment as well as navigation system through a mobile phone network.

Chrysler has also released a patch to address the problem but NCC’s work that has been limited to its lab indicated a broader issue. UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have replied stating that the car companies, `invest billions of pounds to keep vehicles secure as possible’.

Infotainment Systems Process DAB Data for Text & Pictures - Dashboard

Part of its technique had been demonstrated by NCC to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme at its office in Cheltenham. Andy Davis, the company’s research director had used relatively cheap off-the-shelf gears that were connected to a laptop and created a DAB station. Since infotainment systems process DAB data in displaying text and pictures on car dashboard screens, an attacker could send code which could enable them take over the system and once the infotainment has compromised, an attacker could possibly utilise it as a means of controlling more critical system which could include the steering as well as the braking.

Based on the power of the transmitter, Davis states that a DAB broadcast could enable attacker in affecting several cars at once. He further added that `as this is a broadcast medium and if there is vulnerability in a particular infotainment system in a specific manufacturer’s vehicle, on sending one stream of data, one could attack several cars at the same time. An assailant could perhaps even choose a common radio station in broadcasting over the top of, to ensure that they have reached the maximum number of target vehicles’

Modern Cars – Computer Networks on Wheel

Mr Davis had refrained from publicly identifying which of the specific infotainment system he had hacked at that point. Modern cars, in several ways are computer networks on wheel. Mike Parris of SBD, which is another company that concentrates in vehicle security, stated that modern cars usually comprises of 50 interlinked computers that run more than 50 million lines of code and that by contrast, Davis had commented that a modern airliner has around 14 million lines of code.

Such a kind of technology enables the latest cars to carry out automatic tactics, for instance, a driver could make the vehicleparkparallel at the touch of a button.He also said that he had faked his DAB based attack only on an equipment in his company’s buildings since it would have been illegal as well as unsafe in doing so in the outside world.

However he added that he had earlier compromised a real vehicle’s automatic braking system which had been designed in order to prevent it from crashing into the car before it, by modifying an infotainment system which he believed could have been duplicated through a DAB broadcast.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Polite Robots Show Glimmer of Self-Awareness

From past many years we are using robots and now they have many advance technologies as well as artificial intelligence as what we have seen in movies such as; Ex Machina, I-Robot, Surrogate mother, Her and more. But this time three robots have solved a classic philosophical problem to showcase its glimmer of self-consciousness. To do extremely novel experiment these particular trios of robot are composed of three old Nao models and the result were also amazing.

These robots were programmed to think, however two of them have taken the dumbing pill and because of that they were unable to speak (as per technology its only button which have make them silent). But during the experiment researchers were not aware that exactly which two of them had been silenced. And at the end when robots asked to answer that which two had taken the dumbing pill, so all of them tried to respond with a statement that “I don’t Know”.

And since then only one is able to speak the words and it heard as well as recognized its own voice which proves that it was not among the two who had been silenced. After that robot responded, “Sorry and now I know the answer who has taken the dumbing pill and it was not me because now I can speak”. In the entire experiment, not only Nao bots were polite, but also they need give test to accomplish very simple type of self awareness. But all the three robots must be able to get the question as well as they should also be able to recognize their own voice. And they must be able to understand that there are able to speak and they are not among those robots who have received the dumbing pills.

However; the entire test was on the basis of variation with induction puzzle known as; The King's Wise Men. In the scenario of puzzle king have to select the wisest men for new the position of advisor and to do that he invited three wisest men into his court where king was about to conduct fair contest. He asked all the three men to put their white or blue hat on their heads, but they will be not able to see the color of hat. And later kind told them that at-least one of them is wearing the blue hat and whoever; will tell the name of person who is wearing blue hat will be the wise man. In realty, the solution is that they all are wearing the blue hat.

Selmer Bringsjord, who is professor at the (RPI) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York conduct the test on robots where he was working on developing the artificial intelligence systems on the basis of computational logic, however; later his work published at RO-MAN, which is artificial and robotics consciousness conference in Japan. Current, these of this conference is ‘Interaction with Socially Embedded Robots’ and the duration of the conference is August 31 2015 to September 4, 2015.

United Hackers Given Million Free Flight Miles

United Continental Holdings, a US airline has rewarded the two hackers under their bug bounty program because they have spotted security holes in the company website and they disclose the security flaw privately rather than sharing it online.

As a part of reward hackers have received the maximum reward of a million miles on flight, which is worth of hundreds free domestic flights and it is for two people. According to tech experts, its big and very good step in the domain of online security. In conversation with Reuters United Continental Holdings confirmed that they have paid the reward of one millions mile to each hacker, but they didn’t respond on the tweets of individuals which is saying that they have been also paid the small cash reward. This Chicago based carrier is hoping that its bug bounty program will help the company to uncover the cyber risks in the area of airline web security. With the help of bug bounty program web researchers solved the problem before hackers can exploit them and due to that the cost is much less than hiring outside consultancies.

However; all the three major competitors of United have declined any comment on the bug bounty programs and fourth was not available for commenting. Whereas; Trade group Airlines stated that in US all the air carriers should conduct these kinds of tests to make sure that system is secure. United adopted this strategy in the month of May when due to technology glitches they have grounded its fleet more than two times. In one incident company locked its airline reservations system and prevents customers from checking in, however; due to other zapped functionality of the software this air carrier dispatches its entire flight plan. According to spokesperson of United, “We believe that with the help of this program we will continue to provide best, secure and most excellent service”.

Jordan Wiens, who is working on the cyber vulnerabilities, tweeted that last month he received a reward of 1 million miles from United for exposing a security flaw which can allow hackers to control the website of airline. The more he added in an interview that there are not many companies in industry which are doing bug bounty programs, however; according to Wiens it’s normal for big companies such as; United to offer bug bounty program for their websites. Beyond the bug bounty program, United stated that its perfect test system which internally engages the cybersecurity firms to keep its website and online security secure.

According to Dr Jessica Barker, who is security consultant, “Schemes which are rewarding the hackers are perfect way to find and disclose the online security problems in right way and it help us to make the internet safe for all of us”. The more he added that bug bounty programs are common for tech companies because they understand online security and due to certain benefits now other industries are catching them.

Radio Telescope Project Array Pathfinder Picks Up Ancient Signal

Colin Murty

WA radio telescope project picked up signal – Solar System

The Square Kilometre ArraySKA, is a radio telescope project to be built in Australia and South Africa andwill have a total collecting area of around one square kilometre and operate over a huge range of frequencies. Its size will make it fifty times more sensitive from other radio instruments and would be needing a very high performance central computing engines with long haul connections having a capacity that would be more than the current global Internet traffic.

It will also be capable of surveying the sky ten thousand times faster than its earlier performance. The receiving stations spreading out to distance of around 3,000 kilometres from a concentrated central core will achieve the ability of radio astronomy to provide the highest resolution images in astronomy.

 The SKA will be built towards the southern hemisphere in sub-Saharan States with cores in South Africa and Australia, where the sight of the Milky Way Galaxy is greatest and radio interference the least. An innovative radio telescope project in remote Western Australia has picked up signal released before the solar system was born. Six from the 36 dishes of the Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder project, that are located 300 km inland from Geraldton, have captured a wisp of cosmic radio waves that have come from the galaxy PKS B1740-517 towards the southern constellation of Ara.

ASKAP – Detect Galaxies

The latest discovery has astronomers dribbling since the five-billion year old signal which portrays ASKAP, will be capable of detecting galaxies which other telescopes may not be capable of doing so. The signal tends to carry the `imprint’ of cold hydrogen gas, which is the raw material in forming stars and plenty in most galaxies which is passed through on its way here.

Astronomers are capable of detecting a galaxy from its hydrogen gas although its starlight is faint or if hidden by dust. Though it is very miniature, the signal stood our clearly in the ASKAP data. James Allison, research leader of the CSIRO comments that `this catch shows that they are going to bag a big haul of galaxies’.

While several radio telescopes are considered to be bedevilled due to radio interference, unwanted signals which muddle up the spectrum, the ASKAP site is skilfully radio quiet. ASKAP provides astronomers with a huge `net’ to search for signals, a 300 MHz wild chunk of radio spectrum for searching. Dr Allison states that there is more than what most telescopes have and it gives them a better chance in finding something new.

ASKAP Survey Focused in Detecting Galaxies

On the other hand, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Sydney, Elaine Sadler, together with a member of the research team, intends a large ASKAP survey focused in detecting several hundred galaxies. She comments that ASKAP looks at a relatively unexplored section of the radio spectrum, 700 to 1800 megahertz, which means that they will be capable of detecting hydrogen gas deeper into space due to ASKAP’s wide field of view over a much large volume than before.

 They would be hunting for galaxies which are 5 to 8 billion years old which is a timespan that represents a fifth of the history of the universe. Galaxies were making stars around ten times quicker than they did now, some ten billion years ago. On researching on galaxies five to eight billion year old, astronomers expect to comprehend why the rate has reduced.

Professor Sadler states that they want to learn how much hydrogen galaxies had in this period for the formation of stars and till now they had few tools in doing so. The Square Kilometre Array would be 50 times much more sensitive as the best prevailing radio telescopes, comprising of thousands of connected antennas spanning WA as well as South Arica.

Monday 27 July 2015

Sony Bravia W950c: Impressive First Look

At the beginning of this year, Google had announced its aim of working with major manufacturers to bring Android TV to the consumers. Sony being one of the partners had successfully developed and launched its range of new Android TVs based on the Google’s Android TV Platform in India.

One of a kind Android TV experience

Sony Bravia W950c is an elite Android TV in Sony’s latest range of smart TV with 13 distinct models to choose from. This Android TV greets the users with the familiar Android boot up screen flowed by text logo and comes with the latest Android 5.0.2 version. The interface is extremely pleasant and looks elegant and similar to any other Android interface.

Impressive looks and design

Sony Bravia W950c is extremely slim at 12.6 mm for the most of parts except the rear center bottom portion, which houses connectivity ports. TV possesses matte finish at the sides and bezels, which lend a superior look to the whole design.

Well-defined display

Sony Bravia W950c has a large screen of 50 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is one of the best displays available in the televisions across all the manufacturers. Sony has incorporated its latest X-Reality Pro picture engine coupled with the successful TRILUMINOS display technology. The amalgamation of these two-advanced technology results in the rendering of superiors colors, high definition clarity and much needed noise reduction, which results amazing viewing experience. The viewing angles are excellent and show vibrant colors as well as do not possess any motion blur at all.

Better connectivity options

Sony has cleverly included a variety of ports in the slim design of Bravia W950c. There are 4 HDMI ports available with one having MHL availability along with dual USB ports, Ethernet cable port and output ports for audio and headphones. It even features a built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for better connectivity solutions. These best connectivity feature integrated in this television is the presence of built-in Google Cast which allows the users to stream as well as mirror contents directly from the Smartphone.

Do more with Android TV

Sony has almost integrated all the features available at its disposal to give a wholesome experience to its users. Sony Bravia W950c comes loaded with Android TV ON TOP OF Bravia UX, which offers a highly intuitive and simpler user interface. There are large thumbnails which bring better view and navigation of interface is smooth and sublime. Sony gives 16GB storage out of which 8 GB is available for the users to download more apps.

All the downloaded apps and installed games can be seen in the main window itself. There is Opera browser app present to facilitate the web surfing. The animations, interface, navigation and design are impressive and don’t lag at all.

Soothing audio output

Sony has integrated a soundbar style woofer, which brings out crystal clear and ambient sound quality which remains round and clear all the time. Sony has also given dual sub-woofers, which offer impressive bass levels making multimedia consumption superior on this television.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro: Which One Should You Get?

For the first time in history, Microsoft is launching its most beloved operating system Windows for free. The eagerly awaited and most hyped Windows 10 will be releasing on 29th July which is in less than a week. Unlike the earlier versions such as fan favorite Windows 7 and not so successful Windows 8, Windows 10 will be launching in seven different versions.

More versions means better usability

Microsoft is all set to give more choices to the consumers with the availability of seven different versions with Windows 10. Each version has its own set of mixes and features targeted at providing excellent functionality to different kind of users. These versions are Windows 10 Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise, Mobile, Mobile Enterprise and IoT Core.

The difference can be asserted with the fact a gamer oriented OS has to be widely different from the one to be used in the IT firms. Hence Microsoft is releasing so many versions to directly answer the needs and requirements of the consumers.

However the common users will just need to choose from the Windows 10 Home and Windows Pro version.

Which versions are you entitles to?

The upgrading of your existing Windows OS to either Windows 10 Home or Pro version essentially depends upon the OS you are using at the moment. Users who have Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium on their PC will be entitled to upgrade to Windows 10 Home.

On other hand users who are running Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate will have the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro version.

The difference between the Windows 10 Home and Pro versions

As the name suggests Windows 10 Home comes loaded with basic of the new OS coupled with a wide number of interactive features and new advancements. Microsoft has brought some new exciting features in its new OS with Cortana which acts are virtual assistant and an advanced AI usually seen on Windows Smartphones.

The Classic Start Menu has been restored along with the emergence of new Edge web browser, which eliminated the Internet Explorer. This OS is best suited for the home computers, which only require simple features and are not meant to be used for rigorous and advanced tasks.

Windows 10 Pro versions keep all the existing features of the Home version along with adding some substantially enhanced features. These features include the data encryption tools, a remote desktop supports and other exciting tools for small business users.
Smartphone users can upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile
Another version of Windows 10, which is worth considering is Mobile version. The consumers who are using Windows 8 based Smartphones can upgrade their device to Windows 10 Mobile for free. This new OS is expected to revolutionalize the way smartphones are used by providing them with more advanced features and functionalities.

Consumers can upgrade their existing Windows OS to Windows 10 from July 29. This will remain for free down for one year after which consumers will be required to purchase like old days. It is high time you start upgrading your existing OS and move into the world of new opportunities with Windows 10 OS.

Electric Planes Usher in the Second Great Age of Aviation


Since the beginning of the year 2015, a rapid advancement has been made in the field of aviation through electric planes. The new breed of electric plane pilots is much more focused inspired and determined to stretch the boundaries in every manner possible with new electric propulsion system.

In July this year one such pilot name Hugues Duval successfully landed his tiny electric plane cleverly christened Cri-Cri in Calais France. This tiny electric plane flew over the English Channel and came back again which demonstrates the potential of new era electric plane in an astounding manner. This feat even reminds the greatest moment in the aviation history when the very first plane successfully crossed the English Channel way back in 1909.

Electric flights growing in number over the years

The flying of electric planes intent towards breaking into avenues and creating records isn’t new in itself. Electric planes flying in the sky is rather an unregulated corner of the aviation sector where a large number of ambitious plane builders and extremely brave pilots are making their foray. These determined individuals whom some term as skyward dreamers had certainly invented a new age of aviation, which seeks to provide a healthy way commuting in future without further damaging our dear planet Earth.

The earliest example of electric plane and today’s advancement

The earliest flight of an electric plane can be traced back to 1973 West Germany where plane builders worked towards flying planes with the help of batteries. The energy density and outburst of potential energy for flying the planes is still short of the gasoline based planes today. Even the most advanced electric plane at the moment can get easily outperformed by the fuel-powered planes in terms of power capacity as well as speed.

But electric planes offer a great room for further growth and advancement which is a good sign. The essential component for developing an electric plane such as batteries and others are becoming more affordable with technological advancement. This means that in upcoming days we will be able to see more exciting electric plane with more power and capabilities.

Some of Smart and Efficient Electric Planes

Elektra One Solar has produced a remarkable flight capability by flying from Germany to two Austrian airports and coming back on June 25. It is a single seater solar powered electric plane, which has shown that with solar power one can easily span a couple of hundred miles by staying at an altitude of over 10,000 feet.
Another solar powered electric plane named Solar Impulse made a sensational flight of 118 hours wherein it covered 4,500 miles from Japan and landed successfully in Hawaii on July 3. Incidentally this flight’s epic ocean crossing caused damage to its batteries which has resulted in keeping its round the world journey on hold.

However, the most thrilling moment of this year’s remarkable electric plane flight is the one carried on in Cri-Cri plane. In this flight, the pilot Duval has put his trust upon a plane to cross over thousands of miles of frigid water.

NASA Wi-Fi Chip Reflects Wi-Fi and Save Your Smartphone Battery

In the modern world consumers usually rely on the wireless communications for various reasons. The nexus between the phones, computers and the wearable devices with the Wi-Fi devices results in the creation of a wireless network. NASA has developed a Wi-Fi, which can be used in the mobile electronics to enhance their potential in receiving signal without losing out anything at the power front.

The problems faced during this chip invention

The major challenge faced by the researchers while developing this wearable device is the reflecting of signals by other components as physical things such as walls, ceiling, floors and others. This chip has to be given the ability to distinguish between the real Wi-Fi signal and the continuous refection coming from the background.

In order to overcome these background reflections has developed a core wireless silicon chip, which can constantly sense and suppress the background reflection in a more advanced fashion. It can keep the Wi-Fi signal transmitting without any kind of interference coming from the surrounding objects.

The researchers had successfully tested this enhanced system at distances measuring up to 20 feet (6 feet). By reaching at 8 feet this system possesses a data transfer rate of astonishing 330 megabits per second. This data transfer rate happened to be three time much more than the current Wi-Fi rate and this system used astonishing thousand times lesser than the power, which a regular Wi-Fi link uses in general.

A technologist had heaped praise on this system and had claimed that one can send a video in just a matter of seconds without consuming any energy from the wearable device. It should be noted that it is the transmitter, which expends the energy in the environment not the watch or any other wearable.

How this technology will work in real world environment

This technology requires a base station and a Wi-Fi service for efficient working. In order to compensate the lower power drainage on the wearable devices, it is essential that the computer or any other technology working with it possess rather a longer battery life. The best resort will be to keep it plugged it for once and all. This will mean that the router will use more power outages than before. At the moment researchers are working aggressively to find a perfect solution for this problem.

The potential of this remarkable technology

This technology shows enough potential to be used not just in the consumer products sectors but also in other sectors such as robotics and aircraft as well as aerospace engineering.

Aerospace will be benefitted with this technology as it will much better ways to transmit the images at a lower costs than the present devices at disposal. Even sending more than one images at a given time will become feasible with this technology.

Currently NASA and UCLA are in talks with the commercial partner with an aim of bringing this remarkable technology to the common users and even bring in a new revolution in the field of communication.

Saturday 25 July 2015

The Turing Phone is Built to be Unhackable and Unbreakable



Turing Phone – Unique Smartphone, Unhackable/Unbreakable

Smartphones are being utilised for several private tasks like transferring money to sending private photos as well as documents. A company has now developed what it claims is an unhackable as well as unbreakable handset called the `Turing Phone’ and the Android handset provides protected communications network `keeping private information private’ and supports cryptocurrency which hopefully could someday rival Bitcoin.
Engineers have created the unique smartphone which is unhackable and has been built from a special type of metal which tends to be much stronger than titanium and steel thus making it unbreakable. The Turning Phone as it is called is a smartphone with end to end encryption that is built in most of the core apps on the phone. Developed by San Francisco based Turing Robotic Industries, users can activate the Turning phone through a fingerprint reader on the side of the device, according to reports.

The smartphone which is a 5.5 inch phone has no USB port as well as no headphone jack and is made of a material known as liquid morphium and is probably the next big thing with regards to phones. Apple has already been using the material in small quantity in its iPhone 6 models and the phone is said to be unusually waterproof due to its nano coating on the internals. Rubber is not used and everything is accessible as well as open. If the Turing Phone is placed in water, it is not designed to be sealed and water could get in. However, you can pull it out, shake it off and it is ready to be used without much problem.

Protected Communication Network

The San Francisco based company states that its end to end authentication system enables a `protected communication network which is completely insulated from cyber threats as well as privacy intrusions, which means that individuals would be capable of sharing documents as well as data without any cause to worry that it could be hacked. CEO of Turing Robotic Industries, Steve Chao, informed that the focus is on three features namely, nano-coating, liquid metal and privacy keys.

He further explained that these features in the initial days were like the GPS, Wi-Fi and the camera of the early days of smartphones where people were a bit apprehensive towards these features, though they got standardized later on. He states that if one does not have nano-coating privacy key and liquid metal, one could get phased out right way in the near future. Beginning July 31, the phone will be available at $610 for a 16GB model according to Chao and runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop with Turing Aemaeth UI, with three colour variants namely, Pharaoh, Cardinal and Beowulf.

Besides this, the other specifications include a 5.5 inch full HD – 1080x1920 pixel, display, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC, 3GB RAM :16/32/64GB storage models, with a 13 megapixel rear camera together with dual-LED flash, 8 megapixel front facing camera, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE:NFC, GPS/Glonass as well as a non-removable 3000mAh battery. Sensors comprise of accelerometer, fingerprint, gyroscope, magnetometer, proximity, temperature, humidity and ambient light.

Activated Via Fingerprint Reader

The phone is designed with security in mind with end to end encryption which is built in most of the core apps on phone and also has a `Turing coin’ within, a crypotcurrency which Chao speculates would catch on. It’s activated via a fingerprint reader towards the side of the phone and is prepared to keep servers as well as third parties out as much as possible.

The company is at work on an API in order to enable user in accessing all these features. The Turing Phone in short is meant to be totally and absolutely unhackable. It also tends to be unbreakable since it is made from material like liquidmorphium, being much stronger than steel or aluminium as well as efficient for use in manufacturing. Chao commented that Apple tends to use it a bit though only in the SIM card slot on the iPhone but says that the iPhone 7 could make much more usage of the material.
Software Totally & Entirely Customized
Chao together with his team have been working on battery technology which according to him would be ready to show up in eight months and would be going to `change the world’. The final plan is to develop a robot butler that `would serve your day-to-day needs’ and to do so, he states that they are `working on their own artificial consciousness machine though not artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness’.The software is totally and entirely customized and Chao had shown a few home screens in a demo though he is confident that it will be a masterpiece.

He also promises a total overhaul of Android which would be a great enhancement on Google’s vision across the board. Chao, who is an architect both by training and disposition, envisages the phone is for designers as well as for anyone preferring something a little diverse from the black rectangles which blanket the world’s carrier stores. The company’s CEO informed Wired, that the software of the phone would be a `masterpiece’ and huge improvement on Android screens which users are presently familiar with.

Eddystone: Cross-Platform Beacon Format Gets Google Launch

Google is all set to introduce its upcoming Eddystone beacon format, which will work along with other API to offer hardcore connectivity solution. Eddystone beacon is expected to make it easier for variety of devices to communicate with each other in close proximity. Google had caused frenzy among the developers with its update where it talked about beacon with headline: “Lightning the way with BLE beacons.”

How Eddystone Beacon Will Work? 

Fundamentally, beacon is not a new concept rather it works on the age-old technique wherein it acts as a transmitter. Beacon will acts as a transmitter, and it will send out the information about a certain point and that particular information is later is picked up by a smartphone or tablet within its range. In this connectivity becomes fast paced and much more synchronized and streamlined than before.

In the earlier times, we used to have a lighthouse, which helped the sailors in navigating through the treacherous ocean. On the same idea, modern electronic beacons are designed and developed which helps in navigating to the precise location and contextual cues already fed in apps.

A beacon can work on different levels to provide much more comfort and swift operational capability such as it can label a bus stop so phone knows to keep the tick ready in advance. Similarly, museum app will be able to provide background on the work of the artist a person is viewing at that particular moment.

Eddystone Is Google Open Beacon Format

Google is known to develop and launch such services, which are free and provide wholesome user experience without spending a single dime. Similarly Eddystone is open beacon format from Google. Its specification shows that it includes a large number of broadcast frame type most importantly Eddystone-URL which acts as backbone of Physical Web.

Very soon, Google will begin its rolling out of features in different sets for the developers to build new apps based on this technology. Google will also roll out a new open format for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons in order to communicate with people’s devices. Google had ensured that its Eddystone remains an open source project by getting an Apache v2.0 license.

Developers Can Develop Apps As Much They Love To

This license makes sure that this new revolutionary beacon is free for any who wishes to use and improve its functionality further. The manufactures of the physical beacons can also access this remarkable technology as well as utilize it in their beacons. Even embed in their existing beacons making it Eddystone compliant through a firmware update.

Eddystone beacon possesses some amazing feature, which includes extensibility which means new functionalities can be added with ease. Highly scalable and having the capability to communicate with a variety of devices running either iOS, Android with perfection.

Google believes that beacon will provide an important way of delivering better experience to the users of different apps by embedding Eddystone in the products and services.

Beacon technology is being praised by all but now it is required to get business and transit authorities as well as other private enterprise to invest in compliant hardware to make it a success.

Friday 24 July 2015

This Biotech Discovery Means You’ll Never Need a Painful Flu Shot Again


Dissolving Needle Technology - MicroHyala

Diseases are infectious and are the major cause of death all over the world and hence the need of safe and effective vaccines is of great importance. Though the vaccinations are given with subcutaneous or intramuscular injection that has been administered by medical personnel having technical skills, it is also accompanied with the risk of needle related disease as well as injuries.

Besides this antigen solution need cold chain storage as well as transportation system and hence the development of vaccine which could be easy to use and administered, together with superior in stability of formulations is essentially important.Getting vaccinated is now no longer a painful ordeal since a group of researchers in Japan have tested a new `dissolving needle’ which seems to be a painless patch that one can stick to the arm and which tends to work well.

The dissolving needle technology is known as MicroHyala. Scientists have created a new micro needle patch that is made of dissolvable substance which makes flu vaccination safer, easier and painless by eliminating needle connected risks of injuries and diseases. Flu vaccination are delivered utilising micro needles which dissolve in the skin and protects a person against infection much better than the standard needle delivered vaccine according to researchers.

Readily Adaptable for General Practical Use

Transcutaneous microneedle delivery device that meets the requirements of the only application’ vaccination system, has been developed. The technique is readily adaptable for general practical use especially in developing countries with inadequate public health resources.

However microneedles which are made of metal, stainless steel or silicon tend to pose risks of fractures, with fragments left in the skin. Hence the development of a dissolving microneedle patch has been fabricated from hyaluronic acid a component of skin tissue. Researcher from Osaka University in Japan state that their dissolvable patch which is the only vaccination system of its kind tends to make vaccination less painful. Microneedles on MicroHyala tend to penetrate the stratum corneum that acts as a physical barrier on the outer layer of the skin and are dissolved by water in the skin.

The MicroHyala efficiently delivers the various substances which can be loaded in the microneedles to ample immune-competent cells like Langerhans cells, dermal dendritic cells and keratinocytes in the epidermis as well as dermis beneath the stratum corneum. They found that when they used the MicroHyala in delivering the flu vaccination, it was quite effective as the standard needles.

The New Microneedle Patch

Most of the vaccinations are administered under the skin or into the muscle with the use of needles. Though this is an effective method in delivering a vaccination, it needs medical personnel with technical skills, bringing about the risk of needle related diseases and injuries.The new microneedle patch is made of dissolvable material which eliminates the needle connected risks.

It is easy to use without the requirement of trained medical professionals and makes it appropriate for use in developing countries, especially where healthcare means tends to be limited. Professor Shinsaku Nakagawa, one of the authors of the study from Osaka University states the `their novel transcutaneous vaccination using a dissolving microneedle patch is the only application vaccination system which is readily adaptable for widespread practical use’.

He further added that since the new patch is easy to use, they believe that it will be particularly effective in supporting vaccination in the developing countries.MicroHyala, the new micronneedle patch is dissolvable in water and the miniature needles are made of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring material which cushions the joints. When a patch is applied like a plaster, the needles tend to pierce the top layer of the skin and dissolve into the body taking the vaccine with them.
Designed to Dissolve in the Skin
The new system was compared by the researchers with the traditional needle delivery by vaccinating two groups of people against three strains of influenza namely A/HINI, A/H3N2 and B. There was no sign of any bad reaction to the vaccine to any of the subjects, indicating that it is safe to be used in humans. The patch also seemed effective wherein the people, who were given the vaccine using the micro needles, had an immune reaction which was equal or stronger than those that were injected with the vaccine. Nakagawa said that they were excited to see that their new micro needle patch was effective as the needle delivered flu vaccine and in some cases it was even more effective.

 The earlier research had assessed the use of micro needles made of silicon or metal though they were not considered to be safe. The materials used for micro needles also tend to run the risk of breaking off in the skin and could leave tiny fragments behind. With the new dissolvable patch this risk is eradicated since the microneedles have been designed to dissolve in the skin.

Nakagawa states that they have shown that the patch tends to be safe and works well. Besides this, it is also painless as well as easy for non-trained individuals to use it and that it could bring about a major change in the way vaccine is administered globally. The research had been published in the journal Biomaterials – SAR AKJ SAR.

Earth Heading For ‘Mini Ice Age’ Within 15 Years

Prediction – Earth to Face a New `Mini Ice Age’

Scientist predict that the Earth would face a new `mini ice age’ in the next 15 years which would cause severe cold winters during which rivers like the Thames may tend to freeze. As Antarctic Vortex grips Australia, solar researchers from the University of Northumbria in UK state that solar activity is set to drop by 60 percent by 2030.

Professor Valentina Zharkova, research head, informed that the fluid movements in the Sun, which is believed to create 11 year cycles in the weather would cancel each other out causing a dramatic temperature drop which would lead to a weather phenomenon known as a `mini ice age which had earlier hit between 1645 and 1715. The discoveries are established on new model that the scientist believes produces `unprecedentedly accurate prediction of irregularities’, within the Sun’s 11-year heartbeat.

According to Professor Zharkova, he states that between the cycle 2030 and around 2040, two waves will mirror each other exactly, peaking at the same time though in opposite hemispheres of the sun. Their interaction would be disruptive or they will nearly cancel each other and predicts that this would lead to the properties of a `Maunder Minimum’.

Maunder Minimum – Europe/North America Experienced Cold Winters (1645-1715)

Maunder Minimum was the name that was given when Europe and North America had experienced very cold winters, during the period between 1645 and 1715 and during that time the Thames River in England was said to be frozen over. Research findings were presented at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, Wales and also published in the papers of the Royal Astronomical Society.

This surprising news has been given as the Antarctic Vortex whirled into eastern Australia bringing about a freak phenomenon known as thunder-snow. The tropical style thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy snowfalls thundered through the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and town as far as Orange recently. Several areas of the country are expecting destructive winds, which could reach blizzard intensity of 90km/h while the snow tends to continue to fall and the big freeze begins to bite.

Snow that falls as the big freeze tend to start to affect the nation’s south east where sub-zero temperature are predicted in some places for much of the coming week. According to the Bureau Meteorology, in the coming days, it is said that strong cold front with low to the south would be moving through the state, bringing in cold vigorous, westerly winds.

Sun’s Activity Differs – Cycle of 10 to 12 Years

Scientists had first discovered that the sun’s activity differs over a cycle of 10 to 12 years in 1843. Variations within that cycle became difficult to predict though several solar physicists were aware that the fluctuation were due to a dynamo of moving fluid deep within the sun. Professor Zharkova’s team found that adding a second dynamo near the surface of the sun created a far more accurate model.

They found magnetic waves in two various layers of the sun’s interior that varied between the northern and the southern hemispheres of the sun.According to Professor Zharkova, on combining both waves together and comparing the real data for the current solar cycle, they observed that the predictions showed an accuracy of 97 percent. The magnetic wave patterns indicated that there would be few sunspots in the next two solar cycles. Cycle 25 that peaks in 2022 and Cycle 26, between 2030 and 2040 will be having both a significant reduction in solar activity.

Thursday 23 July 2015

Facebook’s New Video Ad Feature Could Worry Google

Facebook Ad
These days Facebook is testing its new video advertising feature, which can be big challenge for the dominance of YouTube in the market of digital video advertising. On this project Facebook is working with selected media companies and video creators such as; Funny or Die and NBA.

It is expected that soon Facebook users will see a new section in their newsfeed known as "Suggested Videos”. And whenever users will click on the video, so pop-up will appear with recommended videos and scrolling stream, however; all the recommended videos will be the outcome of previous videos, which you may will watch in your newsfeed.

According to Facebook officials, “We are planning to split our revenue from video advertising as; 45 per cent will go to our social network and remaining 55 per will cent will go with video creator” (owner of content advertisement). As per the statement of a Facebook spokesperson, “Currently, we are running the test process for new video advertising feature, as it will help the users to discover more videos with similar choices. We are running a monetization test in suggested videos where we will show video advertisement in feed-style and share revenue with some of the media companies and video creators”. Currently, project is being tested for the people who are suing an iPhone in America.

Big challenge for Google: 

Currently Google’s YouTube is dominating on the digital video advertising market, but in future, Facebook’s new video advertising feature could be big challenge for Google because this social networking site has great number of followers. According to Facebook strategy, users will see only one advertisement for three videos. And in that particular case, 55 per cent revenue will split between three video creators and it will depend that for how much time you have watched their videos. According to tech experts, Facebook will focus on the news-driven shares as core strength, however; YouTube has strong search engine and channel based strategy.

However; its well known fact that YouTube has helped many stars to get dedicated number of followers and to watch latest clips you can easily switch to YouTube stars' page, but Facebook doesn’t have these kinds of pages.

Game changing payout structure: 

According to Richard Broughton, Research director of Ampere Analysis, “It’s true that Facbook’s pay-out structure is bit complex, but it’s good enough to attract content partners”. The more he added that Facebook is offering incentive for the content creators, if they will put their content on this social networking site and because of this content creators will create more content for this platform. It is expected that in 2015, video views will exceed two trillion, which is two-thirds of YouTube’s total views for same period, as per Ampere Analysis, which emphasis the social media advertisements.

From past two years Facebook is making big moves and now Facebook is testing on the video experience. Now Facebook is planning to show more content including auto-playing videos in newsfeed as it has one billion daily views in September 2014 and four billion in April 2015.

In Tests, Yahoo Uses Google to Power Search Results and Ads

Presently, Yahoo is already in the deal of 10 years to use Microsoft's Bing to power its search results and due to that this software giant is not happy as Google is entering in its territory.

To work together, Yahoo and Google is testing:

According to the reports of New York Times, Yahoo and Google are entering into partnership to test the Google powered search results and search ads for Yahoo. However; the discovery was first time reported by Aaron Wall of, owner of SEO Book (One of the best company in industry). The more he added that this arrangement is only for the test and may be in future it will not convert into actual deal. According to Yahoo spokeswoman, “We are working together to provide the best experiences to our users and it’s our regular work to run small test or pilot projects with different partners to power up the search results for users benefit. The more she added that at this time we don’t have anything more to share.

Microsoft and Google didn’t respond immediately:

Google is the leading and its most popular search engine as it has more than 71 per cent market share in all over the world, as per the reports of NetMarketShare. However; in this list Yahoo lead by Marissa Mayer, former Google executive is at the third position with 9.6 per cent share in all over the world and Microsoft powered Bing search engine is at second position with 10 per cent market share. Only in US Google has more than 64.40 per cent share in search market, followed by Bing with 20.20 per cent and Yahoo with 12.70 per cent market share in search industry, as per the latest reports of ComScore.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo have seen the same search results in her career earlier when she was in Google and due to that she signaled that now our company is focusing on powering up the Yahoo search engines to cover more market share. But any search deal between Yahoo and Google will definitely come under antitrust scrutiny because European Commission has already antitrust pending cases about Google’s dominant position. However; earlier in April 2015, Yahoo and Microsoft have announced the agreement, which will provide flexibility to yahoo to enhance the search experience of users across multiple devices such as; mobile, tablets, and desktops. Whereas; the key component of agreement was that yahoo is free to get in partnership with other companies to power up its own search platforms.

In past, Microsoft has lost few important deals including recent deal with Facebook as in December 2014, Facebook announced that they have ended the deal with Bing to provide web search results through Bing because now we are focusing on helping the users to find what people are sharing on their walls through our Facebook search box. According to tech experts, its clear indication that Google is trying to enter in the Microsoft's territory.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Team Leads Google Expedition to Create 'Internet of Things' Technology

Google had given the first and fore most major Internet of Things gadget in the form of S Watch just a few years back. Now it is all set to bring great revolution in this segment by offering funding support to the unique expeditions by a team of different universities in creating a new robust platform for Internet of Things devices.

Under this great initiative, Carnegie Mellon University will be turning its university into a living laboratory. The aim of this expedition is to create a new and more novel robust platform, which will greatly improve the communication between the internet-connected devices and people.

Projects aims at improving the connectivity issues

The aim of this project is to radically enhance the human to human as well as human to computer interaction while bringing in a large scale deployment of Internet of things technology. There is also a focus upon ensuring privacy as well as improvement of features over time, which will enable the users to design application as per their needs and requirements for daily usage.

Carnegie Mellon University is at the helm of this project and it will be working in close with other prominent universities namely Cornell, Illinois, Standford and Google to create a new platform called GIoTTO to support IoT applications.

The initial plan is to focus on sensors, which are inexpensive in nature and offer easier deployment in GIoTTO. New middlewares will be developed to facilitate app development along with addressing privacy concerns by efficiently managing privacy and security issues. Most importantly new tools will be made available to the end users in order to enable them to develop their own IoT experiences.

Google funding this project to create a more consistent platform

Google believes in bringing collaboration of best of minds and ideas spread across universities in order to accelerate the innovation and IoT adoption on larger scale. Google will be initially providing $500,000 to Carnegie Mellon University for launching the expedition. The privacy and security related aspects will be taken by second CMU team, which will be led by Computer Science Professor Norman Sadeh.

Sadeh has stated that he will be demonstrating the use of various personalized privacy assistants, which will help users in configuring the privacy settings in order to retain control over their data.

The future prospects of this expedition

Internet of Things brings in a lot of promises which even appear to be futuristic at the moment but their wide scale adoption and deployment will bring a whole new level of experience for the end users. Sensors embedded in the building and everyday objects can eventually help in creating smart environments. CMU researchers had created Snap2It, it is a very unique system which allows the users to link the printer or projector by simply taking a smartphone photo of it.

Google’s aim here is to fulfill the IoT’s promise and potential by creating such complete system of interoperable IoT technology in a better manner through preserving privacy and ensuring security at the same time.

Police Deleting Thousands Of Facebook Posts In 'Operation Jasper' Piracy Crackdown

Enforcement Officers Taken Down Facebook Listings on Suspected FB Sellers

According to National Trading Standards, Enforcement officers have raided 12 locations over the past few weeks and are still involved in another 22 on-going investigations aiming at criminals who have exploited social media channels in order to sell dangerous and counterfeit goods, committing copyright theft, which is the biggest attempt of its kind.

The officers have taken down around 4,300 Facebook listings together with 20 profiles, issuing over 200 warning letters and delivered 24 cases, with letters to the homes of those suspected Facebook sellers. Some of the dangerous or deadlygoods seized were Android TV boxes together with unsafe mains chargers as well as hundreds of counterfeit Cinderella dolls comprising of high level of toxic phthalates.

In Worcester, two residential properties also contained `a host’ of counterfeit packaged computers, mobile phones, tablets, tracksuits T-shirts and trainers according to Trading Standards. Nick Boles, business minister informed that the `counterfeit and piracy of trademarked and copyrighted materials could harm legitimate businesses, threatening jobs, causing real danger to consumers. Hence strong action was taken to stop these criminals through the Government’s funding of the National Trading Standard e-Crime Team.

Operation Jasper – Important Psychological Blow to Criminals 

Criminals do not tend to act alone and are regularly connected to serious organised crime group and bringing about this awareness was essential to consumers who buy fake products online and the risk faced by them. Lord Toby Harris, National Trading Standards chairman stated that `Jasper has struck an important psychological blow against criminals who believe that they can operate with impunity on social media platforms without getting caught.

 It shows we can track them down, enter their homes, seize their goods and computers and arrest and prosecute them, even if they are operating anonymously online’. Criminals who tend to operate on social media tend to become shameless since they think that operating from their living rooms with laptops, without the need of being physically present on market stalls, would mean that they are less likely in getting caught.Harris is pleased that the operation had been successful in proving that their misconception as wrong and urges consumers to be vigilant and report any suspected online rogue traders to the Citizens Advice consumers’ helpline on 03454040506.

Crackdown by Officers – England/Wales/Northern Ireland 

Operation Jasper operated by the National Trading Standards e-Crime team alongwith the National Markets Groups with members of BPI, Federation against Copyright Theft and the Alliance for Intellectual Property Theft, is manned by officers from the police and government agencies and is apparently one of the largest operations of its kind. It has been focusing on criminals who tend to exploit social media in committing copyright theft and then sell dangerous and counterfeit goods.

The enforcement officers carried out a crackdown all across England, Wales and Northern Ireland against those offering pirate and counterfeit product through Facebook. Due to this occurrence among citizens of the UK, Facebook accounts have increased and have become more than just a place to manage their social lives and for some it is a means of distributing infringing content which had been overlooked by the authorities.

As per the latest government IP Crime Report, social media had become the `channel of choice’ for online pirate activity and for several months in the past, most of the leading torrent sites had problems with their Facebook accounts. The Pirate Bay’s account was closed in December 2014, May and June 2015 and accounts of Extra Torrent as well as RARBG were suspended on grounds of copyright infringement.