Thursday 9 July 2015

Chevrolet to Roll out Tiny Air Conditioner for Overheated Smartphones

There is perhaps worse than the undesirable burning sensation that you experience when your skin touch the seat of your car on a scorching summer day. In such situation, you only can have the cool air of AC that is fitted inside the cabin of car. But, no one has thought of the ways through which the Smartphone can be kept cool.

Overheating Smartphone has now become a very common phenomenon. Keeping this fact on mind, the US based car maker Chevrolet has released small-sized air-conditioner system, which takes care of any overheated Smartphone models and enhance the life of its battery. The models, which are likely to be presented with the tiny air-conditioner systems, are 2016 Malibu, Cruze and also Volt sedans that include wireless charging facility.

Reasons for which Chevy introduced the technology

Though Chevrolet is mainly recognized as the car manufacturer, the Active Phone Cooling technology that is introduced by this company will surely help the Smartphone to last longer. It is expected that the now gadget will work in combination with the air conditioning system of a car. Chevy developed this technology when it found that the car owners’ mobiles do not charge while they become extremely hot. The overheating may also be caused due to other factors like games and intense apps, which put a stress on the processor of a handset.

It is the cold air outlet that calms down the phone while it is placed on a small tray, which below a dashboard. It is very helpful for those Smartphone users, who depend on their handsets to play songs and receive hands-free calls on highway.

From a reliable source, it is informed that Chevrolet has considered it as the industry-first technology, although the same type of effect may be attained by fashioning a tiny Smartphone hammock and then hanging this in front part of your vehicle’s regular air-conditioning path. But, the driver can get a neater solution with the Active Phone Cooling.

While carrying out the tests, the engineers of Chevrolet subjected their cars to extreme temperatures to know whether the subsystems worked appropriately. And while checking the wireless charging quality of a Smartphone, they observed that some handsets would delay charging or also shut off after just a few minutes in the hot temperatures inside the cabin of car. And, thus it has planned to insert the feature of Active Phone Cooling to it’s the different models that are already mentioned.

How the system works

The system sends cold air to help in lowering the phone's hotness and Active Phone Cooling works only when HVAC structure is switched on by the car chauffeur.

After connecting their compatible Smartphone with the accessible MyLink radio, the users can access the features of the phone. In a press release, Dan Lascu, who is an engineer of Impala said that innovation never indicate reinventing a wheel. He also added that sometimes simplicity provides the most preferable solution to a difficulty. However, Chevy claims that other auto manufacturers do not have any response for this feature.

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